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  1. AlternateKy

    [Guild] Druid Charter

    The Porcupine Druid, Alinar, signs the charter.
  2. AlternateKy

    Make Kubs not War (Orcs)

  3. AlternateKy

    [Denied] Angmarzku's Forum Moderator Application

    This man is a dank meme. Pure, concentrated meme. +1
  4. AlternateKy

    YouTuber Recommendation Thread

    Name: BruceWillakers Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGVMTa6NZ4iiC6LpSU9kPUQ?&ab_channel=BruceWillakers Genre: His content is generally focused around Roleplay. Subscriber Count: 131k Average Video Count: He's got a total of about 1300 videos, and he uploads when he has the content to do so. He isn't one for random, non-quality uploads. Explanation as to why you've chosen to nominate the following: Most of his following are mature people, wanting to roleplay. Almost all of his content contains at least some form of roleplay.
  5. AlternateKy

    [Nation Charter] Sutica

    Asher Vernick signs the charter.
  6. AlternateKy

    The Crimson Edict

    Vulthur holds the parchment in his hand, staring at it. He blinks slowly, remembering his previous experiences with his mutiny. After awhile, he crumples the paper up and lets it fly off through the breeze.
    1. AlternateKy


      Resource Island needs a refill on sand :^)


      I have WAY too much freetime


  7. AlternateKy

    [Accepted] Soda's ET App

    +1 The most level headed guy I know! He is always chill in every situation, and would be a great addition to the ET team. He's a genuine guy that's trying to revive Orcish RP, and provide a good RP experience for all.
  8. AlternateKy

    [Complete][Bounty] Lug

    A man reads this letter out loud to Urgrum the Troll. "Whuh?! Dere Trullies out dur!? TRULLIE BRUTTHAAA!" He goes to find his father Burgrum and join him in his outrage. "Duhduh! Weh help smaysh pinkos!?"
  9. Croleo has a beautiful singing voice. It brings a tear to my eye.

    that's right, you work for your cloth.

  10. AlternateKy

    [Accepted] Corvoo's AT Application

    I've heard in call what this does to Croleo... you'll go insane! Nah, big +1 from me. druid weirdo
  11. Even though I was on the losing side, I thought that Warclaim was GREAT. No lag, really got the heart beatin

  12. AlternateKy

    [Accepted] [Actor] Cneyele's ET App.

    Huge +1 for me, Cneyele is the most deserving person of this position that I know of. Great OOC behavior.
  13. AlternateKy

    [Complete][AUCTION] Thanium-Studded boots recipe

    The Orcish Leatherworker comes back and slaps up another bid over his previous. "900 Minaz, and sixty-four Ferrum!"
  14. AlternateKy

    [Complete][AUCTION] Thanium-Studded boots recipe

    The Orcish Leatherworker squeals in excitement as he slaps up a bid. "600 Minaz!"