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  1. Just wanted to put together this forum post of stuff I wrote a while ago relating to the server but for whatever reason never did. A couple of them are from when I lead the orcs, others are just bits and bobs that I decided to write them. I know most people won't end up reading them, but for those that do hopefully it gives you guys some inspiration. Might update this in the future, probably won't. Enjoy. A MISSIVE TO HUMAN NATIONS UNTITLED REXDOM PIECE A PACT OF BLOOD, A BID FOR CHANGE A RUNT IS PUT DOWN
  2. image.png.77050ee37e64a82fcb2c9fa4b3d4ef70.png
    grown ass man returning to mineman rp in 2021 smdh

  3. man i have a lot of work to do but i've been straight vibin, as the kids say these days
  4. it’s summer so i listen to summer tunes, naturally (mostly ska) the lyrics are very deep
  5. wtf i didn’t know you were still around either

  6. wtf you’re still around? Wild.

    1. Samoblivion


      Wilder that you’re the Rex now, bud 🙂

  7. Anyone got the Vailor download? Been looking for it just to reminisce about that map lmao

    1. KeatonUnbeaten


      easily the best map, but no download

      😞 sorry

  8. see you in a bit, man. Come back to lead raids sometime
  9. This guy has been a total scotsman to me on multiple occasions and to several others I have heard from. I joined the orc VC with the following intention: https://i.gyazo.com/275864cdf40dda077d9e28068811bbce.png No friends joined with me because I don’t have any. Honestly, we were having a lot of fun. We went out and chatted about the wild haggis. Some orcs told me I was epic which I agreed with (Was lifting at the time and rolled an 18/20 on one of my reps). Next thing I know, Nolan_ put something on the music bot and Rhythm is in the VC playing the Buckfast Rhapsody which was unacceptable b
  10. LMAO i forgot to comment on this when it went up See you in a bit wud. You helped show me the ropes of the server, and for that, you’ll always be an epic gamer B^)
  11. give the people what they want


  12. I feel like having a neutral tavern could be quite fun, I remember a lot of my early RP in Vailor when I first joined happened in the tavern outside Aethermoor Although, as stated by others, having no possible aggression in that neutral space mightn’t be the best of ideas. If someone could manage that without it being in CT, I’d be all for it, but tavern brawls are an integral part of tavern RP that just can’t happen under monk mojo +0.5
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