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  1. Another string was added to the Prophet's catcher. It had outlasted the Empire.
  2. I'm assuming you're long gone by now, but in the off chance:


    If I could, I'd retract any words of encouragement, any heartfelt, bro-to-bro chat we had in your darkest hours. Burn in hell and stay out of my friend's DMs Comic.

  3. "Insignificant, in the end." spoke the prophet.
  4. Rile thought long and hard. Only to come to the conclusion that he indeed believed Florentine was truly indeed based and filled with well-put together peoples. A visit was in order for this ‘ker.
  5. I remember my beginner CT days of you scaring the living shit out of me over the fact WT managers could see me through vanish. And another long memory of us going head to head with a few others in build completion held by WT. Overall, Qizu my homie, I will miss you around. As my skin dealer and dude to just say random shit to. You were a good one. Per Audacia Ad Astra
  6. Oh Yikes24, how I miss your schizo pyromancer hafling. When will she return?
  7. What is your favorite genre of music? Be as specific as possible.(pun beat me to it) Favorite lovecraftian deity? Will you, Zarsies, teach me Seer?
  8. Was it a commodity? Or was it love?
  9. HI MASO

    1. masodapeso


      Didn’t u quit LOTC?

      Also want to play the hit game among us

  10. IGN: NotAWonk Category: Building Work: WIP
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