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  1. Goodbye from the interwebs hell gamer friend. If you ever want back into the redman goon gamer discord lemme know
  2. Everyone knows Lilach wouldnt have done that due to her blistering love of the Trade Father Uialben himself. His flush brown skin is hard to resist I know
  3. Old halfling boomer here to bring up an OOC discussion on halfling rulings because I must prevent the mistakes of the past... Personally IDM there being things like ‘Mayor’ or whatever though I will just say it’s a pain in the ass from an OOC perspective to get anything done when you have a ‘council’. That’s how the government was back on Dunshire and there was a reason that I went and couped it when I became the Sheriff. People fall into inactivity, and then the whole ordeal of progression grinds to a halt. Now, that all being said I think that concurrently with the level of ha
  4. -=- Within the darkness of an olden hovel in the far reaches of the Arcasian landscape.. a simple young lad with an array of sharp teeth snickers as he runs into his abysmal ‘home’. The burrow could be describe as somewhat of a thrown together cave in relativity to that of a normal halfling hovel, though to the little lad it’s nothing more but a beautiful space for him to train his body, mind, and soul. The little kiddo pours himself a glass of milk into a oak cup... taking a sip before then nearly spit-taking all across the nearby counter and stonewall. “BLEGH... Mastah yeh cann
  5. Suck my c*ck pundy. Nonetheless since my magic was listed and as such I got 2 f*cking pings I feel compelled to comment. Reading this gives me a flavor of what i wanted to do with Unsound before those ideas were basically denied and the magic was forced into a hardcore gimmick zone in order for it to be accepted (not an exaggeration). If it weren't for obvious reasons id rewrite Unsound from scratch and enter in the new components that I wanted to see get passed through- though obviously I won't be doing that any time soon. If any cool LT or player wants to do that thou
  6. Subway sometime?

    1. Dont_Advertise


      Only if you give me the full foot long Spicy Italian Kiaus baby 🤤

  7. Subway sometime? 

    1. Dont_Advertise


      It's 4:30am, I haven't been downtown in months and I'm starving my left lung out...


      Otherwise maybe one day soon 😩

  8. "Woah it actually happened" comments ghost man
  9. Somewhere- a dead and dastardly reverent ghost which embodies all the feelings of edgy energy in that of the Trade Nation seems to stir for a moment, shaking his head along as he wonders what he missed in his moments transcending and all around shifting in the dark space of nothingness which makes up his eternal afterlife. At one point, the little twitchy elf lad looks over, noticing the poster of such seemingly addressed to the old monarchy he once settled over and held with as much of a tyrannical fist as the current overseeing Emperor... The lad bursts out laughing. A baffling guffaw whic
  10. Personally I think this spell needs a bit of a nerf. A 3 emote power-boost for up to 3x strength is decently powerful. Sure it has a “strength cooldown period” but whose realistically in these life or death situations super frequently? Afterall most people are only gunna use this if they ABSOLUTELY have too, or if it’d win the fight instantly. This is a personal nitpick at a dark magic trope I see common, but any “Intimidation spell” which is used for the sake of making “people feel scared” is reeeeally lame imo. I’d much rather this just be a passive thing that shades can exude mor
  11. The silence of nothingness is interuptted by a thought “Xavis? Awhhhh buddy, you really followed in my footsteps now didn’tcha?” he wonders, the same etheral figure somewhat watching the proceedings as they transpired. “May you find peace my lovely adopted-child. Your existence was one almost as hated and infamous as mine, but that doesn’t mean you lacked emotion, care, family, and humanity within you. At the end of the day, the hounds of war who hated you for nothing are no better then us.” The man then lets out another slight chuckle as he’s around for just another moment. “Though, in this
  12. I do not believe that T4 or T5 spells should be able to be added into enchantments at all tbh. I believe it’s all around unbalanced, especially given the fact that (atleast from what i’ve read, correct me if im wrong) it doesn’t actually take mana, or require one to stand still in order to use that enchantment in combat. For example- if I just pre-plan and shoot my Conjuration Bear grenade into a mana gem, and then just fiddlef*ck around with it in my hand for 4 emotes I can shoot out an aggressive bear thats all of a sudden killing people. That doesn’t even count the other insane combos yo
  13. A figured off ontop of the nearby Asimulei house rooftops looks down towards the burning clinic.. looking through the smoke, almost patiently... Though after a moment, a small chuckle echos throughout the nearby empty landscape around him. A small grin perking underneath the man’s hooded face. Twirling a piece of lapiz between his fingers, he lays back. “So thats where the world has brought yah ey Rhaella?” he wonders, the smile on his face still bright despite being hidden. “May my biggest b*tch of a grand-daughter find peace.. i’ll be waiting.” he notes, eventually fading backwards into noth
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