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  1. [!] Perhaps what one may think is nothing more than a momentarily sentient tombstone of a Trade Father, would rumble in relishing the glee of the change to be made.
  2. i appreciate dixiedemolisher lore, and their waraxe
  3. Because that'd imply having to code something new. A terrifying prospect of work for a team that much prefers to wait along till the next free volunteer developer whose life can get sucked out of their brains. I find it hilarious this topic is still somehow being talked about as this was still a f*cked issue back 4+ years ago when I was the Halfling leader. Every single iteration of Halfling leader has had to deal with this. It's f*cking exhausting, and makes no sense in the first place. Receiving false hope and having it dangled over the eyes of whatever prospective Halfling NL exists at the time before then once again the wee community is forced into a state of oversaturation in order to appease the funny server numbers of a platform that really is not struggling to maintain its concurrency due to the attachment of nostalgia people have. There's a plethora of easy fixes, and also a level of common sense that can just be applied.
  4. Memories. A collective of thought seems to take note of the Fester's death. The sickened witch finally laid to rest after staving off her decrypted death for too long. There's nothing but a ghastly wind which seems to take up the soon coming years of Knox to come. After a darkened plume strays a bit farther- "How quaint. They all ended up bastardized in the end. What a show."
  5. @Venomous_Pup  Basketball 2v2 Sunday 5pm EST.

    name your partner and ill get mine. First to 21 wins

  6. [!] Terr'hi, the magic specter, is unfortunately dead. Nonetheless the elven fellow wonders why that gross Anarion name is on Mika instead of Uialben, as he intends to show up in spirit.
  7. A ghost, a grandpa, an olden menance awakens in whatever primordial goop he was within. As the concepts of the world whim into that of his brain, this eldritch cretin would remember by far the best piece of poetry ever crafted.
  8. I hate jennybobbs he literally does so much bad stuff ew ew ew he powergames and loopholes I despise him. plz rep this comment if ur an ST who dislikes Jennybobbs and will hit it with a 'deny' bcuz he wrote it, ty +1
  9. Wanna talk about this then?
  10. There's no issue with saying that you need evidence in order to ban someone for being a pedo. A wrongful convicting is awful. But also it doesn't take a f*cking FBI rocket scientists to figure out some people are bad. Knowing someone is a creep, and then not going through the steps to rid of them is complacency in the issue.
  11. I am emerging from the dead to say, I support the happenings of LOTC Basketball. What a fun and joyous activity, aiming to just let people have s good time.

    @CharmingCavalierI applaud you for making something purely for the purpose of allowing people to have fun and jest about some good fads. 

    1. CharmingCavalier


      From one creative wizard to another, this means a lot. Thank you.

      Make ball, not war.

  12. Everyone knows Lilach wouldnt have done that due to her blistering love of the Trade Father Uialben himself. His flush brown skin is hard to resist I know
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