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  1. The Witch no longer Mourned her sorrows. Despite all, her sadness left within that Little Port. Left to wraught with that which seethed and decayed. The Mal'Ceru had family once more.
  2. THE UNIFIED DOMAIN OF VORTICE Public Documentation Dissolution 8th of Deep Cold, 1839 Blair C. Fester Preface & Declaration For today, and furthermore, The Unified Domain and Her peoples stand together. Not just of rebellion. Not just of war or banishment. For today, we stand for simple change. Unified as such as our Domain. Following this proclamation, The Unified Domain of Vortice no longer recognizes the Protectorate-Treaty established with The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and it’s bindings. Its service has left to rut, and no longer serves purpose. Its arrangement left in awkward airs of latter Monarchy and Rulers, neither or fully maintained from both. Our people thank, whole-heartedly, Grand King Levian’Tol Grandaxe for their service and further wish to continue the long lasting good relations held by many. His company and peoples are a treasure within our territories. Splendore e Prosperità! Department of Internal Affairs, Blair C. Fester On behalf of, Monarch of Vortice, Leanora Jusmia
  3. A room and flesh eviscerated of works beyond the realm. The Zealot of Uiallmhian gone without wind. It's vessel of creation, Masika Arak, laid to rest of a creature not of her own mind. The last Arak, and mali'asul, gone with little glimpses of her life beyond. Her partner, Dael II, left without a mention of her well being. Her remaining posse that could be called family, not disclosed of the happening in Ando Alur's room of Tear. All in the name of Zealotry, I suppose . . .
  4. Blair quickly went about changing the locks upon her lab.
  5. Blair whole-fully supports Vulmir in his quest!
  6. [!] Posters are hung by a town crier in the late eve.
  7. [!] Posters are hung by a town crier in the late eve.
  8. [!] Posters are hung by a town crier in the late eve.
  9. why is vortex still here

    1. AudTheOdd



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      Very good question.

  10. The Old Witch who Mourns prays.
  11. The Old Witch that Mourns simply observed.
  12. IGN: qthgotn screenshot/s: Asulon Cloud Temple To save a Monarch Thank you LoTC (full res copies can be given as requested)
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