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  1. Blair will thoroughly miss the little ****, despite having little interaction with the Kha.
  2. Establishment of the House-Renné Distillery Circa. 1783 Forenote, OUR thankfulness and graciousness if hereby extended to the Sutican Monarchy and Regency for their generosity of providing land and many resources to further establish OUR Distillery. For their kindness has brought prosperity towards these lands we now inhabit and the taverns of all Southern Arcas. And in return to such a hand of kindness, we sell to these grateful peoples our wares at a discounted price of fifty percent. Sutica Eternal! It is upon this day, the 5th of The Grand Harvest, 1784, that the House-Renné Distillery be opened and set to full production of drinkware, elixirs, and fine wine within our establishment. From this day forth, our vineyards and distilleries shall be carefully maintained and manned to efficiently produce goods in OUR name. Furthermore, we invite all Descendant kind to partake within our grounds in the means of purchasing, trade, or working opportunities. None shall be discriminated upon and all races, creatures, and constructs are welcome. We open the topic of purchase of our product to all who seek it and will further provide and deliver such in exchange for currency. [ For means of contact and willingness to partake in purchase, please join our discord. ] [ https://discord.gg/czQxUq8 ] (171 45 157) On the topic of legalities, Further described are titles headed by occasional names for the purpose of the directive and precise presentation of organization within OUR distillery. HEAD OF DISTILLERY permits the presentation of one who tends to all matters and means of production within the House-Renné Distillery. Often abbreviated as ‘HOD’ for signatory means. This position is headed by two figures, Miss May Renné and her counterpart in cooperation of directive. DISTILLERY ASSISTANT permits the notion and title of a secondary in the directive, acting, and deciding upon matters of HOD norm; often finding focus upon singular matters of their own violation to help benefit OUR distillery. Their word directive of the company is second to only Miss Renné and her counterpart. DISTILLER is an employee of the House-Renné Distillery. They bare no meaning to their words upon House grounds but solely find employment within our grounds. On the topic of order of grounds, All direction and ‘law’ that partakes upon company ground is solely up to the discretion of the Head of Distillery. For baseline guidelines on the matter of how one should conduct themselves upon House grounds if further listed: No weapons are to be in possession of a person upon House grounds unless given written consent of a Head of Distillery. Disorderly conduct upon House grounds is prohibited. Creatures of dark descent such as Shades, Inferni, Necromancers, etc are prohibited entry of House grounds. HEAD OF DISTILLERY, May J. of House Renné
  3. A decrepit creature wails in sorrow for this ‘mother’ of hers. Wishing not for a return, but for more time to establish further relations in her adoptance.
  4. “A shame,” began May Renne. “Not even a year in, and we already have a death on our hands.” The woman sighs, dismissing the missive from her tower. “Perhaps a Malis? Did Emeline not fix the walls like I asked?”
  5. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. IGN : _Wonk RP NAME : Grael Skills you can bring to the table : Guns
  7. THE CREATION OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE Foreword, For organizational purposes and division of correct Departments and Ministry within the Governance of Sutica, effective immediately a new department shall be created with the purpose of planning and constructing buildings and facilities within Sutica and it’s territories. Furthermore, until a Director of Architecture may be hired, the Director of Finance shall head such a department. Title 1: Definition of an Architect An Architect are those who partake in the planning and construction of buildings and facilities within Greater Sutica. They hired and directed by the Director of Architecture. All buildings and facilities are to be proposed to the Council of Sutica before construction may begin. Title 1: Rights of an Architect An Architect bares the right to clean up and modify the appearance of structures in means to ensure cleanliness and presentability within Sutica. An Architect bares the right to schedule evictions for buildings under modification or demolition. An Architect qualifies as a Government Official within Greater Sutica. An Architect qualifies for payment directed by the Director of Architecture.
  8. A clarification upon Dark Arts With the removal of Blair Fester from the Triumvirate of convicted claims of harboring the Unsound Affliction, a clarification must be made upon what magics are hereby declared as dark arts. The following: Necromancy Hosting a Shade Parasite The Unsound Affliction Blood Magic Mysticism The being of a Frost Witch The use of Alchemy for inherently morally wrong purposes Furthermore, practitioners of these arts will be charged with Article V of the Sutican Codex of Law, subsection C: The Practice and Practitioners of a Dark Art - A class (A) crime. Punishable of Execution, Banishment, A fine of 5000 minas and two elven hours of jail time with servitude summarizing to a total of 10000 minas worth. This list is subject to change and updated weekly by the Council of Sutica. SUTICA ETERNAL
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