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Found 4 results

  1. ((Before anyone asks, I was given permission by Verin to get the ball rolling while he was away to get the Dread Knights active, this is my attempt.)) (Credit to Ramhak of Deviantart LINK) The Transcended In Blood Few Dread Knights remain in this world. Even fewer roam it freely. The race as a whole, or the conglomerate, has gone near extinction multiple times. Rawraych before Verin revived his brothers and brought them back, Verin before Alexandros, and now the most bloodthirsty and unpredictable of the Knights leads his brothers and sisters to bring down the heavens and let forth the darkness. Lore and History of the Dread Knights Their creation came near to the beginning, after the first emergence of the Bloodmages. These men and women were one of the first few to make their stand, like many against the Bloodmages. Unfortunately for them... they got more than they bargained for. They were rash, some. Even going as far as to challenge Bloodmages in single combat. Going even as far as accepting the terms of combat that the mages gave... “If I was to so win this bout... Your soul will be forfeited to me until release.” So sure were these men and women of their own combat prowess that they accepted without hesitation, and the duel of fates ensued. Apon loosing the combat, the Bloodmage performed a rite of sealing apon the unfortunate near death warrior, binding his/her soul to the Bloodmage’s whim and freezing the warrior in place. A gaunt face overtakes their once proud looks as they become living statues. Doomed to watch over the Altars of the creator until needed. In all retrospect, this is a fate worse than death itself. The unfortunate Warrior is allowed to effectively “die” a slow and painful death within its’ own sealing’s. Flesh and bone allowing to decay as they stand dormant. But due to the sealings place upon them in life... they do not escape their fate in death. Their souls become bound to the armour they once wore. Even as it rusts and stains with age. Until effectively the Dread knight becomes the armour. The process is a form of “breaking” within its’ own right as well. Turning them till they are nothing more than harsh, life hating drones; “The perfect soldier “it seems. They hate and, love life with a passion. For they are not truly evil, just lost. They hate those that they once called kin out of jealously, that they should be able to live out their lives to the fullest whilst the Dread knight must live a submissive life as a slave. Bidden to do whatever his/hers masters tell it. But love it also, for they know that deep down, behind all the torment and bloodshed. They know that one day... it shall be life that sets it free from its’ shackles. It shall be life that challenges it to single combat, and it shall be life that slays it. They are relentless warriors, much like that of the fabled Paladins. Some even say that they are, or at least were paladins. Pushed into service as warriors of undeath. They will make up the main stay of militarian officer might within the Order of blood’s armed forces. Making blunt, horrific decisions that most right minded people would not. For the Bloodmages are still of our kind after all... they still feel emotion of all kinds. Granted there are some among them that have different ideas and morals, but that comes with individuality. As said before, the Dread Knight is a suit of armour. A walking suit of armour. Hollow within it walks this world as doom driven servants of the Order. So they do not take damage as how any normal person might. They will still feel the pain deep inside of them, that instinctive feeling of still being whole ever so mocks them. To the better part though, they cannot truly be killed by having their helmet taken off through decapitations or being stabbed with sword lunges etc… For if disassembled only slightly, but allowed to endure, the knight, with relentless zeal to carry out its’ master’s orders, shall rise again, rebuilding itself slowly, re-gathering the pieces of armour that make up its’ body and soul. Until it is finally again renewed. It stands to reason then that the only real effective way to “kill” a Dread Knight is to disable and separate each piece of the Knight. Until you are left with but a pile of broken armour. Allowing you time to escape, but slowly, and over time, it shall reform again anew... and ready to kill once again. Time went slowly in lythien, the plotting of the Bloodmages and the toil of their servants continued onwards, it was not until the Dread knights started to regain control of themselves that the tide changed. Rising up, they broke free of their shackles, a great battle rouse up within lythien as all things were put to the slaughter. Once the dust and fires died down, the remained but a few knights left standing, and no mages to be seen. Corpses littered the landscape around and little life was left to be seen. It was then that the knights departed back to their home land within the south of Asulon. It was not to be though, they were cast out by their kin, named "traitors" and "Heretics" and "unclean" by the new Religion of this Empire called "Oren". With a roar of rage they left the sounds of the life that was Oren. Left it far behind before coming across the forest path into Greywise. They vowed their revenge upon Oren, and swore upon themselves they would gain vengeance upon the simple beauty of life itself. The three existing Dread Knights made the trip to Anthos, and gathered slaves of mortal men to build a base of dread. Aelor, then began seeking out new Dread Knights, turning those that he found one by one. The old order then fell to pieces, decaying as they were hunted by Oren, and other assorted nations. As the generation of Dread Knights fell, only one remained. Rawraych, as his 'lord' did command, was groomed as the last of the true Dread Knights. He was given the honor, the glory, of ascension, and began his reign with the abduction of his eventual successor, Verin. More then him were kidnapped, and ten individuals were chosen from thousands. The ranks of the Knights resumed power. Rawraych, unfortunately, felt only anger and rage (as he should) as a dread knight, and showed it in his tactic. A just ruler, however, he was relentless in choosing his knights. Durn, Verin, Elbent, the pigman(who, against all reasonable odds, had a soul). Even then, this does not account for them all. Conquest upon conquest, death upon death, ashes fell upon ashes as the knights resumed their merciless slaughter of those who lived. Enemies of reality, enemies of life, enemies of them all. Beside the Dread Lord lay his knights, his cultists, and many rallied to him in this new regime he had made. The Necromancers, too, took a shining to this new dread lord as they had not to Aelor, and soon then did the two combine their mights into one. Attacks and raids beyond the imagination or horror of mortal men carried out without remorse by the Gravelord and his once mortal friend. But, as all 'good' things must end, so did this. Rawraych, like Aelor before him, and the other before him, and Bile too before that, he got tired. He began to groom Verin, one of the first knights he converted, to power. On a day forgotten, the nine knights who remained (and even then, some dormant due to inability of movement or rust), gathered or were lugged around to witness and exchange the move of power. Rawraych bound them to Verin, and Verin commanded them, for a time, to sleep. As was noted earlier, they awaken now. Verin, reigns over his knights and they begin the merciless slaughters of the past yet again. Without remorse, the Knights resume. Under a less kind, though more 'amiable'(as much as the hollow soul of a dread knight can be) leader. After a long time of leading his Knights to glory, the godlike Knights of Dread fell dormant, and their leader slowly losing his mind, and growing tired of the weight of leadership. He looked to one of his greatest, and most bloodthirsty Knights, Alexandros, to take up his mantle as Dread Lord. Alexandros graciously accepted, and transcended to godhood among his Knights. He would lead the warpath of bloodshed and ruin, returning the Knights of Dread to their feared position, making them ones that would make the mere mortals of Athera quake in terror. Alexandros, like his predecessors, eventually succumbed to the difficulties of leadership. Verin returned and seized his old throne, ruling over the Knights for a time with an iron fist. His long time as Dread Lord left him weary and damaged, and he appointed his most trusted lieutenant as his regent. But even then Verin could not find what he attained for, he sought one of the Dread Knights capable of what he wanted, and gave Scylla the control of the Damned. Leaving to brood on his thoughts and one day to return to see the Progress this one had made. Scylla was only told one thing "Do not let me down.." Dread will reign supreme, and chaos will be left in their wake. Out of Character Information What are these things? Dread Knights are creatures created from the souls of the innocent (or the guilty, for that matter) They carry a terrible burden, a curse that most mortals cannot comprehend. They live a constant life in a state of anger, and in a state of agony. They are heartless, cruel, and do not act well around others. They are bound to the service of the Dread Lord that they follow. How do I become one? All of the roleplay will be done in character. Yet, you can post here with the application format below if you wish to become one so that we may arrange a time and date for the role play event. It must be done with the consent of the player, of course. You must be using an already made character. Dread Knights do not appear out of thin air. When turning your character, you must realize that there is no going back. Turning a Dread Knight is a life long thing, realize that. We promise to be fun if you decide to make this new experience fun, though. Do note, however, that you will first be initiated as a cultist and then you will be given tasks, and rise through the ranks of the cult. You will be considered for the conversion ritual depending on how much you roleplay as well as how well you roleplay. I CANNOT stress this enough, however, that we focus heavily on activity and roleplay with others, whether they be those in the Dread lands or even other people from other nations (Though I would advise roleplaying with other people in say, the streets or somewhere out of the way. Not a major city or village). We have far too many times fallen into inactivity. This is not meant to be an alt character you only get on when you're bored. As mentioned above, think before you apply. If I become a Dread Knight, how do I play it? You have to realize that a Dread Knight is a creature that has been cursed horribly, and that they are experiencing more pain constantly than a mortal could imagine. A Dread Knight would be cold, and unloving. You would mostly rely on emotes for playing a Dread Knight, because they are creatures of metal. Stealth does not exist for a Dread Knight, and you must always be fair with the people you are roleplaying with. Cultists Cultists are the hopeful mortals who wish to become a Dread Knight, and ascend to the ranks of the demi-gods he or she serves. Cultists are expected to be active otherwise lose their holdings within the Dread Knights. New Cultists Returning Cultist/Dread Knight
  2. An introduction to Dread Knights Section I - What are Dread Knights? Section II - How do I start? Section III - What do I do when I'm not killing? Section IV - I lost a fight, now what? Section V - Providing a Setting Section VI - A high standard Section I - What are Dread Knights? This is a fairly straightforward question, that being they are artificial constructs. While some still hold their former bodies within their armor it holds no real purpose. This is only part what they are, however. Basically they're soulbound to a suit of armor and driven by their orders. A Dread Knight cannot effectively command itself, as it is made for taking orders and carrying them out. It's like putting a golem in charge of an army. Section II - How do I start? Well first off, you should know that being a Dread Knight makes you a bad guy. That's it, anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong simply and plainly. A good first task might be going with another more senior Dread Knight and to kill a few people, to give you some hands on experience. You should not by any means have your character pulling a Thing from Fantastic Four and go and try and be normal again, as your mentality is different. You are not by any means a person anymore, you're a machine that takes orders. Section III - What about when I'm not killing? Well if you're actually on the character, most of your time is spent between killing and making repairs, forging new armor and weapons and of course capturing individuals got a conversion. As well, Dread Knights can sometimes serve as an emissary for their Blood Mage master, usually the message heralded by blood and a warning. However keep in mind your Dread Knight isn't going to be picking flowers and kissing babies, something that has been a problem recently. Section IV - I lost a fight, now what? Good news! This isn't the end of your character! While you may not be revived by Monks, you aren't exactly dead. Nor are you really alive for that matter but it is irrelevant. It's hard to actually kill a Dread Knight, and it has always been a thing we pride ourselves on, that if you kill one properly we will permanently kill that character no questions, however sufficiency in the RP is required. If your Dread Knight happens to find itself taken apart and scattered or pieces broken, eventually the parts will seek themselves or the entity will choose to disconnect themselves from that part, sort of of a salamander chooses to detach a limb. Often times, Dread Knights missing limbs will simply make a new one if they cannot find the original one, or it is too hard or illogical to retrieve it. Section V - Providing a Setting As an antagonistic villain, you are held to a higher standard of Roleplay and are not only expected to, but required to uphold that standard. You are not playing this character for the loot, you're doing it to provide a villain that can be rallied against and that causes chaos. Too often did the role get abused for pixels or winning when that isn't the cause. The purpose is like the Undead were originally, to make fun. Sadly the Undead failed in this and we have before previously but all hope is not lost. A big part of this, is helping to coordinate events OOCly with faction or group leaders and maybe making a quest arc. If you do it right, you'll know because you'll be told. Section VI - A high standard I mentioned this briefly, how we are held to a high standard and expected to uphold it. In Asulon, the purpose of the Dread Knights was as a server antagonist. Unfortunately this fell through due to the heads of the group being preoccupied with other roleplay and such. Because of this, the Dread Knights went unproven. When you play a Dread Knight, you are making a statement you are there to provide fun for others even if it means you lose some pixels or you die, that is the risk you take. That is your job as a Dread Knight. Note-
  3. Character Name: Rendon Dread Nicknames: None Age: 29 Gender: Male Race: Human, Northerner Status: Alive Description Height: 5'8 Weight: 210lbs Body Type: Not overly tall but not small either. He has a lot of upper body strength. Eyes: Ice blue Hair: Scraggly and black Skin: White but mildly tanned Markings/Tattoos: Various cuts and bruises on his face and body. Health: Fairly good although doesn't live in ideal living conditions and doesn't have the healthiest lifestyle. Good stamina and no disease however. Personality: Could be trustworthy if you do what he wants and advises. If not he wouldn't fail to backstab you in a heartbeat. Very malicious and cruel to his enemies and anyone that annoys him. Inventory: Has a shortsword with a skull head design sheathed on his left and a dagger sheathed on his right. Further Details: Rendon dons a thick wolfs pelt cloak along with black leather and brown wool attire under layered by chainmail. Life Style Alignment*: Lawful Evil although he often leans towards Chaotic Evil. Deity*: None Religion: Atheism Alliance/Nation/Home: Oren Job/Class: He likes to consider himself a Lord although in reality he is middle class. Title(s): Lord of the Dreadrock (future) Profession(s): Rendon is a hunter, warrior and a torturer (if that counts). Special Skill(s): Rendon can be manipulative as he is both ruthless and clever. He is particularly good at tracking which makes him an excellent hunter and he is also very proficient in the art of knife-play. Flaw(s): His ego can often get the better of him. If someone insults him, his brothers or his men, he can often be quick to the draw which can often result in a very sticky situation. He is also known to over think his plans which can often lead to defeat or complete failure. Weaponry Fighting Style: Fast but strong jabs and slashes (mostly prefers to kidnap his target and torture them later if he has the opportunity). Trained Weapon(s): Daggers, knives, shortswords and maces. Favoured Weapon: Dual wielding a shortsword in his right hand and a dagger in his left. Archery: He is fairly good at using a bow although he prefers hand to hand combat. Biography Parents: His father Houndor 'Giantsbane' Dread was killed by Rendon and his brothers, and his mother Marionne Dread was killed by their father. Siblings: He has two brothers who are both a year younger than him; Isaan (sinkeytrap) and Rorne (_Juggernaught_). Children: He has none. Extended Family: None that he knows of. Pet(s): Him and his brothers have plenty of hounds at their disposal. History (I'm going to get round to doing this section later) Artwork (I'll add some later) [spoiler][img]http:// (Also this section)
  4. The City of VaerHaven, outwardly peaceful, and innocent, even with the recent regime change. But within lies the home of the Dread Knights and their cultists. They have been there for as long as anyone can remember, building, gathering, tormenting, and watching. With the sudden regime change, and Hold of VaerHaven is in the hands of Jarl Lachlan Mor Elendil, an Adunian. As this happens, posters are hung up around the hold, and around Anthos, and whenever one is taken down, another is pinned up by those unknown. Forces of the Iron Crown The Forces of the Iron Crown, located in the Tower of Dread and the Mountain Above it are in need of your help. Praise be to those in service, and those willing to join. It is up to you to protect VaerHaven and the Iron Crown in the Mountain Above. Those willing to serve should fill out a small form and pin it. Do so, and we will come. Purpose We exist to protect VaerHaven, and do as the Lord of the Iron Crown commands of us. Benefits ​Armor, weapons, a home and wealth can all be gained, in addition to vengeance on foes, and the protection of loved ones. Those who show true faith and loyalty may be taken on by Dread Knights to try and turn them into Dread Knights themselves Ranks Unblooded: New initiates get chain and leather armor and a weapon of iron. Acolyte: Chain and Iron plate along with an iron weapon, and replacements upon request. Disciple: They get iron armor, and access to the armory. They are to act as leaders of sorts and may assign tasks. Rules Violations of rules are punishable upon death Never question a superiors order, or a Dread Knights Never harm or steal from a brother or sister Address Dread Knights by "My Lord -name-" Address superiors by title and then name Do not harm or steal from an ally unless ordered Never forsake the Iron Crown Never join another organization Application Location: We are located in the Dwarven Hold of Urbem Terrore, formerly known as Dal'Cais. OOC Disclaimer
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