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Found 19 results

  1. simarey

    Dren Ofgarsson

    Dren Ofgarsson by: SimaRey Status: Alive Family Middle Brother: Ulfrik Ofgarsson Status: Alive Age: 25 Youngest Brother: Freki Ofgarsson Status: Alive Age: 24 http://imgur.com/gallery/USMdJ Appearance Age: 27 Race: Norlander Weight & Height: 96kg and 2 meters tall Gender: Male Eyes: Black Body Type: A huge Norlander. He stands 2 meters tall. He has incredible strength and is very muscular. He can carry a lot of weight due to his strong back. Head : A constant frown on his face.The sides of his head are shaved and on top he has a long braid with multiple golden rings holding it. The braid goes down to the middle of his back.His hair and beard are a dark brown color while his eyes are black. A small scar cuts his right eyebrow in half. Lifestyle Nation/Home: Jarldom of Mjöl Position: Huscarl Profession: Veteran Enchanter Personality : Despite Drens scary look he would be very polite and civilized. Being the oldest out of 3 brothers he knows how to lead and take responsibility. He will never stand down if he feels there is injustice. Always stands up for others who cannot defend themselves. He is also very intelligent even tho he doesn't seem like it. Combat Armor : Dren wears the armor of house Ofgarsson. Heavy plate covers all his body except his head because he rarely wears a helmet. Under the plate he would wear chain mail giving him extra protection. Weapons : Often uses a round shield and a norse sword although he is skilled with a large variety of weapons. He is also the wielder of Maurfang. Combat style : His fighting style can be rather unpredictable. He will often adjust his style depending on the opponent. If angered he will probably go full berserk mode. Character Sheet by : sullincollivan
  2. sullincollivan

    ~Finn Gillfeck~

    ~Finn Gillfeck~ By Collin Sullivan (IGN: sullincollivan) Appearance Finn stands around 3’2” & weighs 86 pounds. His hair is dark brown and neatly combed to each side, exposing his large purple eyes and homely face from beneath his bangs. Finn doesn't care much for clothing although a hile fishing he wears high-water jeans, held up with suspenders, to accommodate to the aquatic nature of his profession. But, when he does not have the risk of getting soaked, he wears a light blue coat adorned with silver lining and cuffed black pants, exposing his massive hairy feet. Backstory Finn Gillfeck, born to Jess and Chett Gillfeck, was an adventurous lad from the start. Always wandering through the Sutican forest near his village. Most of his time there was spent fishing and building make-shift rods from fallen foliage, but the most important addition to his skill set was the ability to fend for himself. At the age of 26 he left his home and set out to make a life for himself. After weeks of traveling from settlement to settlement, and even sailing across a vast open ocean, Finn arrived in the mountain ranges of Urguan, better known as the land of the dwarves. He had been told many stories of the dwarves being mighty warriors, making him too cautious to enter their stone halls. He instead trekked deep into the snowy range in search of a collective he had heard of known as The Edict. Edict Oath Upon arrival Finn was near frozen, his tiny appendages turned purple. Sahar, the Hersir of The Edict, took him into their grand hall to warm up, before teaching him the ways of The Edict. She explained that the oath was a lifelong commitment and their main goal is to abolish slavery and racism of any form. This part struck a chord with Finn, for he had never had a worthy cause to fight for, giving him an overwhelming feeling of confidence and motivation. After completing the entrance ceremony, Finn was given a cozy room along with all the food he could fit in his miniscule halfling belly. Once he was well rested and rejuvenated he set out into the snowy cascading mountains again, only this time, it was to serve the Edict the only way he knew how, with his fishing rod. Veteran Fisherman After almost 25 years of practice, Finn can finally consider himself a veteran fisher at the young age of 30. He is very proud of this achievement and often implies his treasure hunting capabilities by giving out precious goods to close friends all of which he has reeled in from the ocean. The rest of the treasures Finn catches, he sells in his small bait & tackle shop along with any supplies his fellow fishermen could need.
  3. Lilura

    Lyaera Tyrnea'Rahael

    Her Song Full Name: Lyaera Tyrnea'Rahael (WolfSong and Child of the Gods) Age: 68 Birth: Winter Height: 5'2 Weight: 115lbs Hair: Raven Eyes: Light green, almost silver Occupation: Fletcher Parents: TBA Siblings: TBA Heritage: Wood Elf Religion: Not very religious, just reveres nature. Hobbies: Dancing, Running, Cooking, reading, gardening Likes: Sweets, gardens, nature, music Dislikes: Enclosed spaces, underground areas, pitch black darkness Strengths: Fast, agile, quiet on her feet, well spoken, bit of an ambassador type Weaknesses: No good with blades and can be too curious, usually ending up with her in a bad spot. Also a bit paranoid of strangers. Character Background: The child of two wood elves, Lyaera is a typical example of the race. More at home in the forests than in the cities, she is quiet and gentle, but can switch to a fierce and determined creature when it comes to defending home and family. Her mother was a farmer and her father a hunter, her brothers soldiers. She has broken away from her family to find a place and future of her own, but will never forget her roots. She aspires to become a master fletcher as well as a great archer. She’s always had a respect for the bow and loves the feeling of running through the forest at top speed, letting her arrows fly as she hunts down the next week’s dinner. She’s no master, but she can survive, and runs as quickly as her arrows. Every morning can find her racing through the trees nearby whatever place she calls home. Wants: To become a better archer and fletcher, as well as start making some money Problems: Has no money to her name, is just a novice, no reputation as of yet. Logs: Day 1: Step into this damned world. Here we go.
  4. (WIP) Arlen Kharadeen (AR-luhn Kaha-rah-deen) "Though we may bend, we do not break." - Faiz Kharadeen Appearance A natural tan, well-toned, and thin man standing at about 5’11 and weighing somewhere around 150 lb. Often, when speaking, his voice sounds honeyed and silvery albeit he has a small Waldenian accent despite his origins. His gait is relaxed and he often carries himself in a mellow manner. His hair is left relatively groomed — thick strands of black draping down loosely. A Family crest adorned with the an angled crescent moon and star. Name Origin The name Arlen derives from the Qalasheen farfolk. Tribes people would form an arlen or “Pledge.” Titles At the age of 34, Arlen was proclaimed as “Sultan” or sovereign over the Caliphate - most often ruling over the Realm of Khalestine whilst his father,Faiz Kharadeen, bears the title of “Caliph” and has absolute rule over the Realm, able to overrule any decisions made by the Sultan. Personal Characteristics * Born on the 2nd of Snow’s Maiden, 1469 - Arlen was born in an infirmary within the frozen walls of Aesterwald’s keep in The Fringe. The infant was a frail thing, weighing a measly 4.5 lb. ChildHood Like most toddlers (those with parents), the mother would be the caretaker for her young and nurse them with loving care. Arlen’s father was currently a member of the Sentinels of Equilibrium near the Princedom of Fenn and had one master bedroom that included a small crib for their firstborn. Arlen’s early life consisted of being mentored by his mother as his father was often away slaying monsters. He also had a Shepherd pup named “Fellah.” When the war between Raev and loyalists to the Chivay dynasty had begun, skirmishes took place nearby Fenn and the young boy would often travel North with his father to Aesterwald where the temperatures dropped below freezing. Here is where he grew up learning about Lucienism, a faith compiled of many chauvinists who devoted their lives to the Creator. Mental Characteristics Arlen keeps himself in a sort of genial stupor, where he feels as if his decisions are bettering the lives of others akin to his own. He lives a life devoted to his family or so... that’s what he tells himself . During the transitioning period between Athera and Vailor (and even several years after that), Arlen dropped off the face of the planet without explanation while in a relationship with Sahárfajhari Ajaháli and returned fifteen years later as a vagrant in rags — left by Sahár who then began seeing his younger brother, Malik. Often categorized as weak and lacking of a firm hand when he was younger, Arlen returned changed, hardened by the changes throughout the years. Now perceived as arbitrarily brutish, the Qali’ has seemingly become confused with his own worldview. Arlen’s obsession for his family’s reunion clouded his vision and drastic measures were taken during a search for his sister, Ceto Kharadeen. Philosophical Characteristics Chaotic Good “I do the things I do only for the reunification of my blood.” With ambiguous innocence, this character sees himself as some sort of “saviour” to his kin. Perverted by insecurities, the self-deluded Qali’ believes wholeheartedly that the unity of a family is the terminal key to unlocking joy. But to what extents has this Sultan gone to achieve this goal? Arlen is an optimist and sees that every situation can be bended towards his favor by the use of any means necessary. He’s created this slanted reality for himself that leaves him completely blind — unable to recognize the disruption he has brought to those he thought he cared for. Apparel Accessories When Arlen was only a child, his father had gifted him with a brown scarf that he keeps on always even underneath his armour. It’s his “good luck” charm that he feels it keeps him safe. Upon his ring finger rests a smooth ashen-gray wedding band. Dress Style/Wardrobe Arlen’s wardrobe consists of a large variety of clothing from all different cultures although he would often be seen wearing traditional Qalasheen robes. Equipment Spoiler Arlen rarely carries any form of currency on him simply due to being absent-minded. Attatched to his belt is a scabbard which hides curved saber, commonly known as a scimitar. These weapons are commonly found and crafted within Khalestine. Relationships Relatives Father: Faiz Kharadeen (ymbninjakiller, Unknown) Mother: Arabella Kharadeen (Immahorseridda, Unknown) Sister: Ceto Kharadeen (PessPess, Vital) Sister-in-law: Saharfajhari Kharadeen (Malocchio, Vital) Brother: Malik Kharadeen (tuslwmonster, Deceased) Brother: Alai Kharadeen (lucdean, Vital) __ Wife: Irsia Kharadeen (Imibee, Vital) Eldest Son: Fakhri Kharadeen (Pandann, Vital) Eldest Daughter: Kaia Kharadeen (Contact if Interested, Vital) Daughter: Amina Kharadeen (LadyRebecca, Vital) Daughter: Nahla Kharadeen (Cytharia, Vital) Son: Amal Kharadeen (tuslwmonster, Vital) Son: Yusef Kharadeen (Publius, Vital) Character Art “Happy Trail” by Cave_Creature “Portrait of Irsia and Arlen Kharadeen” by Shiloh Ellis Portrait by Numirya
  5. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

    Millosm Lepida

    Character Name Millosm Lepida Basic Information Nicknames: Milo, Millo Age: 27 (auto age on) Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Alive and Well Description Height: 6 ft Weight: 134 lbs Body Type: Slender build, muscular arms and legs Eyes: Dark Blue Hair: Short, brown hair Skin: Tan Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Physically healthy, mentally ill Personality: Kind, always means well but he tends to become very rude and ill-mannered when he is stressed. Inventory: Wears a satchel on his side if he is not wearing his Ruric Tabard. Further Details: Suffering from schizophrenia and slowly developing multiple personality disorder Life Style Alignment: Chaotic Good Deity: Believes in a single Creator. Religion: He believes in a higher power, does not care enough to put a label on it. Alliance/Nation/Home Lives in the town of Nyrhold, in the county of Lorraine, in the Nation of Oren. He is loyal to the Rurics, but not necessarily to Oren. Job/Class: He is the Ruric’s “most trusted bannerman” Title(s): Profession(s): He is a chef and a woodworker Special Skill(s): Good liar, knows how to get on people’s good side when he needs to, great fighter when he is enraged or defending someone he loves. He is quick and agile on his feet and he makes bad ass pancakes. Flaw(s): Tends to let things go to his head, can get very stressed and angry very easily. When stressed, he does not think things through and he has trouble keeping his thoughts to himself. His mouth will often get him into trouble. He suffers from two voices in his head constantly telling him what to do, and most of the time they do not mean well. When he gets stressed he will sometimes give in to the voices. When he is under this state of mind he has no control of his actions and remembers none of them. The way he acts is dependent on which voice has taken over. If it was Zant, he will act violently towards the ones Millosm loves and will try and get Millosm hurt. If the voice was Vobis, he will do all he can to embarrass Millosm and do his best to humiliate him. Magic None. Weaponry Fighting Style: When he is level headed, he will use his light weight to his advantage, dodging and maneuvering around his opponent until they tire, then he will either tackle and restrain them, or he will target the back of their legs or arms to prevent any further resistance or attack. If he is enraged however, he will swing his sword in frenzied movements with great force. He will attack any vulnerable spot he can find, even if it would kill his opponent should his attack prevail. If he is protecting someone he loves, he will do his best to ignore any wounds inflicting unto him until he either cannot go on further or he has defeated his opponent. Trained Weapon: He has been trained in swordplay with other Ruric Bannermen Biography Parents: His parents’ names are not known to him, however they are both presumed dead. Siblings: None Children: Daia (farfolk, adopted, missing) Extended Family: None History Millosm, Milo for short, was born in The Holy Oren Empire. He grew up poor in the small town of Aegar, but what his parents lacked in wealth, they made up for in love. They always tried to do their absolute best to make him happy, and to keep him ignorant of the harsh outside world. Because of this, he rarely went outside and almost never played with any of the neighborhood children. His father worked hard in the wheat fields outside of town, working from dawn to dusk in an effort to take home as much money as possible. His mother was his primary caretaker, until he reached the age of 10. She was inflicted with a crippling disease that could not be identified by any of the village doctors, and she passed just a few weeks after. His father, although heartbroken, no longer had to work as often as it meant one less mouth to feed. He now came home in time for dinner, and often took a day off once a week. Millosm's old world view, a view in which bad things only happened to bad people, was shattered. The boy who stayed inside, never questioned authority, and kept to himself was gone. He often snuck out while his father was working in an attempt to learn what else he was lied to about. He walked the woods after dark, even when told it was forbidden. He butted into all of his father's personal affairs, and was deemed a "trouble maker." However, the most drastic change of all, was one of his sanity. He felt more alone than ever, and although he actually snuck outside of his house often, he never made any friends. His loneliness was brought to the limit when his father left him at the age of 13 due to a draft for the dwarven war plaguing the land. Millosm began talking to himself frequently, as a way to cope. He would talk to himself during the entirety of tending the fields, something he had to start doing in order to buy food. A few months after his father left, Millosm was given terrible news that his father had disappeared. He was MIA, and presumably dead. Millosm now found it hard to get out of bed, and the conversations between himself were unending. One day, in the midst of telling himself he needed to get out of bed and work, he received an answer back. One within his head. It told him "Milo, just skip the day. They won't notice you're gone. just go back to sleep. You'll thank me for it later." Millosm contributed this to overworking himself, so he went back to sleep. But this didn't stop the voice, who began talking to him during all waking hours. He was a bad role model, always encouraging negative behavior out of Millosm. He informed Millosm that his name was Zant. Millosm got into much more trouble now because of Zant, and he always blamed Zant for when he got into trouble. In Millosm's eyes, Zant was his only friend. That was until he met Bellany. Millosm met her when he was 15. He was sneaking around at night, listening to Zant's urges to find "some nice coin laying around." This always led to stealing, which a fourth of the time would lead to being caught. But Millosm listened to his friend, and began lurking the streets, searching for a cracked window or unlocked door. Whilst creeping along a small house at the edge of town, he heard what sounded like crying, and hitting, followed by a human girl about his age running out the front door. His gut urged him to confront her, while Zant urged him to walk away. Courageously, he talked to her. She wasn't very open at first, until Millosm offered her some fresh bread he had found cooling on a window sill, a fact that he didn't share with her. She spoke of how she had forgotten to sweep the living room floor, which made her father angry. She expressed how he had hit her and told her to come back after she had thought about what she had done. She told Millosm that she had to leave, else father would be upset that she would be taking too long. Millosm met with her the next night however, and this led onto another night, and then another. By the time they were 16, they were in love, and Millosm had stopped his trouble making ways. All he wanted was Bellany, no more answers, no more mischief, just Bellany. He often snuck Bellany out of her house at night so they could spend time together at his house. When they turned 18, Millosm proposed to Bellany, but she wasn't sure of herself. She was afraid her father would interject, forcing her to stay with him. Millosm went with Bellany to confront her father. Her father was furious, and told them that they would never see each other again; when Bellany protested, a fist was slammed into her face. Millosm stared in horror as another fist was slammed into her. Bellany was crying and pleading for her father to stop, but all Millosm could hear was Zant, who was tired of being ignored. He told Millosm one simple thing: Kill him. Zant repeated himself and repeated himself until he was screaming inside Millosm. Kill him! Kill him! Millosm snapped. In a bloody rage, Millosm threw himself onto Bellany's father and began beating him and beating him. Millosm screamed in anger as he pulled out the lucky heirloom his father gave to him before he left for war. It was a jagged, curved knife that Millosm always carried with him. He had never once used it against someone, the only time he ever used is was when he was hungry and needed to peel fruit, or even sometimes as a tool to help with lockpicking when he was younger. But now it was being put to good use. He thrusted the blade into her father repeatedly until there was nothing but a bloody mess. Millosm stared at his blood drenched clothes, horrified to what Zant had seemingly forced him to do, then he looked at Bellany, also covered in her father's blood. In fear of what he might do to Bellany should he snap again, he fled the town immediately. What the authorities would do to him wasn't even on his mind. He just thought of Bellany, and wanted her to be safe from him. He wandered the forests beyond the fields for quite a while, living off the land. But he didn't stay for long. He wanted to be free from Zant, who was nothing but a burden on his mind now. This led him to many places in search of information, The Republic of Sulvis, The Crownlands, and Cloud Temple, where he stayed for several months, learning of new philosophies and ways to control his angry companion. He has picked up many skills in his adventures such as Sword fighting, cooking, and he has learned that kindness towards others keeps tends him out of trouble. Artwork (The following is a disclaimer. I do not own any of this artwork unless stated so, nor do any of these directly depict my character, they are just a guestimate of what he should look like, unless stated otherwise)
  6. Lucia Rhosyn Roke Theme Song Basic Information Nicknames: “Lucy” Age: Eighteen Race: Human Father and Mother: Denis de Bar & Klarisse de Bar Brother(s): Richard de Bar & Guy de Bar Sister(s): Aurelia Horen Son(s): Athirius Roke Daughter(s): Status: Married to Baron Ser Rhys Roke Religion: The Faith Home: County Drusco, Oren Skills & Hobbies: Lucia enjoys writing, socializing, and baking under the direction of her Mother Klarisse de Bar. She can also be found caring and tending to small creatures quite frequently(including abducting them from the forest claiming she found them alone). In a secret area(referred to as her Hide Away), Lucia also practices archery, she takes much joy in the art and sees it as only a peaceful activity. Description Height: 5’4 Body Type: Lucia stands at five feet and four inches, weight a hundred and two pounds. She has a rather slimmed curved body shape; resembling a more pear shape. Her legs are much longer than the length of her torso, though little can be seen through her gown. Eyes: Her eyes are an emerald green colour, reflecting nicely against her skin tone. Lucia’s grey-ish black eye brows are thin, and nicely shaped around her wide eyes. Hair: Lucia has the de Bar trade mark; grey-ish black hair. Her hair is a rather vicious curly “proper” mess that flows down her back, hitting directly above her buttox. Normally there are many crimson and white ribbons pulling her wisps of hair from her face; allowing her mane to travel directly down her back. Skin: She had a snowy, white tone as of skin. Her skin is free of blemishes and is without a trace of freckles. Health: Lucia has a rather terrible immune system, falling ill quite easily. Though other than this, she is a healthy young woman. Personality: The young de Bar often is a cheerful, curious soul and is easily laughable; often giggling at almost every joke spoken. Lucia loves to share and give to charity, she is fond of the excitement and feeling of being giving. She is an open, social butterfly and is rarely in a bad mood. Since birth, she has always been a bright light of joy without the need to upset others.Though if crossed in a horrible way, there is little to be done to stop her from pure hatred to the specific person. There is only black in white when it comes to how she feels; little room for grey. She may be a forgiving person and often to forgive the wrong done to her, but she will not come to trust the so said person again. Life Story Lucia Rhosyn de Bar was born to the heir of Drusco, Denis de Bar and his wife Klarisse de Bar. When born, she was not an only child; her eldest twin siblings(two years older) being Richard and Aurelia de Bar. Lucia grew up following her eldest brother about, imitating anything he were to do; how he walked, how he talked, and how he crossed his arms over his chest. She took much interest in picking flowers and carrying for small birds that broke their wings. Lucia grew up a kind, happy child from the day she could walk, till Guy de Bar was born. She didn’t happen to like the new child; finding all the attention that she once had flowing to him. Due to this, it has caused a ripple for irritation and faint jealously over Guy’s life to her present teen years. When reaching the age of eight, she was then taken to the Palace to train as a Lady in waiting under the watch of past Empress Adelheid Horen. During these days, Lucia awoke a special trait of hers, socialization. She made many close friends and was friendly to anyone she ever met within Felsen. Not only did she create a few personality traits, though a woman decided she should teach Lucia how to handle the use of a sword. The lessons did not last very long before they were discovered, though in this time she learned basic maneuvers that she still remembers to present day. After having her lessons taken away, someone told her of how archery could be used as not only a weapon, though a Lady’s art. So she soon took up archery, building her “Hide Away”(an archery range and a makeshift shed) outside of Drusco. Though after the Declaration of Dissolution, the annulling of the marriage between the Emperor and the Empress, Lucia at the age of fourteen was sent back to Drusco due to her unnecessary presence at the Palace court. When returning home, Lucia bussied herself with “kidnapping” rabbits, practicing archery, and following Richard around once again. She didn’t mind the lack of playmates as long as she had someone to look up to. When Richard wasn’t around, she’d instead pester her younger brother Guy. After a long time spent at Drusco, she finally decided that she was to spend her time in Felsen rather than wait around hoping for someone to visit. Since then, she has made many friends and continues to live her day by day life between Felsen and Drusco. [Can't be bothered to update past this]
  7. L3onOtaku

    Leon 'Takumi' Fuz'ra

    Leon 'Takumi' Fuz'ra (Sorry if my english is not perfect, I'm german, sorry for that.) Basic Information Nicknames: Takumi Age: 24 Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Healthy Description Height: 5'10 Weight: 187lbs Body Type: Normal, some muscles on is arms Eyes: light blue Hair: light blue Skin: Slitghtly tanned white, if you touch them, it feels like you're touching soft sand Markings/Tattoos: N/A Health: Very healthy Personality: Loves childs, very nice Inventory: Half broken iron chhestplate, half new leather boots, half broken stone sword, very worn wood pickaxe, 2 steaks Further Details: Got a few scratches under his armor. Life Style Alignment: Lawful Neutral Deity: N/A Religion: N/A Alliance/Nation/Home : Currently, he is sleeping in a sleeping bag and a tent Job/Class: Villager/Homeless Title(s): The Adventurer Profession(s): Adventuring Special Skill(s): Climbing, Athletic, Fast Flaw(s): No war experience Magic Current Status: N/A Arch-type: N/A Sub-Type: N/A Rank: N/A Weakness(es): N/A Strength(s): N/A Current Spell(s): N/A Weaponry Fighting Style: Strategically and melee Trained Weapon: Sword Favored Weapon: Archery: Good but not perfect Biography Parents : Unknown Siblings: Unknown Children: N/A Extended Family : Rameziel Fuz'ra Pet(s) : N/A History Leon 'Takumi' Fuz'ra were born by his mother who is unknown. After his birth, he was found on the street by his Uncle Rameziel Fuz'ra with a few scratches. His Uncle took Leon 'Takumi' Fuz'ra in his family. On his 24th birthday his Uncle Rameziel were in the mountains and picking up apples. After that he were never seen again. On 12.3.? Leon came out with his own fist and disappeared from the village. His curiousity lured him into the mountains. Leon got lost in the mountains, he was a free boy, he didn't even wanted to go back in the village. He became a Adventurer and also wanted to make friends
  8. Rat Hat

    My Characters

    Effile Ker'Vulnir look at that dank traveling outfit Name: Effile Ker'Vulnir Nicknames: Effie Age: Gender: Female Race: High elf Status: Alive Height: 6'1 Weight: 140 lbs Body Type: ectomorph inverted triangle (jk everyone is a square but if we where not square people) Eyes: pale green that look fairly somber Hair: Silver Skin: fair, yellow undertone Markings/Tattoos: She got them nice scars across her eyes. Health: PURE Personality: Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and all together quite impossible to descriiiIIIIIiiiiiibbbeee Life Style Alignment: True neutral (Might become lawful evil) Religion: None Alliance/Nation/Home: Haelun'or Professions: Tailoring Flaws: Narcissistic, Perfectionist, self obsessed, frail, lack of attention-span, Low upper-body strength, sadistic, indecisive Weapon: knitting needles and scissors. Parents: Ker'Vulnir fam eh im gonna add more later
  9. Andwise Peregrin Basic Information Nicknames: Andy Age: 40s Gender: Male Race: Halfling Status: Alive Description Height: 2'8 Weight: 55 lbs Body Type: Mesmomorph Eyes: Blue Hair: Strawberry Blonde Skin: White Markings/Tattoos: A few scars on his fingertips from tinkering mistakes Health: Fit Personality: Friendly Inventory: A shovel, some food, a slingshot, a Deputy badge, a pair of goggles and 0 minas Further Details: He takes pride in his rather long foot/toe hair and sometimes washes and brushes it. Life Style Alignment: Chaotic Good Deity: N/A Religion: Agnostic and Confused Alliance/Nation/Home: Petyrborough Title(s): Thane and Deputy Profession(s): Masterful Tinkerer Special Skill(s): Has mastered the Peregrin family recipes and is a very good swimmer. Flaw(s): He is very freindly to strangers until the step a toe out of line, then he will become very technical about laws and manners and likely ask them or force them to leave. Magic Current Status: None Arch-type: N/A Sub-Type: N/A Rank: N/A Weakness(es): N/A Strength(s): N/A Current Spell(s): N/A Weaponry Fighting Style: Peregrin Shovel Technique Trained Weapon: Shovels of most/all kinds http://gizmodo.com/5994728/the-8-types-of-shovels-everyone-should-know Favored Weapon: Ferrum Drain Spade Archery: Self trained with a slingshot Biography Parents: Never knew his mom, his father raised him away from society for fear of his son becoming improper. Andwise eventually ran away at the age of 17. Siblings: None that he knows of. Children: He has adopted a child name Till Peregrin Extended Family: A cousin name Bobo Peregrin (Deceased) Pet(s): Two dogs, Spot and Poncho Chica. A bird (Common House Martin) named Jenna who delivers messages. A karin brought from Athera named Chrissy. A pony named Buster. History When he was two years old his father took him to the woods of Athera in fear his child would grow up improper. Kenwise, his father, taught him survival skills, how to be proper and how to defend himself with the shovel. Andwise left in the night scouring the land for people until he found his people in Gimblewood when he was 18. He was allowed to have a home even though he was just a child and he made many friends. When he was a kid he had a crush on Mirabelle and often spent time with her at the druid groves or the Scarlet Lotus Tavern. Eventually Andwise went to learn druidry and was taught by Arch-Druid Veren Ibar'ker. Andwise spent more than four years learning all he could until he became confused on the teachings of why void magic was evil. He soon after left his dedicancy behind in Vailor. Not too long after leaving the dedicancy Andwise had mastered his craft of tinkering but also taken up a new skill of breeding. Then the halflings held an election between Andwise and Perdic to see who would be the next Elder. Andwise's cousin Bobo tried to rigg the election which was found out about and Bobo hung himself in the stables of Goodborough and Perdic was announced the Elder. Not too long after Perdic stepped down, leaving the halflings without a leaer. A while after he and his neighbors of Goodborough had a terrifying dream of skygods telling them they must leave their land and move to another place. The Jr. Deputy Andwise got a promotion to Deputy and the Elder Fumble Willowbottom promised to teach him to become an Elder. When the time came for the halflings to move Andwise was given the rank of Thane as Fumble and his family left for a family reunion. Andwise decided to go to the Grand King Skippy and ask for land. Skippy obliged and gave Andwise and his fellow halflings the Green Valley to build their new village. Artwork None at the moment
  10. Imi

    Irsia Tehrani

    Irsia Tehrani Nicknames: None, as Irsia is considered easy to pronounce, and means Rainbow in the language of the sands. Age: Nineteen Gender: Female Race: Qualasheen, (FarFolk) Status: Alive Alignement: Chaotic Good Description Height: She'd be around 5ft4 Weight: 110Ibs Body Type: Irsia carried a slim, petite form, her abdomen flat and showing no signs of fat nor muscle weight. Her legs would be toned from tracking across the desert, though her arms and body cannot provide much muscle. She appears to have gained subtle curves across her body through her adolescent years. Appearance: Her eyes are that of a deep, glistening, jade, surrounded by a full set of lashes, lightened to a brow colour within the burning sun. Her thick, dark black curls fall freely down her back in heavy waves, framing her delicate facial features. With a caramel complexion, tanned from the pounding sun, Irsia has softened and delicate features. Her jawline is defined, but her cheeks are smooth rather than hollow. A light blush is almost constantly spread across them. Irsia's lips carry a gentle peach tone. Health: Irsia is relatively healthy, and does not currently carry any illness. She eats healthily though carries very little muscle. Personality: Irsia is very naive, whether this is due to her age or lack of experience in every possible matter, that remains unknown. This innocence leaves her to be very trusting of others. She is quick to make friends, and rarely doubts someone's word. Personality traits: *Quirky *Modest *Naive *Religious *Trusting *Alluring *Innocent *Easily Impressed *Envious Life Style Deity: Allah Religion: The most righteous following of Allah. Alliance/Nation/Home: The Caliphate of Al Dirkah Job/Class: Al-Mudeer of the Caliphate Title(s): Al-Mudeer Flaw(s): Irsia is often too naive for her own good and is very innocent. This leaves her being easily tricked, or under-educated on some issues. She struggles to grasp more romantic or intimate suggestions or thoughts. Weaponry Fighting Style: Irsia prefers to run from any type of harm, or shout to bring others to help her. She is nearly always within proximity of some sort of trusted guard force. Despite this, she often carries a jeweled, envelope knife tucked away in her satchel; relatively harmless though sharp enough to cause a cut. Trained Weapon: None Favored Weapon: The jeweled, envelope knife. Archery: None Biography Parents: Her elderly parents passed away on the journey to Al Dirkah Pet(s): A small pet rabbit given to her by Enepay, which she affectionately named Omid, meaning hopeful in the language of the sands. ~*~ Relations to be added over time ~*~
  11. Name: Ketiley of Orvar Race: Human Gender: Female Age: 35 Biography: Hailing from the Savaar, Anthos, Ketiley’s family knew there was something unique about their eldest child from the moment they were aware of her existence in her Mother’s womb. The moment she was born; a mark of Lagara (is a link) placed upon the back of her left hand, having locks as golden as the wheat, and pure-green eyes like the wondrous leaves of life, the Priesthood quickly recognize her as blessed by Lagara. Ketiley was raised into the Clan Oghma for the first ten years of her life before the clan was completely obliterated by High Chieftain Barid. Because her parents refused to swear allegiance, they were put to death, while her Brother, Sister, and herself vowed themselves to the High Chieftain. Throughout growing up, Ketiley was quite attractive, was blessed with a soft, musical, and gentle tone, though her wrath was fierce. She sang to her clan quite often until it was obliterated, then began to only share her voice with her Siblings. It is said that Ketiley’s voice could easily hypnotize a person into a blissful state, leaving them satisfied, calm, and happy when she finished. Though she lost her parents at a young age, this did not stop Ketiley from enjoying life and keeping a smile upon her face quite frequently. Ketiley did not miss nor mourn her deceased parents, for she knew of their disloyalty to the High Chieftain, seeing their death as honourable and necessary. She was a proud Gorundyr and quite competitive, doing everything to her fullest extent. When the Black Scourge came, Ketiley thought she was ready enough to face it head on. She quickly realized her pride got the better of herself, only to watch her Brother and Sister fall. Ketiley began to see her life tearing at the seams, wanting to give up and ready to fall with her Siblings. Many a time she plunged her sword into her Siblings with the intent of putting their controlled bodies to rest, crying as she did this. Each time slowly dying on the inside. Come a year and a half later, after fleeing to Thales, Ketiley received word that Orvar had fled to this land as well. This sparked her will to live once more, the thought of High Chieftain Barid coating her troubled mind. The light of rumored words of Yagar’s clan possibly still alive spread over the darkness that clouded her thoughts, bringing the hope of survival of the Gorundyr to renew her faith in the strength of her people, once more. Several years has passed since Ketiley has met, bonded with, wed, and bared children for Morvan of Orvar and had settled within the kingdom of Aesterwald. Having two eldest Twins preforming The Coming of Age, a singular child that was birthed in secret a year after the Twins, and two newest twins that are safely hidden away in a far away Ritual Home, home of the Gorundyr Prestrs and Prestress', or Priests and Priestess' for those whom are unfamiliar with the terms, Morvan and Ketiley wait patiently within their new-found hold, governed by the Konig of Aesterwald, for her children to come home. Many of her kin, the Orvar, have scattered and taken upon themselves to journey about upon Pilgrimages for several different reasons, as Morvan and Ketiley, along with her children, also sought out to walk a Pilgrimage to seek their gods. Ragaros of Orvar has returned from a horrible fate of falling to the clutches of Maratsu, the Fallen one, and has somehow regained himself through his pilgrimage. Now awaiting their Children, Morvan and Ketiley are told by Ragaros that he wishes to sacrifice himself to the Gods as a celebration for their Childrens' arrival from The Coming of Age quest. Personality: Strong willed, competitive, motherly, happy, charming, strong minded, gentle, protective, loyal, leaderlike Skills: Perceptive, apothecary knowledge, medical knowledge, bowman, observant, herbalist Description: Is 6’4, golden locks, fairly muscular, weighs about 150 pounds, has Lagara’s birthmark, Emerald eyes, fair skinned, has a hidden Lagara mark (is a link) somewhere on her torso, taking up most of it. Normally smells of Peppermint, cinnamon, and Lavender. Looks. (Is a link)
  12. Lady Jean Briarwood / Fournier d'Avenese Nicknames: Jean 'The Lewd' Fournier, Jean, Age: Twenty-Five Gender: Female Race: Human Status: Healthy Description Height: 5ft 6" Weight: 115 Ib Body Type: Mesomorph Eyes: Chocolate Brown Hair: Chocolate Brown Skin: Fair, with a cooler undertone. Markings/Tattoos: A very faint hand-print shaped mark on her neck, seemingly a scar. Health: Healthy. Personality: Reckless, though kind hearted. She can be feisty and quick to think negatively of others. Inventory: She wears a plain wedding band, and when not worn it is on a chain around her neck. She can also often be seen carrying a small hatchet. Further Details: N/A Life Style Alignment*: Chaotic Good Deity*: The Creator. Religion: The True Faith Alliance/Nation/Home: Pobblebonk or Owynswood. Her family are vassals to Duke de Savoie Job/Class: High Class. Un-employed. Title(s): Lady Profession(s): N/A Special Skill(s): Jean is skilled with an axe. She is also talented at painting and cooking. Flaw(s): She struggles with heights and the sight of blood. She is fairly weak, and does not think before she acts. Jean often says what she thinks, and is terrible at making friends. Magic Current Status: N/A Arch-type: N/A Sub-Type: N/A Rank: N/A Weakness(es): N/A Strength(s): N/A Current Spell(s): N/A Weaponry Fighting Style: Trained Weapon: Two handed axes, hatchets and is fair with a bow. Favored Weapon: An ornate hatchet, medium sized. Archery: She is average with a bow, yet knows how to work one. Biography Parents: Joan Fournier and Charles Fournier Siblings: Mary Fournier, Lord Augustus Fournier, Charles Fournier, Louis Fournier, Napoleon Fournier (deceased), Alexandros Fournier, Catherine Fournier. Children: Eirwyn Briarwood Extended Family: Gawain Briarwood (Husband) Pet(s): Andraste (Horse, deceased.) History: Jean was born the first daughter to Charles and Joan Fournier, and was raised to be a proper 'Lady' in Relouria. She was taught to speak Relourian, and her accent is still relatively thick. She often struggled with acting how she should. She faced various physical abuses from her Father especially. She preferred to be out and busy than to be stitching or reading, leading to her more adventurous trait. After leaving Thales at the age of fourteen, Jean climbed upon a separate boat from her family. She set off, and upon landing she left the port unnoticed. She soon reached a small settlement being built, and stayed there for many years as a cook at an inn. Her life was peaceful, surrounded by a small community of friends that she soon called a family. Upon reaching the age of twenty, Jean had visited the Cloud Temple market where she spotted her brother, Augustus. Jean snuck a note to him, rushed back to the village to gather her few yet precious belongings, before heading towards Pobblebonk; the home of the Fourniers. Arriving unexpectedly, she was greeted with open arms by her siblings, and later that very evening attended the wedding of her youngest, Catherine. After a few months, her brother had arranged her courtship to Lord Nicholas Blackwell, a family friend. Still stuck in her childish ways Jean was soon to fall in love with him, idolising him, and considering herself to be happy. It was but a few moons before her wedding that Augustus broke her betrothal, and instead arranged it to Christopher Blackwell, the Lord's brother. Heartbroken, Jean and Nicholas had planned to leave their houses and marry, but this was stopped with the death of the Lord. Jean had no choice but to court Christopher. As time went on, Jean found herself becoming more and more fond of the boy, who was plenty years younger than herself. He led her to believe he loved her, and Jean was easily fooled. Once again she was besotted with another man. As their wedding day loomed, Jean learnt of Christopher’s own love, Lorina Carrion. Jean was left angry, upset and confused. Her betrothal was broken, and she was left to her own accords. She instead rebelled against her brother, causing various kinds of trouble and mischief. Her brother quickly agreed to a Courtship between her and Wesley Valentine. The two became quick friends and solid companions to one another, and though Jean was trying to convince herself she held romantic feelings for him, she did not. A second suitor was found: Corbett Van Cleef. A difficult man, known for his relentless murder and banditing, but Jean did not know this. The pair were cold to one another at first, though soon became fond, and Corbett asked for Jean’s hand. On the day of one of Corbett’s outings, Jean decided to stroll to Petrus, searching for workers for her brother. There she met Lord Briarwood, who tricked her to believe he was looking for work. Upon discovering his true identity, Jean agreed to walk with him to Owynswood and the pair soon became thick friends. Content in each other’s company, yet still unmarried, the couple were together for many a year, until Corbett’s untimely death. Gawain was also missing, as were Jean’s two close friends, Waverly and Catherine. Jean also shared a quick courtship with Guy de Bar, but this was brought to an end by his cruel words and her reckless actions. Never had the woman felt so alone, with the constant threat of being disowned by her brother nagging at her mind, she was left in a state of depression, and refused to leave the Manor for a year. After a year of mourning she resurfaced to find the missing trio had returned. She found Gawain in Petrus, and the pair soon became acquainted once more. After a various amount of time spent in one another’s company, Gawain offered to ask for Jean’s hand from Augustus, and the couple were betrothed. They were married in the chapel at Owynswood, and eight seasons later Jean birthed a baby girl, Eirwyn. The small family were given land opposite the Manor on which they built a home, and live there to the present day.
  13. Mouse

    Ayana Varodyr

    Character Name: Ayana Varodyr Nicknames: 'Yana Age: 20 Gender: Female Race: Human Status: Alive and well Description Height: 5'5"ft Weight: n/a Body Type: Ayana stands the height of 5 feet and 5 inches. She has an athletic structure, and general good looks. Her hair is cut short, falling only just past her shoulders and is usually kept up in a tight ponytail, bangs of burgundy hair drooping over her face, a parted fringe. She has a soft featured face, with attractively groomed, as if penciled on’ eyebrows and silver eyes - born utterly colourblind. Her right eyebrow bares a scar through it’s center, parting through it, leaving a gap. She’s physically athletic, and moderately muscular, though not bulky. She has delicate, sporty curves from her torso and her hips. Her legs are strong, with curvaceous calves, defined and attractive- curving down into her ankles. Eyes: Silver. Hair: Ayana keeps her burgandy hair tied up in a short ponytail, propped nicely on the back of her head. Her fringe sits attractive over her face, parted through the middle, the bangs of hair reaching the bottom of her jaw. Skin: As for her complexion, Ayana has fair skin, without blemish all but for a light dust of freckles over her nose. Her skin isn't overly pale, but tans slower than the skin of others. Markings/Tattoos: Her left eyebrow is parted with a small scar running through it. Health: Healthy! Personality: Ayana is a tomboy. In public events, particularly a family event or anything formal, Ayana is polite and sensible. She doesn’t usually talk in this circumstance, keeping quiet and to herself. Like a noble lady would, she wears her dresses, and keeps her looks well, and attractive. When alone, or with those who know her more active and eccentric side, she wears more breathable clothing, though still relatively polite. She’s an active girl, wanting to be involved, interested in hands on activities. On most occasions she’s kind hearted, genuinely nice, and believes in honesty. She’s personally very religious, having experienced a life changing moment in her life as a teenager. She’s mentally tough, and sometimes appears as stoic, or stern, when not in public. She's generally playful, and thrives in making people around her smile. Life Style Alignment*: Lawful Neutral. Deity*: Maker Alliance/Nation/Home: Queen of Renatus Job/Class: Queen/Dame Title(s): Queen Ayana Varodyr, The Storm Dragon. Flaw(s): Ayana is inspired by tales and stories, and is driven by the desire to battle and have her name etched into the history books. This motive could put her into dangerous situations, as it has already. Weaponry Fighting Style: Military trained. Defensive/opportunist. Trained Weapon: Single handed arming sword. Single handed battle-axe. Favored Weapon: Arming sword. Biography Parents: Ayana is a high born girl of Horen descent. Her parents, Augustus Horen and ___ raised her well. Despite her troublesome years of youth, they managed to mould her into a girl of proper behaviour as best that they could. After her fathers untimely disappearance, Ayana struggled particularly during the next few years. She became particularly moody, and stubborn- unwilling to be this perfect girl she was expected to be. Siblings: Ayana is the youngest of the children, now three. During Ayana's childhood, her tomboy behaviour beamed through her actions. She spent her spare time playing with toy swords, riding horses or exploring her home. Her brother, Edmund Horen played the role of being Ayana's guardian, parenting her as best that he could, following after his parents attempts to raise her the right way. Ayana wouldn't have any of it, and as an act of defiance put a blade to her hair, cutting it's long, beautiful length down to above her shoulders. Edmund and Ayana came to a mutual agreement, and it's long passed now since Edmund allowed Ayana more freedom with how she behaved, but it proved a better thing for her future. Ayana and Edmund maintain a nice relationship, despite the chaotic times after their parents disappearance. Children: None..yet. Pet(s): Buttons, the cat. History Upon Ayana’s nineteenth birthday, Ayana and her brother were attending a ball. Curiously, Ayana was behaving herself for once. Maric Varodyr attended the ball also, and was seeking out her brother, to talk. Maric and Ayana met at a table, and shared small talk. They danced, and met a few times after the ball also. It was not long after that Maric requested to court Ayana, and Edmund accepted. Ayana fell in love with Maric, and throughout being courted, had found an instructor for combat part time and in secret. A few elven days before Maric and Ayana’s wedding, Maric offered to her a gift that she found most surprising. A suit of beautifully designed armour, crafted with intricate dragons and unique features. As well as this, an arming sword which would be named Talon. Marrying Maric would make her soon known as the Storm Dragon, and eventually, the Queen of Renatus. Ruling beside Maric, and participating in wars, she finds herself confident to participate and act. Artwork:
  14. Delta6Force

    Delta's Character

    Character Name Nicknames: Zenko, DarkFox Age: 23 Gender: Male Race: Elf Status: Unknown Description Height: 5’ Weight: 162 Body Type: Thin Eyes: Green Hair: Blond Skin: White Markings/Tattoos: Flaming Arrows Health: Fit And Never Better Personality: Brave Inventory: Always Has A Bow And Arrow With Him Enchanted Or Un-Enchanted Further Details: N/a Life Style Alignment*: Chaotic Neutral Deity*: Nemiisae Religion: Trickery Alliance/Nation/Home: Unknown Job/Class: Hunter Title(s): Hunter Profession(s):Hunter Special Skill(s): Hunting Flaw(s): Weak (mentally) Magic None yet… Fighting Style: Archery Trained Weapon[s]: Bow & Arrow Favored Weapon: Bow & Arrow Archery: Good Biography Parents: Unknown Siblings: Unknown Children: Unknown Extended Family: Unknown Pet(s): Wolfs
  15. ------------------------------------------- Character Information For Talia D'Avre ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name - Talia D'Avre Race - Half-Elf/Adunian Gender - Female Married - No Age - 43 Birth-date - 3rd of the Grand Harvest Parents - Zaviel (Draen D'Avre) (Elf), Charlotte D'Avre (Human). Relatives Arelin (squeak0711) - Asher (spiffytaylor411), Roy D'Avre (B3ast_mod), Beltran (BathRugMan), and Lorien (hugothechamp). (Some others missing) God-Parents - Jakir StepFather - Ramza Mantisuku StepMother - Elvi Mantisuku -------CHARACTER WHAT'S UP SO FAR THING------- De-Paralyzed. She is weak though, must train to get better. -------REVAMPED CHARACTER INFORMATION------- VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV - Description - Talia a Half-Elf or Adunian you might say, born to the late Charlotte D'Avre and the still alive Draen D'Avre. She seems to get sick every now and then, random chills/colds/stomach-bugs and fevers climbing to an alarming high rate. Most of the time she would have a quarter-staff strapped to her back, but not /all/ the time. - Appearance - She has 75% more Elvish traits about her then human traits, which makes her look almost as fair as an Elf. Her body shape seems pretty fit all in all, and her very long black hair falls over her face and all down her back to the waist line, it seems to cover most of her face sometimes, though her smile would be seen every now and then. Her eyes would be a light green color, her skin would be a very light tan. Oh, and if you look hard enough she seems to have a somewhat sliced right ear. She looks 20 years younger than her actually age, interesting. (5,10ft) A small burn mark hard to see is on the lower part of her neck, that in the shape of a skull. No piercings or rings of any kind found anywhere on her. - Outfit - Most of the time she wears a rather pleasant white dress with some sort of blue long over-dress jacket thrown over top. Yet you look upon it and it is simply gorgeous, the needle-work must have taken a long time to make a dress as good as this, the brass buttons themselves are engraved with little images, some flowers and others animals. Sometimes she is training in some green robes that fit pretty well, they are roughly made but are light and easy to move around in, though its hard to see with the hood up. - Personality - She speaks in a low mumblish tone, in a fearful and nervous way. If being confronted about something she did wrong she wouldn't want to look you in the eyes, and would hang her head low. She gets REALLY nervous/shy if there are many people her 'her' age, especially men, for some reason youn feel rather inclinded to talking to a post rather then her from just the way she listens to you. Tends to want sleep, a lot. She is somewhat good with children, as long as they behave. Highly emotional sad and serious hidden under a vial of cute jollyness mixed with a sarcastic temper. Talks a bit rudely sometimes around people she doesn't know, she can be nice if you are though, but if you are mean you better believe she will be down right cold with you. - Main Skill - She is a quarter-staff master, tier 3 so look out, this lady has some mad skill if you tick her off. - Secondary Main Skill - Pressure point self defense as she calls it, be warned; "If you are not wearing any armor or some kind of armor that isn't covering certain places she will move to try and pinch or poke one of your pressure points, when this happens rarely you fall down, most of the time you are stunned and feel like some kind of shock went through your body. - Additional Skills - Another two skills would be taking care of animals, she finds herself surprisingly good at it. The next skill would be very low class medic, she isn't much good at it but she wants to work on this skill to perfect it. - Likes/Dislikes - She likes spicy food(Though she can still eat normal food.), she also likes Khas, she likes dueling, she likes kind people, and she likes all her relatives. She dislikes bullies, she dislikes ANYTHING sweet, she dislikes people that ask her about her past family life. - Greatest Fear - Losing someone very dear to her, and then regretting it to the point where she wants to die. -End of given character information- But, not the end of Character Pictures 4/5. - Talia Render/Pose by _Zer0 - Character sketch of Talia by B3Ast_Mod - Talia in her light blue dress. http://gyazo.com/f31bde0bf98d07585d083afd4d783cb9 - Talia in her training robes. http://gyazo.com/42132dcdffaf142ea843a0ac39b57e89 -Now we are done.- Character Information update No. #12
  16. -------------------------------------- Name: Charlotte Golding Race: Human Age: 16 Gender: Female Skill: Promising Alchemist ------------------------------------------------------ Charlotte Golding, an apprentice Alchemist, and expert knife thrower (So she thinks…) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: 95lbs, 5,3ft. Average woman build, no muscular build. She is friendly to those who show kindness, but a great enemy to liers. She is studying in Alchemy. WARNING: Charlotte Golding has many tricks up her sleeves, and secrets also, be careful what you say/do around her. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Long Story Short: Charlotte Golding was born in to a small family of four, her late mother Sarah E. Golding and father Peter Golding, but her older sister Annabella Makrov Golding still lives. Sadly, Charlotte's late mother died in giving birth to her, in so doing her father remarried, but the stepmother was darker than darkness... When she turned three the family found out that their uncle William A. Golding who was a blacksmith, had died from burning after a hot pot iron liquid tipped over, he was no more after that day. He left a great some of money as an inheritance to Charlotte's father, so that she and her sister, and stepmother could live very wealthy indeed, though the stepmother thought otherwise. She wanted the Inheritance money for herself. A year or so after the death of Charlottes uncle, her father one evening at tea time died…little did we know our stepmother put a tablet of poison in his glass of hot tea, Charlotte and her sister only guessed it was heart failure. The stepmother of course agreed with them, trying to cover up her guilt. They buried their father in a a church grave yard a few days later. The very next day Charlotte's and stepmother awaked them and announced that they were going going on a trip. About a week later they came to a large forest, fence, cold, and lonely, and they went in. Then the stepmother sighed and said: "We are lost, wait here while I try to find a way out." And so she left them. Some hours later Annabella was getting worried and walked with Charlotte through the woods till they came to a hollow tree, there she said: "Charlotte, stay inside here, I am going to look for stepmother." Then she walked off where she thought her stepmother went. Charlotte waited and waited, it seemed like hours maybe a day…but Annabella did not return. So Charlotte climbed out of the hollow tree and from there on wondered around the wilderness, till one day or maybe it was a year, she couldn't tell. She found what looked like a small village, and lived there for another four years begging. About six months later, a great famine was spreading through the land. Soon there was no point in begging anymore, so she set off from that town and started for the Elven city, she was told by a kind merchant that there she would find help, so it was. CHARACTER PHOTO COMING SOON.
  17. Si Dynasty

    Tomas Mallory

    Character Name Thomas J. Kvasz Mallory Nicknames: Tomas Age: 30 Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Alive Description Height: 6'0 Weight: Approx. 195 lbs Body Type: Mesomorph Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Skin: White Markings/Tattoos: Scar on his outer left thigh Health: Healthy, Mentally stable, slight limp on left leg Personality: Type A Inventory: Spatha (30 in.) Composite Bow (Bodkin and Broad Head) , Medal (Rule of Peter's Diligence) , Cinquedea (Long Dagger), Journal (Often stashed), Life Style Alignment: Lawful Neutral Deity: The Creator Religion: Lucien Alliance/Nation/Home: Oren, Ravinca Job/Class: Imperial Footman Title(s): Rhwosenion Profession(s): Imperial Army Special Skill(s): Marksmanship and Swordsmanship Flaw(s): Can succumb to his personal feelings and trust his own judgement rather than that of his superiors Weaponry Fighting Style: Offensive, Agile, Ruthless, Reckless Trained Weapon: Spatha, Composite Bow, Cinquedea Favored Weapon: Cinquedea Archery: Learned how to shoot a Short bow from Layne Silverthorne (PicklesRUsAlso) Swordsmanship: Learned how to handle melee weapons from Masho Kvasz (TheSpoonBandito) Biography Parents: Thomas Mallory (Father) Rodas Mallory (Mother) ((Insert Adopted Parents)) Siblings: Masho Kvasz (Adopted Brother) Children: None Extended Family: Layne Silverthorne (Cousin), Jay Silverthorne (Nephew) Katheryne Silverthorne (Niece), Christoph Müller Silverthorne (Cousin) Pets: Sid (Dog) - MIA History ((WIP))
  18. Lasacow

    [Wip] Rendon Dread

    Character Name: Rendon Dread Nicknames: None Age: 29 Gender: Male Race: Human, Northerner Status: Alive Description Height: 5'8 Weight: 210lbs Body Type: Not overly tall but not small either. He has a lot of upper body strength. Eyes: Ice blue Hair: Scraggly and black Skin: White but mildly tanned Markings/Tattoos: Various cuts and bruises on his face and body. Health: Fairly good although doesn't live in ideal living conditions and doesn't have the healthiest lifestyle. Good stamina and no disease however. Personality: Could be trustworthy if you do what he wants and advises. If not he wouldn't fail to backstab you in a heartbeat. Very malicious and cruel to his enemies and anyone that annoys him. Inventory: Has a shortsword with a skull head design sheathed on his left and a dagger sheathed on his right. Further Details: Rendon dons a thick wolfs pelt cloak along with black leather and brown wool attire under layered by chainmail. Life Style Alignment*: Lawful Evil although he often leans towards Chaotic Evil. Deity*: None Religion: Atheism Alliance/Nation/Home: Oren Job/Class: He likes to consider himself a Lord although in reality he is middle class. Title(s): Lord of the Dreadrock (future) Profession(s): Rendon is a hunter, warrior and a torturer (if that counts). Special Skill(s): Rendon can be manipulative as he is both ruthless and clever. He is particularly good at tracking which makes him an excellent hunter and he is also very proficient in the art of knife-play. Flaw(s): His ego can often get the better of him. If someone insults him, his brothers or his men, he can often be quick to the draw which can often result in a very sticky situation. He is also known to over think his plans which can often lead to defeat or complete failure. Weaponry Fighting Style: Fast but strong jabs and slashes (mostly prefers to kidnap his target and torture them later if he has the opportunity). Trained Weapon(s): Daggers, knives, shortswords and maces. Favoured Weapon: Dual wielding a shortsword in his right hand and a dagger in his left. Archery: He is fairly good at using a bow although he prefers hand to hand combat. Biography Parents: His father Houndor 'Giantsbane' Dread was killed by Rendon and his brothers, and his mother Marionne Dread was killed by their father. Siblings: He has two brothers who are both a year younger than him; Isaan (sinkeytrap) and Rorne (_Juggernaught_). Children: He has none. Extended Family: None that he knows of. Pet(s): Him and his brothers have plenty of hounds at their disposal. History (I'm going to get round to doing this section later) Artwork (I'll add some later) [spoiler][img]http:// (Also this section)
  19. Crayfishchris

    Kristian Von Craw

    Kristian von Craw Nicknames: The Crawfish, Kristian, Kris, Mali'llir Age: 50 Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Dead as of the 31st of the Grand Harvest, 1459 Description Height: 6'1" Weight: 180 Body Type: Muscular Eyes: Gray Hair: Brown Skin: Tan (Caucasian) Markings/Tattoos: A birthmark that stretches across his face, Health: Decaying Personality: Kind, honor-bound, chivalrous Inventory: A black and red blade created by 'The Dark Master', and a morningstar. He also carries armor and rations for a few days worth of traveling. Further Details: When apart from the red and black sword, Kristian may seem to age incredibly quickly, his life slipping away. Life Style Alignment*: Neutral Evil Deity*: The Creator Religion: God of all Creations Alliance/Nation/Home: Scion/ Elven Nations/ Home in Conclave Job/Class: Hired sword Title(s): Mali'llir, Ex-Arbiter, Scion, Delver Regent Profession(s): Guarding, Special Skill(s): Swordsmanship, Political awareness, speaking Flaw(s): A giant birthmark that covers his face normally causes people to back away in fear... and made him a loner for many years. He is also a bit clumsy. Cannot use a composite or longbow to save his life. At all. Weaponry Fighting Style: Always with honor and generally in the form of a duel. Trained Weapon: Sword, 33 years. Scythe, 2 years. Morningstar, 12 years. Favored Weapon: Morningstar Archery: "Been trainin' for 2 seasons in the Valiants with a crossbow." Biography Parents: Unknown Siblings: Ragnar von Craw, Samwell Flynt Children: Robard von Craw, Kelsey von Craw, Tina (taken in), Isabella Thenelthin (sort of), Maldric von Craw Extended Family: Unknown Pet(s): A dog named Brav, dead as of 1438 History The Early Years The First Days [The battle for Oren] Adventure: Out to sea [The Return and Delver Days] [The Start of the Lumi'drim and Zaniil's deal] New Malinor rises [The Scions] [New family, left and right] The fall of New Malinor [Conclave rising] The retirement of Kristian von Craw [A terrible curse] [The Battle for Lenniel] Entering the Fringe The Death of Kristian von Craw OOC: Kristian began a wanderer, and ended a wanderer. All in all, he was an amazing character to play. Artwork By Teerz: By Keem: By myself: By Renai