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Found 7 results

  1. “What’s done cannot be undone.” -Ser Peter Barbanov to Baron Britannus Vanir, following the successful Siege of Kraken’s Watch King Peter I of Haense entering triumphantly into the city of Riga, following the coup of Alexander ‘the Hamster’ Staunton. C. 1566, Karl Frederick “Courland has, for far too many years, remained a stain on the fabric of Humanity. They are the bane of our existence, since the time of our great King Peter, who formed the modern foundations of our Kingdom in the crucible of the Riga War. The Courlanders caused the downfall of our Imperium, and the death of His Imperial Majesty Philip. They gave assistance to that most treacherous House of Brawm, rebels and traitors to their Highlander kin. They have raided us, robbed us, attacked our citizens and Lords within our own walls, myself included. No, these grievous crimes must go unanswered no longer. Courland must pay, Your Majesty.” King Marius nodded, having been listening attentively to the words of his Chancellor, Lord Lucas. The gathered Lords looked amongst themselves, whispering quietly to their retainers and advisors. Archbishop Rory of Karlsburg, who had yet to join the conversation spoke up, “Aye, we must not forget how these same Courlanders slew the late Count Boris in cold blood, while on the way to prevent this current war. These brigands who have brought war to our peaceful capital, who have spilled the blood of good Haeseni, who have shielded themselves behind cowardice must finally meet their judgement. It is just before GOD.” A soldier bearing the tabard of the Royal Hansetic Army would enter the tent, bowing before the assembled nobility and officers. He’d hand the letter of Prince Otto Henry, leaving immediately after. Otto would open the letter, a smile forming on his countenance as he reads. “It appears the Farfolk of the Sultanate have blockaded the entirety of the island of Asul. Tobias and his men cannot sail to meet us on Tahn, truly a blessing from GOD for our defense of the Canon.” King Marius had kept his eyes fixated on the map laid out before him, his lords and generals continuing to deliberate over strategy. Finally, the young man stood, “We shall not waste any more time. Courland lies trapped on their island, while the old Imperial crownlands lay ripe for the taking. We shall join our allies in the Duchy of Mardon, and seize Courland’s holdings on his island.” He'd pause, looking up at the assembled men, “Curonia delenda est, gentlemen.” From within the tent, and all around the camp, men who had been listening to the conversation would shout and cheer in response. “Courland must fall!” ((credit to heff for the format)) WARCLAIM Tier Chosen (This cannot be changed after the first warclaim is held): 1 Type of battle: Skirmish Date And Time: March 18th, Saturday 3pm EST Side A: Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska Side B: Kingdom of Courland Location and boundaries: Direct Area: https://gyazo.com/3a7f7c05ae4271d0c8b28bd4d0112e4e Surrounding area of battlefield for reference to location: https://gyazo.com/084b5e50d9db76ca89fe48e6b02925bf Terms of Victory Upon Victory For... Victory for the Attackers: All Courlandic forces are killed or flee the battlefield Victory for the Defenders: All Haensetic forces are killed or flee the battlefield REWARDS Offensive Victory: Haense may go on to siege a nearby location Defensive Victory: Courland may go on to siege a nearby location or can prevent Haense from skirmishing for 2 weeks Rules No status switching. All LoTC rules. No golden apples. No one day alts. TNT disabled. If the Kingdom of Courland does not attend the siege, then the warclaim will be automatically succeeded by the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, and they may force the time and date of the next warclaim.
  2. King Marius sat at his table, surrounded by his privy council and generals. Before the young man laid a map of his Kingdom, stretching from the peaks of Carnatia to the coast of Vasiland. All eyes were fixated on one fortification: the castle of Houndsden, the single holding of the rebellious House of Brawm. Traitors, who had deserted their King and kinsmen during the Coalition War against the Holy Orenian Empire. Their very presence reminded those assembled of a dark time in their Kingdom’s history, a blemish that had to be removed. The King took one final glance at the map and the wooden miniatures set on it, finally turning towards his assembled lords and generals. “The House of Brawm is that of dogs, and now we must finally root out their kennel.” WARCLAIM Tier Chosen (This cannot be changed after the first warclaim is held): 1 Type of battle: Siege Date And Time: February 25th, 2017, 3 PM EST Side A: Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and Allies Side B: House Brawm Specifically those in this screenshot https://gyazo.com/54001f6019f6d784a9f153622c0836de Location and boundaries: Direct Area: Surrounding area of battlefield for reference to location: Terms of Victory Upon Victory For... Victory for the Attackers: All Brawm forces are killed or forced into an underground compound at which point, they would be considered unable to defend the keep. Victory for the Defenders: All Haensetic forces are killed or routed from the battle site. REWARDS Offensive Victory: The Houndsden region is ceded to the Kingdom. Defensive Victory: Houndsden may not be sieged for two weeks. A counter skirmish may occur. RULES - No status switching. - All LoTC Rules - No TNT -Only the addition of sensible defenses that are moderator approved may be added. - Items may not be removed, starting from the posting of this warclaim. - If the Brawms do not show then the region shall be automatically ceded to the Kingdom. -No Golden Apples - Rolling to capture leaders allowed - No alts or one day alts.
  3. CapCo™ Make Oren Great Again I regret to inform the public that due to an attempted hostile takeover, Jacob Goldstein, our former President, has been removed from the board, and CapCo stocks remain, for the time being, private. - Arny Rover, CEO
  4. ((Before anyone asks, I was given permission by Verin to get the ball rolling while he was away to get the Dread Knights active, this is my attempt.)) (Credit to Ramhak of Deviantart LINK) The Transcended In Blood Few Dread Knights remain in this world. Even fewer roam it freely. The race as a whole, or the conglomerate, has gone near extinction multiple times. Rawraych before Verin revived his brothers and brought them back, Verin before Alexandros, and now the most bloodthirsty and unpredictable of the Knights leads his brothers and sisters to bring down the heavens and let forth the darkness. Lore and History of the Dread Knights Their creation came near to the beginning, after the first emergence of the Bloodmages. These men and women were one of the first few to make their stand, like many against the Bloodmages. Unfortunately for them... they got more than they bargained for. They were rash, some. Even going as far as to challenge Bloodmages in single combat. Going even as far as accepting the terms of combat that the mages gave... “If I was to so win this bout... Your soul will be forfeited to me until release.” So sure were these men and women of their own combat prowess that they accepted without hesitation, and the duel of fates ensued. Apon loosing the combat, the Bloodmage performed a rite of sealing apon the unfortunate near death warrior, binding his/her soul to the Bloodmage’s whim and freezing the warrior in place. A gaunt face overtakes their once proud looks as they become living statues. Doomed to watch over the Altars of the creator until needed. In all retrospect, this is a fate worse than death itself. The unfortunate Warrior is allowed to effectively “die” a slow and painful death within its’ own sealing’s. Flesh and bone allowing to decay as they stand dormant. But due to the sealings place upon them in life... they do not escape their fate in death. Their souls become bound to the armour they once wore. Even as it rusts and stains with age. Until effectively the Dread knight becomes the armour. The process is a form of “breaking” within its’ own right as well. Turning them till they are nothing more than harsh, life hating drones; “The perfect soldier “it seems. They hate and, love life with a passion. For they are not truly evil, just lost. They hate those that they once called kin out of jealously, that they should be able to live out their lives to the fullest whilst the Dread knight must live a submissive life as a slave. Bidden to do whatever his/hers masters tell it. But love it also, for they know that deep down, behind all the torment and bloodshed. They know that one day... it shall be life that sets it free from its’ shackles. It shall be life that challenges it to single combat, and it shall be life that slays it. They are relentless warriors, much like that of the fabled Paladins. Some even say that they are, or at least were paladins. Pushed into service as warriors of undeath. They will make up the main stay of militarian officer might within the Order of blood’s armed forces. Making blunt, horrific decisions that most right minded people would not. For the Bloodmages are still of our kind after all... they still feel emotion of all kinds. Granted there are some among them that have different ideas and morals, but that comes with individuality. As said before, the Dread Knight is a suit of armour. A walking suit of armour. Hollow within it walks this world as doom driven servants of the Order. So they do not take damage as how any normal person might. They will still feel the pain deep inside of them, that instinctive feeling of still being whole ever so mocks them. To the better part though, they cannot truly be killed by having their helmet taken off through decapitations or being stabbed with sword lunges etc… For if disassembled only slightly, but allowed to endure, the knight, with relentless zeal to carry out its’ master’s orders, shall rise again, rebuilding itself slowly, re-gathering the pieces of armour that make up its’ body and soul. Until it is finally again renewed. It stands to reason then that the only real effective way to “kill” a Dread Knight is to disable and separate each piece of the Knight. Until you are left with but a pile of broken armour. Allowing you time to escape, but slowly, and over time, it shall reform again anew... and ready to kill once again. Time went slowly in lythien, the plotting of the Bloodmages and the toil of their servants continued onwards, it was not until the Dread knights started to regain control of themselves that the tide changed. Rising up, they broke free of their shackles, a great battle rouse up within lythien as all things were put to the slaughter. Once the dust and fires died down, the remained but a few knights left standing, and no mages to be seen. Corpses littered the landscape around and little life was left to be seen. It was then that the knights departed back to their home land within the south of Asulon. It was not to be though, they were cast out by their kin, named "traitors" and "Heretics" and "unclean" by the new Religion of this Empire called "Oren". With a roar of rage they left the sounds of the life that was Oren. Left it far behind before coming across the forest path into Greywise. They vowed their revenge upon Oren, and swore upon themselves they would gain vengeance upon the simple beauty of life itself. The three existing Dread Knights made the trip to Anthos, and gathered slaves of mortal men to build a base of dread. Aelor, then began seeking out new Dread Knights, turning those that he found one by one. The old order then fell to pieces, decaying as they were hunted by Oren, and other assorted nations. As the generation of Dread Knights fell, only one remained. Rawraych, as his 'lord' did command, was groomed as the last of the true Dread Knights. He was given the honor, the glory, of ascension, and began his reign with the abduction of his eventual successor, Verin. More then him were kidnapped, and ten individuals were chosen from thousands. The ranks of the Knights resumed power. Rawraych, unfortunately, felt only anger and rage (as he should) as a dread knight, and showed it in his tactic. A just ruler, however, he was relentless in choosing his knights. Durn, Verin, Elbent, the pigman(who, against all reasonable odds, had a soul). Even then, this does not account for them all. Conquest upon conquest, death upon death, ashes fell upon ashes as the knights resumed their merciless slaughter of those who lived. Enemies of reality, enemies of life, enemies of them all. Beside the Dread Lord lay his knights, his cultists, and many rallied to him in this new regime he had made. The Necromancers, too, took a shining to this new dread lord as they had not to Aelor, and soon then did the two combine their mights into one. Attacks and raids beyond the imagination or horror of mortal men carried out without remorse by the Gravelord and his once mortal friend. But, as all 'good' things must end, so did this. Rawraych, like Aelor before him, and the other before him, and Bile too before that, he got tired. He began to groom Verin, one of the first knights he converted, to power. On a day forgotten, the nine knights who remained (and even then, some dormant due to inability of movement or rust), gathered or were lugged around to witness and exchange the move of power. Rawraych bound them to Verin, and Verin commanded them, for a time, to sleep. As was noted earlier, they awaken now. Verin, reigns over his knights and they begin the merciless slaughters of the past yet again. Without remorse, the Knights resume. Under a less kind, though more 'amiable'(as much as the hollow soul of a dread knight can be) leader. After a long time of leading his Knights to glory, the godlike Knights of Dread fell dormant, and their leader slowly losing his mind, and growing tired of the weight of leadership. He looked to one of his greatest, and most bloodthirsty Knights, Alexandros, to take up his mantle as Dread Lord. Alexandros graciously accepted, and transcended to godhood among his Knights. He would lead the warpath of bloodshed and ruin, returning the Knights of Dread to their feared position, making them ones that would make the mere mortals of Athera quake in terror. Alexandros, like his predecessors, eventually succumbed to the difficulties of leadership. Verin returned and seized his old throne, ruling over the Knights for a time with an iron fist. His long time as Dread Lord left him weary and damaged, and he appointed his most trusted lieutenant as his regent. But even then Verin could not find what he attained for, he sought one of the Dread Knights capable of what he wanted, and gave Scylla the control of the Damned. Leaving to brood on his thoughts and one day to return to see the Progress this one had made. Scylla was only told one thing "Do not let me down.." Dread will reign supreme, and chaos will be left in their wake. Out of Character Information What are these things? Dread Knights are creatures created from the souls of the innocent (or the guilty, for that matter) They carry a terrible burden, a curse that most mortals cannot comprehend. They live a constant life in a state of anger, and in a state of agony. They are heartless, cruel, and do not act well around others. They are bound to the service of the Dread Lord that they follow. How do I become one? All of the roleplay will be done in character. Yet, you can post here with the application format below if you wish to become one so that we may arrange a time and date for the role play event. It must be done with the consent of the player, of course. You must be using an already made character. Dread Knights do not appear out of thin air. When turning your character, you must realize that there is no going back. Turning a Dread Knight is a life long thing, realize that. We promise to be fun if you decide to make this new experience fun, though. Do note, however, that you will first be initiated as a cultist and then you will be given tasks, and rise through the ranks of the cult. You will be considered for the conversion ritual depending on how much you roleplay as well as how well you roleplay. I CANNOT stress this enough, however, that we focus heavily on activity and roleplay with others, whether they be those in the Dread lands or even other people from other nations (Though I would advise roleplaying with other people in say, the streets or somewhere out of the way. Not a major city or village). We have far too many times fallen into inactivity. This is not meant to be an alt character you only get on when you're bored. As mentioned above, think before you apply. If I become a Dread Knight, how do I play it? You have to realize that a Dread Knight is a creature that has been cursed horribly, and that they are experiencing more pain constantly than a mortal could imagine. A Dread Knight would be cold, and unloving. You would mostly rely on emotes for playing a Dread Knight, because they are creatures of metal. Stealth does not exist for a Dread Knight, and you must always be fair with the people you are roleplaying with. Cultists Cultists are the hopeful mortals who wish to become a Dread Knight, and ascend to the ranks of the demi-gods he or she serves. Cultists are expected to be active otherwise lose their holdings within the Dread Knights. New Cultists Returning Cultist/Dread Knight
  5. Recruitment Does thou seek the path of the righteous man? Does thou want to be a man of the woods? Think to yourself, are you skilled with a bow? Can you track and can you hunt? Do you want to be a simple man with a good life? Do you match these things? Well if you do. The Alrasian Rangers need you! Ranks! ~Commander~ Overall leader of the corps, listens only to the King and Knight. | ~Captain~ Second in command of the corps listens to the Commander, trains the new recruits. Has the right to initiate new rangers and brief them on there jobs. | ~Sergeant~ The respected members of the corps whom have proved themselves to the captain's and the commander, very rarely given. | ~Ranger~ The standard rank within the ranger corps, initiated and has taken the oath. | ~Apprentice~ The un-oathed and un-initiated. Lowest rank within the corps Application process: (OOC) Mc-Name: How long have you been on the server? Skype/ts3? (RP) Name: Age: Gender: Past military experience?:
  6. Report: N/A Minecraft Name: comanderbly ( Bly ) Rule Broken/Disputed: "not acceptable behavior." Character Witnesses: Not sure Event Details: I was banned last night, and, I'm not entirely sure what happened. I had come from a party and was under the heavy influence of alcohol. So I'm sorry for the people I offended. I barely remember anything, sorry. Screenshots/Vids:
  7. Report: http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/103533-report-against-comanderbly/ Minecraft Name: comanderbly Rule Disputed: Harrassing / Trolling Character Witnesses: Teerz Event Details: I had already presented all my arguements and apologised on the report itself. As of two days ago, Teerz and I solved everything, clearing out the grudges. I have expressed my plea for forgiveness, and I do hope that Sha has taken it seriously. Screenshots/Vids: All presented on the Ban Report
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