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  1. hey there bud GI Jim just wanting to wish you luck in the 2020 election

  2. Make better friends in life than Paul Manafort did, kids. 

  3. Have any of you nerds played Total War: Warhammer II? Worth the $$$? 

    1. Quavinir_Twiceborn


      Ive really enjoyed it, and I personally think it was worth the cash.

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with Roseanne 

  5. Is LOTC GDPR compliant? I will report Tythus to EU authorities if I do not receive a privacy update within 24 hours, you have been warned! 

  6. Sign up for the cockfighting tourney (PvP as chickens), and gain the chance to show your beautiful cock off to the world! Link:


    1. Sporadic


      youre really gonna milk this joke for all it's worth huh?

    2. Ser Paul Ryan

      Ser Paul Ryan

      I could make one right here but I'll hold back. It's really about the PR(S), fam - can't get people to show up if they don't hear about it 

  7. How on earth is noble Paul going to work his way out of this doozy, friendos? Read and find out! 


  8. This is your chance to show your rooster to the world! The upcoming Haense Cockfighting tourney features a 1k mina prize! More here: 


  9. Come one, come all, and prove that you have the best ćock around! A chance to win 1,000 minas awaits! 



  10. Imagine being the kind of person who thinks this **** is possible to do instantaneously in an illiterate age in one emote while standing in the middle of the road with no writing surface lmao this ****'s a danker joke than Bernie's campaign 

    1. Southeron


      Hahahahahahahahahhah agreed

    2. Medvekoma


      Household magic, m'dude.

  11. The Adrian Declaration Issued by the office of the Head Ambassador, Confirmed by His Majesty Karl II 8th of Snows Maiden, 1664 By the decree of HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, KARL BARBANOV: Let word go forth from Markev to all realms that the KINGDOM OF HAENSE, under the auspicious leadership of HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, KARL BARBANOV, has issued the ADRIAN DECLARATION of 1664 after consulting with the wise diplomatic envoys of DUKE JOHN SARKOZIC. The declaration reads as follows: I. Let it be known that, after countless days of hectic negotiating in neutral Papal territory, the KINGDOM OF HAENSE has relinquished its claim to the DUCHY OF ADRIA, returning the title to its rightful lord, DUKE JOHN SARKOZIC. II. The KINGDOM OF HAENSE shall make no attempts, by force of arms nor honeyed words, to extort tax revenue, peasant subservience, nor military loyalty from the denizens of the new DUCHY OF ADRIA and her liege lord, DUKE JOHN SARKOZIC. III. The KINGDOM OF HAENSE views the ADRIAN DECLARATION as a necessary precursor to peace and prosperity for all of mankind, and grants its noble blessing to the folk of the DUCHY OF ADRIA, that they may enjoy long, prosperous seasons of summer until the end of days. Signed, His Majesty the King Karl II of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Dules, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Regent of Pruvia, Grand Duke of Vanderfell, Duke of Akovia, Krajia and Aldersburg, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Karikhov, Baranya, Kavat, Karovia, Torun, and Kaunas, Viscount of Alamar, Baron of Vsenk, Valwyk, Rostig, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, Lord of the Westfolk, Lord of Markev, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera
  12. Where were you on the day the music died, friend?



  13. You are trash 


    1. gamer_guy


      i disagree at least house lancefeld is somewhat useful

    2. iMattyz


      excuse me...

  14. Are you interested in learning more about Bernie Sanders and his grass roots, political revolution? Do you believe we should afford equal treatment to ALL people in our country, regardless of their background? Do you want to make real, positive change as a young member of the United States? If you want to

    1. Ser Paul Ryan

      Ser Paul Ryan

      please contact Hunwald or myself @firestar2555 on skype or on the forums 

    2. Hunwald
    3. DelaneyG


      hey hunwald!

  15. Buying stacks of iron ingots for 1k per - contact Dibliusmaximus

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bvie


      If you can hold out til tomorrow afternoon, I have loads I can get you. 

    3. Rammer


      How much ya need?

    4. Altiak


      Welcome back

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