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Found 4 results

  1. ROYAL BANK OF NÚMENDIL Treasury of the Númenedain, Est. 131 SA Royal Bank of Númendil Established as the Office of the Castellan, the Royal Bank of Númendil has served as the treasury of the Númenedain since 110 SA and the founding of the small settlement of Barrowton. The institution would formally institutionalize and assume the moniker of the Royal Bank of Númendil upon the founding of the city of Númenost, and it would further assume all taxation and associated duties for the Exilic Kingdom of Númendil at the charge of His Grace, Tar-Númenatar. Office of the Castellan Castellan of Númendil As chief officer for the bank, the Castellan is responsible for organizing the collection and appropriation of taxes from the general populace and tribute from vassal lords. The Castellan shall also oversee the distribution of property and keys accordingly. Stewards of Númendil The Stewards are responsible for the sale and management of stalls, homes, and other properties to parties seeking to purchase them in the absence of the Castellan. The Númenedainic Castar The Castar is the primary currency minted by the bank, represented by coins of pure silver from the mines of Alkayaban. Castars are used by the bank to certify tax payment [See Taxation of Numenost Properties for details]. Additionally, the purchase and return of castars (or other bank-minted denominations) to the bank serves to assist citizens of the kingdom in shielding their hard-earned wealth from the taxations of central mina banking. Current Transfer Rate: 1 Castar = 20 Mina 1 Mirian = 100 Mina 1 Baich = 150 Mina Current Tax Rate: Númenost City Homes = 1 Castar Stalls = 1 Castar Steadfast Farmsteads = 1 Castar Steadfast Barns = 1 Castar & 1 Stack Leather Býrrim (Vassals) = 1 Baich Taxation of Númenost Properties Taxes shall be collected in Númendilic Castars or other specified supplies deposited into the appropriate boxes in the Royal Bank of Númendil [Located on the north end of Numenost]. This shall occur every Saint’s week ((Wednesdays by 5pm EST)). Failure to Pay Taxes Failure to pay taxes will earn citizens a strike which will be tallied in both the tax ledger and on the tax box for the property. Three strikes will result in the owner being evicted and any strikes will be removed upon payment. Citizens MAY pay multiple weeks at once if they are making up multiple strikes. nil sine labore, Ser Alwyn II of House Glennmaer, Castellan of Númendil Ser Adrielle of House Thassion, Steward of Númendil Saoren of House Seregon, Steward of Númendil Dele of House Seregon, Steward of Númendil
  2. THE MARENO COMPANY Founded by Jace Mareno Since 28 SA Where there is a Mareno there is a coin to be had, and a bargain to be struck. Introducing the Mareno Company. From which the founder, Jace Mareno, has forged ahead against nearly each and every Company bound on Almaris. But why has the Mareno Company surmounted each of these companies? Not because of the trope characteristic traits of being humble; no no, they are hard workers from opportunist backgrounds. A job is a job and so is a deadline, something which the Mareno family prides themselves on both inside and outside of their company. So expect any order you might have to be promptly seen to. You see streets of merchant stalls with a singular item-of-need in display, yet none in stock, not ever. Is it really that hard to see a shelf be stacked? Mareno thinks not; an overflowing stall is a happy one. So what services does the Mareno Company offer? Ferrum Armour & Weaponry Ranged Weapons for shooty long range. Food for Almaris’ Warriors - steak - porkchop, the lot. Medicinal and Alchemical Herbs Building Materials An Abundant More to Come Shortly All of that is to be always stocked on our shelves, brimming to their rims. But wait, you think yourself as a big guy? Not only do we extend our stock to our stall-bound shops, if to be contacted we also extend our services in bulk. Be it a hundred armour sets delivered to the gates of your keep. Or as we do in Hanseti-Ruska, supply their military with a constant stock of ferrum armour and weaponry -- ranged weapons included. Our integrity and veracity ensures we are their main suppliers of the BSK. EAT SOME MEAT AND JOIN THE ELITE Do not confuse this name for something of the peculiar sort. We only intend to rid of this bread plague-- do you remember in times of old, when one would wake up to a hearty breakfast and not the three-for-one piece of bread. Bread for breakfast, bread for dinner, bread for supper. Why? The cattle farmers have grown stagnant, in their place; Mareno. We are now selling meat across all of our stores for the ridiculously cheap price of 0.3 mina per piece. Meat sustains you longer, and now competing at the same price as most bread merchants, it is certainly bargain for your mina. Drop that foul tasteless bread and eat some meat. Where are we? The City of Karosgrad -- The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. The Principality of Savoy - Corazon The Shipwreck Keep -- Roadside to Elysium Contact Us Bird Jace Mareno or Andronikos Mareno || dannyERP & the60th Leave a letter in our P.O Box at our Main Office in the Sea Maiden store located in Karosgrad, Hanseti-Ruska. Discord: danny 💸#2021 & The60th#5206 Alternatively, inbox me on forums.
  3. The Loving Maiden Orphanage Are you a child with no place to call home? Are you a lady of the night with a child that’s making it difficult for you to work? Are you a nobleman with a bastard you fathered with a cousin? If so come over to the Loving Maiden orphanage where all unwanted and unloved children are welcome to play and be free with other terrible mistakes and accidents! Located in Al'Wahkrah, along the path to the right of the stairs in the city square, housed in the old Mages Guild house, we house any and all children, feed them, provide them with a roof over their heads, for now we only take on children and do not accept adoptions for the time being of course. If you wish to be free of your heavy burden of a mistake, or have already been discarded of and wish to stay, simply come by or send a bird to one of the co-owners, Reginald and some unimportant employees. We have an array of caring and loving adults that look after the children and act almost like mothers and fathers to them, we are self sufficient, though donations are welcome. Disclaimer: The Lusty Maiden Orphanage is not responsible for any wrongdoings or laws broken by children currently staying under our roof. OOC: Application, simple enough it's just so we know who you are and maybe why you're interested in staying at the orphanage. IGN: RP Name: Age: Short Bio: Why you're inteterested: Skype (PM if you want): (( P.S, not gonna be a normal orphanage, if you pretty much want to be a normal orphan at a loving orphanage this most likely isn’t for you, but if you like interesting and fun rp feel free to come by, or make a post on this page, anything more and it’ll ruin the surprise. ))
  4. CapCo™ Make Oren Great Again I regret to inform the public that due to an attempted hostile takeover, Jacob Goldstein, our former President, has been removed from the board, and CapCo stocks remain, for the time being, private. - Arny Rover, CEO
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