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  1. The Black Prince all so stoic to all, say within the confines of his study. Filled with the papers and reports. His son by his side, teaching him the ways of governance. As he came upon the news, he ushered his son away, with a simple flick of his balled fist. His tired countenance simply fell to a single letter, he read it, cherishing the very words that were written upon it, many memories came flooding back to the Prince. Shorty after, his rage became apparent and the servants and courtiers of his court would only hear the screams of rage from the Prince that they were all so used to- though this time it was not anger, merely pain.
  2. The Black Prince signs the document
  3. The Prince of Rubern simply laughed. “About time the toe sucker laid dead, disgusting man.”
  4. The Black Prince laughs at this stupid comment
  5. Vladrick, The Prince of Rubern wonders why he is not invited.
  6. [!] Splayed across the old warpaths torn by the Pertanaxi do you find such missives. One might approach, perhaps assuming it to be a recruitment poster for mercenaries - though the missive would elaborate on opportunity abound in the Heartlands. Your character would read as follows… [!] Our Prince and his Province: Rubern “Hark hither travellers and settlers of the Crossroads alike, for the Riders of Rubern and the merchants they provide security to now do see fit to make apparent their pre-eminence upon these routes. Beyond the mundane city life and the simple rural gatherings men and women have flocked here, be they the Reiters of Old, the farfolk of Ba’as, or neighboring Heartlanders and Highlanders seeking opportunities based on merit, not blood. Adept are we at our crafts and cruder arts, but unto you provide an invitation to learn them - or make fair coin supplementing our efforts with your own. His Highness Vladrick Barbanov- Alimar welcomes you to his city, should you be bold enough to live free.” The arrival and celebration of the Black Prince of the Rubern Province with his retinue of Black Reiters and companionship of Rhenyar noblemen. c. 1725 SOCIAL STRUCTURE OF RUBERN Sporting some titles like the feudal systems humanity clings to, the history of the people and lands of Rubern make frivolous any that are not earned; freedom and liberty are the core values of our society, and thus, it is only those we would seek in freedom to lead that do so. Without question though, that history shows elective systems are not meant for ultimate authority, but rather the task maintaining and enhancing our lives - one ought to only look to the ill fated Vessian Republic, Salvus, the Reformed Kingdom of Oren aneath Andrik, or any other that left such things to chance. As such, we look not to a King or Emperor, but a Prince, His Highness, Prince Vladrick Hieromar Barbanov-Alimar, Black Prince of Rubern whose powers are as follows: - Formation of Provincial Privy and designation of their duties - Designation of heir and of all titles recognized Provincially - Full authority to conduct, or what qualifies as recognized diplomacy for the Province - Selection of those eligible to lease the warriors who fight for Rubern internationally - Granting of land within the demesne of the Principality Beyond he though are those who form the technocratic leadership of the lands and preside over the more fine matters of administration and improvement of the Realm, being as follows: THE PRIVY COUNCIL OF THE PRINCE OF RUBERN High Chancellor - Lord Simon Basrid Lord Treasurer - Lord Caspian Basrid Lord Commander - Brutus Morr THE PROVINCIAL DUMA, STATE ASSEMBLY Prince Vladrick Hieromar, Prince of Rubern Simon Basrid, High Chancellor of Rubern Caspian Basrid, Lord Treasurer Brutus Morr, Lord Commander Cassian Turo, Maer Bailiff Commissioner of Justice - Vacant Bishop of Rubern - Vacant Tourniemaster - Vacant The duties of the Privy Council lie with the attention of giving counsel to His Highness, the Prince of Rubern on foreign affairs of state. Meanwhile the Provincial Duma is assembled for the attention of domestic affairs, preeminently the legislation of the Province. Decrees of the Duma are adopted by a majority of the total Duma advisers, after which the approved decree is issued in the form of a Provincial Charter to be ratified by the Prince of Rubern. These fair folk are chosen among our citizenry - those among the freemen of our realm who have proven themselves not just a reliable settler, but a productive one. Though many lands freely grant Knighthood and dole titles, it is we who will recognize the efforts of our folks and consider them most esteemed when they are citizens. Beyond this, it is within their lifetime that they are expected to achieve anything greater. Below them are the freemen - the commoners who populate the realm, but have not shown a commitment to anything but their own liberty. These folk are not scorned, but celebrated - both as they who may wish to lead a peaceful life of simple pleasures, or foreigners who seek partnership in endeavors to better their lives. Whatever the case may be, it is we who would ask a man who it is his sword is sworn to in a matter of debate, but who is just. Should any freeman of the Province find themselves ready to devote themselves to the greater good of the Province, such a man or woman may put themselves forward for a position on the Provincial Duma. Additionally, Aldersmen will be chosen among the freefolk of Rubern through a raffle held at the Townhall. The Aldersmen shall represent the fair folk of Rubern by voting on elections of the Duma Assemblies for a term of four years, but will not hold any distinguished advisory role in the Duma unless elected to such. MILITARY OF RUBERN To ensure the integrity of Provincial lands and the safety of her people, an organized military has been raised. Initially the forces of Rubern were formed of Black Reiter Mercenaries, bound to the service of the Prince of Rubern in return for their refuge in his lands. 1ST RUBERN SPEAR REGIMENT The Provincial spears are the footsloggers of the Prince’s levy. Who perform the grunt work on military campaigns. In times of peace the regiment is usually filled with volunteers and enlisted men who are green when it comes to the horrors of war. However in the most dire of circumstances the able-bodied citizens of Rubern may be conscripted to fill the ranks where necessary. Soldiers of the Black Reiters may sometimes be sent to the infantry regiment if they fall short of their duties of professional soldiery, as a form of punishment. COMPANY OF THE BLACK REITERS Sellswords who have sworn an oath of loyalty to the black prince of Rubern. Their main role within the Provincial army is to serve as a form of shock cavalry, often equipped with heavy armor, long lances, and only the strongest of warhorses. A small contingent however serves as a light cavalry using bows to harass the enemy from afar. Only the professional and seasoned warriors fill the ranks of Rubern’s elite. Prince Vladrick Hieromar Barbanov-Alimar The Black Prince of Rubern
  7. Uhtred Vallberg nods from the seven skies, wishing the young d’Amaury luck.
  8. Name: Vladrick! IGN:Khan__ Age: 19 Position of interest: Cook!
  9. Prince Vladrick signs the document
  10. MongolKhan

    The Response

    Been involved with Trende and his conflict rp. It’s good simply. If this mandem is getting this vb, then what about the shitty banditry ive seen before, dumb **** sort it out
  11. MongolKhan

    The Response

    Been involved with Trende and his conflict rp. It’s good simply. If this mandem is getting this vb, then what about the shitty banditry ive seen before, dumb **** sort it out
  12. Vladrick, the mad prince of the Muldav stood by his older sisters side. A harsh smile resting upon his lips. “Deserved.” He stated harshly- with little care left within his tone. “A **** mother and a **** person, may she live in darkness.” He stated with little care for those around him.
  13. MongolKhan

    To Fireheart

    Another day another whine
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