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  1. MongolKhan


    (RP&MC) Name: Ewan Darius (KhanKhanKhanKhan) Age: 23 Heritage: House Vallberg Events: The Joust and Duel
  2. MongolKhan

    [Denied]Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    My guy wagwan best gm +1
  3. MongolKhan

    Culling the unnatural.

    An aged and grizzled Reiter of old, looked over the writings with some interest. Nodding as he rode off to find the creator of the source, and offer his services.
  4. ill back flip off a mountain if he doesnt get it
  5. MongolKhan

    TJB_Minecraft's Wiki Team Application

    Not really the ideals of a staff, calling us idiots. You do not know who I am. Do not assume I'm idiot. This just proves my point.
  6. MongolKhan

    TJB_Minecraft's Wiki Team Application

    Doesn't make a difference, what stops you taking a post from another forum, and placing that onto the wiki?
  7. MongolKhan

    TJB_Minecraft's Wiki Team Application

    Doesn't make a difference, what's to stop you doing the same from another person's content?
  8. MongolKhan

    TJB_Minecraft's Wiki Team Application

    -1 Known to plagiarise the work of others.
  9. MongolKhan

    [Accepted] [Trial]Knox213 gm app

    In this world there are two men that I have a love for, one is my dog, the other is papa knox, the man is a glorious example of a homo-sapiens, going to the uneducated land of Nepal, I feel Knox has come back with a new lease of life, his god like physique would be perfect for the gm team. I know for a fact that this man will provide a new life for the gm team, much like he did for them innocent souls in Nepal. The Monks of Nepal have made him one of their own, bringing in new knowledge he can use for LOTC. If anyone is ready it be he.
  10. Application(Copy and Paste format, then post in reply.) IGN: Crusader__ RP Name: Mongke Khan Race: Azghari Reason Why Player wants to join guild. (1-4 sentences): Has big sword
  11. MongolKhan

    [Accepted] [Trial]Stigwig's GM App Mk 2

    Stig and I have conflicted in the past, numerous times, back two years ago. He was toxic, however he has matured a huge amount and as I've got to know him he's become a strong comrade. He's been nothing but helpful and kind. He is stern, but fair. Something that is needed on the lacking GM team. He also shows a good grasp of the rules and knows when not to break them. All in all, from all the GM apps this man deserves it, and besides. There is a need for a EU Gm.
  12. MongolKhan

    Methylmorphine's Builder Application

    Top m8 give him builder or face death