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  1. The first Prince of Rubern, from his abode in the seven sky wonders how some baseless descendant of the wrong side of the family takes a whole of his titles. Much like his daughter before him, his son, the same. All he says is: "Can't people let things ******* die, for **** sake." The Black Prince then returned to his rest, shaken by such a stupid act as bringing his principality back.
  2. The Black Prince reads upon this from the Seven skies. Nodding some as he grasped his popcorn, ready to watch from above one more. “Adrian was still a coward- always was and always will be. Fat *****.” Is all the prince would say to his rebellious son.
  3. Dimitri Stiboricz, Uncle to the late King of Haense, brother of the late Queen mother, first born son of Kazimar lazar Alimar smiled for his good friend as he sat within his halls. Ready to show his support when the time came.
  4. An old aged Reiter in the seven-skies smiles, remembering his combat with five elves alone.
  5. The Black Prince rose a brow slowly questioning.
  6. @Eddywilson2 always had respect for u man, glad u finally c the problem
  7. Vladrick would merely chuckle upon hearing on the documents. His sister providing him with further entertainment upon his travels
  8. Always a good lad my man, sending you the same in return, if you need anything, just let me know
  9. Dear Uncle, I thought it time I respond to your false decrees and petty usurpation of my dear brothers titles. Kazimar was a fine breed, especially his dear children, Karina, Maya, Dimitri. You act as though you’re all so noble, a man bound by honour? But would a man of honour be so gracious to sin against GOD and his wife? I do recall you committing adultery with a certain woman of nobility within the Principality of Haense. I see that you’re all so noble to usurp the titles from your dear nephew, Kazimar and his line of pure blood? A spit at his line do I say. A Nobl
  10. The Black Prince would raise a brow at his apparent Staunton Twin! @MadOne
  11. “Ser” John of Nowhere I write this letter with a simple fact in mind- to out you for who you truly are. You are by all means a sinner, a craven and most of all a snake. A weak willed man is all you are. Your words hold little weight. You write of how you seek vengeance but you lack any skills with blade nor with Marshal-ship. Hold your little tongue John, for you only embarrass yourself for your “dear” Ester. All should know of how the ***** Ester and yourself committed vile acts of adultery attest to whom the person you are. I remember you once came to me, in Rubern n
  12. The Black Prince. The former Husband of Ester sat within the confines of his wooded camp. A small smile rose upon his face as he heard of the news. His scarred countenance lacked little emotion usually but this motion had simply given him some form of happiness. He prepared to write a letter, ready to send to his children and most of all, the concubine he so dearly wished to end.
  13. Vladrick simply shook his head, being by the side of his son now. He patted his shoulder, gripping it. “She is no daughter of mine nor is she your sister. Disown her my boy, for she is of her ***** mothers kith.” The Black Prince would state harshly, ready to add another to his list.
  14. Vladrick, the Black Prince would simply smile. Knowing that the infidelity of his wife had not be known. Nor the stabbings that has occurred from her own actions. He knew now where his allegiances lay. He mounted his horse. Riding back toward Rubern, to be by his sons side, ready to go to war.
  15. The black prince would simply smile.
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