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  1. The Black Prince reads upon this from the Seven skies. Nodding some as he grasped his popcorn, ready to watch from above one more. “Adrian was still a coward- always was and always will be. Fat *****.” Is all the prince would say to his rebellious son.
  2. An aged and scarred man watched over the passing from the seven skies. He offered a bow of silence as he drank his carrion with his kith, the man of yore upon hearing the news remained silent for a moment, before raising his hand in toast respectfully to the man he once knew, though they parted as enemies. He had always respected the man for his good heart and the friendship he had once provided an older Vladrick. “To you, good Sir Konrad, I raise a toast, for your life was one of fortune. You have my thanks for all you taught me and the friendship we once had. You gave me nothing but loyalty and respect when many others did not. For that. I will always remember you. Be safe and rest peacefully now, good man. For your time to rest has begun.” He would state to his family. He returned to his seat next to Marius, offering the young boy a gentle pat upon the shoulder as they now went back to their rest.
  3. Dimitri Stiboricz, Uncle to the late King of Haense, brother of the late Queen mother, first born son of Kazimar lazar Alimar smiled for his good friend as he sat within his halls. Ready to show his support when the time came.
  4. An old aged Reiter in the seven-skies smiles, remembering his combat with five elves alone.
  5. “Then continue to claim your petty little title. It merely shows your hunger for titles that not longer exist,Return to the hole from whence you came. You’re irrelevant now.” The Stibor would state.
  6. Under the current governance of Rubern. “Your titular claim from Rubern is invalid, as it has been for some years. We are no longer associated with yourself or Morsgrad.” Pens a tired Dimitri Stibor.
  7. The Black Prince rose a brow slowly questioning.
  8. @Eddywilson2 always had respect for u man, glad u finally c the problem
  9. Vladrick would merely chuckle upon hearing on the documents. His sister providing him with further entertainment upon his travels
  10. Always a good lad my man, sending you the same in return, if you need anything, just let me know
  11. Dear Uncle, I thought it time I respond to your false decrees and petty usurpation of my dear brothers titles. Kazimar was a fine breed, especially his dear children, Karina, Maya, Dimitri. You act as though you’re all so noble, a man bound by honour? But would a man of honour be so gracious to sin against GOD and his wife? I do recall you committing adultery with a certain woman of nobility within the Principality of Haense. I see that you’re all so noble to usurp the titles from your dear nephew, Kazimar and his line of pure blood? A spit at his line do I say. A Noble man you truly are. Perhaps I should speak on the topic of your own children, catching you in the act upon a table? The poor boys were scarred at such a horrific act, in your own nephews home? Not even your own. Disgusting. Your poor ignorant wife, unsure of the adultery that you committed… It seems I come from the breed of Barbov that would rather commit such sins, then act honorably. If you wish to prove yourself honorable *****, let us meet on neutral ground, so that we may fight like the days of old, or are you? Like Ser John the Concubine, scared to face me in battle? The fearsome Lord Marshall of Haense. I offer you this, prove yourself, fight me, in single combat. We shall test how a whoremongering usurper fights. If not, it is true what they say about you. Perhaps you have **** and no cock. I await your response with mere happiness. If we do not fight in single combat Uncle, then I shall wait for you upon the field of battle, so that I may drive my lance through your other eye dear craven. Regards Your beloved Nephew.
  12. The Black Prince would raise a brow at his apparent Staunton Twin! @MadOne
  13. A fallen Prince smiles from his travels: “It seems like the Young King is making the correct decisions.” He would state with some enthusiasm.
  14. The Black Prince offered a simple bow of his head, he said a few prayers for his perhaps closest friend, though in their later age they had grown apart, had become foes. Vladrick still held love for the man he called a brother. He mounted once more, riding on.
  15. “Ser” John of Nowhere I write this letter with a simple fact in mind- to out you for who you truly are. You are by all means a sinner, a craven and most of all a snake. A weak willed man is all you are. Your words hold little weight. You write of how you seek vengeance but you lack any skills with blade nor with Marshal-ship. Hold your little tongue John, for you only embarrass yourself for your “dear” Ester. All should know of how the ***** Ester and yourself committed vile acts of adultery attest to whom the person you are. I remember you once came to me, in Rubern nonetheless, all so scared of the actions your former wife- scared she would commit such a sin, but t’was you who would do such. You’re a vile man, with little weight to his name. You’re a snake among the grass and for that- you will die a bloody death Ser John the concubine. You speak of my children with Ester and how the Duke will not protect them. Godric is a dear friend of mine, I trust his word, his word holds more weight, then your petty tongue. Keep my children from your sinful tongue you vile creature. You wish for vengeance, I offer you this, you and I shall meet on neutral turf, away from the comrades I’ve developed, away from the vile people you call friends. We shall meet, weapon in hand and we shall fight to the death, man on man like the ways of old. I offer you this, though I hold little hope that a concubine such as yourself would truly accept such an act, for you stand at the back of your armies while my son and his Grace fight at the front. Either way, if you do not accept- John the Concubine. Then I shall meet you on the field of battle and I will be sure to find you. So that I may take your body and put it upon a pike, where it belongs. Rickard I Heinrick
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