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  1. He is no longer ST, and that was probably before the recent nullification of all those rulings. Was a regular LT to, not a LM.
  2. The "voidstalkers are unable to use alchemy because I said so" ruling was made by an st whose rulings have all been nullified recently. I.E. this is not an existing rule. Both on a lore and mechanical standpoint if it did apply it would apply to several other magics, such as high tier druids. If this is a change we do want to make though, I would request potions only being blocked in combative situations due to the annoyance of voidstalkers being unable to use flavorful alchemy themselves.
  3. People forget that anything that takes 2 emotes to do is nearly impossible to interrupt.
  4. I've always figured the metal isn't cold or affecting body temperature, it's just the negative influence of the weapon which happens to feel like being cold. If ST wants to invent a new reasoning that would be fine as well though.
  5. Original Effects Section Changed Effects ---------------------------------------------------------- Original Redline Changed Redline ---------------------------------------------------------- OOC Purpose I am fairly certain this is a change that was/should have been made at another point, but obviously undead of any kind should not be able to just fully remove on of their primary weaknesses. They can still use shields and weapons, just not armor.
  6. Rokodra armor cannot be worn by anything other than naztherak and inferi. Demons are also fully capable of wearing non-rokodra armor if they want. (I.e. it being treated as natural armor makes next to zero sense, it's basically just fire immune iron.) Edit: This was supposed to be a change that happened but it seems there are still artifacts of it in the lore. I'll probably post an ammendment to fix it soon.
  7. The current translocation distances where made with arcane focuses in mind. The listed ones are so enchantments are less effective (perhaps slightly buff some of the ranges if you are cutting half the range of every spell out.) Also why all translocation spells if its just minor teleport and brisk step that are the issue?
  8. Remove the following redline from Father's Warden within Druidic Transcendence. Add the following redlines to Father's Warden within Druidic Transcendence. OOC Purpose Wardens where originally intended to be an aesthetic variation on basic animal companions for advanced druids. Its capabilities fall completely in line with that of a mild independent companion, being the size of a wolf or smaller with no additional abilities to their name. The main reason for this nerf during the pending status of the lore was their "communion control," which while present in other, stronger independent summons as now been clarified to be no more complex than verbal commands. The inclusion of entlings in the redlines is not additional power creep, as entlings and wardens can currently be summoned together with the same restrictions listed in the redline. I would personally be in favor of making entlings themselves dependent companions due to their wooden bodies, orc strength, and ability to use weapons, but this is beyond the intention of this specific amendment. ST could also restrict druids to one or the other if they do not want both out at once. The third redline is just being removed for clutter, as it is redundant and not included in other similar lore.
  9. Mara squints as she looks over the missive, the magi letting out a huff. "He is gay and he killed Lanre? My, my... he should be given an award!" Mara states to the hallucination of a bear, lowering the note as she stares back at the cobblestone wall inches from her face.
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