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Renew the City - Aleksandr Ruthern


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Aleksandr Ruthern enjoying a cold one in the Old Stout Crow Bar, 391 E.S.



Aleksandr Ruthern, born in Karosgrad in 353 ES, is the eldest son of former Knight-Paramount Alric ‘the Cavalier’. He joined the HRA as a cadet when he was twelve and has served in the HRA and its successor the BSK. He is a veteran of the Rimeveld Troll Conflict, the Nachezer Eastern Threat, The Sutican Civil War, and still serves as the Haeseni-Haelun’orian War continues.

He has served as an outspoken Alderman for four sessions on the Royal Duma since 367 ES and has been appointed Royal Inquisitor and Lord Handler in that time with notable, successful votes of no confidence being initiated against stagnant Aulic Council members in that time. Aleksandr has also presented and co-authored seven Bills and Advisory Acts with six passing. The most notable of these being the Bail Bond Act of 387 ES and the Law and Order Bill of 374 ES which established a more fleshed out and efficient processing procedure for those summoned to court and fixing the loopholes abused by criminals. These policies stemmed from Aleksandr’s long basis in the law, serving as a Royal Jurist on the behalf of the Crown since 369 ES and having worked on such cases as Krawn z. Justine and serving as co-counsel on Baruch et. al v. Surgeon General. 


Aleksandr Ruthern has tried his best to keep those in power accountable but at its root this comes from a sense of wanting the best for the people of Karosgrad and to a greater extent the whole of Hanseti-Ruska. Furthermore as Grand Maer he would seek to further this agenda by promoting the revitalisation of old Haeseni customs, art and events that has been sorely lacking in recent years such as:


  • More public events such as the Barovifest, melees, snail races, ceremonies, and other shows of skill pertaining to those of a scholarly, theocratic, artistic and militaristic nature as well as establishing new, hopefully future traditions for this fine City and Kingdom.
  • Make an effort to be a more public Grand Maer by giving a Saint’s weekly speech on the state and happenings of the City as well as a question time afterwards to hear the opinions of the people.
  • Bring in more scholars and artisans into the City to teach and expand the knowledge and talents of Karosgrad’s inhabitants either through public shows or lectures.
  • Reinvigorate the economy alongside the High Seneschal and Royal Treasurer by promoting guild work within the city and personally bringing merchants and vendors of a reputable nature to offer their services on a wider scale once more.
  • Work alongside the clergy and the newest Patriarch to promote the hosting of masses, confession and other holy ceremonies within the city to once more find our nation’s overwhelming piety and to inform the young of the church’s importance.
  • To push for more Bills of Action such as those pertaining to infrastructure and changes to the City’s layout and function to better serve the Haeseni people as well as to put them into effect more quickly and properly.


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