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  1. the only post that matters
  2. A bright smile adorned Winifred’s lips as she read over the notice “Oh at last!” She exclaimed softly, as she cradled her children in her arms “They are finally getting wed.”
  3. Winifred grasps the paper in her hands with ease as her eyes read it over, a bright smile adorning her features as she awaits for what’s to come.
  4. "Aye- heard she was found down by the river. Dead" Winifred couldn't help but overhear the nearby chatter between two strangers, whereas she stood nearby, humming over the delectables on the stall before her. She would try her best to ignore it, like any polite woman would, but she just couldn't help but cock her head slightly to her left. Her eyes glued to the stall despite her disapproving nosy-ness "Oh my! Poor Karina. May her highness rest easy.” The unacquainted individual would let out in a pitying tone. Now Winifred would turn her gaze towards the men, but only at the mention of her dearest friend, anxiety beginning to eat her from the inside out. Was Karina alright? Surely she wasn't the dead woman, she couldn't be.. "Aye, poor lass. Passion killin' so I heard, supposedly pregnant aswell, twins...may their souls rest peacefully” was all she heard before clamping a shaky hand over her mouth with wide eyes, dashing out of the square like the devil was on her tail. Once home, she would drop her basket aside the door- it toppling over and spilling it's contents across the floor, though unnoticed by the brunette as she retreated upstairs to her room. Once finally hidden away behind the closed door of her chambers, locked for extra measure, the tears which had been begging to to be released rushed down her cheeks at a high speed. She inhaled and exhaled deeply, thought it was becoming harder and harder to get in any normal breaths as she begun to hyperventilate. Winnie continued to pace about the room as her face turned a violent shade of crimson from working herself up. Until- she’d just, stop. She moved to stand in front of the window. She did nothing except stare, staring out into the cold and bitter snowy island of Artois. Winifred felt distant from herself, lost in a dark torment of confusion and sorrow, before suddenly she would snap out of it. Or much so, snap at her window, an angry fist flying to the cold glass before her- resulting in a star like crack and ruby red blood. She would let out a gasp, relief at being able to think once more, much due to the splitting pain in her knuckles. Sinking to her knees, she would continue to cry for the love she had lost. She looked as if she were a small child, sobbing pitifully for her lollipop which had been taken away. Though the reality was much more sorrowful. One of the few people she had grown to love, someone who she had considered a sister as her family was never quite whole- stolen away like a mere candle flame being blown out. The scene stayed as such for what felt like an eternity. The small- brown headed woman, slumped over carelessly onto her bed. Glass shards and blood strewn about the mattress. Her cries echoing throughout the empty house as she saw the light dim from the world, leaving nothing but darkness in its place.
  5. Name:Elise Halcourt Sex:female Race:human Age:36 Preferred Position: Assistant Undersecretary of State for Education Relevant Experience: homeschooled a few children, was apart of Curon’s city council, and regent of a barony ((MC Username: )) epiphvny ((Discord Username: )) feeb#5523
  6. lalosia


    Like most other Heartlanders, Diana is most of the time, very reckless. But this doesn’t stop her from always being optimistic. She loves staying on the bright side of life, living it up to its fullest potential. On the other hand, it’s very difficult for her to ever say “no.” Don’t get me wrong, Diana loves to help others, but sometimes it can get tiring running around all day! In spite of this, she can never seem to fall asleep, leaving her up in the early hours of the morning. (backstory) Diana was born and raised in the Kingdom of Curonia. She grew up in a loving home with her father, mother, and brother. In her younger years, she would run around the city with her brother all the time, running errands for their mother. Her brother was three years older then her, but when he turned 16, he ran away without a trace. This really put a damper on her home life, so she poured all her time into learning new things. Consequently, she picked up painting really well. Now that she’s an adult, she’s exploring the world with her friends.
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