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    I love you, most ardently. Please do me the honor of accepting my hand.

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  1. IGN: lalosia DISCORD: lalosia#5523 ------ NAME: Marlene V. Ruthern AGE:15 CHOSEN BACHELOR'S DEGREE:Science CHOSEN MAJOR/S:Medicine + herbology/botany ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: 3 Kongstriet DO YOU REQUIRE A DORMITORY TO LIVE ON CAMPUS?: yes DO YOU REQUIRE A SCHOLARSHIP? no
  2. The bride-to-be held their freshly pressed invitation between her fingers, rereading the heading over and over again, a small smile slowly making its way onto her lips.
  3. Mary Vespira grasped the invitation tightly in her fingers, a sad sort of smile spreading across her lips as she reread the heading, “Dear me, my sister to be wed already, how time flies . . .”
  4. Mary Vespira’s lips curled up by the corners, showing a look full of evident mirth. She’d prance through the halls of the Dubois manor, making her way into a small sitting room as she eyed a ginger man, going to stick the invitation into the direct eye-line of one George Dubois, “It is official! Our precious Nenica… to be wed!”
  5. the only post that matters
  6. Winifred grasps the paper in her hands with ease as her eyes read it over, a bright smile adorning her features as she awaits for what’s to come.
  7. Name:Elise Halcourt Sex:female Race:human Age:36 Preferred Position: Assistant Undersecretary of State for Education Relevant Experience: homeschooled a few children, was apart of Curon’s city council, and regent of a barony ((MC Username: )) epiphvny ((Discord Username: )) feeb#5523
  8. lalosia


    Like most other Heartlanders, Diana is most of the time, very reckless. But this doesn’t stop her from always being optimistic. She loves staying on the bright side of life, living it up to its fullest potential. On the other hand, it’s very difficult for her to ever say “no.” Don’t get me wrong, Diana loves to help others, but sometimes it can get tiring running around all day! In spite of this, she can never seem to fall asleep, leaving her up in the early hours of the morning. (backstory) Diana was born and raised in the Kingdom of Curonia. She grew up in a loving home with
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