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  1. I don't think removing modifiers as a whole for this piece would the best thing to do but I do agree that it should be altered to support RP. Liturgies may have not been the best modifier, simply from the idea that they replenish after use therefore diminishing their cost. I think what might be more beneficial is to keep the idea of using soul fragments for modifiers (since they're much more difficult to obtain) and then make it so that some of the Rites/Abilities require you to weave liturgies of ectoplasm into the genus you offer up. I definitely agree that this would be neater if more the abilities were able to be used by Blood Mages with aid of a Mystic, and honestly, I should've written them to be more widely accessible - however, I am also still inclined to keep certain abilities remain only usable if one has both magics (Similar to the way some of the abilities are in Druidic BM, requiring you to be a druid with blood magic rather than just needing blood mages with a druid helping). Rite of the Puppeteer, Rite of Scouring, and Ensorcell Ethereality are the abilities that would be best changed to being a Blood Mage + help from Mystic, the rest I believe are best kept to a Blood Mage-Mystic.
  2. Elysian Blood Magic The banks of life, a union of the soul and genus— components which fuel and spark the lives of descendants. To know both is to understand the figments of life and death. To manipulate both is to blur the lines of mortality with ethereality. When one is so close to the beating of a pumping heart and the stillness of the afterlife, they find a middle ground. They find a spring unlike any other, hidden by the worlds, beckoning them to not only tread the veil but rather find home and peace within it. This font of the world truly may only be accessed by those who possess both understandings. The abilities privy to these individuals may be taught and shown but until one has languished in the essence of soul and blood, they will not be able to utilize any of these teachings by themselves. This is to say that all abilities and rituals require a Mystic to use and lead them Modifiers: Mystics can imbue their ectoplasm with their genus, weaving the two together. This entanglement of the two can be offered up for an addition to their rolls. For one liturgy of ectoplasm offered to the ritual, there is a +1 to the roll given. Any offered soul fragments shall give a +1 to the roll. [Cursed Blood] “Bound to my body, a curse unto my own.” T3 Blood Mage and T3 Mysticism, Mystic must know hexing. (Non-Combative) Through a form hexing, Elysian Blood mages may temporarily hex their own genus and serve as a living curse. [Intertwinement] “Till death do us part.” T2 Blood Mage and T1 Mysticism (Non-Combative) Understanding the nuances of not only blood but soul, an occultist may craft a ritual in which they may intertwine their very soul and genus with others to create a connection beyond this plane. [Ensorcell Ethereality] “Even in this form, the world will change you.” T2 Blood Mage and T3 Mysticism - Must have undergone amputation. (Non-Combative) With the strength of a ghostly arm, runes can be inscribed on not just flesh and the ordinary object but to a wandering soul as well. [Ephemeral Vision] “In this realm, you are alone. Revel or languish in it.” T5 Blood Mage, T4 Mysticism (Combative) Through prolonged connection to someone’s circulation, Elysian blood mages may tap into someone’s very soul and silence it. [Rite of the Puppeteer] “Without a touch, they shall be terrorized.” T4 Blood Mage, T4 Mysticism (Non-Combative) With the aid of one’s genus and soul essence, an effigy can be crafted to exert an ephemeral influence. [Rite of Scouring] “Chained by blood and sentenced to the wastes.” T5 Blood Mage and T4 Mysticism (Mystic must know Unbound Fates, Banishment, and Scrubbing) (Combative) A dangerous ritual in which Blood Mages create a circle near an Apparition to purge it. Citations: Mysticism Blood Magic Credits: dev_clark (Writing) Unbaed (Consultation and ideation) christmanism (Consultation and feedback) Special thanks to: Zarsies, for letting me use the Blood Magic rolling system.
  3. Minecraft IGN: SoftNina Discord Username: kiki (bian)#7398 Link to example(s) of past work:
  4. dev_clark


    Niski was born on the coasts of Aegrothond under the Zalar family. Unlike many Dark Elf families, the Zalar family took up farming and gathering as their main priority. Being a well to do family, the elders encouraged Niski to be very hard-working from a young age. Niski was the second youngest out of four children, though Niski was the only male out of the four. All members of the family stayed within the farming life and were influenced to stay that way. Niski parents had a plan for him to take over their business, and had him often travel with his father to the inner city in order to trade and sell their goods. Without knowing, his parents placed by far the biggest burden on him. They would constantly shut down his wishes to take up a different profession. His parents forbade him from venturing too far outside their lands without an elder or his father. Niski, through the years, was becoming more and more angrier about the life he was living. The little joys he found in those early years were his sisters and going to trade in the city. Niski at the age of eighteen decided to test his limits and ventured out for several days with no supervision. Upon returning his parents were enraged and scolded him by guilt-tripping him. His father, the angriest of the family had become physical with Niski and during this had attacked his own son. Niski suffered some injuries but the worst was a blow to his neck causing him to lose the ability to speak (The healers said it was damage to his larynx). Although being unable to fully speak, Niski could still make certain sounds but with pain. The abuse was the last straw for the elf, the following days after that he spent planning where he would go as there was no staying in that wretched home anymore. He took as little as he could as to not weigh him down. Taking his youngest sister’s ring he fled his ‘home’ and took up the life of nomad, never staying in one place too long. Through his travels, Niski acquired an upper piercing on his brow to signify his freedom from his family. Even if it wasn’t the best of life, Niski kept to himself, not allowing himself to become close to any people he encountered. Another reason for his reclusive lifestyle was due to the embarrassment over his impediment. The times he did need to converse with someone he would use parchment to relay what he wanted to say. In this time, Niski made his earnings through selling rare trinkets he would find, such a job only earned him enough to eat. Now at the age of twenty-two Niski spends his time lurking the streets of Adria, doing odd jobs here and there.
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