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  1. Gallent

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    (I have a feeling some of these may work with the rp clause, but I just want to make sure they are converted if they aren’t. Though most of these items aren’t inherently unique, all of them have a special significance to the character, and can be changed to reflect as such if needed.) Username: Gallent_Bristle Screenshot of item: https://imgur.com/2onTW1C How you got it: Given to Belmir upon being accepted into the Oakenarrow family. An item he does not use lightly. Username: Gallent_Bristle Screenshot of item: https://imgur.com/Zj0vvh9 How you got it: A scale from the wyvern that attacked Fenn, taken by Belmir as a souvenir. Username: Gallent_Bristle Screenshot of item: https://imgur.com/zNE6dm8 How you got it: A tooth from the wyvern that attacked Fenn, given to Belmir by Aerilith as a prize from his first real hunt. An item Belmir treasures. Username: Gallent_Bristle Screenshot of item: https://imgur.com/osONMtU How you got it: Obtained by Belmir at the final battle against the September Prince. Username: Gallent_Bristle Screenshot of item: https://imgur.com/7gTcyEy How you got it: Taken from a parrot that attacked Curon. First event Belmir took place in and the first large creature he helped kill. Serves as a reminder for what happened that day.
  2. Gallent


    "... and as the bard played his harp, the wind around them rose into a gale and the enemies arrows all suddenly missed their marks. With this final display, the enemies finally retreated, and the villagers were safe." So goes a part of one of the stories that Belmir's mother told him when he was young. As a child, Belmir always found himself amazed and engrossed by the tales she would tell of an ancient bard, or possibly a few of them, who would use their words and song to cast magic. Many times the bard would sing tales of the gods and aspects, but other times the magic was not from either of these. Every time she told one of these later versions, she'd always say "Do not tell anyone I tell you this story," and Belmir was not initially sure why. It wasn't until he started learning more about aspectism that he came to realize how the other Mali'ame viewed the 'arcane corruptions' of voidal magic. Despite this, even long after his mother had stopped telling the stories, he couldn't stop thinking about them, about how the bard had saved people. It was with these stories in mind that he finally decided he wanted to become a bard as well. Slowly he began to learn to play a few instruments, and once he was 25 he left his small village near Dominion and began to wander. Belmir decided that if the bards actions would probably be looked down upon in the village, he would find out more about them, their deeds, and possibly how they could even cast magic through singing and instruments.