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  1. Solomon looked forth towards the Barony of Selm, gripping the Lorraine cross that sat by his neck. “We did not speak much, but you were most kind. Undeserving of this wretched fate.”
  2. “Rife with incompetence? You clearly haven’t met me!” Da’ve proclaimed, sparring with his fellow Sillumiran.
  3. duping ((joke pls dont ban))
  4. “But why Sulraell.” Da’ve commented
  5. Solomon shares Lombardis sentiments:
  6. Da’ve whips out his glittery garbs, his shiny shoes and his shades, most certainly ready to Soirée
  7. Kudra’Lak emerges from the depths of the swamps, his spear gripped firmly in his hand. He’d look in the direction of Krugmar, to the smoke that rose from it. “Dey dare tu defi Laklul, agh fur dat, dey zhall pay wid their blood. PRAIZE LAKLUL.”
  8. IM STILL WAITING FOR THE 1V1!!! but for real, it was great knowing you and I wish you all the best in life. Had some fun times, and you’ve been great throughout. pce.
  9. Solomon looks up to the skies, closing his eyes before signing the Lorraine “May you finally find peace, you were a good man.”
  10. Nehtamo Seregon sheds a tear, welcoming his good llir to the Seven Skies with open arms.”Yet another to perish so soon. Too soon.”
  11. darn moderator...


  12. “Ding-dong the witch is dead. Finally.” The ‘aheral would utter from the skies, a look of satisfaction appearing upon his face.
  13. Da’ve, professor of combat, spins his sword widly “Woo!”
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