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  1. “Is this person a 3 year old?” Solomon inquired, promptly throwing it away.
  2. THE FESTIVAL OF ARJEN [!] On the 23rd of Malins’ Welcome, 1751, birds would be sent to all members of the AIS leadership, with missives being placed on notice boards within the cities To the citizenry of Pestilles, and our esteemed allies, REJOICE. The construction upon the County of Pestilles has finished. Golden wheat swaying joyfully in the breeze, and the cerulean waters flowing peacefully through our blessed town. To celebrate such an occasion, we invite the members of the Alliance to dine and feast with us, to share the produce of our bountiful harvest and to gather in unison. There will be food and drink provided for all, as well as a variety of games and dancing! If you would like to claim a stall, please notify the Count, Marshal Henri or High Treasurer Robert de Alence. The festival shall take place in 13 Saint’s days. Signed The Right Honourable, Solomon de Alence, Count of Pestilles DEUS MAGNUM DOMINUM: VENITE, ADOREMUS ((mika1278#0993, Ragnar Lothbrok#4797 or pkdon#3760 SUNDAY 26TH 3PM EST AT PESTILLES https://gyazo.com/72d3d0cfbb7cfd85796bf54a0ec7f7dd))
  3. County of Pestilles “Life is worth more than gold, but honor more than life.” Ruling Dynasty - de Alence “Titles are only to show political power, strength is within the people.” Origins “Descended from a family of peasants hailing from Aeldin, his parents were simple people, his father, Robert de Alence worked at the fields as a farmer, cultivating the rich soil with various crops and his mother, a baker. Daniel was born on the 8th of The Grand Harvest 1713, as the first-born son of the family.” “His father was his childhood’s main influence, teaching him how to live with what he has, as well as the art of maintaining and cultivating large farm fields. At age 11, when his family managed to raise enough money, they sent him to a school where he can learn about scholarship, diplomacy, writing and reading. Growing fond of the distant continent Arcas, he’d wish to eventually visit it.” “After finishing school, Daniel would find himself working as a servant amongst the nobility and gentry of Aeldin, serving them for a long while. Having raised a decent amount of money, he’d arrange a trip to Arcas. Thus, he sailed and start a new journey of enlightenment.” “Arriving at the shores of Arcas in 24th of Owyn’s Flame 1735, exhausted and completely broken, he decided to spend his days at the capital of Oren, Helena. Entering the city gates, he’d stumble upon a group of nobles chit-chatting matters regarding money and other luxuries. Although, he’d interrupt such conversation, which outside said nobles, ordering the local guardforce to beat Daniel severely and near-death, as a message that peasants do not deserve attention from their ‘overlords’. He’d begin banditting elves and orcs, in order to gather money to bring his sister Marina, in Arcas as well.” “Participating in the War of Ironwood, he’d be using a unique tactic, climbing on trees with his ally, Harper, killing wood elves and orcs in the name of GOD. After a while, he’d gain more devout followers who wished to pledge themselves in his cause, which ultimately led him to form a group known to everyone today as Templars, gaining reputation over the lands of Orenia. After a while, he decided to name the group Order of the Arjen Cross, after the treasure-hunter Arjen de Sarkozy, who retrieved the lost artifacts of Lucien I.” General Information House de Alence is greatly known for its devotion to God, dedicating all of their actions in His name. Every member of the House follows a religious code, which they always follow and act upon it. A member of House de Alence knows how to live with what he’s got, living a simple life. As well as following faithfully the vows of celibacy, straying away from the Sinful enjoyments of life. If such honours are broken, then the member of the House will be ostracised for his daring actions. Only the Patriarch of the House may wed a woman, in order to keep the purity of the bloodlines going. Known Members Solomon de Alence (pkdon) Daniel de Alence (MarkFoundGOD) Marina de Alence (Josey) Robert II de Alence (dmitris) Council of Arjen The council of Arjen is the government body that keeps the county of Pestilles stable, ensuring everything is in place. Chancellor - acts as the regent in the event that the Count is either busy or away from the county. They temporarily assume the counts duties however, when the Count is present the Chancellor serves primary as an important advisor whilst passively maintaining the integrity/strength of the county. Marshal - Responsible for calling rallies with the counts permission and managing training with officers for the military/guards. The Marshal oversees the promotion of officers and should always actively try to recruit to the military. High Steward - Responsible for administration of the county as well as giving advice regarding housing, other stewards and admin related work to the County to make sure that things such as taxes, fief payments from vassals and the like arrive in time. High Treasurer - Responsible for managing the treasury. This one is pretty simple however they must keep sufficient documents regarding trade, agreements and purchases for the County. The treasury is also responsible for working with the martial for soldier pay and working with the steward to store housing tax. It is a serious crime to dent the treasury for personal gain. That is why weekly reports are delivered to the Count on the size of the treasury. Minister of Foreign affairs - Responsible for dealing with allies and future allies as well as bringing deals that they have been informed about to the council to see if they are worth signing. Also responsible for maintaining relations with allies and friends of the County. Vassals The county has a vassal limit of 3, to make sure that nobility outside of the County can be catered to properly. Vassals at all times represent the county, unless completely off duty in their homes. Vassals need permission from liege to do important things, below is a list of examples. Vassal Expectations: Vassals are expected to maintain a level of strength (5 people to rally) in order to defend the County from threats. Vassals are expected to maintain a level of professionalism to represent to County, spreading a bad look could result in the vassal being brought to trial over his actions and judged by the court of the count. Vassals of the County are not expected to raise their personal levy unless asked to by the count or to attend training Vassals must not openly speak out against a decision made by the Count in announcements and news, instead they should wait for court and then discuss it with the Count and his government there. Nobility and important figures within Pestilles that hold officer ranks, are not to try and appoint commoners into high positions unless all have agreed to do so in court. (This does not mean that commoners cannot hold important positions, it simply means they have to work for it) Upon vassalage, these will have to provide a weekly payment of 120 Minas or provide 6 Iron Blocks to the Count. Vassal Marriages and Pacts: Every nobility arrangement of the count's family, vassals that marry between them or vassals that marry outside his county states will HAVE to go through the count as to avoid any conflicts with the interests of the council and the County. Vassals and Nobility are expected to ask permission to court to marry other nobility or foreign figures of importance. A vassal is simply not allowed to sign a pact or agreement that conflicts with the County’s safety or interests. If a vassal or noble wishes to make a private agreement with the likes of a company they must first ask permission from the council so that it may be properly logged and observed, for obvious reasons. Vassals are expected to pay a yearly payment of 200 mina or a fair amount of resources instead as a tax on their lands. It is to be paid to the high steward and then delivered to the Treasury by the high steward. Laws of Pestilles Racial Laws & Tolerance: The focus for the county of Pestilles is to house humans. However, Elves Dwarves and Orcs are allowed to live within the state. Mixed races are not tolerated such as Half Elves, Adunians are completely banned as they are seen to be a disgrace to the county. Race tolerance however does not mean verbal assault will be prosecuted (to an extent) In the event of a racial war breaking out the matter will be forwarded to court and be dealt with by the Judge or Count personally . Council Laws & Limitations: No member of the council at any circumstances shall abuse his power for his own benefit. No member of the council may command troops of the state except the Marshal himself. A member of the council is allowed to call for an emergency within the county council, however, with the Chancellor / Count permission. DEUS MAGNUM DOMINUM: VENITE, ADOREMUS ((https://gyazo.com/72d3d0cfbb7cfd85796bf54a0ec7f7dd circled is where Pestilles is located. The coordinates are X: 2229, Y: 46, Z= -1304. If you have further questions, contact myself, @dmitris or @mika1278. Thank you to @MarkFoundGOD for writing the original post))
  4. Sentinels of the Cross Written by Daniel and Solomon de Alence TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Introduction 2. Foundation 3. The Code 4. The Ranks 5. Responsibilities 6. Conscription INTRODUCTION The Sentinels are the defenders of the county of Pestilles. Their profession is of high authority to serve the county. Their duties uphold defending each and every citizen and innocent soul. They lay their lives on the line to ensure a feeling of safety for any peasant or citizen living within our great lands. For their service and courage, they are honoured with respect and gratitude. A Pestillian soldier scouting the roads with its steed FOUNDATION A subtle breeze carried itself over the golden fields of Pestilles. A calming atmosphere hung over the lands while the sun had begun to dive under the horizon. The hard-working men of that day began to return home for the warm dinners. These simple men and women, the backbone of any settlement or society. They lived in welfare with enough food on the table and money to spare. They, the backbone, the most important thing in a nation, deserved to live in a protected land that would welfare. For they are what keeps the world going. The former count, Daniel de Alence, swung his sword above his head and yelled out: “I, Daniel de Alence, hereby create the Sentinels of the Cross! Our guardians over our lands, our protectors of innocent lives and heroes of the realm! No vile bandit or criminal will withstand their strength and justice! Every man and woman who joins will be trained to become an honored knight!” THE CODE 1. You will not harm another Sentinel or soldier. You are all brothers and sisters. 2. You will not boast about your rank or act superior. You are all human 3. You will not harm or abuse your power over normal citizens. You will be punished severely. 4. You will keep your loyalty to the head of the Sentinels and its count 5. You will obey your commander’s orders and others with higher authority 6. You will not steal, raid or harm other nations and/or its citizens in the name of the Sentinels. THE RANKS The Marshal The commander of the Pestillian forces. The Marshal is the highest authority within the sentinels, bar the count. They have been shown to possess extreme military prowess and knowledge. Current Marshal - Henri Arjen’s Chosen An elite group of the finest soldiers within Pestilles. Achieved through feats of sheer bravery, prowess and tact. Sentinels Soldiers who have displayed extreme diligence and have excelled in combat. They have also shown skill in leadership and military tactics. Sentinels are expected to train new recruits to a high standard, and to command with distinction. Phoenix A soldier who has proven themselves to be greater than average : conscientious and proficient in all aspects of duty. Crow The newly initiated of the military, the base rank. It is upon these soldiers that the military is truly founded upon, and that law and order is maintained. RESPONSIBILITIES A soldier is required to actively patrol on and around Pestilles grounds. A soldier is required to assist allies in their efforts when requested A soldier needs to keep the peace in Pestilles A member of the Sentinels need to be on duty for a majority of the time and needs to be ready to act when off duty A member of the Sentinels is required to uphold God’s will and never deviate from it A revered Sentinel striking down a cowering Orenian soldier CONSCRIPTION All citizens, both male and female, from ages 18-50 must complete 10 years of service, to which they shall be rewarded with a sum of mina at the end. Citizens may choose to continue past these 10 years. Refusal to serve shall lead to a fine of 2000 mina, and dependent on the circumstances, further punishment. DEUS MAGNUM DOMINUM: VENITE, ADOREMUS ((thank you to @chaosgamer for helping))
  5. pkdon

    Truth of Vilac

    Solomon de Alence would shake his head upon reading the missive, seating himself down by the farms of Pestilles “You have disgraced this house, siding with Orenian scum. You have brought shame to this family, and embarrassed me. I am ashamed to call you my mother.”
  6. ((IGN)): PlugThePugsy Name: Solomon de Alence Age: 17 Affiliated Nation: Pestilles
  7. pkdon


    Nehtamo frowns, recalling past events “I recall that I had spared that child previously, assuming their innocence throughout this war. How wrong I was.”
  8. pkdon

    An Elven Armistice

    “No.” Nehtamo would say, throwing the message away after reading it
  9. pkdon#3760 Tom Clancy’s The Division Good luck all
  10. Barty lets out a scream of anger, for his main man Boudewijn had perished “I’ll kill ye, whoever killed ‘im! Be warned ye maggots! I bet it were a noble, that de Sarkozy bugger. Never liked him...”
  11. I hope you enjoyed the Holidays, because you deserve it! I am extremely flattered to be called your friend. You are truly amazing: funny, intelligent and caring. Thank you for all you’ve done for this community! SMA friends! ❤️
  12. Richard stood strong beside the Haenseti corpse, tracing the Lorraine “GOD smite the Imperial dogs. GOD BLESS THE AIS!”
  13. “I do recall at least 3 Kaedrini stuck in the hall. Though Im sure their limited intelligence will hinder their recollection of events.”
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