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  1. god i hate staf i am going to pvp staff and win
  2. RIP Pete

  3. “Perhaps Pete will stay dead” Muttered a man, recalling his time in the war prior to this.
  4. “Iv lat blah zo...” Boruk uttered, as he gazed at the lifeless head of an Ireheart, felled by his hand.
  5. heard ur dads a cop

    1. LithiumSedai


      Yeah? Yeah.

    2. Boniface


      LITHIUM ******* SEDAI

  6. “for brent forearms” says peekay don
  7. Donaldo appreciates the blogpost.
  8. 3 👆 Christ Punchsteel, gone 2 soon...
  9. Application IGN : Lak__ RP NAME : Donaldo Ronaldo Skills you can bring to the table : Autoclicker
  10. Da’ve looks to Muriel with a flushed expression, jotting something down in his diary: ”Day 25: I fear for the Uradir’s mental well-being. Every day he seems to perform this ritual of... talking to himself.” He briefly glanced up towards Muriel, who was indeed speaking to no-one in particular. ”I wonder if he remembers he objected to my dear cousin’s decision regarding his marriage. The man rubs me the wrong way.” He concluded his diary entry, fleeing from the square.
  11. The Prince Of Vitenna, last thought to be lost at sea, finds this missive on his journey back to the principality. He looked in shock at the words penned upon this sheet of parchment, desperately glancing about the dense jungle to which he had found himself captive to. The young prince, covered in rags, ran aimlessly for hours, days, even months, trudging through the wilderness. All hope was lost, but he finally recognised a familiar sight. His gaze set upon the coarse sands of Korvassa. His hand wandered towards the scabbard by his waist. He drew his dagger, continuing on his way until he finally found what he searched for. Home.
  12. “Storm makes good points regarding anonymity, but I believe Kaelan would be the best fit for the position.” Dead Nehtamo said to no-one as he overlooked the proceedings. He then began to rant to himself about being dead, annoyed that no-one could actually hear him. Or maybe they could. How intriguing.
  13. “If Del doesn’t get Okarir’hiylun I will haunt elcihi as ectoplasm.” Dead Nehtamo says angrily ”But Papa Farandil... Papa Farandil number 1...”
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