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  1. if u require a skin and have the dosh, msg me on here cheers



  2. Auguste van Aert wearily returns to his quarters proceeding the skirmish, the victory was long and hard-fought and had exhausted the man. As he gripped the Pertinaxi cross that rested by his bedside, he kept his fallen comrades in his prayers, as well as the noble Sir Mohammad.
  3. A man of Blackvale grins, nodding his head in reverence to the honourable knight. “Inshallah… hehehe…. siuuuuu.” He said plainly
  4. pkdon


  5. pkdon


    as you can see anonymousalexa is against 1.8 pvp, therefore we definitely should go for 1.8 pvp
  6. pkdon


    i think we should go back to 1.8 pvp bcos i like it more
  7. mcsmally thats  my name

  8. Fleiver Horen sharpens his blade, preparing to defend Kolaz'Lak and his compatriots from the enraged dwed!
  9. Fleiver Horen smiles the suns smile
  10. To neither mince words nor waste time, so it is plainly declared: That, the writer, being Roland de Roubres, having come into possession of the lands encompassing the Duchy of Eastcliffe, shall be regent of these lands and the aforementioned title, until such a time as a rightful ruler be restored to them, That, by order of the Regent, the Duchy of Eastcliffe reaffirms its loyalty to its rightful King and Queen, Georg I and Johanna I, That the Hounds of Don be granted residency in and usage of these lands, as a headquarters and base of operations, for the duration of their contract with Their Royal Majesties, and until such a time as they are able to relocate elsewhere, That the prior clause be not construed as a permanent granting of land, nor an abandonment of the duchy by the Regent, either legally or physically. ((i’m not ditching the region ill be around admins don’t take PRO pls)) It is so ordered, Roland de Roubres, Regent of Eastcliffe.
  11. vortex gone where is 1.8

  12. “Wow” - Swifty Samay
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