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  1. Name: Letho Clan: Clanless Residence: Dunharrow Barracks Desired Alderman: Artemis
  2. Letho


    I’ve changed it. I wasn’t sure what to add lorewise, the wiki seems pretty barebones and confusing.
  3. Letho


    Born to a common woman in Carolustadt and never knowing a father, Letho grew up in the slums along with other whoresons, beggars and dregs of human society. He joined a street gang at the age of 12, learning to steal food and fight with just his fists. He still has many sore memories of that time, often being beaten within an inch of his life by other gangs, or the City Guard. He’d been growing further apart from his mother as he grew up until eventually she grew sick and died when he was 16. Now that his last tie to the city was gone, and he could pass for a man now, he joined the Imperial Military and served for a year. Letho didn’t like taking orders so freelance mercenary work sounded like a better fit for him, he knew how to swing a sword now, so he was sure he could convince the common man that he knew what he doing. He’s spent the rest of his life up to this point travelling the human kingdoms taking work where he can find it (more often than not it ends up being manual labour rather than mercenary work). It doesn’t pay much but Letho enjoys the freedom, and sometimes that’s enough. Letho was never given a surname nor did his mother have one, but he uses “Rivers” or “Waters” as an alias if necessary. Despite serving in the Imperial Army and calling himself a mercenary, Letho has never taken a life.
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