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  1. Union of Edvardsson and Willow Issued Winter 1771 On the 3rd of Snow’s Maiden 1771, the clan of Edvardsson and Willow formally declared their holy union in marriage. These clans are proud to announce the betrothal of King Caedric Edvardsson I and Katyusha Willow. The ceremony shall take place under the Ashwood Tree in the City of Morsgrad, all citizens of Norland are invited to view. High Keeper Alisa Camian will oversee the ceremony. ((The ceremony will be Sunday 14 June 7 PM EST)) Writ en Namen De HIS MAJESTY Caedric I Ruric, King of Norland, Duke of Morsgrad, Chieftain of the Edvardssons, Bulwark of the Highland Realm,
  2. Welcome to Norland: The Highland Realm Preface The Highland Realm is a great swath of land which is made up of multiple demesnes all led by one of the four High Lords. Life in the Highland Realm is never greatly peaceful as the threat of dark creatures constantly threaten the land. The people of the Highland Realm always seem to stand strong. The Kingdom of Norland, Capital of the Highland Realm Anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=gCDxiNtIpdU Forum: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/1131-the-highland-realm/ Peak times: The most active hours of Norland are 7:00 PM EST to 1:00 AM EST. When there is an announced event it often will fall at 7:00 PM EST to 10:00 PM EST. If no one is in Norland at the time try the local regions like Lunsbeck, Darrowmere, or Vi Stige may have another in it! Capital City & Culture The Capital city of the great land of Norland is Morsgrad, a city which accepts all peoples, but is primarily Human Highlanders. There can be found the sole Ashwood Tree here, this tree is a symbol of Norland and is planted wherever her people end up. There is an open marketplace, a fishery shop, an old bookstore, a tavern, and many homes open to those who wish to live here. The people of Norland are a very hearty and jovial people who take pride in the things they do, no matter how small the task, they will take it up and do their best to perfect and earn bragging rights. Along with this pride the Nordish Men take up a very headstrong ideal of themselves and their people, leading to brash, proud, and fiercely loyal ideals which tends to show itself in the Nordish people’s actions. Opportunities/What is there to do? From adventuring with the Purifiers to selling swords, armor and other various equipment in the large market square there are many opportunities for any character to partake in. Norland and the Highland Realm always have something to do, be it hunting for undead fiends or slaughtering an over-populated harpy nest on a mountain top! If you’re a tradesman, swordsman, or salesman, you have a place to stay in Norland! Vassals Morsgrad, the capital city of Norland and the Highland Realm, is not one city chalked to the brim with all it’s people, no, it is a Highland realm brimming with life at all of it’s corners. From the vast fields of Mitteland, to the peaceful forests of Aedelland where Lunsbeck rests, to the harsh and frozen lands of the Northmarch where Vi Stige lies. There is a home for all Highland people. With the capital city of Morsgrad at its center where all may dwell in the protective walls of the cliff should there need to be protection. Nordish Traditions and Faith Red Faith - https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/1133-red-faith/ Red Faith is the religion of the Norlandic people and is the majority religion in the Highland Realm. The Red Faith of the Allfather follows His light and with His wrath and justice does he fight against those of the long dark and the evil of the skies. It is our job here in this world to fight back what slips through the cracks of this corrupted world and live on to spread the shining truths of the Red Faith for all to see. The Red Faith has multiple branches of thought and for in depth explanation one can seek the knowledge of a Keeper. Notable Figures/Players who can help: King Caedric Edvardsson - Qaz_The_Great Halvar Edvardsson - nickrocky213 High Keeper Alisa Camian - AstriaS Hearth Keeper Jager Faeretto - Draiden_Kaid Ashbringering Orlanth Stormbringer - Orlanth Purifier Edward Kursin - DAENGIE Directions: (1700 -1700) A man, woman, or child may walk down the winding roads to the northeast of cloud temple. The road that leads east from most human kingdoms. Eventually at the old Curonian Crossroads there will be a fork; the path on the right is the one to take that leads into the Highland Realm. The first town within our borders is that of Darrowmere, a small Canonist town that crests itself next to the river with its friendly populace, with its walls parting in the middle to allow passage further. The old Astorga wood, a large forest in the North West of the Aedellands, sits to your left as you journey down the path. At this point you will reach another fork in the road, the left path leading to the Nordish Capital of Morsgrad and the Village of Vi Stige and the right path leading to the the Southern Aedelland, where the men of Lunsbeck tend, and the Mitteland, where the Waldienians of Eisenwald live. SS Pillars are located on the midsection of the Spire leading up to Morsgrad, the left path down before going to the bridge and another SS Pillar is located in Vi Stige! Important Posts:
  3. Tourney of Norland Issued Winter 1771 To all allies and friends of the Kingdom of Norland, you are invited to send your greatest warrior to Norland to partake in a great tourney of strength and skill! ‣All Citizens of the Highland Realm ‣Rex Akrûkil’Lur, of Krugmar; and the peoples of Krugmar ‣Sea Prince Feanor Sylvaeri, of Aegrothond; and the peoples of Aegrothond ‣Lady Sonna Sirame, of Siramenor; and the peoples of Siramenor ‣Sulton Ameen Al-Nabeel, of Korvassa; and the people of Korvassa ‣King Sigismund II, of Haense; and the people of Haense ‣King Utak Ireheart, of Urguan; and the people of Urguan ‣Levian’Tol, of Clan Grandaxe; and all Grandaxe clansmen ‣Twin Princes Veris & Vaeril Velulaei'onn, of Renelia; and the people of Renelia ‣House Napoliza, of Vitenna; and the people of Vitenna ‣Grand Prince Akkar Tundrak I, of Fenn; and the people of Fenn All invited parties are welcome to bring a champion to represent them in a tourney, and lone champions may apply as well! Any named individuals may add to the tourney’s pot for it to be distributed evenly between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The prizes are as follows: 1st Place - 1500 Minae & the title, ‘Champion of the Highlands’ 2nd Place - 1000 Minae & a gift from the King Caedric Edvardsson I 3rd Place - 500 Minae & a gift from Chief Vyktor Eiriksson ((The tourney will be the 13th June 6:30 PM EST)) Writ en Namen De HIS MAJESTY Caedric I Ruric, King of Norland, Duke of Morsgrad, Chieftain of the Edvardssons, Bulwark of the Highland Realm,
  4. King Caedric nods as he reads the missives, ”It’ll be a grand event! I will be sure to be t’ere for t’e festivities.”
  5. The King of Norland reads over the letter, he’d raise his brow, “What kind of savage arranges a marriage for anot’er? Women are not slaves of ot’ers, ye’ should best see about liberatin’ yer’selves before yer’ made subject to t’e bestial men, family or not.” He’d shrug afterwards, getting back to planning the next slaughter of voidal creatures and dark mages.
  6. King Caedric looks over the missive, “ Fine work! I hope to purge more Heathens from our lands with you in the future! Iron from Ice!”
  7. Reads over the missive, ”T’at clears t’at up!” He’d get back to work slaughtering undead creatures and ungodly masses of worms from his Realm.
  8. Chuckles at the missive, “On a list of people who were never Nordish, t’is man is on t’e top.”
  9. Reads the Declaration, ”T’e Kingdom of Norland, not Morsgrad. Morsgrad is a city. But aye, yer’ independence from all threats, ye’ ‘ave my word.”
  10. Signs the document before giving a nod to his Chamberlain. “Many thanks, Mister Muffins.”
  11. Get better soon, you’ll be alright Almond!
  12. The King laughs at the Ashen Sigil’s attempt, ”Good work Cousin Pete, those Ashen Sigil fools should all be rounded up and slaughtered, just as we slaughtered them during the Rubern War when they fought for you. Just because you have Ashen in your name doesn’t mean your Nordish.” he’d shake his head as his smile persists and tosses the missive into the fire.
  13. Nice! Always glad to see a new and unique culture arise again.
  14. Remembers when a man dissolved a whole community of people against their will all for a position in government and a small slice of land.
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