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  1. Baldr raises his tankard again and then AGAIN for the two victories in the span of a few hours! "King Balon, you honor your legacy!"
  2. Baldr raises a tankard of mead to the King, the Ruriksguard, and the Red Cloaks, "To the defenders of Vjardengrad, in Donovan's glory you shall revel!"
  3. Baldr nods in approval of the posthumous elevation.
  4. Baldr ponder on the notice from his own Kingdom's close neighbors.
  5. Frowns at the news of the death, "Father guide him."
  6. Very cool. Now I need to get Automaton Crafting so I can actually utilize it.
  7. Taps his foot in the audience hall of the Vjardengrad Keep. He watches the birds fly with a solemn gaze, "Reasonable terms, unreasonable Dwarves. You give them so many chances to do right."
  8. Baldr raises a cup of mead to the sky, "To a long friendship!"
  9. Pact of the Lady By the Authority and Will of the King of Norland and the Archduchess of the Petra Issued on, 14th of the Grand Harvest, 136 SA Issued on, 14th of Sven’s Day, 462 FifAeSF FOREWORD The Kingdom of Norland and the Commonwealth of the Petra have, since the birth of the Commonwealth upon the continent of Nyrheim, found one another erstwhile distant. Yet the winds of fate have blown the two together upon the shore of Sólheim. The Lady Edvardsson, Ludmilla, has emerged as a beacon of friendship. Once a dear friend of the Arch-Duchess, Renilde I, and now the dear wife of Baldr, the Chieftain of the Edvardsson. With love and care, she has labored to weave a bond betwixt the two realms. With utmost care and deliberation she has brought this bond to fruition. May this bond grow ever stronger. ARTICLE I. Sovereignty The Kingdom of Norland and the Commonwealth of the Petra, hereon referred to as ‘the Signatories’, do hereby and mutually agree recognize each other’s sovereignty as independent and autonomous Human realms. This includes the right to fully rule and govern their Realms, territories, and protectorates as they see fit and take a non-interference policy toward said governance. ARTICLE II. Trade The Signatories do hereby agree to establish a single, tax-free trading stall within the bounds of their capital cities, Vjardengrad and Vallagne. ARTICLE III. Free Movement The Signatories do hereby agree to allow for free movement between their lands, allowing their subjects to travel unmolested. This does not extend to criminal acts, suspicious behavior, or moving of armies for warmongering purposes. If a subject of either Signatory is barred from travel, the other shall be informed in a timely manner within a single fortnight. ARTICLE IV. Extradition The Signatories do hereby agree to extradite for fair trial the subjects of their respective Realms should they be found accused of a crime, this only being in effect for crimes committed after the signing of this document. An observer from the offended Realm is authorized to observe the criminal process so as to ensure the article is not violated. ARTICLE V. Military Cooperation The Signatories do hereby agree to cooperate in matters of military training, hosting joint training so as to better prepare their Realms for conflict and dissuade possible aggressors from attack. ARTICLE VI. Non-Aggression The Signatories do hereby agree to offer assistance in times of hardship, however in the matters of war the two shall remain neutral. Offering no assistance to any belligerent in any conflict in which any Signatory is participating, unless it be determined to be on the side of both Signatories. ARTICLE VI. Duration The Signatories do hereby agree to adhere to this treaty for a duration of fifteen years whereupon the expiratory date the Signatories shall meet for renewal. Our Will be known to all on the 14th of Sven’s Day, 462 FifAeSF at Vallagne, Commonwealth of the Petra, By the Blood of the Herald, Balon Eiriksson Ruric, King of Norland, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, Jarl of Vjardengrad, Defender of the Red Faith, Bulwark of the Norlandic People HER MOST SERENE GRACE, Renilde I, by the Grace of GOD, Archduchess of the Petra, Marquise de Val d’Estenou, Countess of Temesch and Moere, Baroness of Garmont, Valfleur, Vallagne-en-Petra, and of the Phoenixspire, Defender of Liberty
  10. Baldr shrugs, half a smile on his lips, "No harm in trying, King Balon."
  11. "Ah finally! I am sure I shall find myself at the Lilja Library often." Baldr says with a nod.
  12. Baldr nods as he reads the public missive. He seeks the warmth of the Father's Flame to contemplate. After his prayers he seeks the King out. "As Edvard had been redeemed upon those most ancient mountains, so might Estrid redeem the honor of her family. I ask you give unto them your favor, King Balon, let the Sons and Daughters of Sigvard find glories and honors in our Kingdom."
  13. Onyx and Emerald The Heart of the Highlander Ludmilla and Baldr, whose bond had grown from comrades in arms to a sacred union of husband and wife. For a decade and a half, these stalwart souls have stood side by side, their hearts intertwined in devotion. In the battle against the Mori, their swords clashed in harmony, ever ready to shield one another from harm's bitter touch. When they had sought refuge in the ruins of Savoy, fate bestowed upon them a precious gift during those perilous times—a pair of twins, cherished and adored, their lives imbued with love's tender embrace. Now, at long last, Ludmilla and Baldr have deemed it fitting to draw the veil upon their courtly affair; the time has come to make official that bond which had been forged through their service in Adria, through the Mori invasion of Nyrheim, and their settling of Vjardengrad. May that bond finally be sanctified in the eyes of the Father and Man alike. The good people of Norland and Petra, respectively the groom’s and the bride’s place of birth, are invited to the Capital City of Vjardengrad in order to join the couple in the celebration of their union. Additional invites are sent to the citizens of Adria. Formal invitations are extended to; The High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, King Balon Eiriksson Ruric, and his clan. The High Keeper, Eleanor Eiriksson, and the Order of the First Flame. The Archduchess of Petra, Renilde ‘the Lioness’ I, and her noble pedigree. The Duke of Adria, John II, and his noble pedigree. Personal invitations are extended to; Sir Laurens and his family. Verònica Weiss and her family. Allessandra Amador of de Vend and her husband. Grimhildr Chen and her fiance. Ser Garen Glennmaer and his family. Andrei Bukoski and his kin. By the Blood of the Herald, Ser Baldr Edvardsson Ruric, Hand of the King, Chieftain of the Edvardssons, Prince of Norland The Loyal, Lady Ludmilla of Valfleur, Lady of the Edvardssons
  14. Baldr raises his axe, "They do not think with reason, so we shall not reason with them."
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