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  1. Caedric writes a letter in response. "To the Rochefort, Should your swords land upon a loyal friend of our realm and dutiful practitioner of the Red Faith, you shall incite the wrath of the Kingdom of Norland. Cease any attempts to murder, undermine, or harm the good man, Antony of Hyspia, or his loyal followers. Allfather guide us, Caedric of Clan Edvardsson, Chancellor of Norland." He'd call his Norlandic Puffin to his side before rolling, sealing and sending the letter to the Church, as well as sending copies to any interested.
  2. "Prince Antonio, a good man, has found the Light of the Allfather once he realize the Cross God's true fate. I welcome you, my guest and my friend." Caedric says after watching the Prince's conversion.
  3. Caedric reads the article, he'd be laughing the whole time, "Finally! Some good ******* reading from t'e South!"
  4. Caedric reads the response to his short letter, he'd pen yet another short response saying with a chuckle to his dear wife, "I don't need a whole thesis to prove a point". The letter would read: "To Basil Moroul, Citation of false scripture is no evidence in the real world. I have first hand experience, and so do many from your Cross God coven, of when Murdak'Lak sent that ballista bolt straight into the Creator's Egg in what we can all reasonably say was the best course of action. Your God which you detail in your scriptures is simply a falsehood propagated to maintain I
  5. Caedric reads the short writing, as he often does with Canonist teachings, edicts, and letters, he'd shake his head before filing it away in his personal archive under 'Canonist'. He'd then pen a simple response. "To Basil Moroul, You and your fellow worshipers seem to so easily forget that your Cross God, a twisted interpretation of the Creator, does not intervene presently because he continues to respect our sentience but simply because he is long dead. When we marched upon the Inferi Stronghold, united as Man and as Descendants, we ensured that he would stay dead. Do write
  6. Writ of Appointment Issued in the Fourth Year of the Second Age In the Name of King Halvar I Contents: I. Appointments II. Duties and Responsibilities PREAMBLE: Those men and women, set forth in the name of King Halvar I, shall constitute the King's Council of Norland and act in the stead of the King in the matters in which they are assigned and designated to. All appointees have exhibited notable skill, valor, and expertise in the fields which they have been assigned and entrusted by the King of Norland to see to their duties and uphold
  7. Caedric receives the scroll outlining Clan Kvitravn, he'd read over it and place it into a large yet empty book labeled, "NORLANDIC BOOK OF CLANS". He'd attach a small label to the page, "PENDING" "Allfat'er guide ye'." Caedric says with a smile.
  8. I am of the opinion that banditry roleplay is essential for grounding players in a MEDIEVAL FANTASY roleplay. Quality Highwayman Roleplay, the kind which Mick and his group provide, offer players a good opportunity to DEVELOP their characters and maybe even learn a thing or two on the way. Bandits, no matter how you put it, are bandits for a reason! I am sure if you provide roleplay you can learn and UNDERSTAND the other CHARACTER who you're interacting with; at the end of the day all characters are played by another HUMAN. Also if you were wondering, yes Micks group is a Roleplay
  9. Top tier guide from a seasoned Alpha Tester!
  10. Caedric’s Travels Vol. II Nyrheim Issued 1794 CONTENTS: I. Preface II. A New World PREFACE Good tidings reader! I am Caedric, an adventurer, wanderer and self-proclaimed historian of sorts. I have had many travels along the world of Arcas, many encounters with good (and bad) folk, and a great deal of stories made along the way! In this tale I recount my expeditionary travels to the new world of Nyrheim, also known as Almaris. Please enjoy! A NEW WORLD We take flight! The balloons soar above the land
  11. Caedric I Edvardsson reads over the missive, he'd call his trusted Norlandic Puffin to his window and being penning his information down to send to the High Keeper. He'd then get back to his historical studies. "Registry Form Name: Caedric I Edvardsson Year of Birth: 1738 Clan: Edvardsson Line of Descent: Son of Godric I Edvardsson"
  12. The middle aged Norlandic man reads over the missive, ”Was t’is one not t’e Pontiff? He’s t’e only cleric of t’e Crossed God I met around t’e streets of Haense.”
  13. Nice! I hope to see you flesh this kind of stuff out and do well. Seems pretty solid. Good luck!
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