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  1. Caedric reads the first paragraph of the document, he'd shrug saying, "I've been tellin' ye' bastards, t'e Void is our true enemy. As t'e Kingdom of Orenia tries te' weaponize it an' t'e rest of t'e world ignores it's vile destructive force, we shall continue te' standfast as a bulwark against t'e Void an' all which dwells wit'out."
  2. Caedric nods approvingly at the well written letter to the respectable Priest, "This man sees reason and his Church understands this worldly affair; the Church shall not be a political pawn of a failed King of Orenia nor shall they continue to spread lies to make their wrenched conduct during this war seem any bit more digestible."
  3. Caedric sends out invitation to all his friends.
  4. Caedric smiles as he drinks a celebratory drink with his friends and family.
  5. Caedric nods in approval at the reasonable Clergy man. "One of great respect and dignity; it is shameful 'is kinsmen wish te' see 'is 'ead on a pike fer' 'is speakin' out against t'ose worldly cowards an' t'eir Kingdom."
  6. Caedric smiles as he reads the missive, "A long needed call from a good people."
  7. THE TREATY OF ICE AND BONE Issued 11th of Malin’s Welcome, year 14 of The Second Age PREAMBLE In the wake of trouble stirring upon the continent of Nyrheim those honorable world powers, the Kingdom of Norland and War Nation of Krugmar, henceforth referred to as the signatories, have deemed it appropriate to combine their spheres of influence to maintain law and order within the Western half of the continent. This pact shall last exactly until a new Rex of Krugmar or King of Norland is made at which time the signatories may choose to renew it. ARTICLES: I. F
  8. Treaty of the Eastern Flame Issued 13th of the Amber Cold, Year 22 of the Second Age Articles: -Non-Aggression -Trade Agreement -Recognition of Sovereignty -Duration PREAMBLE: This article serves as a formal pact agreement between the Kingdom of Norland and the City State of Yong Ping, hereafter referred to as the signatories. ARTICLE I: Defensive Alliance Signatories have agreed to the following terms regarding a Defensive Alliance: -Signing parties will agree to aid each other in a military capacity when either party has
  9. An old man cheers for the newly respected individual. He'd raise a toast to him, "To respect! Let us place respect upon his name!"
  10. Caedric nods, at the rare glimpse of honor in the Church of Canon, he'd say to those around him, "I wish t'is man luck. He 'as uncovered an ugly and political wound these Orenians wish te' keep covered up. I wish ye' 'em best of luck in 'is effort but do fear 'is life is endangered from t'ose 'e calls kin fer' such whistleblowin'." He'd return to training for his raids on Orenian soldiers upon the road. Being outnumbered means you best be more skilled than the others.
  11. Shakes his head at the thought Orenian bastards slaughtered women and children in a peaceful farming village.
  12. An old man cheers as the God Emperor marches through the streets.
  13. Caedric lets out a hearty laugh as the Norlander makes his return, he'd prepare to meet him for a drink.
  14. Caedric laughs a great laugh, resting after the great flight of Lobsters from Southbridge, he'd read the missive with a smile and say, "T'e Kingdom of Orenia loses one more potential out. T'e Eirik guides t'eir King of t'eirs, an' ours, it seems!"
  15. Caedric updates the Rurikkid Clans' Motto and adds in the Vildr Clan Motto.
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