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  1. Coups should be looked at as a play driven event. Players involved in a coup should have PK clauses placed on them, aswell as the leaders who are being deposed (nation Leader/Stewards/Religious & Military Leaders). Obviously a GM or EM should oversee and watch, however they must act in an unbiased way; no GM/EM that frequent or play a character which inhabits the area of effect should be able to oversee it, and no one who play a character currently fighting a warclaim should oversee it either. If you have failed to the point you are having a coup of your people held, then you should understand that Roleplay means you play a role, and if your role in that coup is getting killed then you should PK; likewise the parties attempting are putting themselves in a dire situation if they fail, thus they need to understand that their role at that point is to die and thus be made to PK.
  2. “Who would have thought the King of Helana continues further into his sickness. Godric’s boot must have really changed his mental state from foolish to schizophrenic.” Qaz thinks to himself as he takes a break from building his new Keep, ”They can’t leave their cities without being captured and killed, what makes them think sending a bird with non-sense on it would be effective.”
  3. Issued by Qaz av Aedelland To all interested, Wages and land is available to all freemen who qualify for citizenship in the Range of Aedelland; the land of the Aedelland is rich, fertile and safe from banditry, war, and disease. Any skilled freemen interested in such an offer is free to meet with Qaz, the Burgh of the Aedelland by sending a bird to the Elkford Keep. Below is a list of in demand skills. Builders and Engineers: Any skilled carpenters, masons, and architects will be granted contracts for building the infrastructure of the Aedellands and her citizens. Rangers: Any able bodied men may participate in the Ranger Order of the Aedelland, a militant order of rangers dedicated to protecting the Aedelland and her citizens Farmers and Laborers: All looking for land in which they can settle, which is fertile and green, may petition to utilize the fields of the Aedelland for farming. Any able miners may petition for contracts and work for the Burgh of the Aedelland. (Anyone interested contact Qaz#1461 on discord! or msg Qaz_The_Great on the server!)
  4. “Haensemen kidnapped my child, a girl of eight years, from the North, they subjected her to starvation and deprivation of light; when we stood at your gates awaiting a fight, your people, the cowards they are stayed hidden behind the walls, making up fantasies of victory on the battlefield. Your people were unable to keep my daughter caged and so your loosed an arrow into her back as she attempted to make an escape. Your people are sick, twisted and vile creature with no honor. The only conviction and love you degenerates have is for your lives and for your walls.” Qaz says as he smokes a cigar on the dock Mau’Madur. ”They have failed as a military in all but one battle and have shown only fear in the face of true challenge. When we siege your city we will quarter your leadership and demand satisfaction from the King of Halena for his crimes against our people.”
  5. "It seems the brain disease creates great hallucinations in Oren and Haensemen as there were no casualties on the AIS during the skirmish. It may also result in a false delusion of grandeur. The artist that had depicted this is clearly painting a fictional universe where the 'men' of Oren and Haense have a spine." Qaz says to his friend as he throws the propaganda letter in his fire. "The men of Haense kidnap children from their homes, yet refuse to meet the AIS in battle on their own roads. Cowards and degenerates the lot of them." Qaz states as he watched the embellished letter burn to ash.
  6. Qaz carries his daughter off the battlefield after he collected a nice stack of arrows complementary of the Haense Army.
  7. Letter to the Assemblymen of the Morsgradic Estates Issued Summer of 1743 by Qaz To whom it may concern, As I, Qaz, have been appointed Chamberlain of the Morsgradic Estates by Duke Godric, I have seen fit to establish a biannual schedule for Estates to assemble. Any and all current Assemblymen who wish to retain their position upon the Morsgradic Estates is required to respond by letter to this request; failure to do so will result in expulsion from the Morsgradic Estates. Any member to fail to respond in a timely manner will still be authorized to take their seat back, so long as they provide reason as to why they were late. The Morsgradic Estates will undergo alterations directed by the Duchy and myself will work closely together to ensure the Morsgradic Estates represents the landed and free subordinates of the Duchy. Any questions or concerns can be addressed in correspondence with myself. Attached is the biannual schedule of the Estates (We will hold the Estates starting 27NOV19 and all future Estates will be held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at approx 1530 CST until stated otherwise, if any issues come up due to this please inform me and we can work out something with a representative being sent or if enough to change, we can alter the schedule to fit the needs of everyone.) Writ En Namen De Qaz
  8. Reads and reviews the summon, “I will not be there. Heck”
  9. Does the Moderation Team not hold any sway with the community? Have you not spoken to those above you as to the careless and wholly negative nature of this ban? I understand how you, and the Moderation Team may feel helpless in this situation, unable to act because it is above you, however you can clearly see the unjust nature of this ban and you have much more influence than me, a player, in any actions taken. If there were a correct course of action for you to take, that would be one of support of this cause, rather than denying culpability on part of the Moderation Team. Thank you for coming here to show your support though, it’s appreciated.
  10. It clarifies intent, yes, however it doesn’t clarify why the staff had embraced a completely negative reaction to it, making it go from a zero situation straight to a one hundred situation. I’m glad you responded and you did bring up some things I wasn’t knowledgeable of. It is also notable that the comment wasn’t racist in any matter, as I have elaborated upon in the main post, however one of the Moderators does also continue to state the comment was racial which is simply incorrect. It’s enough the player has been banned, he shouldn’t be made out as a racist either; such a thing is extremely slanderous to the accused.
  11. Aye, only one I see is memeing is discouraged, that is true and I wasn’t privvy to the concept of ‘Varg Posting’ my mistake. However the accusation of racism doesn’t really hold up, even reviewing these rules.
  12. For the first part, it wasn’t a meme. For the second part, where are these roleplay-guidelines by Harold? I cannot see them in the posted server rules. On to your suggestions, I agree entirely, such a ban is wrong and all-around will NEGATIVELY affect the server. I implore you, and I implore the rest of the Mod team to revolk this decision and fix the issue at hand. Thank you for responding, and thank everyone for being supportive of this. I’ve seen too many RP servers burn because of infighting and because of rules lawyering. We, as a Community, should rise above such things and fix our issues rather than allow them to fester.
  13. Hello. I am Qaz, I am a decently new player to the server, however I have been roleplaying for about ten years on Garry’s Mod and other forums. When I first joined this community I was excited to experience a new realm of Roleplay in a High Fantasy Universe and also meet new people (which I have!). However as I continue to play there seems to be a decent sum of disagreements within the community, both In-Character and Out of Character. Disagreement is often a good catalyst for change and making better of the server, however when taken to an extreme and taken personally such disagreements can dilute and sully the roleplay experience that ALL players have! The Point A Nation Leader, involved deeply in an ongoing war, someone who has been playing LOTC for an extremely long time, and someone who offers to all players, new and old, a rich and developed scene to interact with and be apart of, this Nation Leader has been slated for a permanent ban tomorrow 15NOV19 on terms that I, a very invested and interested player, cannot fully understand; this is further made more convoluted and, might I saw, unjust from the private messages I have received, and the to-be banned party has received. This Nation Leader has been accused recently of break an extremely important rule, which has yet to be cited in all accusations against him, however it was in relation to a comment regarding an individual, Varg Vikernes, a well known Black Metal member, he is also reformed Neo-Nazi, denouncing and denying the ideology (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varg_Vikernes). To see the post in which referenced the man, please see ITEM 1 below. To continue when the player was issued his ban notice he was told that, and quote, “Racist or racial content isn’t appropriate; Varg Vikernes is a known white supremacist, so this is all fairly on the nose.” See ITEM 2 below for the full citation. I here can then state that the comment had NO racial intents and is BY THE FORUM RULES (https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/177662-forum-rules/) not against any rules or regulations. No where in the “Forum Rules” document does it state that mention of past racists, radical peoples, or individuals are illegal. And any comment mentioning Middle Eastern currencies is also void because it is actual a commonly traded good in the Middle East (I and my best friends have been there.) In any circumstance ignorance and assumptions is wrong, and this situation is a great example of that. I hope that all who read this can agree with me that an error was made and the best way to fix such an error is to admit one had messed up and unban the player involved. Retort to Common Response One will bring up a point in which this player already has warning points, ten to be exact, and such a response is an easy one; however there are two factors which make such a response null. The first is that this issue, if laid to rest and shown to be incorrect would remove the warning point! The second reason is that the past accumulation of points nearly all of which were gained nearly two plus years ago. There are those who don’t like others, yes, but to permanently ban someone and refuse to make a detailed look into it, that shows ALL PLAYERS, new and old, that the Administration, Moderation, and Community Leadership do not care. ITEM 1: ITEM 2: To Avoid Accusation of Rule Breaking I will not be stating names as to not call out, and to avoid accusations of breaking Debates Section Rules, Number Three (3- Avoid intentionally provoking arguments, starting “flamewars”; and posting clearly inflammatory, degrading, or abusive content.) which can be found here (https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/170106-debates-subsection-rules/) In regards to anyone stating I am posting for a banned player, I can verify, and the banned party can also verify, I am doing this on my own free will because I see it an unjust ban and do not want such unjust things to happen in a community I have grown so quickly to love!
  14. Qaz_The_Great


    Qaz was born to a poor woman who had an affair with a very well off merchant in a port-town belonging to the Federation of Sutic; after his birth his father had abandoned his secret family and set sail across the sea never to be seen again. His life had never been easy and he had aspirations to explore and travel the world, just as his father had, however his mother’s health had been declining ever since his fifth birthday and for two years Qaz was busy with supporting his mother by helping clear rats and other vermin from the docks and ships and doing this he had developed skill at tracking and hunting vermin. At seven Qaz’s mother had passed and Qaz was left homeless and lost as the landlord kicked him to the streets. A week later Qaz had been recruited onto a large merchant vessel by an elder ship captain. Twelve years had passed and Qaz’s skills in ship coordination, navigation and routing was refined as he and the ship had conducted countless missions around the known world and even helped chart the waters and the land. With his knowledge and experience he had earned the title of First Mate and personally oversaw all operations on his Captain’s ship. However things went south for Qaz after his ship was held for random, as negotiations for his and the ship’s release began to breakdown he was knocked into the sea by an old pirate and sent adrift without hope for survival. During this time he had contemplated his life and all the things he had done, eventually he heard the words of his mother in the wind, “My son, your time is not yet over. Look forward and continue, do not lose hope!” whether it was a hallucination or the spirit of his dearly departed mother he still doesn’t know, however he heeded the words and so he continued to keep himself afloat; a day later a fisherman had found him half-conscious and quickly pulled him up and gave him food, fresh water and shade.
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