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  1. Charlotte snorted with laughter. "And they disowned mea a decade after I married out! What a bunch of pathetic good for nothings." The ex-Ruthern cackled. "Karma Dem, Karma. Y hope he loses everything, that'd be greatly amusing. Stassion was always better than you, dear borsa." She murmured to herself.
  2. "Shit." Shoya Mochou hissed, the missive creasing beneath her grip upon the paper. She was within her home of Lurin, taking care of one of her dear friends. "Forgive me Shugo, but I cannot leave until they can care for themselves." The woman muttered, careful to not let said friend hear..
  3. Mochou sipped some tea as she read about her friends being exposed as darkspawn. Oh how amused was she!
  4. The missive was straightened out, the masked woman letting out a light laugh of amusement. "So, the Vicar has fallen, seems I need to find a new avenue to walk down." The Oni hummed out, a smile behind that masked visage. She crumpled the missive into a ball before tossing it into a nearby fire. "We have work ahead of us, my dear."
  5. The Oni, a dear ally to the one named Handil, let out a cackle upon the reading of his name. Truly, did she find this amusing. “Oh you poor soul.. your actions have at last caught up to you..” She cooed to no one in particular, for she was alone.
  6. Plutoes.. I think its time to come to terms with it.. the rest of us have.. don't worry, we accept you for who you are. Toes included :)
  7. The Oni, a high ranking figure within The Vicar’s forces, sat within her home drinking a nice glass of tea.“Yeah.. I’m not touching that.” The woman muttered, she had better things to do than attend some silly battle.
  8. The Oni remembered this day vividly, a cracked smile growing upon their features. “What a busy day that was.. I’ll always remember it for it was the day I got you back.” They spoke to their comatose friend that lay dormant in the bed, setting the missive aside to feed them more rice water.
  9. Mochou read the missive inside a blacked out home, the rooms filled with the stench of sick. She smiled, happy her group finally had a place of residence.
  10. The renowned Charlotte ‘Barrow’ lifted a brow at the missive and quickly signed the Lorraine. “Goodbye papej, mamej.” She murmured, staring at the paper a few moments longer. “Barrow? Vy have disowned Y but Y had married out years prior. Vyr just selfish and bitter that Y left vyr cruel family. And Y do niet even get to attend their funeral..” The aging woman shook her head. “Niet like it matters. Y do niet remember them anyways.” Charlotte read the missive in front of her daughter Helena, though didn’t seem to even register her being there. For once, her pain and sorrow of the early onset dementia finally sunk in. “Y wish Y did remember vy..”
  11. Princess Charlotte merely stared at the sky in the aftermath of the battle, wondering where her life has led her and if it was all worth it.
  12. It was true that Mochou was growing irritated with the war. “The humans and orcs can have their war, but can they leave us out of it?! Can’t go anywhere anymore without getting confronted by bandits.” She tsked, irritated by the whole ordeal. “They need to finish this, I’m losing patience.” Soon, was the missive added to her campfire as fuel with the company of nothing but her voice and the crackle of the flames.
  13. An elfess from near and far read the missive, intrigued by the humans and their politics.
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