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  1. Amir would examine the map that they received from the fight against Helvo "This bastard better not come again and attack my tavern…" He would then proceed to leave the map on the counter and head back home to rest
  2. RP Name: Amir Abbas MC Username: Arc_Asuno Discord: Asuno#1141 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Rosenyr Why Do You Wish To Come?: To accompany Asger Nria What Skills Can You Bring?: Archery and Swordfighting, Martials Arts
  3. Departure of the Blue Rose listen to this as you read Asu, laid in bed, he looks across the quilt, observing his children. Amir and Kenway were folding their arms, Yandi was comforting Ingwe at the corner. He calls for his children to gather, all of them surrounded him. He calls for Amir, “My dashing raven, my death shall be the stepping stone for the new generation of the Abbas, seek allies to those who share a blood name, I have raised you to the best of my ability, now fulfil you first pilgrimage as an Abbas.” Amir nodded, he held Asu’s hand and smile, he moved aside to let him speak to Kenway Kenway moves over “My little sparrow, Your wonder in books has apparently influenced me as well” he chuckled “I have raised you as my own, as my son, I need the both of you to work together, to bring glory to our name, I hope after my passing you can find your beautiful voice” Kenway kneeled and held the quilt tightly, he looked down and sobs. Amir carried him over to the side comforting him. Asu then calls for Yandi Yandi went over “My little kitten, the first time I met you, you reminded me of my mentor Artemis, strong and vigil, I see so much potential in you my dear, know that even after my passing, my soul shall watch over you.” Yandi nods moving back letting Ingwe come forward, Yandi closed her face and sobs Ingwe was already in tears “My little fox, do not be afraid of how others look at you, they might find you odd, but know that those close to you know of your kind heart, I hope your significant other treats you the way I do” Ingwe, cries even louder, covering her face in the quilt Asu looks over to his left, he wished his wife was with him on this final day, Asu closed his eyes for a moment recalling all the adventure he went with her. The picnics they had at the Thyra beach, The first kiss they had at the farm, Their ridiculous wedding, he chuckled as he remembers all those memories. The noise of his family began to fade, sounds of the rustling leaves and wind began to fade off, his vision began to darken, Asu knew this time if he closed his eyes he would not come back, before he faded off, with a bit of energy left “Pass this to Harper Woad…” he said as he gently let go of his son, the last of his energy was gone Asu was now in complete darkness, somehow he was able to still feel, but not physically. He opened his eyes, he was in the plains, flower petals were flying with the wind. Asu turned around and notices a mirror. He walks towards the mirror and places his hand on it, the reflection began to change, it was still him though, without the scars, the tattoos, the white hair or his faded pupils. “We finally met” the reanimated reflection spoke, Asu was taken aback. “Who are you?” Asu asks “You but not you, but I am not here to talk about us…” he said as he moved aside to reveal a familiar figure. Asu eyes widen and began to water “Sable?” Asu slowly walk towards her, his arms were shaking, Sable turned around her beautiful smile was still there. “SABLE!” Asu ran and hugged her, tears were rolling profusely down his cheeks. Sable gently patted his head, “It’s been awhile my Blue Rose” Sable said wiping his tears, “It’s time for us to go my Blue Rose” she said kissing on his cheek. Asu nods, he lets Sable lead the way. As Asu follows Sable, he took a quick glance behind at his reanimated figure and said…. “May the wind guide us to eternal peace”
  4. Name: Amir Abbas Race: Qalasheen Age: 40 Any Past Services: Errand runner OOC Information Discord (Required): Asuno#1141 Timezone (Optional): EST
  5. Aww dude ngl i have to thank you too for helping me with my situation too. Cya around disc man. (ps send me memes once in awhile) U will be missed!
  6. Name: Al-Asu Clan: Clanless Residence: Nordengrad Housing Desired Alderman: Artemis
  7. RP Name: Al-Asu Race: Qalasheen Age:31 OOC: MCName: Arc_Asuno Discord: Asuno#1141
  8. Asuno


    Al-Asu was a humble and friendly boy from The capital of the Kingdom of Haense, Markev. He was raised by his sister, Aisyah as their parents died during the time they were migrating to Markev. Both Al-Asu and Aisyah were descendants of the Qalasheen and were able to retain their culture. Aisyah taught Al-Asu various skills such as Archery and Sword Fighting. They decided to open a restaurant based on Qalasheen cuisine. However one day, a group of bandits decided to raid the restaurant and in doing so killed Aisyah. Upon this discovery, Al-Asu was filled with rage and decided to hunt down the group. He chased after the group and mercilessly killed every single bandit. However it was not enough for him and his wrath continued. He decided to tattoo his body in remembrance of his sister and dye his hair to white to show that he is no longer the Al-Asu that people use to know.
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