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  1. Cities, pls open ur gates. I want to rp in them.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Laeonathan


      come to veletz, gates are always open!

    3. Unwillingly


      10 hours ago, Laeonathan said:

      come to veletz, gates are always open!

      I do but no ones ever there

    4. Laeonathan


      there's currently quite a few people there...

  2. Looking for a wife

  3. "Alright then, back to work" The Elf nods after receiving the letter. He pins it on the notice board for the Crimson Edict to read
  4. Hey guys and gals, remember to take a break from the internet from time to time. Here enjoy some Nujabes fellow web surfers 


  5. I'm looking for someone to play my 'ker son. I want to do some father-son rp

  6. Wren'yer would be with his son Olberic, in the vineyard collecting grapes. When a messenger bird would deliver him a letter. A smile would form as he reads it, he throws his hands upwards cheering aloud. He lifted his boy and would sing praises alongside with him. "My boy! Tis over, after all this years! Alast, peace!" - "Bring this back to the keep boy, I shall gather more ingredients and we shall feast!" The Elven maln cheered as he went over to the stables, finding his fine stead to travel and purchase some spices.
  7. For almost a year now, i've been running back and forth from one nation to the other searching for roleplay. But never did I once get any good roleplay because Either: 1. Gates are closed off and citizen doors keep resetting every ******* week 2. AFK players around the city 3. Players who are not willing to engage in quality roleplay 4. Meme roleplay Also don't say "Cope and seethe" its the very reason why this server is undying. Instead try and give proper feedback to improve the server. We have half the server replying with sarcastic and unnecessary comments. My solution: It starts with you honestly. Make the effort to carry and start roleplay, don't expect other players to do it. Hell dm them on discord and ask them to jump on for roleplay. Thats what I do nowaday anyways, at the very least I can spend half an hour doing good quality rp instead of staying on the server for 5 hours searching for afk players
  8. "The legacy of the 'thill must be uphold. Lay down your arms brothers, we must work hand in hand in order to achieve what is best for the Silver City" The young 'thill would say aloud
  9. Old Haelun'or players seething and coping!

  10. "This war has gone on for far too long. The Dwarfs will triumph" Wren'yer simply crumples the paper, leaving it on his old desk
  11. "Hmmm... " Wren'yer takes the letter and pins it on his wall "For Celia..."
  12. Wren simply frowns and sighs "Truly this war has brought the worst out of us"
  13. Its been awhile since i got active on LOTC. Have you guys been well?

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