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  1. "Quite an interesting study... " Wren said as he took out the lit cigar from his lips and extinguish the flame on the ash tray "Perhaps I should have a few words with him, he might have a few studies under his belt that I could look into" Wren nods and would place this current article into one of his folders
  2. "What use am i? I could no longer PvP, nor bandit new players..." The old Mali said 


    "Not as you are... but become The Ferrymen and you shall be let loose of your embarrassment with our blessing" The hooded figure said

    1. RaiderBlue


      that's deep brother

  3. Waalaikumsalam ya habibti
  4. Current Mood

  5. Looking for a big women to marry

  6. Masyallah ameen dude @GoodGuyMatt
  7. "Master Chief? Mind telling me what you're doing at Oren?" Asked Lord Hood, a hint of confusion in his voice


    Master Chief replies with full confidence and strength "Sir, buying Beckham Cigars"

  8. "Guess the Jerry's don't come at night" said Lance Corporal Gawain to Sergeant Major Drillhorse @CallMeDoctor

  9. Guys you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to take other people's signature and then put it on my own signature and call it.... The Wall of Shame

  10. My little turtles have finally acknowledged me as their blood father. They are ready to become the teenage mutant monster hunter turtles

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    2. _Twi



    3. Asuno


      That is the way

    4. RinBun


      If I were a turtle, I'd like pizza too

  11. "You are tearing me apart Lisa!" said Tommy as he raised both of his fist upwards

    1. CallMeDoctor


      "Why are you so hysterical?!" retorted the irritated Lisa in a jittering, snap of scrutiny.

  12. The 'Thill would have heard of this 'Ame wandering around the Grand City. Seeing that she might be useful to him, he now searches around to find her
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