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  1. Wren would read the letter. He then carefully reads it and folds it into a nice thin square piece. A chest was opened with other similar letters, he sighs loudly as he would place it amongst the people who he had lost. "Death and Glory to you, Jolynn"
  2. Welcome back Slorbin. Glad you unshelved!
  3. ((Perhaps u shld take over as the Sohaer, Slorbin))
  4. Alright where the halo players at?

  5. When I recieve my katana license in Yong Ping


    1. tadabug2000


      When you actually attend Katana licensing classes

  6. "I am vegan"
    - Ghandi

  7. "Heinous beings, of pure evil... The ISA are not human in any form. Monsters in human flesh, for them to massacre innocent folk this is not acceptable" Wren would bring this letter towards the members of the Edict
  8. Wren smirks as he reads the letter "Death and Glory, my Dwed brothers... The Crimson Edict shall aid you with all we can!"
  9. hope anyone who sees this, is well and safe


    Ramadhan mubarak to my muslim brosss

    1. tadabug2000


      Asuno the real habibi out here

    2. Asuno
  10. "Skinning their own brother... for peace?" Wren would be disgusted upon seeing the letter "Surely the Elvennesse folk are not this much of a coward?"
  11. "I slew your king, I slew your country. Do these deeds not demand vengeance?" 

    Feeling like this today

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    2. Asuno
    3. Milenkhov


      Final Fantasy 12 - best game ever 

    4. Asuno


      Very much agreeable brother

  12. "They could just join us the Crimson Edict, instead of making a new guild..." Wren would scratch his head as he reads the poster
  13. The year is 2008, and the world teeters on the brink of war. Radical ultranationalists have seized power in Moscow. Their goal: the reestablishment of the old Soviet empire. Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, one by one the nearby independent republics slip back into the Russian fold. Russian tanks sit in the Caucasus Mountains and the Baltic Forests, poised to strike to the south and east. The world holds its breath, and waits. For one small group of elite soldiers, the war has already begun. The US Special Forces Group 5, 1st Battalion, D. Company, deployed on peacekeeping duty to the Republic of Georgia in the Caucuses. This handful of Green Berets represents the very tip of the spear, the first line of defense. Equipped with the latest battlefield technology, and trained in the latest techniques of covert warfare, they strike swiftly, silently, invisibly. They call themselves "the Ghosts."

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