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  1. [!] THE INFORMATION IN THIS ARCANE DISPLACEMENT RP POST IS NOT PUBLIC, PLEASE DO NOT METAGAME. HYPERNAUT LOG =ᛜ=ᛜ=ᛜ=ᛜ=ᛜ= 1-ALPHA - - - THE SAVAGE LANDS >>>> HYPERNOTE Initializing. . . 100%<<<< >>>>Initialization Complete. . . Loading Log<<<< Day-1: Upon reading the strange, seemingly ancient book, a field of unidentified energy enveloped me, transporting me through an ethereal starscape of worlds beyond imagine, I seemed to move at unknowable speeds, traveling past realms of every shape and size in but a blink of an eye. I soon landed, forming a shallow crater within a craggy hill, akin to a short, eroded mountain, to my suprise, I was unharmed, easily able to begin the creation of a temporary shelter. . . This land seemed vast and untamed while being unlike Hyperspace Domains, it felt far more physical, more real, though clearly, I was not anywhere in the known world. Day-2: The temporary shelter has held, keeping the wind and cold at bay while providing precious time to study the landscape, making a cohesive plan. I soon went about trying to find food and fresh water, cutting through dense foliage of various kinds, eventually, after a gruelling trek, I found a mountain stream, sourced from an imposing glacier above. I decided to make a more permanent camp, ordering my Mini-Bot to aid in carving out an indent in the stony mountain wall, and with time and effort, it was made into a crude, yet effective shelter from the elements. Day-3: I awoke to hear various noises, the sound of some sort of small fauna, I rushed outside, taking my humble dagger in hand while looking for the source of the noise. I had not eaten much since arriving, so it seemed prudent to obtain food. It, however, was soon clear that whatever was making the noises was gone, having fled into the wildlands beyond camp. It seemed clever action and a crafty trap would be needed. . . Day-4: Once more I awoke at the crack of dawn, soon going about fashioning a series of simple traps for whatever small game wandered near the camp. Deciding that they were complete, I moved back to the stream, wandering down the bank toward a larger river, where the stream soon merged. Taking a sharpened stick, I attempted to catch a fish or some other aquatic creature. Using my Hypernaut survival training, I caught a small trout before returning to camp with a full canteen. . . Roasted trout for dinner was a good change from plain water and whatever edible leaves and berries I could find. Day-5: As the morning began and light streamed into my camp, something felt off. . . Getting to my feet, I scrambled up the hill, looking around the surrounding area, I noticed a large creature, giant in size and even bigger in appetite, it seemed to be moving toward my camp. I panicked, gathering my things and quickly taking up that odd tome once more, attempting to read it and travel back home, and it worked. In a flash of light and strange energies, I was transported back to the library, finding that life had gone on as normal. I have decided to name the world that I discovered “The Savage Lands”, deeming the title appropriate for such a wild and untamed place. . . Further study will be necessary, of the magical book and its granted abilities, as well as the strange realm itself. >>>>Log Reading Complete. . .Closing Document<<<< >>>> HYPERNOTE Powering Down. . . <<<<
  2. Wenzel Rovin places his various votes for the different elections within the ballet-box.
  3. — — — — — — — — — — THE MAYORAL CAMPAIGN OF WENZEL JACK ROVIN — — — — — — — — — — TO THE BURGHERS OF KANUNSBERG: Since my arrival to this fine Princedom, I have lived in Kanunsberg, running an eatery of humble Waldenian foods and cozy atmosphere. I walk amongst you, I feed you, I speak with you, and I care about this city, from its walls and parapets to you, the friendly people who call this settlement home. Despite my family's historical power, I dwell amongst the common man, as a common man, I work with you and will continue to work with and for you for as long as I live and breathe. We are the backbone of this Princedom, serving it loyally and with honor. Vote for me, Wenzel Rovin, and I will not only continue to serve you goodly meals with a smile, but also strive to represent you, to help you, the people of Kanunsberg in all the ways I can while promoting the ideals of loyalty, hard work, and the reward there-after. Together, we will be able to push this Princedom further than ever before, into an age of commerce, honest labor, and fairness for all. Ehre sei der Mintiz! Ehre sei Waldenia! VOTE WENZEL JACK ROVIN FOR A BETTER KANUNSBERG, ONE WITH A SMILE! Signed, Wenzel Jack Rovin Patriarch of House Rovin
  4. THE DEATH OF FATHER WERT 1864 – 1933 “I WILL FIND MY SPIRIT STEADFAST” – OWYNIST PRAYER OF INTENT Father Wert, Pastor of Whitespire lay in his secluded barrel, dwelling in self-chosen poverty outside that capital city while a sweat covered his cavemannish brow. He was ill, having caught a dreadful plague in his time with the poor, explaining his recent absence - his living conditions did not help, but he refused to abandon his ascetic lifestyle. That night, Wert scribbled down his last-will, soon falling asleep in the isolated discomfort of his cramped home. Father Wert of Tuhrosweyk, Owynist Cleric and Pastor of the Aaunic capital died of his sickness before the morning sun rose. . . LAST WILL OF FATHER WERT To my apprentice and former-acolyte Father Rhodri, I leave my staff, made by the Lectorate of Owyn, hold onto it, it has many memories attached. To my friend and teacher Kato Oijin, I leave my icepick, keep it well, I suspect its origin has much importance. I leave the rest of my meager possessions to the Mother Church of Canondom, to be used in the common good.
  5. THE GNOMISH PLEA FOR NON-AGGRESSION [!] The symbol of The Great One We of Oblazekos have endured much since our hidden city’s fall nearly four hundred years ago; however, we Gnomes have never been ones of war or direct bloodshed; as such, the recent Urguani-Norland conflict has made me and my people ever-weary, with our vaulted enclave existing within the sewers of Norland’s capital city. We are not fighters, nor are we warmongers. We wish for a peaceful home outside the challenges of political strife. According to those wishes, I humbly ask on behalf of The Oblazeki People for the promise that we will not be harmed by either side of this conflict. We have lived amongst the dwarves, and we have lived amongst man. My people hope for a peaceful resolution to this conflict, for we have friends on both sides - However, let it be known that those of Oblazekos will not be fighting, and if attacked or urged to war by anyone, we will simply dismantle our Enclave of Nisselheim, leaving for a new home, something that would truly be a setback for the whimsical folk of the Gnomes. OBLAZEKOS’VOL, GLORY TO THE GNOMES, HONOUR BE TO THE ANCESTORS! - Dr Prof. Xob Wobson, Oblazeki Elder, Keeper of The First Cap
  6. Full Name of Man - Sir Robert von Stroheim Date of Birth of Man - SA 82 Name of Woman - Florence Vivien de Vienne Date of Birth of Woman - SA 93 Location of Ceremony - The Tempel der Funfzig Vander und Hg. Johann, Minitz Date of Ceremony (Year) - SA 134 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Father Wert
  7. Full Name: Wenzel Jack Rovin Age: 20 Gender: Male Race: Proud Waldenian Human Minitz Rank: Burgher
  8. A masked Khazadmar sorcerer nodded slowly "Boi Knowledge Unknowable - Teh Toil fer teh future es now. . ." spoke Morul Irongrinder before stating simply "Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz Khronumurrum"
  9. UNYIELDING IRON With the fall of Almaris and destruction of the Urguani mountainhome, much hardship has arrived for the Dwarven race to combat, yet ever stalwart and sturdy like stone, they endure for a better future. . . The Storied Clan of Irongrinder is no different in such. With a vigilant gaze I have watched The Khazadmar of Urguan, observing, waiting for a time, a time to return and help my kin - Now is that time. I, Morul Dareksson Irongrinder once more rise to the station of Clan Lord of The Khronumurrum and do decree the following. The Clan of Irongrinder will be reorganized to better fit the current state of our race, clan roles will be solidified to adhere with the work of Darek Irongrinder and things set right, all clan members who wish for work, however hard it may be, are asked to reach out via letter - Laziness in assigned tasks will not be tolerated, the toil for the future is upon us. I will personally be cultivating and supporting whichever clan members who are interested in Alchemy, or The Arts Arcane and the mysteries of Vuur’Dor: The Void. again, reach out if interested in study and the seeking of truth in the name of Lord Ogradhad. Lastly it is important to state that all existing, active grudges are to remain until stricken, for those of iron do not forget so easily. . . BY KNOWLEDGE UNKNOWABLE - MORUL IRONGRINDER LORD OF CLAN IRONGRINDER, CONQUEROR OF THE VOID, LIFEMAKER, SPELLSMITH, AND HEIR TO THE KINGDOM OF ORD.
  10. A being of stone looked to the missive, soon rumbling out "Hold relocation will be a must - I did not know Agents of Khorvad settled nearby and I cannot risk such loss without dwarfpower to defend. . ." Spoke Thulgarn Svuli'Ynothruz, staring around the empty cavern-home, no dwarves had arrived.
  11. On Yrrok’thruz Khoren - Perversions of Stone [!] Dotted around various notice boards and delivered to The Dwarves of Urguan by trained mail-mole is a missive, written by stoney hands in an angular and distinct script. Amongst our ranks, those of runic stone, are traitors and horrors of dangerous corruption. Do not trust these golems or their makers, for they bring chaos where Yemekar’s balanced creation once was. They sully the sacred art of your ancestors and of my kind’s making - they must be purged. Khoren crafted by imperfect hands and awakened by flawed souls are a plague that we, devout of The Holy Brathmordakin, must not tolerate. For too long have Yrrok, be they Elger or Umros tainted the sacred art of golemancy with their vile shortcuts and failures of technique, their creations likewise flawed and corrupted. It is my logical viewpoint that all Golemancers not of pious Khazadmar blood are to be either executed, or somehow disconnected from the holy art, with their creations destroyed and used for pottery grog. Listen here SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF URGUAN, do not tolerate those who steal your ancestral craft, do not tolerate those traitors who share our art to Yrrommar and the unfaithful, and do not tolerate shortcuts or deviations, for tradition and history are paramount for the Dwarven race and all those who serve alongside them. I humbly request that The Clergy and all other Brathmordakinist communities recognize my words - do not let this rot spread further, curb it where you can, this is a way to holy balance, and it is just. - Thulgarn Svuli’Ynothruz, pious follower of The Holy Brathmordakin and concerned Khoren. [!] A copy of this letter is also specifically delivered to the High Prophet Garedyn of Clan Mossborn. @VerminHunter
  12. A being of living rock rumbled, eyes of sigil and stone scanning over the page as spoke "Narvak oz Brathmordakin, Narvak oz Grimdugan - I was made on a similar anvil. . ." Sounded Thulgarn Svuli'Ynothruz.
  13. A Golem named Thulgarn sounded out with a rumble "NARVAK OZ URGUAN, NARVAK OZ KHAZADMAR, NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN." spoke the living stone.
  14. [!] Somewhere, in the vast wilderness beyond Almarian soil, a prison wagon rolled alongside others of its kind, that tiny gnome Xob slowly devising a plan to freedom, perhaps he might make the final battle yet. . .
  15. "Oi nevah was guud aht poetry but tis es ah noice read. - Oi wish guud luck ahn safe travels toh moi friends. . ." spoke Gnomish Elder Xob from within a far-off prison wagon, the little fellow shaking his head "Waht ah pickle oi seem toh beh en. . ." he frowned as the cart moved along the trail.
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