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  1. Morul Irongut looks at the missive “Wow, just wow” he’d sigh, facepalming “Hoooow would theeeh know?!” he’d say with sarcasm “of course meh Fatheh and Uncle be puppets” he’d sigh once more, moving to continue scribbling blueprints for siege weapons for the kingdom.
  2. Morul Irongut Would read the Mighty Flyer “Evreh Warrior has a tactician behind teh greatness o’ their strength” He’d Stroke his small yet well groomed beard “Teh king may be smart but ‘e really ‘as ‘his hands full at teh moment”
  3. Morul Irongut would look at the missive and say “By Yemekar’s beard, first he foights a bunch of children in a school t’en he insults all of Urguan! loike waht da, ‘e even insults meh fatheh and uncle.. tis dwed’s moind be far gone from teh realm o’ sanity” he’d nod and walk off, grumbling as he does so, moving to prepare the siege weapons for the kingdom to fight the infernal scourge. Embrek Starbreaker reads the missive and says “Down wit tis movement, tehy be tratiors to Urguan and teh king! tis charles teh bald is no leader, simpleh some madman” he’d walk off to his to his laboratory, holding a large book at his side.
  4. Name of the creature: Dwarven Riding Beetle (Optional) Link to a picture of the creature + name of the artist: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/tF_z1kC1w3I/maxresdefault.jpg Artist = Kruggsmash Is this creature tamable and if so, how: The Dwarven Riding Beetle is a docile beast with a demeanor similar to that of a work oxen but calmer, this makes the taming process relativity simple, simply feed the beetle small amount of mushed up mushrooms mixed with water, and over a few weeks, the beast will begin to expect the food every day. if raised from hatching, the beetle will care for their owners, although the beetle may begin to refuse food from other folk if they are fed regularly by their caretaker. Can you use this in combat: Nope, these animals are very Docile. Habitats - Check all that apply: Caves/Caverns Summary of the creature: An Oxen sized beetle resembling the mundane Rhinoceros beetles of the surface world, these majestic beasts are bluish in color and commonly graze on moss and fungi native to the caverns beneath the world’s surface, they have been domesticated by the Dwedmar of the Kingdom of Urguan, and the secrets of keeping these beetles healthy is kept by the Dwarves who very much do not wish to disclose this information. The beetles are known to be used as riding animals and work beasts, having mighty strength in carrying very heavy wagons and the like, and while they can be used for fighting if need be, these animals are docile and calm, preferring to simply eat their feed and do work for their dwarven owners. during the breeding process these beetle never leave their nests, making hand-feeding them a upmost priority, once hatched the small beetle larva will eat mushed up mushroom prepared by the dwarven caretaker or simply be fed by its mother, after a month of eating and growing they begin to molt and become tiny versions of their adult selves, it then takes a year and a half for them to fully grow. Characteristics of the creature: A docile beast, the life of a Dwarven Riding Beetle starts with it’s egg being laid by the mother into a nest of dried mushroom fiber, after one week of being laid and sat on, the egg will hatch into a small larva the size of a mug of ale, after one month, the larva will molt into the smaller adult form and after one year, they should of grown to the average size of a mundane oxen if they have been fed well. (Optional) Origins of the creature: Originally simple Herbivores living in the deep caverns on the world, these Oxen sized beasts were tamed ages ago by the Dwarves, but they have fallen out of favor from being sensitive to the sun’s light, making them weak on the surface. Strengths/Weaknesses Dwarven Riding Beetles are sensitive to light and bludgeoning weapons , such as war-hammers and maces, Sun light will cause them to be disoriented and blinded while blunt force weapons can crack the shell of the beetle, causing horrid pain and later, death. Red Lines 1: The Beetle can not be used on the surface effectively due to being sensitive to light. 2: The Beetles are docile and will not fight unless attacked themselves, even then, they would rather run. 3: Although the mundane Rhinoceros beetle can fly, The Dwarven Riding Beetle has far to small wings to even lift off the ground. 4: Beetles Must be Fed every day or its body will begin to slowdown after 3 days of lack of food, making them useless unless hand-fed to health, they will die after 1 week without Food. Availability: Common - Anyone can RP finding this creature.
  5. -=Closed for the week=- So sorry, Currently have 5 people asking, 2 for Urara 1 for Killer Pandas, 1 for Twisted Frys, 1 for HeftyDonut and 1 for a Kittycatkitcat!
  6. Current list: #1 = 2 for Urara! please throw me a discord message for updates and WIPs
  7. Hello! and Welcome to my Art Store! I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and I’ve always stayed on the cute and cartoony path! I take up to 3 hours to 1 day to finish a drawing depending on how busy I am, if there is a pre-existing list of clients it may take longer, but I can only look at the forums so much, so if you want a drawing toss me discord message at Norgeth_#6211 Prices: Headshot = 1250 Mina Fullbody = 2000 Mina I will also take certain ET signed items, allowing you to get a discount of my choosing. Here is my portfolio! https://imgur.com/a/kUyt3Vg Hope you enjoy looking at my art and have a nice day!
  8. Name (Both RP & IGN): Mstislav HearthBellow (Norgeth_) Profession (Miner, blacksmith, artisan? Multiple jobs are allowed!): Blacksmith Do you require temporary housing?: no Discord (Not required, but highly suggested! It’s free & safe): Norgeth_#6211
  9. IGN: Norgeth_ RP Name: Embrek Starbreaker Candidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  10. The Plushie-Crafter’s Fate ======================== ------------------------------------- On a snowy mountain peak stands Dworic Starbreaker with tears streaming down his coal colored face, he’d have a small note in his right hand and soon he'd whistle a A high pitched note, calling on a small sparrow that would fly through the air towards Dworic before landing, perched on his left hand. Dworic would then place the note within a tiny scroll case strapped to its right leg “To Urgaun” he’d mutter to the small sparrow before letting it fly to its hopeful destination. Dworic then stands at the mountain peak, all along for a few minutes, the peak was hard to reach and very steep and while he stood he’d think of all his family from his mentor Kazrin Starbeaker to his adopted parents the EmberAxes and how he’d failed them in so many ways… than Dworic would jump, tumbling down the mountain at a speedy pace, hitting rocks and other debris as he falls, in his last dying moments he thought and said “Oi’m sorreh….” he’d be cut short by a sharp rocky spike protruding from the mountain side impaling him through his chest, there his corpse lay, frozen and battered by the elements -------------------------------- The sparrow flies its way from the mountain peak into the visual range of Urgaun’s rocky mountain side, with its journey almost done it makes its way down the tunnels to the city itself before falling unconscious from the long travel… The letter itself would read “To Kazrin and my Clan, I be sorry for my failures as a Dwed, please take me life with a grain of salt and as a tale of caution, I cared deeply for me Clan and all its members, I hope none of you take the same path as I did though as my life was filled with regrets and mistakes… May the Brathmordakin take mercy on my soul” ==============
  11. Application Name: Ougor Race: Mali Age: 75 Place of Residence: Siramenor Scholarly Background (N/A if none): Heir to Lungor’s Wisdom, Keeper of Ungari Tradition and teachings
  12. Ougor would attempt to read the paper "Ougor not know how to read funny squiggles..." he'd frown and walk away, wondering what the paper said
  13. Hello ? I Currently am starting up a Neolithic based group of elves! We are looking for members, so if you like being a Cave Man who says “Unga Bunga”, send me a message on discord at Norgeth#6211 

    Here is a Link to the forum post that describes the Culture of my group ?

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      I love the Neolithic! Definitely gonna add you.

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