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  1. "Olrum" Irongrinder scowled as he heard the news, mumbling a distinct and hate-filled string of words from within the halls of his clan. "To kill an Honorable dwarf, even one seeking his own death is still kin-slaying, Jorvin, you have made a mistake that will haunt your bloodline forever more... And I thought you as a good dwarf, instead you have proven to all that you are but a elitist snob, just as the exiled and reviled clan of Ironborn..."
  2. ᚽᛆᛁᛚ ᛆᚴᛚᛆᛌᛁᚴ × ᛓᚱᛁᛆᛌᛁ ᚽᛁᛌ ᚿᛆᛙᛁ × ᚽᚭᚿᚭᚢᚱ ᛐᚽᛁ ᛁᚿᚢᛁᚿᛐᚭᚱ [!] An Engineer showcasing his work. [!] A Missive of aged and travelled parchment appears upon ALL public settlement notice boards, many copies also pinned to roadside trees or simply float in the wind - those who read the odd missive are filled with a sense of inventive inspiration and the urge to create - along with this, odd symbols and runes line the back of the paper, glowing and gleaming when nearby a source of innovation and technological progression… [OOC] This is a player run event using Remnant Hexes Lore, you will not be actually paid anything, however please do not meta-game this.
  3. Melrik Deephook chuckled loudly from atop his old and outdated sea-vessel "TIS GRAND, JUS' AHS TEH KINGDOM SHALL BEH WIT' TIS!" He'd exclaim before going to plan his underwater mining scheme once more!
  4. Despite only playing a forest dwarf for a few weeks in Arcas, I still think they are a very cool culture and subrace, this a great idea and I 100% support the Hefrumm revival going on right now! +1
  5. The primitive man known simply as WERT nodded, despite not knowing how to read, he'd know this was Honest and Good. "Good! oi 'aves 'ome now!" Thusly, the primeval fellow started to decorate his home with red ochre paintings...
  6. Xob Wobson frowned deeply, the adherent to Aglazek wished for the death of all dark beings, all beings that dare defy THE GREAT ONE himself - including those Spawn of Dragur "Damnation be upon those who defy The GOD-KING AGLAZEK, damnation to those who dare insult his edicts by their existence..." Spat the Arch-Zealot from the depths of Felt Cap Hall, the gnome soon placing the missive within a small box labled "TO DEAL WITH LATER"
  7. Xob Wobson scribed a letter to the mysterious "Cousin" of Malik, sending it off via a very aggressive-acting letter-mole, to burrow up and grant his request! "HAIL! I, Xob Wobson, leader of the Oblazeki Gnomes and Herald of Aglazek's Wrath wish for but a simple, and singular item of great value! I seek a stone-brick from Oblazekos' grand shrine of Aglazek: The GREAT ONE - simply sail into the sea, you'll find my homeland eventually. - My honest thanks, PRAISE AGLAZEK!"
  8. ᛓᛚᚭᚭᛐ ᚠᚭᚱ ᛐᚽᛁ ᚴᚿᚭᛙᛁᚴᚭᛐ × ᚴᛚᚭᚱᛁ ᛐᚭ ᛆᚴᛚᛆᛌᛁᚴ ᛆᚿᛐ ᚭᛓᛚᛆᛌᛁᚴᚭᛌ [!] A gnomish skeleton of yore lying in a mound of decayed leaves… [!] Within Felt-Cap hall, within Daeland, and even within the heart of the very Horde San’Velku stirred the small hooded figures of Oblazeki gnomes dressed in ceremonial garb and only speaking in the ancient tongue of Oblazek himself… “OBLAZEKOS VOL AGLAZEK, AOB, WOB!” they’d chant to anyone who neared them before scampering off into whatever tunnel or cranny that lay nearby, disappearing into the very night that they came. Missives are also posted in all allied and unaligned settlements, cities and camps, reading thusly… “To those who call themselves whatever honorable, to those who call themselves good - how can you watch as innocent gnomes, fathers and priests are slain by corrupt mercenaries and warped, blood-hungry & honourless elves?! If you are truely good, you will disdain and call out those murderers who lack but a speck of good in their hearts, who’s souls are black with malice. We gnomes can NOT fight these power-hungry monsters, we are small and almost harmless, we simply wish to keep our traditions alive and well… I call for all those who call themselves good, be you Cannonist, Brathmordakinist, Spiritualist or Aspectist, I PRAY that you understand this message… You leave the halflings alone, yet you dare kill gnomes without mercy, such is foul, simply FOUL. - XOB WOBSON: HERALD OF AGLAZEK’S WRATH” [!] The missive itself is just the beginning, Various makeshift Shrines to Aglazek and Wob the Martyr line roads to all nations excluding those of Malinor… However, to those who tear down these shrines, or speak to the hooded Oblazeki with hate or mistrust, simple glares would be received, that is all, for now… it being clear to those wise-ones that something more is to come in due time.
  9. [!] If the twisted and warped remains of Gormli Grandaxe could feel happiness or pride, it would, instead The Arbiter seethed from the wastes, awaiting vengeance, now not only upon The Spawn of Dragur, but also very Khazadmar who fight them, ones he'd call kin in life...
  10. [!] An Oblazeki Gnome Woodworker. [!] A missive is sent out by the wings of many pigeons, puffins, and sparrows, flying into all places a gnome may dwell, be it Honeyhill: Home of the Proper, or those scattered homesteads across the realms. HAIL! I am Wob Vobson, Leader of the Oblazeki people, I call for a meeting of all those who call themselves GNOMES, be you a dweller of Honeyhill, or a Gnome on the run, I send this message to thee: Gnomes should stick together, and even if living apart, we must be allies true! Meet with me in my home of Daeland on your own time, there I can speak to the need, the truest need for our folk to work together. Even for those non-gnomish halflings, you are free to come as long as you bear no aggression, I respect your traditions, though not my own, I still wish for ALL wee folk to be united in our friendship! - WOB VOBSON OOC: Send me a message on Discord at Norgeth#6211 if interested in meeting in game just to make it easier for me to be online at the right time.
  11. Wob "Yaromar" Vobson finds out this horrible news, then exclaiming! "NAE! Such es horriblehs! Get bettah soon Norlehs" The Gnome then went to Pray to THE GREAT ONE for Norli's health
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