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  1. IGN: Norgeth_ RP NAME: Morul AGE: 129 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: home owner (Legion, Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Ulfric Frostbeard
  2. By order of Azdor Morulson: Lord Overseer of Verak’Dor & The Underloc of Kal’Umthos, conquest of the unlawful folk of The Underloc has been enacted. All inhabitants must follow the laws of Verak’dor, while pledging loyalty to The Lord Overseer, or leave under risk of extermination and eviction. All parties currently residing within the Underloc are expected to send a legal and unarmed representative to negotiate or be assumed a threat to the sovereign rule of The Lord Overseer & his council. Terms may change during negotiations. Laws include but are not limited to: Murder is outlawed within the underloc unless in self-defence or having been authorized by the council before hand. Theft is outlawed unless authorized by the council. The Council and Lord Overseer have ultimate power within their domain & may change or add laws at their whim, thus, treason is outlawed by all means. Azdor Morulson: Lord Overseer of Verak’Dor & The Underloc of Kal'Umthos, Friend to Dwedlings.
  3. A far flung echo resounds to a silent crowd, a sorcerer inventor's soul missing among infinity ... body turned to naught.
  4. [!] A depiction of a Dwedling Essence-stone [!] Missives are posted in Du Loc, Urguan and various other settlements and cities, the handwriting of a young yet learned Dwedki scrawled upon it. "Requesting all enchanters and magi, my late father created a system of enchantments that I'd be willing to handsomely reward anyone able to recreate said creations through the payment of golden goods, ranging from trade bars to large storage ingots. Be it by sorcery, alchemy or some other path to power, whomever is able and willing to help in this task should contact me in Urguan or Du Loc, more information will be provided during meeting - Azdor Morulson" "amount of payment is negotiable upon meeting, depending on the recreations source and accuracy"
  5. Azdor Morulson looks upon the missive, nodding to the paper until he remarks "WAIT! Es moi house apart o' teh underdark?! ets undergrund!" He'd exclaim, scrambling over to ask a local lector or The mayor himself to make sure his home is safe.
  6. Azdor Morulson cries upon the death of his father in the distant land, for he is truly gone, never to be seen again...
  7. Morul Tinkerbeard looks upon the worn parchment, a single word coming from the sorcerer Dwed "Fascinating..." as he takes the parchment in hand, walking deeper into The Enclave of Verak'Dor.
  8. MC Name: Norgeth_ Character Name: Morul Tinkerbeard Contest(s) you wish to enter: Ogradhad Are you a citizen of Urguan or one of Urguan’s Vassals? If so, which one: I am a Dwarf who lives in the city (Urgauni Citizen)
  9. =-O-= A small tuberous root, similar to rutabaga but much smaller. Rumble-root is dependent on Systels and Glimmerstone for light, the small plant taking advantage of the nutrient-rich bed of many water formed caverns, as well as the relative lack of competition, named after its discoverer “Morlo Rumble-Quake” a forest dwed who fell down a large sinkhole while lumberjacking, Rumble-root has since became a favorite among cavern dwelling descendants such as cave dwarves and dark elves for its nutty yet sweet flavor that some would call a mix between a peanut and a carrot. Since farmed and propagated by deep-dwellers around the realms, Rumble-Root is known to be a hassle to farm, requiring much effort in not only supplying light via nearby Glimmerstone or Systel gatherings but also in making sure the ground has been thoroughly tilled, as rumble root grows best in soft moss-like soil. Best-known cooking methods include baking, boiling, and even pies, but many other techniques are able to be used. Rumble-Root is inedible unless cooked, near as hard as a rock raw, when cooked it becomes like that of a finer textured potato. Redlines and Rules 1: Rumble-Root may not be used as a loop-hole to allow underground farms, it is meant to be made as player-signed items for flavor and RP's sake. 2: In Order to Rp having any sort of Rumble-Root, cooked or not, must require a player-signed item in your inventory. 3: Rumble-Root is harmless and completely non-toxic, having no effects other than being a flavorful addition to caverns. =-O-= Credits and Citations. Written by Norgeth_ Looked over by Titanium430 Glimmerstone written by Xx_BloodStalk_xX & Titanium430 Systels written by Reece_Nolan
  10. [!] A Sorcerer peers upon everything, yet saw nothing, a distinct smirk upon his bearded face... Innovation shall move forth.
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