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  1. “Innovation & Truth Forever, Stagnancy will fall!” Founded on the principles of Truth and Innovation after Morul Irongrinder chose to split away from his brethren due to years of disappearances, lack of active events and general fading from Urguan’s modern scene, Morul choose to do what his ancestors could not since Irongrinder’s founding and glory days, create something new and keep it alive, thus The Clan of Steamwatcher was founded, The Dwarven Sorcerer leading a small following to what seems like a hopeful future… Culture and Customs -=[]=- Takin
  2. Looking for someone to play my dwarven sorcerer's son, expect to do alot of Magic and Engineering Rp as my character is a mad inventor kind of dwarf, not really living in urguan anymore, so thats not a requirement, send me a message on discord at Norgeth#6211 if interested 😄                                                          Skin will be provided:                                                                                         


  3. Norgeth

    New Beginings

    [!] A message is pinned to the Irongrinder Clanhall, reading thusly “I Morul Irongrinder henceforth apologize for my accusations of the Lord Irongrinder, and for causing chaos and disrupting the Clan as a whole I apologize to it as a whole entity. I shall be self exiling myself from Clan Irongrinder and as well shall be taking up a new name to signify new beginnings. Good day to you all – Morul
  4. Titanium Lore?! Wowzers! Its good too! how wonderful! +1
  5. 《》《》《》《》 The Hidden Folk of Avarice are a mysterious group of dwarves whose culture is far different from those of Urguan’s grand kingdom, born of a lost expedition from the dwarven golden age, these dwed found themselves in a hostile and odd environment, their civilization evolving based on what made them survive. History and Origin 《》《》《》 [!] A painting of the homeland and its mighty volcano. Those dwedmar of the expedition found themselves stranded upon a small island covered in ice and snow, a single great volcano within its center
  6. [!] An Invitation would find its way into Morul's Mail-Box, him walking out into the street and opening it to find the letter folded neatly within the box... Morul opening the letter as a grin forms upon the normally orderly dwed's face, him letting out a chuckle as he looks up from the letter "Protocol 2-SB7 shall begin shortleh eh" he'd utter and place the letter down and walk off into the streets of Urguan.
  7. IGN: Norgeth_ RP NAME: Morul Irongrinder CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  8. The Wronged: Morul Irongrinder The Assailant: Brynaelda Grandaxe The Wrong: Insulting of The Wronged’s honour by calling them amoral, a poor teacher of the arcane arts, and thus disrespecting Ogradhad by disrupting the teaching process; dishonouring Belka by preventing The Wronged’s apprentice's passion for learning and his interest in the arcane and finally calling The Wronged a Heretic when such is false in all senses of the matter. Date of Wrongdoing: 14th of the Sun’s Smile, Year 6 of the Second Era. Terms of Settlement: A public apology to a c
  9. [!] A leather-bound tome sits upon the pedestal within Dwed-Corp’s shop, open for all to read. Khaz’ad Khotha: A Monograph on The Fortress of Chains and its Denizens. [!] Khaz’ad Khotha at its peak, A Fortress of ice and iron. Born of the early expeditions into Amaris’ frozen-wastes to its north, Khaz’ad Khotha was the home of four intrepid pioneers, only to be lost in the dunes of time, what happened to the grand stronghold of dwarven might in the time after its creation? Only the gods know for sure… Forged from the icy wastes by Aghuid Irehe
  10. That could work well! although, they may be warm blooded, considering the massive amount of energy coal contains, them using some of that energy for heat would make sense.
  11. -=The Karbek=- [!] A rare “limestone” colored Karbek, bred for its light almost orangey beige color, a mutation caused by years of selective breeding. -=Overview=- Originating from frost-bitten ice caves deep within the northern parts of Almaris. Karbeks were discovered by an expedition group of dwarves in the lost fortress of Khaz’ad Khotha. Having large plate-like dark grey scales running along their bodies, these small lizards have a peculiar ability, they possess the strange capability of digesting mineral oils and most interestingly, coal! Composing nearl
  12. -=- The Tinker-Beard Company Presents: Grudge Cubes -=- Overview -=- Originally created in the final days of The First Age, Grudge Cubes are a game like no other, with many combinations and tactics. Each of a Grudge Cube’s six sides have information engraved upon them, always including an engraving of what the cube represents, The Cube’s Defensive Points or DP, and The Cube’s Attack Points or AP, and up to two abilities, and if what the cube represents has historical importance, it usually contains a small description of it. Rules -=-
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