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  1. Morul read the parchment, letting out a grumble. "Bahh! Fools, teh lot o' tehm! oi'm sure both soides will seeh great folly... Gud thing oi'm safe en tis armoured 'ouseboat." He'd utter with a grin as he took a sip of his morning tea, luxury abound.
  2. Pretty epic if I do say so myself! Good read and well formatted! +1
  3. Looking for members in my Gnome culture. Currently it's just me, but I've put a lot of hard work into the culture and lore, we live in Du loc and have a little estate/area outside the walls, including a nice new build I'm working on.


    Please send me a message on discord if you are interested in joining or even just have questions, my discord tag is Norgeth#6211

  4. Wob Vobson runs over and tries to help stop the bleeding...
  5. When the hammer falls... 𝄞𝄞𝄞 reads like a charm, wonderful formatting and well written lore +1
  6. Origins Dwedlings, Gnomes, & Pebble-Kin, these are all names of the Oblazeki, former dwellers of the Hidden City of Oblazekos, these halflings are a drastic split of traditional wee-folk, born of early halflings who valued the traditional traits & heritage of the dwarven folk, they rejected the other halflings’ way of life, choosing to follow a prophet & wiseman who went under the name & moniker of “Oblazek”. Oblazek disdained thievery & trickery, a trait common in halflings of the era, instead, he valued honour, hard work, & most of all, independence, he saw his kin as folk who shall not be subjugated, those whose right to rule was equal to that of other descendants, even without a great & mighty father figure to be their own. Founding a hidden city deep within a far off land, Oblazek ruled his people for his life-span, & when he passed, the city was thusly named in his honour. Oblazekos was a humble town that slowly yet surely grew in size & grandeur. The citizens interacting with nearby dwarves & growing closer still to those stout & sturdy folk, trade routes were made, & the dwarven religion influenced the native one of the Oblazeki people. This time of plenty lasted, yet all things must come to an end… [!] His Lordliness, The last king of Oblazekos: Yaromar The Fat. From the peaceful night skies, bright as a star & as hot as the forge, fell a blazing rock, which struck the central spire of the city, destroying the settlement along with the nearby dwarven outpost. Hundreds of Oblazeki died that day, & the survivors spread out across the mortal realms, forever mourning their lost home. [!] That dreadful streak, flashing across the sky Appearance Almost all Oblazeki have a similar appearance, all coming from the stock once found in the lost city, ages of wandering have incorporated some foreign traits to the pebble-kin, but they have mostly stayed to themselves within small & secluded outposts & camps. The stature & build of the Oblazeki is strict, them all falling into a stout & stocky stature, standing around 2 foot at the shortest, to 2 foot 6 inches at the tallest. The strength of an Oblazeki is the same as a normal halfling, them not being stronger or weaker than their blood-kin. Hair colours common amongst the pebble-kin are as follows. Brown, White, Blonde, & Auburn, White in particular is very common, Oblazek himself having such a tone to his locks. Almost all Oblazeki have pale skin, similar to that of the heartlanders & highlanders of the humans, or Mountain Dwarves of Urguans’s Folk. Those who have darker, more sallow skin are a clear sign of mixing with other types of halflings - this is not forbidden or taboo, though it is very rare. Eye colour is very unified, those colours amongst the Oblazeki being as follows. Blue, green, & grey of various hues & shades. Those with mixed blood may have other colours, though as a rule, all eye colours fall within the natural range of humans. Clothing is very simple, being practical & made from what is around the pebble-kin, however, some cultural pieces are prominent, such as a large pointed felt hat, it & others being worn at least on special occasions by all Oblazeki. Not much variation is found between genders, them all wearing the same basic items. [!] A humble Oblazeki Farmer, showcasing the cultural garb. Culture Religion [!] An Oblazeki Priestess, tending to a pot of soup for the poor. Oblazeki culture is very focused upon their religion, that being a simple yet still nuanced form of ancestor veneration. The main focus of worship depends and varies from family to family, but Oblazek himself is revered amongst all households, along with a figure known as The Grand One - analogous to the dwarven Yemekar and Creator figures in other religions. This figure is believed to be the grand unifier of existence, an all powerful character who built the world and everything in reality from nothing but his own power. The Great One is also believed to occasionally take mortal form, roaming the material realms and unifying the Oblazeki people. Oblazek himself is believed to be the first of these incarnations, and there are several others remembered as such throughout the ages. Some scholars believe this viewpoint derives from the dwarven religious tradition of Paragons, noting the similarities of the concepts. The Incarnations’ names, and monikers are remembered and memorized by the Pebble-kin, those names being listed below. 1: Oblazek the Founder 2: Aob the Wise 3: Thordin the Warrior 4: Fargrum the Explorer Naturally, this simplistic viewpoint has its advantages, the Pebble-kin being able to integrate themselves into various other groups and cities, while remaining true to their cultural roots. The Oblazeki trust that hard work makes right, making sure their fields & houses are of topmost quality, everything must be top-notch. Cultural Crafts & Trades Chief amongst the trades & crafts of the Oblazeki is Stonemasonry, those small folk being experts in the fine work associated with the art - able to fit into tight places & add detail where others could not. They export & sell small statuettes & idols, making what coin they can. Another main trade amongst the Oblazeki is Carpentry & woodcarving, chairs & fine furniture being built, along with the wooden supports for their homes & buildings. Both of these trades are also done, at least traditionally - along with farming & ranching. The Pebble-kin are subsistence farmers, not growing more than what they need for their family & community. The main crops grown are Parsnips & Barley, & the main animals tended are goats & sheep of a wild & small variety. Weapons & Armaments The pebble-kin are not an aggressive or combative folk, preferring to talk or flee before fighting, however they will not let their livelihood be destroyed, and if it is threatened they will retaliate with force. Too small to use a normal polearm or sword, the weapons of the Oblazeki are limited, them preferring to use a forked staff-sling, allowing them to throw both lead glandes or stones a far distances with great force, the bottom of such staff spiked for use as a walking stick and makeshift spear. Other small weaponry such as hatchets may be used as well. [!] An example of such a staff-sling. Armour is often light, made from cloth and leathers to allow the Obazeki mobility in the midst of combat. OOC Purpose Credits Norgeth_: Main Writer Titanium430: Secondary Writer Many thanks to those who reviewed as well!
  7. IGN: Norgeth_ RP NAME: Morul AGE: 129 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: home owner (Legion, Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Ulfric Frostbeard
  8. By order of Azdor Morulson: Lord Overseer of Verak’Dor & The Underloc of Kal’Umthos, conquest of the unlawful folk of The Underloc has been enacted. All inhabitants must follow the laws of Verak’dor, while pledging loyalty to The Lord Overseer, or leave under risk of extermination and eviction. All parties currently residing within the Underloc are expected to send a legal and unarmed representative to negotiate or be assumed a threat to the sovereign rule of The Lord Overseer & his council. Terms may change during negotiations. Laws include but are not limited to: Murder is outlawed within the underloc unless in self-defence or having been authorized by the council before hand. Theft is outlawed unless authorized by the council. The Council and Lord Overseer have ultimate power within their domain & may change or add laws at their whim, thus, treason is outlawed by all means. Azdor Morulson: Lord Overseer of Verak’Dor & The Underloc of Kal'Umthos, Friend to Dwedlings.
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