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  1. The Plushie-Crafter’s Fate ======================== ------------------------------------- On a snowy mountain peak stands Dworic Starbreaker with tears streaming down his coal colored face, he’d have a small note in his right hand and soon he'd whistle a A high pitched note, calling on a small sparrow that would fly through the air towards Dworic before landing, perched on his left hand. Dworic would then place the note within a tiny scroll case strapped to its right leg “To Urgaun” he’d mutter to the small sparrow before letting it fly to its hopeful destination. Dworic then stands at the mountain peak, all along for a few minutes, the peak was hard to reach and very steep and while he stood he’d think of all his family from his mentor Kazrin Starbeaker to his adopted parents the EmberAxes and how he’d failed them in so many ways… than Dworic would jump, tumbling down the mountain at a speedy pace, hitting rocks and other debris as he falls, in his last dying moments he thought and said “Oi’m sorreh….” he’d be cut short by a sharp rocky spike protruding from the mountain side impaling him through his chest, there his corpse lay, frozen and battered by the elements -------------------------------- The sparrow flies its way from the mountain peak into the visual range of Urgaun’s rocky mountain side, with its journey almost done it makes its way down the tunnels to the city itself before falling unconscious from the long travel… The letter itself would read “To Kazrin and my Clan, I be sorry for my failures as a Dwed, please take me life with a grain of salt and as a tale of caution, I cared deeply for me Clan and all its members, I hope none of you take the same path as I did though as my life was filled with regrets and mistakes… May the Brathmordakin take mercy on my soul” ==============
  2. Application Name: Ougor Race: Mali Age: 75 Place of Residence: Siramenor Scholarly Background (N/A if none): Heir to Lungor’s Wisdom, Keeper of Ungari Tradition and teachings
  3. Ougor would attempt to read the paper "Ougor not know how to read funny squiggles..." he'd frown and walk away, wondering what the paper said
  4. Hello ? I Currently am starting up a Neolithic based group of elves! We are looking for members, so if you like being a Cave Man who says “Unga Bunga”, send me a message on discord at Norgeth#6211 

    Here is a Link to the forum post that describes the Culture of my group ?

    1. Carson


      I love the Neolithic! Definitely gonna add you.

  5. [!] a book lays on a table in the library of Aegrothond, written as if rushed to finish the tome. The Line of Ungarnos ========================================================= General ========= The Line of Ungarnos where a elven tribe-people that originate from an icy yet thickly wooded pine forest within the north of ancient Axios in Malins kingdom. they only appeared when their lands were trespassed upon, they are descendants of a Great warrior known as “Ungarnos the Forgotten” The line of Ungarnos are a mostly dead culture with only few remaining… The line of Ungarnos has a distinctive speech pattern in which the words “I” and “Me” are replaced by the person's name. Physical & Mental traits --------------------- The Line of Ungarnos has a few distinct physical and mental traits, here is a list of them, they have larger brow than most elves. They also are normally slightly less smart then the average Mali, pale skin, green eyes and brownish grey hair are also common Culture ----------- The Line of Ungarnos have an interesting culture, many of them worship “The Huntsman” one of the aspects of the Mali‘Ame The Line of Ungarnos is a tribal hunting and gathering culture that mainly use spears, javelins, bows and axes while hunting and is primitive in technology, stone tools being common, with raw copper being rare and prized and steel being almost mythical to the primitive folk. The Line of Ungarnos currently reside within The Principality of Aegrothond, there leaders showing them into the future, the Line of Ungarnos’s future looks bright under the Crown of Elvenesse! ----------------------------------------------- [!] A Small note is stuck on the back of the book, it reads “I Ougor hereby proclaim that I, 5th Chieftain of the Line Of Ungarnos will give all I have to the Crown of Aegrothond, and that all of my line shall do so as well and if my line were to fall to ruin, all of my lines possessions would revert to the crown of Aegrothond...”
  6. A young cave Dwed reads the document, reading slowly to properly know what every argument means “Oi think taht Norli Be Roight, Baldin be false is evereh sense of teh word! Narvok Oz Brathmordakin! Narvok Oz Urgaun!” the young Dwed would say to himself in the library
  7. Dworic Starbreaker, a young and naive dwed would be trying to perfect his beverage recipe when he hears of the return of Mynebor, he would gasp at the thought of another evil heretical kingdom ever rising against the will of the Brathmordakin, he would then gather his few weapons and hope that Mynebor’s people are exterminated before he has to take up arms!
  8. Cool dude that makes good skins! +1
  9. RP Name: : Dworic Starbreaker MC Username: Dwarf_of_Norgeth Discord: Dwarf_of_norgeth#6211 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: To explore the realms of Dwarves past! What Skills Can You Bring?: Experienced Baker and Food Preparer
  10. [!] During the period of time between the time that Dworic Starbreaker attempted to throw a heretic off of a ledge to a fiery fate, and the time of his disappearance, Dworic seemed off in his behavior, he was no longer the happy go lucky dwed that baked and sewed for the community, instead he became a reclusive, almost antisocial person. Suddenly out of nowhere Dworic ran off into the caves of the under realms, crying as he ran. Since then, a multitude of strange noises can be heard in the caves, such as footsteps, munching noises and the mumbling of a scared and broken dwed.
  11. In Character: Your Name: Dworic Starbreaker Your Race: Cave Dwed The Guild Position you are applying for: Merchant Do you accept the Brathmordakin as the only true religion?: Of course! Do you swear to abide by the standard code of conduct for all members of Armakak’s Coin? : yes i do. Out of Character: Your Minecraft Username: Dwarf_of_Norgeth Your Discord Username: Dwarf_of_norgeth#6211
  12. [Ooc] Username: Ssmek Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): 6+ hours Discord: Dwarf_of_norgeth#6211 Timezone: Mountain standard time [RP] Name: Dworic Starbreaker Place of residence: Fenn Race/Subrace/Culture: Cave Dwed Do you swear to follow the laws of fenn while in fennic land?: Absolutely!
  13. [MC Name] : Dwarf_of_norgeth  RP Name : Dworic EmberAxe Race : Cave dwarf Why do you desire to join?: I want to fight against evil with courage granted by the gods!
  14. Sorry but I have chosen not a join a clan right now [ MC Name: ] Dwarf_of_norgeth What is your name? (Peter, IRL) Dworic EmberAxe Where do you live? The Under Realm What are your primary skills? Smithing and metallurgy Short biography (5+ sentences): Born in a small mining community in the under realm, Dworic was always helping around his family’s forging business. He inherited the business later in life, but when he turned his businesses focus onto magical and mundane metallurgy, his business hit hard times. You see, the standard dwarf has no need for a electrum dagger and such. One night when Dworic was sleeping, a group of drinking rioters set fire to his shop and home. Dworic has been wandering until now due to his life's work being burnt to the ground. But Dworic is still a good natured dwarf with the nack for the arcane. How are you related to the Irongut Clan? (See family tree, don't create your own father or mother unless you PM the Clan Father): I am the Son of Thrak Irongut but I wandered of as a toddler during a clan event, I was later found by the freindly Emberaxe family, I just found out my true heritage Do you swear loyalty to the Irongut Clan?: By my beard and that of all my sons OOC  Do you agree to follow all the rules of the Irongut Clan? Totally! Discord ID? (optional, you can also send it through PM if required) Dwarf_of_norgeth#6211
  15. Norgeth


    Dworic was born in a small mining community in the Under-Realm of Urguan, his parents where weapon smiths who had a decent reputation in their village. Dworic took up the craft of his family at the young age of 9, helping around the forge whenever possible. When Dworic was 23 he inherited his family business but he steered his businesses efforts toward the creation of magical and mundane metallurgical metals. At 25, A band of drunken rioters burnt down his shop and home, leading Dworic to wander the world in search of purpose. he has been wandering ever since!
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