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  1. -=- The Tinker-Beard Company Presents: Grudge Cubes -=- Overview -=- Originally created in the final days of The First Age, Grudge Cubes are a game like no other, with many combinations and tactics. Each of a Grudge Cube’s six sides have information engraved upon them, always including an engraving of what the cube represents, The Cube’s Defensive Points or DP, and The Cube’s Attack Points or AP, and up to two abilities, and if what the cube represents has historical importance, it usually contains a small description of it. Rules -=- There are two types of cubes and one type of slate. Object Cubes represent Artifacts, Relics and Mundane Items, Having Abilities and AP only, and are able to be Equipped in one action, giving said Dwed Cube the Object Cube's Abilities and AP. If only 1 Object Cube remains, the player still having a dwed cube active wins. Object Cubes can be equipped to Dwed Cubes. Dwed Cubes represent People and Notable Dwedmar from history, having Both AP & DP as well as Abilities. Fortress Slates represent the notable fortresses and hold throughout dwarven history, having DP and Abilities. Dwed Cubes can fortify within Fortress Slates, them gaining the DP and Abilities of said Slate for one turn. All Players Start with 1 of each type of cube and 1 Fortress Slate, each Player being able to make one action per turn, actions being Attacking, Defending, Activating an Ability and Fortifying. When All Cubes have been removed from the field, whoever still has cubes active wins! Player turn order is counter clockwise around the table with it starting with whoever wins a coin flip. -=- All Cubes can be acquired by opening Grimdugan’s Wager Boxes or via trading with other players. Grimdugan’s Wager Boxes cost five mina, but many cubes can cost less or more than said five mina depending upon rarity.
  2. Morul Irongut would be sitting in the tavern when the mandate is revealed "et was teh Umreh!" he'd say to other folk within the tavern "Oi "ave nae been to teh surface en months." he'd shuffle in his seat
  3. Morul Irongut would get news of the regency, he'd sigh, mumbling a prayer to Anbella to help heal the ill king. "oi 'ave nae doubt 'e will return stronger an' betteh tahn before, get well soon yer majesty!"
  4. The Mercantile Alliance of Urguan “In Business, strive to gain wealth yet never exclude collaboration, as together, we may honour Armakak” - Code of The Merchant Brothers. Created in order to support multi-merchant collaboration within The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, The Mercantile Alliance of Urguan has many goals, these include. Spreading wares of individual mercantile companies, in order to expand Urgaun’s economic influence into both the surrounding lands and afar, To Collaborate upon larger projects and build each of our fortunes together, To honour The Merchant Brothers, Armakak and Grimdugan via trade and collection of wealth, and many more smaller goals. [!] An Alliance Overseer writing official documents and collaborations while enjoying a nice puff from his pipe Ranks Greater Overseer: A rank exactly the same as overseer but is considered the legal head of the alliance as a guild, only one person may have this rank at a time. Overseer: A Rank that is an individual rather than a business or company, this rank’s job is to oversee the collaborations between alliance members. Contributor: A Business that has contributed to the greater dwarven economy and has the Ability participate in Alliance collaborations. Welcomed Contact: A Business or Individual either outside of the dwarven kingdom or simply a person who has no business yet has been deemed loyal and useful to Urguan and its economy. Joining Joining the Alliance is simple, just ask any Contributor or an Overseer and we will look over your companies products and practices, if you are a true and honourable dwarven merchant, then you will be accepted with haste! Companies involved in the alliance DwedCorp Metalfist Armouries A Gut Feeling Engineering Co Ireheart Inc The Iron honor Anbella's Grace Medics Guild And various other independent & individual merchants. (OOC: Please Contact Norgeth_ or Norgeth_#6211 on Discord if you are interested.) (OOC: Wiritten By Norgeth_)
  5. Jorvin Metalfist would jump up and down, taking a bite of his lemon, smiling he'd cheer "Papa! ye be ah gud clan fatheh an' ah gud Da! Now get meh ah anotheh lemon!" he'd order his father, pointing to a large bag labeled 'Lemons'
  6. Morul Irongut would had been more isolated than normal after the events described above, sitting in his room within the irongut hold, looking though notes and archaic texts of old for some reason that he himself may not even know... yet somehow Dorimnur's recount reached his hands via some complex letter system, holding it within his gloved hands, Morul would nod "Et was ah day o' moighteh deeds an' even mer moighteh dwed. all o' us taht were there has som' sort o' change o' heart, evereh one o' us did our best"
  7. Coming from a person who plays a fire evocation mage, I honestly feel that Tox’s rules make more sense over all, now this may be bias, as its the only system Ive used since i gained my MA, but that is my opinion. on the other hand, I do think that mages should be limited in their armour choices as well as weaponry, but as said before, I think that Tox’s rules would be easier to grasp in a pinch, as the post has clear descriptions of how many emotes it may take, etc. it may also benefit players who just got into voidal magics, as it is simpler in my mind.
  8. Morul Irongut would enter his small office and house within the Irongut Hold, taking his goggles off, he would look to a small notebook, moving to grab the book. he’d slowly open it and smile, for Urguan’s technological wonders are to be improved and innovated upon. Morul would simply nod before placing the small notebook upon his table, turning to look upon the many blueprints pinned to his cork-board.
  9. MC Name: Norgeth_ RP Name: Morul Irongut Discord: Norgeth_#6211 Which part of the tournament do you wish to participate in (PvP/Archery/Both): Both Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.) MST
  10. Deep Within The Irongut Hold sat Morul Irongut within his room, upon his table was The Cannon Design Blueprint that he helped to create along side Yemekar’s Pick. he’d sigh, turning his head to look upon all the other siege weapon Blueprints stacked messily upon his table and pinned to the walls, his work, his calling was to design these weapons, yet he felt dismissed, despite not being present at the King’s speech, he felt as he did, but he soon looked to an empty piece of blue dyed parchment, moving to grab his white pencil and thus, he began to draw and plan, often taking a sip of whiskey from his flask “Tis Weapon will bring teh full moight o’ Urguan’s Kin upon teh spawn o’ Khorvad” He’d mutter with a smirk, looking upon his nearly finished design of what he simply called “Dungrimm’s Fury MK1”. Morul would look to the aged arcane tomes upon of his bed, thinking that they can wait for now, The Workshop must begin constuction! “Teh Will Pay Fer Takin’ Meh Fatheh’s Arm, Teh ‘Ammer, an’ Teh loives of many ah folk! Tehy shall FALL” He’d mutter in hate as he stood from his desk, moving to leave his room and contact his supplier for the resources and Dwed-Power to construct the monstrous weapon of his own design.
  11. IGN: Norgeth_ RP Name: Morul Irongut Any past experience in taverns? (not required to be employed.): have been to the tavern semi-regularly, has a love of hard liquor and strong meads/ales What role do you wish to be employed as (Bartender/Brewer): Bartender and Brewer What is your discord (not required, but really helpful if you wish to be notified on events and other important things): Norgeth_#6211
  12. Morul Irongut looks at the missive “Wow, just wow” he’d sigh, facepalming “Hoooow would theeeh know?!” he’d say with sarcasm “of course meh Fatheh and Uncle be puppets” he’d sigh once more, moving to continue scribbling blueprints for siege weapons for the kingdom.
  13. Morul Irongut Would read the Mighty Flyer “Evreh Warrior has a tactician behind teh greatness o’ their strength” He’d Stroke his small yet well groomed beard “Teh king may be smart but ‘e really ‘as ‘his hands full at teh moment”
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