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  1. A Dream Perishable With the unfortunate happenings regarding Adria and Aaun being now known to myself and many others, I, Wymond of Lynde have chosen to not only denounce Duke Sarkozic of Adria, but also abandon my currently landless title of Baron Rulund. Sometimes a dream must die, and my late fathers is just that, a dead dream in how he executed it. Aaun is a bastion for humanity and the honorable amongst our race, and to keep a title sworn to a traitor will not be accepted by The House of Lynde despite my own absence. RULUND IS DEAD! LONG LIVE THE UNITED KINGDOM OF AAUN! So it is declared. . . SIGNED, - Wymond Lynde, Former Baron of Rulund.
  2. C L A N D U H R T H E S T O N E O R C S [♪] * The Spirit Grugnar within his Cave. P R E F A C E Urukim, Orcs, whatever you may call them – The honourable sons of and daughters of mighty Krug stand tall above the other races in both stature and strength, yet they are also cursed to live a life of bloodlust and savagery, to forever fight off that malign need for brutal violence. Many arguments and rivalries have formed from this innate need for blood, and as a result the children of Krug have oft wandered far and wide in search of new homes away from rivals, in search of burgeoning horizons and the chance to dominate new landscapes in the name of the spirits and their ancestors. Lost within the sands of time lay the origins of one clan, one tribe by the name of Duhr – A grouping of strong yet savage warriors of stone, eking out an existence at the dawn of civilization and technology. Bound by oath and tradition to use naught but stone tools and weapons, yet with a rich culture of war, art and everyday life. This is the never ending story of Clan Duhr, painted on cave walls for all eternity! O R I G I N & H I S T O R Y The vast majority of Clan Duhr history is lost to the sands of time, forgotten and left in flooded caves and frozen continents of ice. Yet still the Duhr remember small fragments of history, passed down from father to son and from elder to all – the most important of these fragments is the mythical and somewhat exaggerated origin of the great Clan Duhr and its earliest leaders. In the elder ages of the before times – when the primordial mists of creation had yet to take their current form, and when the mountains rose up and pierced the sky itself. When the mighty energies of Grugnar had yet to recede and the world was all but right, there was but one leader by the immortal name of Krug! It was he who spurned forth the great Urukim race, and it was he who first sent forth the first warriors of legend to settle new lands in his name. One of these great warriors took the name of Duhr in honour of the spirit Grugnar, for he was its champion and most important agent in the world of mortals. It was he who first led the expedition to the great mountain valley, and it was he who founded the Clan Duhr. The valley was lush and full of life, fed by those two great flanking mountains. Life was good, but hardship remained and served its role to harden the settlers into strong and hardy individuals, both in body and soul. At this time, some of the Urukim that would become Clan Duhr still used metal tools and weapons, not yet having seen the might of Grugnar and his primorial ways. All this was about to change however, as a great disaster of untold proportions struck the valley, the earth quaked and the wind howled as the world itself began to destroy everything the settlers had built. Duhr then let out a howling call, ushering everyone towards the caverns, to be protected by the power of Grugnar within the roots of the mountain! And so, the next chapter began as the settlers took up residence within the caverns. Food and water were scarce within the dark caves, and only by braving the now dangerous wilds of the valley could food be brought home, mostly in the form of mammoths and other megafauna. Duhr assured his people that all would be good, and that the spirits would guide their chosen people towards a brighter future – there was but one rule set forth by the great leader, that one must live according to the primal ways of Grugnar, forsaking metal in favour of stone and other natural materials. Many years passed as the settlers and their descendants took up the primal ways, in time forgetting the ways of metal and greater civilization, Duhr grew old and wisened, but this only sharpened his wisdom as the time of plenty was foretold. The cold and disasters that had taken the valley began to recede, and it was declared that the people would once more be masters of the land! Culture and primitive civilisation thrived as the now culturally distinct Urukim left the caverns, beginning to once more farm the fields and hunt the abundant animals that roamed the once more verdant valley. Duhr passed on his wisdom to a set of elders, laying down the rules of succession before he passed to the afterlife – He was posthumously declared to be the first Bub’Grat, or ‘Big Chief’ in the common tongue. It was at this time that the mountains began to be looked upon as both givers and takers of life, and the worship of Kromdar began to be accepted as the norm along with mighty Grugnar, it was at that point that the modern Duhr culture began to solidify, and many cycles passed as the Duhr Clan thrived in the mountain valley! Yet history was bound to repeat itself… Disaster once again struck the valley, as great storms began to tear apart the mighty mounds and monolithic temples built by the Duhr, many great Urukim fell dead in the coming days and years as all seemed lost, yet there was still hope. The Bub’Grat of the time held a council of all the elders across the valley, convening on what to do in the dire situation, it was then decided that it was not worthwhile to flee back to the caverns and risk starvation once more, and that the best course of action was to find a new home, a new place to set up roots in the name of Duhr and the spirits. Mighty bands were sent forth as the valley was left to be consumed by never-ending storms and devstation. The wandering, it was called, and many seasons passed as the Duhr searched for a new home – it was then that a small grouping stumbled upon the lands of Almaris, reuniting with their Urukim kin for the first time in aeons. A new home was found within the Iron Horde, and the call was sent out to all Duhr, that this was the place that they had been searching for! P H Y S I C A L T R A I T S & A P P E A R A N C E The Urukim of the Clan Duhr are a fairly homogeneous grouping of people, with almost all of them bearing rough grey skin of some variety, ranging from a light slate to an otherwise deeper colour. Duhr eye colour is fairly standard, though typically it is either green, blue, or even reds in rare cases – Duhr often have smaller eyes then normal, originally adapted to life in their cavernous homes, this does not dramatically affect their vision however. Known to have thick skulls and protruding brows, Duhrs are normally solidly built and rather wide, though they are also often quite tall, giving them an appearance somewhat akin to a boulder with limbs, this is added to by a signature slouch that is common amongst the clan. Those from Clan Duhr are born with strange markings across their skin, akin to tattoos or geometric scars, these are considered of utmost importance to a Duhr, and are said to hold the fate of the Uruk in question. These lines are reportedly readable by shamans and wisemen, giving the clan a glimpse into the future of potential leaders or great warriors. Meanwhile, clothing worn by those within the clan is simple and utilitarian, ranging from pelts to simple loincloths and tunics, bones and teeth are often worn as jewellery or as decoration to another piece of clothing. Goblins within Clan Duhr are typically on the shorter side, and are used as scouts to access small areas, in addition to this, the Goblins were historically powerful gatherers and had an uncanny sense around edible natural plants and the like, using their skills to garner herbs and plants for the Clan. C U L T U R E & T R A D I T I O N S C O M M O N V A L U E S STRENGTH As Urukim, those of Clan Duhr hold their strength with pride, and take actions to keep at their best and strongest, often undertaking arduous tasks and heavy labour in order to train oneself to be stronger, both physically and mentally. However, Duhr do not see a reason to exert energy without a goal, and thusly do not normally partake in lifting weights or other forms of exercise, instead choosing to lift crates of grain or take care of farm animals instead – which they see as a more worthy form of physical training, something that betters both themselves and the community in which they reside. HONOUR The blessing of Krug is the blessing of honour, and as such the Orcs of Clan Duhr place great value in this trait, one's word is one's bond and acting in a way that dishonours yourself, your family members, or even your rivals is considered an utmost taboo. Duhr do not kill children, or the weak and defenceless, for there is no honour in these acts. As well, a Duhr does not take pride in hoarding wealth, and instead will use it in honourable action to better the poorer parts of his community, enriching the Goi with their generosity. LOYALTY To the mindset of a Duhr, one is but one part of a greater pack, a greater community of people that need to stick together – Blood runs thicker than water, and Duhr will almost always side with and defend other members of their clan or family unit, even if their personal opinions differ on the matter at hand. However, this loyalty extends to those who show kindness and aid the Duhr Clan, and as such the Duhr are not known to stir trouble within any Goi in which they reside unless truly necessary, an example of such being a heretical leader, who dishonours the spirits with their actions and words, it in this case that the Duhr will rise to place a proper leader in charge of the Goi. FAITH Duhr greatly pride themselves in their vervant and unwavering faith in the spirits and their emissaries. A Duhr will typically not insult a shaman, and place great respect in the words of those mighty elders, to worship or praise anything other than the spirits is the greatest taboo an individual can do, and earns one an instant exile from the clan, typically with an added execution for good measure. This includes those who consort with darkspawn and other malign beings, for Duhr do not tolerate the servants of Iblees or their minions. TRADITIONALISM The mind of a Duhr is very rigid, and thus tradition and the ways of old are considered paramount to anything new or strange. Great preface is giving to doing things the way the forefathers did it, even if there is a more efficient or practical way of doing such tasks. This traditionalism even extends to food and drink, with Duhr vastly preferring to stick to foods they know and already enjoy, rather than trying something new and in their mind, exotic and strange. M A T E R I A L C U L T U R E GENERAL TECH LEVEL Clan Duhr is solidly within the late neolithic tech level, stone and antler tools predominate with wood playing a large role in the form of handles and the like, with the crafting of metal being virtually unknown for various reasons – the primary one being that Duhr believe that they are tied to the earth and the ways of Grugnar, and thus to avoid the elementals wrath, they stay away from metal tools and things outside of Bregthar’s domain. Another reason simply being that what they have works and will continue to work, so why change it for something new and unfamiliar. Due to this restriction, Clan Duhr have grown to be masterful stone-knappers and shapers, using a variety of tools to form humble chunks of flint and granite into tools fit for life and war. The Urukim of Duhr have also mastered the art of basic agriculture and hunting/gathering, and are able to be remarkably self-sufficient should the need arise. WEAPONS & ARMOUR Those of Clan Duhr use a variety of weapons and armour, with the primary ones being varieties of the spear and club, these vary in size from small one-handed implements meant for throwing, to large, hefty two handed weapons capable of piercing the hide of megafauna, and cracking the skulls of enemy combatants – sometimes stone shards are embedded into clubs to give them some cutting ability in addition to their mighty crushing blows. Armour is simple, and is mostly made of layered hides and clothing, which gives some protection to the wearer, helmets made from the skulls of animals and padded cloth are somewhat common for high ranking warriors, along with bone and antler vambraces. Hand protection is typically in the form of thick hide mittens, adapted from normal clothing. MUSIC & ART Despite their primitive nature, the art and music of Duhr is fairly competent in its execution. Paintings of crude ink often mark the walls of caves and homes, and stone tablets are often used to display works of art. Meanwhile, clay and wood is often moulded or carved to form small statues and idols to the spirits and ancestors, these are sometimes left bare or are painted in the same primitive ink used in cave paintings – Experienced artists often are practitioners of the blessed art of Haruspexy, and are able to imbue faux life into their artwork by way of spiritual energy and sacred inks. Music is an everyday part of Duhr life, and most often takes the form of rhythmic drumming accompanied by the playing of deep and resonating wind instruments such as simple horns and bone flutes carved from the femur of megafauna. Percussion and drums take the form of simple frame drums or specially tuned stones, struck with other rocks to produce rhythm and beat for the music – Duhr shamans are fond of using music along with herbs to enter a tranced state, capitalising on overwhelming the senses in some holy manner. SPIRITUAL CRAFTING The role of Spiritual Crafter, or Ruka is considered a very important one in Duhr, with most tools being tested or made in a way that is thought to please the spirits and in particular, Kromdar and Grugnar along with their Greaters. This is part of the reason that the Duhr have remained in the stone-age, as it is thought that the ways of old please those spirits and ease their wrath. For examples of a spiritual crafting process – tools will be sanded smooth with rough rocks before being scratched up again, and potential hammer-stones will be struck against another seven times before the winner is chosen, this is done all to please the spirits and ancestors and to ward off their vicious anger. S P I R I T U A L V I E W P O I N T & C L A N P A T R O N S The Urukim of Clan Duhr are steadfast in their faith and belief in the spirits, with them honouring them as great guides and sources of wisdom within the world – as well as this, A spirit is considered the true embodiment of its portfolio, with the spirit of earth literally being the earth beneath their feet, at least in the eyes of the Duhrs. Ancestors are typically honoured within caves or cave-like structures, which represent the past and traditions of Clan Duhr, with shrines to elementals and immortals being more varied and tailored to specific portfolios and meanings. Great focus is given to those spirits of elemental earth, Bregthar and his lessers. In specific, two spirits stand out amongst the Duhr Clan as being unique, and not oft talked about amongst other groups of Urukim, it is believed that these spirits in particular favour the Urukim of Clan Duhr. Kromdar - Lesser Spirit of Mountains and The Quaking of The Earth [Under Bregthar] A barely conscious entity with simple and undeveloped animalistic emotions. Kromdar : Spirit of Mountains and The Quaking of the Earth represents the primal view of the towering mountain, and the powerful earthquakes and tremors that come forth from its wrath. The mountain is unchanging, the mountain is strong and unyielding, yet the mountain also is something to climb, to reach the top of and become something more. Kromdar is the mountain in its most pure and primal form - wrathful when awake, yet almost never so, it takes much heed to pull the mighty mountain to action within both the spirit-world or the mortal plane. To those shamans who commune with the ever-reaching peaks of the mountain, Kromdar appears as a mighty mountain that stretches from the root of the world, rising up to pierce the sky. It is peaceful and quiet, yet when roused to action by the shaman trying to commune or pact, it sends out rhythmic tremors of mystical feelings, understood by the shaman in the form of Old-Blah, what words it does speak are short yet powerful. To the eyes of primal life, the mountain is unaging and timeless, and as such Kromdar is as well, existing at all points in time in some metaphysical way. Some shamans who commune with Kromdar and know its inner secrets, may be fed tidbits of the past, present or future in the form of disjointed yet deeply understood tremors... Grugnar - Lesser Spirit of The Primeval and Primitive, Keeper of The Old Ways [Under Kotrestruu] Appears as a primitive caveman whose race depends upon its visitors, though always wide and well built, wielding a rough club carved of a tree-branch. Said to have painted all of primitive history and the old ways upon his cave walls. Grugnar is known to speak in broken and simplistic words, be them Common or Old Blah as if slow of mind, this however is not the case, the spirit, while exceedingly primitive is well versed in ancient history and technological ideas long forgotten or cast aside by descendant kind, always working to further the spread of these simple and archaic ideals and traditions. Grugnar is a kind spirit, one of welcoming demeanour and attitude to those shamans who wish to pact, however when upset or otherwise angered, Grugnar displays primal might of untold proportions. C L A N T R I A L S & R A N K S In order for a non-blood related orc or honourary to join Clan Duhr, they are asked to undergo a series of trials in order to test them and see if they are worthy to bear the immortal name of Duhr! These trials vary depending on the Bub’Grat’s decision and in the end he has final say, but generally take the form of three tasks, which are listed below. TRIAL OF KROMDAR’S ROOTS In this trial, the hopeful orc or honourary is asked to embark towards the deepest cave in the Uzg, them having to trek through mountains or harsh terrain to simply reach the entrance. They are then to set up camp within the cave for a minimum of 2 cactus days along with them having to slay a creature of the depths and bring its corpse to the leaders of Clan Duhr, after which they will judge if they are worthy enough to move onto the next trial. TRIAL OF GRUGNAR’S PAINT The trail of Grugnar’s Paint is a difficult one, with the aspiring clan members having to paint or otherwise create a great work of primitive art, typically a cave-painting that depicts a story of the clan. This art can be mundane or imbued with spiritual magic, but either way it is to be judged by the spiritual elders of the clan to see if it contains true life and soul, and if it accurately portrays the events depicted. If the art is considered worthy, the aspirant moves onto the last and final trial. TRIAL OF SCRIBING The last and final trial for an outsider to become part of Clan Duhr, it is not for the faint of heart. Overseen by the Bub’Grat’s watching gaze, the aspirant is to be ritually scarred by the shamanic elders of the clan in a painful process of cutting and marking of flesh. These new markings are akin to the natural geometric markings found on Duhrs, and gaining them is a sign that you are part of the family and clan, one of Duhr for all time. RANKS WITHIN CLAN DUHR The leader of Clan Duhr is called the Bub’Grat, meaning Big Chief in the common language, he has powerful authority within the clan, and his word is final less overturned by every elder disagreeing with him. Second to the Bub’Grat are the Elders of Clan Duhr, of which there are a maximum of three, they are the spiritual leaders of the clan, and are often aged members or former Bub’Grats – the final and most common rank within the clan is the standing of normal member, an honourable yet humble station within the clan hierarchy. C R E D I T S WRITERS : Titanium430 & Norgeth_ IDEAS AND FRIENDS : wowj & jihnyny + many others!
  3. Xob Wobson, Archzealot of Aglazek overheard this from his temple home, thinking deeply before waddling off into the mountains. "Hrrrm, ah king without propah ritual. . ." is all he mumbled.
  4. THE DUHR DECLARATION -ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ-ᛜ- A Claim for Rukagoth Let it be known to all across that lands that we brothers, Mjoruk and Bjarg of Clan Duhr, set forth a dual claim for the honorable and exalted position of Rukagoth to The Horde. Though we are young and have yet to see wisdom as the elders of the Urukim do, we follow the great spirits with abounding pride and praise them with zealous devotion! They give us mighty strength and the bounties of the earth - crops, obsidian and flint along with the metals the other clans cherish so greatly. We intend on taking hold of those gracious resources that are provided to us and using them in praise of the spirits, not letting them fall to the wayside in waste. We both claim the title of Rukagoth, to work together in the storied role so that we may do our job with increased productivity and skill! We are both skilled stone-knappers and woodworkers, but also hold personal skill in the other earthly arts, such as farming, the quarrying of stone, and the chopping of trees. Together, we and The Horde will rise together in praise of the spirits and ancestors! GLORY TO KRUG, GLORY TO THE HORDE! SIGNED, THE SONS OF THE MOUNTAIN: MJORUK & BJARG
  5. A PACT OF QUAKING EARTH [!] The Peaks of Kromdar. Carried upon spiritual winds through the evervast dark in between, three Uruks fell upon stoney hill, seeking to parley with a lesser of earth, instead all they found were mountains, hills of stone and earth reaching up to pierce the very skies themselves. Standing with confusion, those orcs spoke to seemingly nothing, seeking to contact the lesser who dwells, asking for pacts, a chance to serve and elevate. With a mighty rumble did the great Kromdar ‘speak’, realm resounding with echoing rock as the very world shook, The spirit laying out its terms, or perhaps. . . demands. The potential shamans nodded, accepting the mighty Ilzgul’s terms with fervent zeal, exclaiming such in word and action! Swallowed by earth, souls crushed by rock and stone, those now imbued ventured back home with a quest, for with time, Kromdar’s peak shall break the clouds and his roots shatter the very worldcore itself. . . The mountain quakes!
  6. The Travels of Dr Professor X =ᛜ=ᛜ=ᛜ=ᛜ=ᛜ= Pact of Aglazek [!] The entrance to Aglazek’s Workshop. Xob waddled into his home’s inner sanctum, placing a small booklet aside as he sat down within a complex mechanical chair, putting his seatbelt on, the tiny gnomish zealot letting out a low chant as he speaks in the elder tongue of the spirits “Frûm bot, frûm bot, izg kramp bugd Aglazek-ord u za urgai!” spoke Xob, flicking a lever upon the chair as he focused deeply, closing his eyes as clockwork churned and runes went alight. . . That doctor professor awoke within a kaleidoscopic tunnel of horror, falling and falling with echos of each word or noise resounding throughout his mind, yet Xob’s fall soon ended, him falling onto a large, conveniently placed mattress of springs and fluff “GAGHH” spat out the gnome as he pushed himself up, looking about that cave-like workshop. Xob wandered around the various inventions and workstations that weaved themselves around akin to a maze. “Wahre es ‘e? Oi must foind Aglazek. . .” Thusly as the spirit’s name was invoked, a cloud of dancing starlight collapsed in from the very walls, forming into a bearded and elderly inventor, folded blueprint in aged hands. “WHO?!” spoke the entity with a boom, staring toward Xob with a raised brow before exclaiming “We meet again. . . Xob Wobson, what do you seek now, mortal?” Xob replied, going to kneel “Oi come toh pact wit’ yer o’ great one, teh stars ‘ave realigned ahnd moi devotion must once mer beh shown toh yeh!” “A pact you say? I accept this offer - Yet I ask one thing now. Create a great invention in my name, one of spiritual and mechanical wonder, use such to advance my goals, don’t disappoint me. . .” spoke Aglazek with an echo, the spirit soon turning toward a lever, pulling such as a trapdoor opened under Xob’s feet, flinging him back through that colorful tunnel of terror, only then to wake in his hypernaut explorator’s throne, the time now midnight, stars amidst the sky. Xob went toward his workshop, stumbling from his journey, upon reaching the table, he’d unfold a large empty blueprint, scribing out a work of power and progress. . . soon upon the parchment was an image of a small and oddly shaped crossbow labeled “Hex-Ray”.
  7. Name: Dr Professor Xob Wobson. Race: Oblazeki Gnome. What are you running for (Mayor or Sheriff?): Tyran. . . - I mean Mayor! Anything you'd like to add: I don't expect to win - but for the gnomish people, I shall try. OBLAZEKOS'VOL! =======================================================
  8. A strange hermit dwed read the missive from atop an icy mountain peak, soon nodding "Honor beh toh Heh, May Rhun Prophet Durin show tahm tahre false ways wit' wisdom, obtaining zealous victoreh. . ." he'd state, gesturing to a small mountain shrub, it soon wilting and almost mutating into a twisted mass of brambles "Ahs for Moiself, oi will wait, et es nae toime yet" spoke MORUL to his own voices and inner thoughts.
  9. Ser Robert Lynde looks at his personal invite with a nod and smile "I'll make sure to be there!" he'd exclaim, placing the missive into his letter cabinet.
  10. My knight character is looking for squires, check it out if interested!


  11. Seeking Squires Lawfully Issued on The 5th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1909. To those reading this missive, I, Ser Robert of Rulund do exclaim that I am seeking squires and or pages, those young peoples willing to learn chivalric ways of the knightly class. All accepted applicants will be outfitted with the finest of equipment and taught the most honorable mannerisms while dwelling within Rulundi walls. All those interested in signing up themselves or their children should send a reply using this basic form. NAME: RACE: AGE: ====== [OOC] USERNAME: DISCORD: SIGNED, - Ser Robert Lynde, Lord of Rulund, Duma-Knight of Adria.
  12. Ser Robert Lynde, Lord of Rulund walks toward a small sandstone statuette, depicting the virtuous St. Robert, uttering a silent prayer, The Duma-Knight soon turned toward a blazing pyre, speaking aloud "Rulund stands with the church, for the honourable and just shall strike the foul and the iniquitous from HE, LORD GOD's sight. . ." spoke Robert, then adding "I - No, WE are THE HAMMER!" he paraphrased a popular Owynist litany.
  13. The First Feast of Rulund [𝄞] Feasts are a vital aspect of Hogaardian traditions and are a well celebrated activity amongst the peoples of Rulund, Hogaardian or not, all come together to enjoy a wondrous meal of butter-baked pheasant and heavy pound cakes. In such tradition, I, Ser Robert, Lord of Rulund declare a feasting occasion for all those invited, gather to our fiefdom, enjoy our cuisine and experience honest Hogaardian merriment first hand! Bring your friends and family, all those invited are free to bring their entire retinue despite our table being rather small at this current time. [!] Invitations are sent out to the following groups and people. Those without invitations will not be aware of the feast or its date unless shown or told IRP. - The Duchy of Adria and its loyal citizens/vassals. @Beamon4 - The Marcher-State of Barrowton and its citizens. @MalchediaelVult - Swordsman Oijin, Honorable and Wise Warrior. @Battle Unit
  14. Full Name of Man - Garen Glennmaer Date of Birth of Man - S.A 84 Name of Woman - Bia Ambriose Date of Birth of Woman - S.A 85 Location of Ceremony - Barrowton, Chapel of St. Juli'el and The Burning Bush Date of Ceremony (Year) - S.A 110 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Father Wert of Tuhrosweyk
  15. Xob Wobson, Archzealot of AGLAZEK hears the disturbing rumours, thinking them over before letting out a laugh "AHAHAHA! Funneh, som'one, er som'thing thinks tahmselves powahful?! Nae, tehy ahre WEAK..." He'd mumble, then adding "So beh et, oi 'ave mer important werk toh doh!" Thusly, that gnomish tinkerer began work, drawing blueprints for the first of many, that of greater clockwork life, bound to his will.
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