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  1. Making mina anything more than a backdrop will simply take away from the fun of the server in my opinion. Adding more ways to get it and optional avenues to spend it are fun, but "inflation" and "the economy" will never matter. Don't make people worry about their block game wallets please!
  2. "Yooooo!" A Rock-'N-Ronin soul cried out under the full moon's light.
  3. Can I use a demidjinn mart to finally make me happy?
  4. “Surely Borok will stand on in the eternal servitude he promised me and will never betray my kind!” Remarked a Darkspawn of mere middling importance. From the overdone hallowed halls he LARPed in, the thing gave an exaggerated villainous laugh. Unaware as to the going-ons of the spiritual or even the ordinary, The Beast wasted away it’s days and nights playing soldier with the Hexmen of Dun an Ein.
  5. Armor 1: Armored with Red - $7 Discord: benk#0505
  6. Being cursed with corcitura is a curse that wracks a character down to the foundation of their soul. It is a sickness that is not designed to be kind. Your character's life should be worse off for becoming one. This kind of weighty consequence only serves to bring the quality of roleplay UP for this piece of lore, though. If a character cannot obtain or practice a piece of lore, that is cool, and you should challenge yourself to play that in a unique and inspired way. Fear, as listed in the redlines, is a wonderful way of doing this. How can you explore this? I believe it is flawed to look at this kind of redline purely in terms of it restricting a character's opportunity. This creates a chance for you to explore how your character's conditions define them and inform their decisions. Roleplay can be fostered because of this redline, and to that extent I see it as a positive contributor to the server. We've already proven that being blanket barred from certain pieces as a result of being a cured Corcitura is not harmful to the greater health of the server. To that extent, live and let be.
  7. There is character development from being forced to sit out for a month. As Tentoa points out, if Siliti use their resources well, they ought to be able to circumvent being put in a boosteel enforced timeout, or at least have the capabilities to prevent it in the first place. The downsides of Siliti regeneration are grueling, but they're still granted unconditional regeneration. Even being put in a coffin is only safe so long as the coffin goes undiscovered. Siliti is a long and troublesome game of months, not days. Taking that away from death just saps the flavor from the whole thing.
  8. Benleft

    6 Months Q&A

    Are you spaceoddity? Urgent.
  9. Seer is already accepted. Unless it is undergoing a rewrite or pending shelving (which there is no indication that it is), it will go unchanged. In the words of T5 Methomancer Jesse Pinkman, “Tracking lore is hard to balance and implement, yo. An ability as simple as ‘I can track your cardinal direction by scent, *****!’ Turns into ‘Send me your coords bro, my character has hunting magic. I promise I will not just sprint jump directly to you.’ So like, sensing things allows for the same kind of suspension-of-disbelief breaking events to happen. Relying on a level of OOC communication isn’t really fun and takes the heart and soul out of fun RP, yo. Seer strikes a nice balance that you can RP out with minimal OOC back and forth. The reason seer is broken up into the FA/MA 1 slot/MA 2slot… difference is to ensure that people who aren’t ready for the challenges that MA Seer presents (such as not being a metagaming ****, yo) don’t end up given a really difficult magic and abusing it to hell and back. Plus, I’m a minmaxer and seer kinda blows for CRP, and I can never figure out what Greencorp is saying in their prophecies since half of them are in Glup-Shitto aka blackspeech, so like who really cares, yo.” Thanks for your insight Jesse. I hope a bit of light hearted humor makes that a bit more digestible.
  10. MC Name: benleft Discord: benk#0505 Image: Description of Image: A poster made for the Inquisition depicting Inquisitor Franz Kuperfaust with the text "Franz is Watching" emboldened at the bottom. Dimensions: 1x1
  11. Name: Adam Wallas Location of Land: Bottom left corner of tile 113 near the connection to tiles 112 and 118 Purpose: The construction of a modest monastery and farmhouses Requested Size: 50x50 Current Address: Palace 1 How long have you lived in Balian: 16 years What have you done to serve Balian: - Served in two senates, overseeing one as interim-Minister and Vice Minister for the majority of sessions. - Made significant donations to the Company of Balian and the Darkwood Food Chest (80 longswords, 10 full sets, yo).
  12. Skin Name: Kung Fu Farfolk Skinner's Username/Discord: Benleft/benk#0505 Bid: $5
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