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  1. Name: Adam Wallas Location of Land: Bottom left corner of tile 113 near the connection to tiles 112 and 118 Purpose: The construction of a modest monastery and farmhouses Requested Size: 50x50 Current Address: Palace 1 How long have you lived in Balian: 16 years What have you done to serve Balian: - Served in two senates, overseeing one as interim-Minister and Vice Minister for the majority of sessions. - Made significant donations to the Company of Balian and the Darkwood Food Chest (80 longswords, 10 full sets, yo).
  2. Skin Name: Kung Fu Farfolk Skinner's Username/Discord: Benleft/benk#0505 Bid: $5
  3. “I love the Hiram King!” Declared Adam as he played his tenth losing hand of Four Horsemen, woefully indebted to the establishment. “Nine of ten gamblers quit before they hit big, so I shouldn’t stop now!”
  4. SURNAME: Wallas FIRST NAME: Adam ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Palace 1 FACTION(NOBILITY OR COMMONER): Commoner YEAR OF BIRTH: 1848 Are you registered and eligible to vote? Yes ((MC NAME)): benleft
  5. My only concern about a smaller map is not seeing builds and communities scaled to match. An underrated aspect of Almaris is that the map lends itself to true "nation-scale" conflict while also giving smaller groups and even individuals the space and freedom to do less public roleplay. As far as biomes, having at least one visually otherworldly biome that isn't absolute hell to navigate (Looking at you, Ice Spikes and Hollow Mountains) would be cool. Perhaps a giant mushroom filled bog, or a forest of rocks akin to Tsingy de Bemaraha in Madagascar. Let me play a monkey please
  6. ign: Benleft Category: Writing Work: The Road to Atrus (Link embedded)
  7. Did you know capybaras can sleep with their bodies largely submerged underwater?
  8. Re: Iterative settlement Forcing all player communities to iteratively "colonize" their capital tiles is a quaint idea, but not something worth doing unless administration is instituting a more hardcore approach to all roleplay, yo. Instead, as expressed by other players, make this phase optional. Encourage it if you will, but do not mandate it. Not every community that will get a paste-in has roleplayers who want to roleplay that, or have the chops to explore something which has traditionally been a fringe genre of roleplay on this server. All of that nonsense aside, I would hope that iterative settlement is broadly encouraged. I believe that this could be solved by creating two paths to getting paste-in: An immediate as-is path, and a cheaper and more forgiving iterative path. Ultimately, this reinforces the agency of communities by giving them the freedom to pursue the avenues of roleplay both paths open up, but also would encourage communities to pursue the iterative option by way of simply costing less mina. This can be applied to day-one paste-ins through different activity or upkeep requirements. Something like that, Mister White.
  9. This plugin is wonderful! Is it a priority or possible for the team to bring similar quality indicators to other roleplay activities such as smithing and preparing food? If brewing gets this addition, I feel it would be beneficial to lean into mechanical support for other "professions" as well. But obviously this runs the hazard of pigeonholing players by giving some activities preferential treatment.
  10. The exact same amount of sea and water uses In all seriousness, I hope that there is a more stripped down land management system that lends itself less to the current nation-system of player organization, and more towards emphasizing the agency of individual players, ideally through smaller regions, very forgiving charters, and limited creative. I feel that the culmination of many "macro-mechanics" makes the wider community conflict adverse, and do not lend themselves to large and transformative roleplay without OOC handholding or special arrangements with staff (Which isn't bad in and of itself, but it is inaccessible and is moderately cringe if you think about it). I would also love to see the next map take place somewhere that already exists! For example, 9.0 return to a rescaled version of a previous map centuries after whatever convenient calamity struck. This would encourage players to roleplay and build as if the world was already lived in, and takes the burden of needing to develop a history and culture out of thin air off of their shoulders.
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