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  1. This was a responsibility purposefully assigned to the player-participants. For example, Templars and Koyo-Kuni as a whole were involved in the eventline because these communities & this nation are closely tied to a Paladin order that TRIED to get them involved. It was possible for nations to be involved, but the attempts to do so were not successful. Maybe this is due to a lack of effort on the part of the event-goers, or maybe it is due to nation-apathy. Maybe both. Either way you, human RPer, are not required to care about Xan and Azdromoth because they mostly haven’t been visibly hurting or helping your communities. It’s a reasonable RP stance to not really care. My take as an event runner is that it is often bad and cringe of ST to mandate nation involvement in an event designed around lore groups when the lore groups involved are not closely tied to any nations. The most delicate way to handle this is to specifically tailor nation-involvement on a personal basis that uniquely engages the nation’s needs and interests. If a nation is full of people who hunger for materials, entice them with that or threaten their supplies. I believe that Nectorist has written thoughtfully about the tradeoff of scale that eventrunners must often consider which helps explain the decisions WE made when planning this event. If you are interested in that sort of discourse, check out the discussion on Indiana105’s profile post
  2. I am glad that players pushed this eventline towards a conclusion that is genuinely compelling. Working as an ET and fringe leader on this project has been an incredible, though at times trying, experience. My skills have grown tremendously and so has my appreciation for player-conflict. I think that the conclusion of this eventline is a tremendous testament to player-ambition, organization, and community building. Being afforded the opportunity to see incremental changes put in place by players from one event to the has been a very rewarding experience for me. As an eventrunner, I was presented a unique perspective on roleplay that it is difficult to be aware of in the moment when you’re fighting the ET’s impossible enemies. It was very interesting watching the each side’s leadership adjust to problems thrown their way from one event to the next. For example, the cohesion and teamwork of the Azdrazi from my first event to this last one was night and day. They went from loose orders and mass assaults to well-balanced teams with independence of action but cohesion of command. They were so successful because they iterated off of what was learned each event, and they didn’t allow the roleplay to end when the ET logged off. I hope to carry this same focus and ambition to my own roleplay in the future. Thank you for participating, please grandfather me into the next added holy magic. It’ll only take two years to get it passed.
  3. Alatariel... I need...

  4. Name the bow fix after Rider PLEASE!!! Remember his name. 

  5. ♪♫♬ METALMAN, a powerful beast of the immaterial, created out of the Prince's sacrifice fought on with unholy strength. Even after it was felled it vowed to fight on- because the man who died for his own life never gave up either.
  6. milksoda please please please just take your meds
  7. What does a “heroic character” look like to you?

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    2. NLThomas


      Aragorn, son of Arathorn heir of Isildur, King of Gondor.

      Joke aside, Aragorn (movie version) is imo one of the best heroic figures in fiction. Someone who became King not because of a lust of power but for duty. Who overcame great temptation and doubt, fighting for those who could not defend themself because he could. Someone who love and forgave those who might not deserve it. 

      Peak cinema and a absolute hero.

    3. xMuted


      literally me 

    4. Zanael Moonstrider

      Zanael Moonstrider

      To me a Hero can be defined by many things.


      It could be the courageous warrior who goes off on a quest to slay a monster and rescue their love.


      It could be someone who despite the odds manages to help people with their struggles.


      It could even be someone who came from nothing and manages to build a place and found a new community that thrives and brings a new lease of life to people.


      Heroes come in many forms.

  8. It'd be cute to have more magics require specific armor classes (such as voidal mages not being able to wear armor full stop/scions being able to wear half-plate). Human/Fighter is not a scourge, it is just a class that players like picking.
  9. It’s the freaking Yokai, isn’t it? 

  10. "Alatariel. . . I need healing," said Monjaro, the defeated Samurai officer.
  11. Would it be cumbersome to have the option for players to enter a specific hexcode to get one-of-many text colors?
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