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  1. ign: benleft character name: adem discord: benk#0505 I love Xiu Xiu & deerhoof's cover of Disorder (Joy Division), which I know is probably cheating, but it is what it is.
  2. Was there any storyline or event that you really wanted to make work for LOTC but just didn't quite pan out? What was it (If you can share)?
  3. Benleft

    On Safety

    The sentiment here is nice, but I want to know what real steps you will take. When you break someone's trust it's only productive to apologize if you demonstrate how you will improve and ensure that you will not make the same failures. What steps will be taken to rebuild community trust in the safety system and in administration?
  4. skin: Colonial Cozy bid: 60m discord: benk#050
  5. Adamya peered over the missive with a groan. "I guess I should vote for the feller... Although I's is sure one less vote can't hurt..." He huffed before turning to clear the clutter from his cramped office.
  6. Sunrise - 90 Minas @AndrewTech
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