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  1. "Shogunate scrooges are here to steal my swords?! Come and take it!" Monjaro, samurai of Sakuragakure said proudly. "Oh, the Aevosi Treaty of Friendship. Never mind, I love my buddies."
  2. MC Name: benleft Discord: benleft Image: Description of Image: The mon of Clan Honma Dimensions: 1x1
  3. It’s time for your shift at the Shii’en factory, Celianorian. Today’s a double; that means overtime Tilru. It’s not much, but it’s honest work. 

    1. Laeonathan


      I shall be there


    2. Punished_Pup


      We will not be great, if idle.

    3. Greehn



  4. LIKE A DRAGON: The Man Who Erased His Magic Slots is said to be set in Haense with Kiryu as a playable character, featuring some of your favorite characters from the LIKE A DRAGON franchise. 

    1. Turbo_Dog


      Together we are like a dragon: 8 Infinite wealth  

    2. mothsthetic


      but are we getting tanimura back 🤔

    3. sam33497


      the haenser who left it all behind with his overwhelming intensity...

  5. "Wake the heck up, Ashigaru. We've got a yokai to burn," Mayor Monjaro soyjacked. After a day or two he took a torch and set the Honma opium refining facility ablaze to hide the evidence.
  6. are u ever wrong about anything ever

    1. Benleft


      there was that one time... two times......

  7. I think its a bit silly to allow me to make a smoggers town.
  8. Which of the following have you enjoyed participating in the most: server lore (magics, feats, events), nation-roleplay (playing a soldier, citizen, government worker), and villainy? Which have you enjoyed the least? Obviously none of these are mutually exclusive, but players oftentimes self-separate.
  9. Balance and submit it… Don’t lose hope… LT are only a mental road block (review compiles are a helpful resource). You are stronger, better…
  10. Creature bloat is not a problem as-is... If there are too many lore pages, they can just be compiled into AWESOME creature compendiums. That being said, I feel like “big, semi-obedient” ferret would not be a staple of the setting… I feel like a “general battle animal pet” piece with VERY good (restrictive) redlines would save lore reviewers a lot of time…
  11. Having too many creatures is an imaginary problem. If it gets too out of hand they can just be bundled into compendiums.
  12. Poppies shine and bloom Under the Sakura's sun. Blood shall stain them red. By Monjaro of Clan Honma, Samurai of Sakuragakure, Retainer of Clan Kato, Ashigaru of Sakuragakure. So Monjaro wrote, embarking on his quest to chase the elusive Hou-Zi interloper. The hunt was on.
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