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  1. "The Shipwreck," J. M. W. Turner, 1805 ♫♫♫ Bottle upon bottle washed ashore with the same message written on slimy, kelpy paper inside. For months they battered the beaches and streams of Eastern Aevos and hardly a single soul could go by without at least encountering the bottles. . . "To the King Lurin, Aaun, Vortice, Dúnfarthing, I the Great Cap'n Egelrex Jones of Crimson Company. We honest outfit of merchant-sailors, NOT PIRATES. Crimson Company seeking ALL KNOWLEDGE on Naga. Naga scaly, semi-aquatic snake people with LOVE FOR OCEAN AND LIES. Crimson Company representatives come to port near you looking to parlay- WE NOT RAIDING. Luv, Cap'n Egelrex Jones"
  2. "Joewari da..." Monjaro of Clan Honma said, distraught at the thought of his upgrade to the Kato Hatamoto Cavalry unit from the Mounted Kato Retainer unit being impossible with his master, Kato Oijin of Sakuragakure (The Village hidden in the Cherry Blossoms) marked for death. "The time of peace has passed... The time of Rashomon is now... Dattebayo..."
  3. “Message in a Bottle” Susan Harrison-Tustain, Watercolor on Arches ♪ In the hands of a Balianite fisherman a message sealed away in a bottle was snatched from the foamy caps of the Southern Sea. “To the King Balian,” it was addressed, written in strange paints and etchings on the outside of the bottle. Dozens of these letters washed ashore, day after day for two months straight. Each were delivered in a bottle, barrel, or a chest with the same simple text: "To the King Balian, As you not written back, I sending another letter give you and lot fair warning. PARLAY WITH ME AND CREW NOW, OR DESTRUCTION!!! Be warned, bring treasure and coin, and we spare life. DEMAND: 1. 1,000 GOLDEN MINAE 2. 2,000 SILVER MINAE 3. TWO “NAGA” If not, you know deal. Representatives of Crimson Company in touch soon. With love, Cap’n Egelrex Jones" Written by RoamingRonin
  4. What is stopping this right now, other than the communities themselves? Orcs had the opportunity to be full-evil last map and chose not to be, and I think it's fine for community leaders to choose to not do that sort of thing. That's their own and their community's choice. I imagine if the King of Haense seriously engaged with necromancers and wanted to hatch a plot to turn their nation into skelebros Story management would happily help them out.
  6. What sorts of RP get you to willingly go out of your bubble? 

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Neviah


      anything that isn’t SOL, I will step out of my comfort zone for. Been doing more villainy lately and people just act like npcs it sucks.

    3. Unwillingly


      merchant RP, thief/pickpocket RP, child RP (given kids will just talk to anybody for no reason), villainy, mistaking someone for another person, asking for directions, complimenting someone, preacher RP, herald RP, beggar RP, bard RP, ask to paint someone's portrait, etc

    4. RoamingRonin


      when unwillingly walks up and asks for directions, that gets me out of my comfort zone.

  7. Chordus' sense of self was fleeting- had it penned this message? With the failing of a servo or the slipping of a cog its memory righted itself. It recalled its purpose, service to THE IRON CAUSE, THE BARON. Himself. Of Distrugestadt did its damned gears dream.
  8. Raiders are truly the most productive and the most oppressed roleplayers on the Lord of the Craft, the premium raiding experience.
  9. Hey guys, I've been told by our Moderation Admin that we have to have an open dialogue to discuss using the slur used in this report if we want to remove its use. What are your thoughts?
  10. Thank you. That is an insightful and helpful article. I will amend my thoughts in time.
  11. I think you’re leaning on the same crutch that many CRP-oriented forum warriors tend to. “Let’s think about the narrative,” is an excuse, plain and simple. Conflict is often, and will remain to be regardless of rule-set, premeditated. Most CRP is a result of one group either finding another, or something of that ilk. But that’s the nature of the server, and that’s fine. The only issue that exists here is a mindset one. W-chasing exists in every niche and community. Redirect your passion towards wiping that tendency out first in yourself, then in those close to you. Cringe Hot Take (Pre-Ownage): But players ought to stop pretending they are creating a “collaborative story”. When you are roleplaying, you can only control your own character. To that extent the only narrative you can truly own is your own. Wondering, “Is this engaging for the other person,” is an admirable thought, but it is not roleplaying. You are an actor, not a director. Act how your character would act, plain and simple. For most (myself included), this is a difficult task, and is where you should start. When you are not roleplaying and break character, use it as a moment of learning and introspection. Why did you break character? How did you break character? How can you learn to better appreciate the conditions in which you broke character? Meta-concerns (“Is PVP suitable here?”) are only worth tackling once you’re able to see where you, and others stumble in conflict. Rulesets do not matter when you taste the beauty of selflessly selfish roleplay. This is the re-education you asked for. Take my words with a grain of salt, most of them are not literal. Not Cringe Opinion (Post-Ownage): It is easy to say "Are-pee is not collaborative. Do better yourself. That is all that matters." But that's cringe. It is all about having fun and always should be. Be considerate and be kind. Do the best you can but not at the expense of others. It doesn't need to be more complicated than that. If we are all kind and do the best we can, mechanical rules can become secondary and enjoyment can come first (with a grain of salt). Rule changes will always happen, but start with yourself.
  12. Because it’s intended use is screwing people over for blanket testing. That knowledge should not be widely accessible. It’s evil and hides in the dark. Kind of like a vampire.
  13. Skull knightlings jaking interlinked. Proddinosaurus interlinked. What has been your most enjoyable moment in roleplay? What was your favorite community tjat you’ve been a part of on LOTC?
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