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  1. this is actually such a massive thing. I don’t think I’ve seen a single city on the map that was reasonably sized, they’re all hugely overbuilt. People who are into building always want to make something big and impressive and they don’t actually create good rp spaces. Think about what created a lively, prosperous city irl: dense tall buildings with no sprawl. Build 6 storey apartments I’m begging you.
  2. I have thoughts A lot of my memories of pvp involved spending two hours having two groups chase each other half way across the map until eventually they clashed and it became a clicking mosh pit where you couldn't tell what the hell was happening, and this was between two groups that really were OOCly friendly and just wanted a good skirm. I think slight mechanical tweaks could do a lot to change how it goes, I remember javelins when they came in for a while really changed the meta to **** over people charging groups that were bunched up, since you had to drop your shield and you'd catch a spear to the face, something like that maybe, idk. I don't think a magic plugin is a good move, just fight with a sword and bow and rp it as being magic afterwards. Anything towards MCMMOish classes just feels like a bad idea. Maybe some way of limiting the number of weapons you carry, like how the crossbows can't all be loaded at once, could make things more interesting and less click-mosh-pit-y. Not everybody can be an archer/crossbowman/sword&board/javelin/horse rider, you'd have to actually think through the tactics a bit more that way. Also, let us hide armor somehow or give some better way of telling who is who than a status tag, since those are impossible to see half the time. (take all this with a massive grain of salt as I've not pvped on here in like 2 years)
  3. I wanted to try and search the skin subforum for "orc" and realised that no three letter word is searchable, seems weird
  4. The voting for the first election of Dunwen has begun and the booth has been erected! All Halflings and eligible Honouraries make your way to the front of the storage burrow to cast your votes for Mayor and Sheriff, remember to sign your ballots, and may Knox guide us all - Mayor Rosebud Applefoot
  5. Written in intentionally different handwriting, perhaps with the left instead of the right, Rosebud has added her own nomination below the others: Rosebud Applefoot for Sheriff
  6. The notice hangs from the door of the town hole, Rosebud clearly put her best into making it look official, but she still smudged the ink in more than a few places. The Election is Called! Having sat as mayor for eight long, happy years, my term as established in the Dunfarthing Ways, Laws, and Traditions of Year 134 Shire Reckoning is coming to an end. We are to hold an election for the positions of Mayor and Sheriff, to be completed within the year. It has been an honour to serve you, my precious Wee Folk, and I look forward to seeing the capable Halflings who will step forward to replace me in my seat. Nomination will be accepted for the next three Pumpkin Days, until noon Elven Standard Time this Tuesday We will hold a debate three hours later in the pub so that the candidates can drink, argue, and get in fights about things Balloting will begin on the Friday and conclude by NEXT Tuesday at noon, a box for ballots will be placed in front of the town hole We will then count the ballots before the candidates, the shire, and Knox Only Wee-folk may run for these positions as defined in The Ways, resident Honoraries and Crafted beings may be eligible for half votes Any candidates please affix your name and desired position to this notice May Knox guide us all, Rosebud Applefoot, first Mayor of Dunwen
  7. The Distant Horizons mod helps a lot with viewing more of the map!
  8. ADDITION year 732 Shire Reckoning: At the divorce hearing of Magnolia and Cyris the following text was added to THE LAWS: "Doder Dengalberry has no legal parents, and is forbidden from referring to anybody as "Dad", "Father", or any other similar term until the end of days"
  9. Rosebud sits in her office, pouring over old missives and newspapers trying to piece together the state of the world. She ends up throwing out everything from prior to the great migration to Aevos, since many of those treaties seem to have been signed by dead monarchs of non-existent nations. She sits back having scribbled out a summary of all the different defensive pacts and non-aggression treaties she could find that date to the new world. "Huh, those dwed are a bi' screwed I think" she mutters, leaving the page out in the pub of Dunwen for others to take a look at, as she has a drink, contemplating the futility of war and entangling alliances. The State of the Entangled Alliances of Aevos of the Biggun and Wee-Folk Nations, by Rosebud Applefoot Year 732 Shire Reckoning (1932 Imperial, 485 Ehr Sigmunda, 136 of the Second Age, 65 Balian Annum)
  10. ((Post this here ya silly goose https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/997-defensive-pacts/ ))
  11. I cannot fathom any way in which this isn't worse than just having warp signs, and have seen several new players get confused. Also I occasionally warp to the wrong place after using them which is annoying.
  12. Nah, I'm of the very strong opinion that more magics like house magery and voidal stuff should be less understood, more varied, and have completely different traditions and understandings of it. One town's mages should be saying "yeah its house magery it comes from the soul" the other is saying "no its science you have to say these words (you don't)" and another saying "This is a gift from our great god X and it is holy magic". And all of them should be at least slightly wrong
  13. At a Moot in the year 134, the Halflings of Dunfarthing gathered in their traditional manner in the pub to discuss a new set of Ways, Laws, and Traditions to be formally agreed upon. The original document has many changes made to it at this Moot by majority vote, namely; Changes to votes for crafted creatures Allowing legal shogging to be done with an appointed champion Allowing a single lock to be used on the storage burrow Changing the drinking age from eight days to one minute Once a year on Knox'o'Ween, all crime is legal Musin are allowed to wear shoes Asides from these things, the Halflings agreed to the new laws, and they passed unanimously. The Mayor, Rosebud Applefoot, was seen drinking deeply afterwards at the bar, having nearly gone completely insane through this process. ~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~~+~+~ The First Moot of Dunwen, year 134 From Right to Left: Magnolia, Breasel, Alculf, Mayor Rosebud, Thain Cyris, Topaz, Sheriff Sakura, Lucene, Doder, Muggo the Mug ~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~~+~+~ The Ways The Ways are how Halfling villages are governed and run. They detail the elected positions in the village collectively called the Witan, elections, moots, and the different kinds of folk The Laws The Laws are the rules and codes every Halfling, Gnome, animal, Biggun, and thing is obligated by in the village. Violations of the Laws are to be swiftly handled by the Sheriff, and in their absence, by the mob. The Traditions The Traditions are the ancient ways all Wee-Folk are expected to follow. Honoraries are encouraged to follow these ways, but are not obligated by them to the same extent.
  14. "'ear ye 'ear ye!" Rosebud calls from the back of her llama, throwing missives at passers by's heads like a drunken Trotskyist. As you read the rolled up letter you hear "The moot! The moot is called!" echo from around the bends of the quiet paths of Dunwen. The First Moot of Dunwen All Wee-Folk of Dunwen, now that we are settled into our new home we should gather and discuss how we are to conduct and govern ourselves in the coming years. In consultation with the Thain and in collaboration with the Sheriff, I have compiled a new set of Ways, Laws, and Traditions that will guide us to prosperity, and we should gather to discuss them. Though some aspects of this document are of my own creation, much inspiration has been taken from our ancestors, namely Alfie Greenhold, Madeline and Filibert Applefoot, Julie Riverwing, Hob Leakshrew, Iris, Milly, and Andwise Peregrin, and Callum Fiddleberry. By consulting with all the old documents on our Laws and Traditions I could find I hope that this set of Ways, Laws, and Traditions can be amenable to all. The Thain will preside over the Moot, but I hope we can make a proper, joyous day out of it, the agenda will be as such: We make the rounds of the village, visiting all of our shrines to ask for Knox's (and other deities') guidance. We convene, read the document, and discuss We speak of any other matters that may have arisen We drink in celebration! The Moot will take place at midday, 6 pumpkin days from today. (( Thursday June 22nd, 3:00 EST )) May Knox guide us all Mayor Rosebud Applefoot
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