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  1. join the mod team too day ! 🌟

  2. very cool +1 one god one empire one emperor !
  3. Earnest would miss the horrified expressions of the king and queen when he cooked with too much spice, but he'd find he thought of Amadea the most, when he was ordering more of her expensive vanilla icecream he so often blatantly stole when he was stoned out of his mind. "Ought t' name this after her," he considered aloud to himself, restocking the kitchen stock.
  4. MC Name: frankdh Discord: frankdh#1224 Image: Description of Image: the original piece of art ("wanderer above the seafog") that default minecraft uses for 1x2 canvases. i just wanted to have a fancier version Dimensions: 1 wide, 2 high
  5. tbh my overall opinion is mechanics / accessability should be secondary to RP, or help to speed up access to rp. for getting blocks, our old CT block-hub was simple, straightforward, and above all, not time consuming. traveling from place to place, hub to hub, doesn't leave players with that satisfied feeling of "having worked for it"; it's just a tedious stipulation that drags out their resource gathering to build their settlement. settlements are essentially small businesses; as staff we should try to help those businesses open as quickly as possible. travel is getting people to that business. so this too, should be as streamlined as possible. I like our hubs on the current map, but fast travels should be used far more liberally. granted, I can admit that maybe with a smaller map, FT wouldn't be as necessary, and instead we could experiment with the speed boost again. adding more soulstone slots, however? sign me up. don't stop at four, give me five. tiles I will admit I have very little opinion on. as an NL the system was easy to understand, and it was cool to grind mina to buy more of them. but i do think a tile-maximum would be wise for nations. thank you for the transparency and interest in player perspective! looking forward to 9.0, and I hope my viewpoints were relevant to the topic.
  6. ((u still my fav renatus general tho, only real homies remember carolustadt))
  7. why would you use a bundle of sticks.........

  8. this is all the fault of the boomers........ the inactive boomers....... cmu, how could you have done this to oren...

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      can confirm frank is an evil man who has doxxed me and my seven children

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      @un-w I was generalizing. Doxxing is a serious issue in this community.

    4. Reckless Banzai Screamer
  9. might be worth it to stick to the smaller map size, but maaaybe try having about 4k x 4k of usable space, right. then you could designate an outer "border" of the island/continent/whatever to be a sort of "outskirts" area for ST events, adventures, spooky volcano fantasy biome to explore, etc. gives both the players and staff some flexibility while keeping everyone more close-knit, and not forced to waste time traveling from settlement to settlement. also pls keep the deserts i miss the axios caliphate settlement so much
  10. IGN: frankdh Category: visual arts Work: link version ok so i'll be real i think Azdromoth is pretty cool despite me being a druid, the rp i've experienced as both anne and earnest interacting with /witnessing him has been pretty wild and i always appreciated it @Malaise plays him as a very morally grey, nuanced character which i think is more interesting and refreshing than the typical "villain" kinda hope he beats the paladins no offense
  11. tl;dr, as someone who wasted way too much time walking around on Atlas trying to find people, freebuild sucks massive doodoo. splits people up way too much and only feeds into the "there's too many settlements aaa!" issue. don't do it, don't try it. my hands ache just thinking about it
  12. quick how do we make hookahs and the drugs where is the guide (asking for a friend)
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