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  1. ((u still my fav renatus general tho, only real homies remember carolustadt))
  2. why would you use a bundle of sticks.........

  3. this is all the fault of the boomers........ the inactive boomers....... cmu, how could you have done this to oren...

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    2. dragonwound


      can confirm frank is an evil man who has doxxed me and my seven children

    3. drfate786


      @un-w I was generalizing. Doxxing is a serious issue in this community.

    4. Battle Unit

      Battle Unit

      ok boomer

  4. might be worth it to stick to the smaller map size, but maaaybe try having about 4k x 4k of usable space, right. then you could designate an outer "border" of the island/continent/whatever to be a sort of "outskirts" area for ST events, adventures, spooky volcano fantasy biome to explore, etc. gives both the players and staff some flexibility while keeping everyone more close-knit, and not forced to waste time traveling from settlement to settlement. also pls keep the deserts i miss the axios caliphate settlement so much
  5. IGN: frankdh Category: visual arts Work: link version ok so i'll be real i think Azdromoth is pretty cool despite me being a druid, the rp i've experienced as both anne and earnest interacting with /witnessing him has been pretty wild and i always appreciated it @Malaise plays him as a very morally grey, nuanced character which i think is more interesting and refreshing than the typical "villain" kinda hope he beats the paladins no offense
  6. tl;dr, as someone who wasted way too much time walking around on Atlas trying to find people, freebuild sucks massive doodoo. splits people up way too much and only feeds into the "there's too many settlements aaa!" issue. don't do it, don't try it. my hands ache just thinking about it
  7. quick how do we make hookahs and the drugs where is the guide (asking for a friend)
  8. "Seems kinda weird ta me that he's quoting his ancestry when Peter's own parents plotted against their own blood," a Mister Banks would remark to himself, reading the pamphlet as he bought more Falcones. "'Nd now him 'n his brother are fightin' for the throne? Ought to be ashamed, turnin' the Novellen bloodline int'a a line of snakes. But I suppose snakes will just snake each other-- surprised they didn't realize that from the start."
  9. when I started playing earnest 3 years ago, I started him as an elven man of 60, raised by humans to be an over-achieving, hardworking butler who loved his profession. he served 5 emperors and was damn proud of it now though, uh, he ended up as a druid with a bad smoking habit and a fae plant for an arm (but he'll still tell you about how many emperors he worked for)
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