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  1. casual outfits for men (not formal 1700s garb) !
  2. ay yo yo it's yo boy franko idk if there's much a market for this but thought I'd give it a shot are U tired of having to make a new character, only to discover making heads and hair is a pain in the patootle? have U ever wasted hours scrolling through PMC to find a cool minecraft face that speaks to u, inspires u, only to find the [do not use on lotc] message in the description? well brother, do i have a deal for u. i made five (5) minecraft heads to be a starting point for someone's BRAND NEW character for them to love n enjoy these heads are hot n sp
  3. skin: snow pea bid: 100 mina : D discord: frankdh#1224
  4. Opening credits: Anne Augusta was never meant to rule. From the day of her birth, her existence denied her of that inheritance. The ruler of Oren, the Emperor, could not be a woman. This was a universal truth, and one Anne Augusta had always known. Even as a small child, she never could wrap her head around the public’s intrigue in her title-- Princess Imperial, heir-presumptive. After all, it was only temporary: her mother would soon have a son, and her little brother would grow up to be a great emperor like their father. A
  5. Anne passes by the advertisement, nodding in approval. "Nice."
  6. hello love u ark which am i
  7. A CALL TO CELEBRATION To the citizenry of the Holy Orenian Empire; Which joyous news We have to bring to you, for the Empire and its Subjects have a lot to celebrate. We are celebrating the ten year anniversary of the Reign of Her Imperial Majesty, The Empress Anne I, and further rejoicing in the ISA’s victory against the Inferi. The day shall begin with a festival in the square of the Ruby City of Helena, streets alive with novelties, booths, and games for the citizens of the empire to enjoy. To honor our ISA soldiers' valia
  8. Enjoying a cup of coffee with Sir Jahan, Anne nudged the man’s arm, gesturing over to Adrian. “This is why he isn’t allowed in the palace.”
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