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  1. make everything pastel moderation team cyan baby the union wills it
  2. While drifting across Aevos in one of his stoner journeys, Earnest would come across a duplicate of this parchment in the jungles of Balian. "... man, what the-" He clicked his tongue in aggravation. "These damn dense druii, hypocrites- all'a them," he grumbled, crumbling up the parchment. But, not wanting to be a litter-bug, the greying old elf simply stuffed it into his pocket. "Anyone with a shred'a smarts would know not ta learn from 'em, they'll all just leave you with a lott'a hurt in th' end." The ghostly black cat, that had followed him ever since his expulsion from the Eternal Forests, slinked its way out from behind a tree. If a man grumbles in the middle of a jungle, did it ever truly happen?, the figment of his imagination would hum, blue eyes looking to him in an annoyingly cheeky manner. Why do you bother talking to yourself? "I don't, 'm talkin' to you," Earnest retorted, carrying on his way. The sounds of his stomping on layers of dead leaves followed him as he went, the cat weaving its way through the trees behind him.
  3. yo this goldhand storyline goin on is craaazy 

    very cool rp!!! 

  4. (( such a cool, creative lair! I look forward to encountering it! ))
  5. A spectacled man passed by Norland sometime later, hearing of this tragic event. He lit a candle, pounding his fist to his chest before kissing two fingers, sending them upward as he looked to the sky. "R.I.P, brother."
  6. "The Balianese people will sing your name, Johanna." Regina would mourn for her beloved niece, King Adrian's words of hope forever echoing in her ears.
  7. hi I just wanted to say thank you for making this great resource!!! 

    1. Malins Welcome

      Malins Welcome

      Glad you're enjoying it!

  8. An Opposition Against Emotional Suppression 136 SE ~*~ The culture of the silver elves is one heavily reliant on centuries’ old traditions, where the word of ancient figures is the closest they have to holy texts. However the interpretation of these figureheads’ words shift and change with the currents of time. Such is inevitable, as progress is by nature malleable, and therefore must be amenable to the needs of the mali’thill, and adaptable to the world around them. One such tradition is in the nature of one’s emotions, as outward expression is often recognized as damaging, and a hindrance to the silver elves, who view themselves above such. However, this hesitation only proves to be negative, acting against the pillars of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. The suppression of emotion only hinders the growth of the individual, denying a mali’thill’s capability to reach their full potential. The origin of such a mentality can be referred to within Lucion Sullas’ book series “M&H,” Parts 1, 2, and 3, where he records what knowledge he has of the mali’thills’ ancestry and then clarifies the practice of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya: progress and health. In Chapter 6 of the third and final book in the series within the Eternal Library, “On Emotion and Aversion to It”, Sullas states that “it is beneath an adherent to act by the whims of emotion– it shows a lack of self control, and would likely offend those around yourself” (p 21). As such, the high elven generations have grown increasingly concerned about being painted the fool by their peers. One can discover the echoes of such a cultural impact within The Silver Law, reinstated by Haelun’or in 12th of Malin's Welcome, Year 61 of the Second Age. The majority of these articles are pragmatic in nature, dissuading the romantic pursuit of oem’iian, highlighting the importance of consent, etcetera. However, it is Article 3 of these laws that has the greatest day to day impact on the citizenry: ARTICLE 3. The Blessed Residents of The Silver State of Haelun’or shall not participate in public fraternization of an intimate nature. A disrespect of peers and the City’s dignity itself, those who violate this covenant of Haelun’or’s sanctity deserve not to walk her halls. In short, this article within the Silver Law advocates against public displays of affection between partners. However, the lack of clarification, as it pertains to official boundaries of what constitutes as such, when coupled with a culture that already advocates against emotional expression, only leads to mundane, small joys being snuffed: The holding of hands, for example, or a kiss on the cheek. Such things are remarkably mild and perfectly common in the world we live in, but within Haelun’or’s walls, it is deemed questionable and obtrusive. Such a statement is further reinforced by the officially published manual A Mali’thill’s Guide to Courtship, written by one Puerir’arche in the 35th year of the Second Age. Within the pages of this handbook, public displays of affection are denied in the first, second, and even third stages of courting (that is, both before and after marriage), describing it as “quite improper and degenerate” (Chapter V, Article V). Instead, bizarrely anonymous letters, works of art, and scientific research are valued as the cultural standard. While it can surely be agreeable that acts of dedication are admirable, why should the mali’thill deny themselves the simplicity of a brush of a hand, or a dance under the stars? Should not these works of art be for one’s partner, rather than the State, as this guide prioritizes? For this denial and rejection will not create the wise, “proper” silver elves that these ideals advocate for, but instead shame-riddled, socially underdeveloped adults with no sense of individuality. It stands against the very words proudly chanted: Progress and health, as hindrance of growth is only the opposite of progress in of itself.
  9. ... that is the question. Hi. In the last few weeks there has been an influx in mech flee being used as a means to avoid CRP consequence. To anyone who may not know, here is what our current rule states in Rules -> Combat -> Honor Default: You may move up to 4 blocks per emote. However, if you aim to escape the encounter you must 1) emote escaping and await a response 2) if they chase you, do a /countdown, and then 3) run from the encounter (you may not fight or be assisted). However, this simple system is being exploited due to the lack of an implemented PVP-plugin and a lack of weapons. I have personally witnessed the failure of this system without these integral parts. So for the time being, the moderation team has determined this to be the appropriate amendment: The decision to mech flee should be decided early on. If player 2 wants to run from player 1, they must decide to flee BEFORE pulling out their weapon or any other "attack" (casting magic, etc) to engage in combat. This is based off the mechanical flee rule of giving up your right to fight back when choosing to run away mechanically. Keep in mind, this rule amendment is TEMPORARY. When the PVP plugin is eventually reimplemented, and weapons are accessible at large once more, the rule will again default to its original version shown above.
  10. do you feel that rebinding a soulstone to a new pillar at CT is easier for travel? did our old system with hubs simply work better? or, would you prefer a warp sign placed on each pillar instead? are the current timers for soulstone-based travel too long in your opinion? if so, should timers be lowered, or should we have more soulstone slots? i have no true power here i am just curious mostly
  11. hello gamerz last couple of days I've been noticing player requests for items that don't appear to be accessible through resource island or shops in cloud temple (like cobwebs and spore blossoms, for example) are there any other items that we're missing? pls let me know so this can (hopefully lol) be fixed !!!
  12. what is your favourite thing about lotc? what do you hope to see in the community's future?
  13. join the mod team to daaayy !

  14. THE MAYFLOWER A courier-based letter delivery service It would appear the birds in Aevos are not as well equipped to deliver our mail as the Almarian kind. Fortunately, there is now a solution! The Mayflower Postal Service is a courier based letter delivery service that strives for efficiency and speedy delivery. Managed by Cornelis of Brasca. How does it work? On the envelope of your letter, please write: To: Name (and username in parentheses) City of residence: Please sign your letter with /notes sign in the event the letter needs to be returned to you. To start a new line on your letter, type /notes write /n/ and push enter ((**To note: I will be functioning under the assumption that all letters handed to me in roleplay are letters in sealed envelopes. I will not metagame what you have written, and as such it’s unlikely I’ll bother to read it at all.**)) Example: There will be a few donation chests placed throughout Aevos in different settlements, always beside their aviary. As I expand, I will list those settlements here for convenience. The Mayflower warns against using our service in cases of emergency Our Mailboxes can be found in: Haense Balian ((and as always, my discord is frankdh))
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