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  1. @Harrison picking a fight with a bot lmao?

    1. FlemishSupremacy


      Telanir confirmed NPC???

  2. Telanir

    Ranged Rolls

    We don’t currently have such a system but a crp system which involves rolls is something we’ve been eyeing for a while now.
  3. WOW! This is an amazing submission, the narration is a lovely touch & the inclusion of the classroom setting was both adorable and powerful. Really makes it feel like a Nation of many layers and a rich history—I’ve definitely entered this as a submission for the Homeland Highlights. 😉
  4. Goddamn, that was epic. I’ve entered this as a submission into Homeland Highlights!!!
  5. LotC be poppin! 321 players online damn! 😤


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    2. Dyl


      You owe Helena money Telanir, we’ve trademarked it.

    3. Babadooks


      @Telanir I fixed it, sorry for being an *******, you were right, it was my internet!

    4. Telanir


      Hey, thanks for admitting it bro! No hard feelings 🙂

  6. Hey everyone! Thank you for attending the last podcast with our man Zac Clay and I, it was quite successful & civil, and a wonderful chat all-in-all. Marimbamonk is going to host another chat between us this Saturday the 28th at 12pm Pacific / 3pm EST on his channel https://www.twitch.tv/zacclay. We’ll be discussing all things LotC as well as our thoughts in general. The livestream is a chat between Zac & Max as much as it is one between marimbamonk & Telanir of LotC so tune in if you want to hang out and chill in an open format. We’ll take questions from chat later so come support your guy Zac Clay and join us this weekend! Edit: Huge THANK YOU to everyone who came and participated, we had a blast! It was awesome seeing the server at 321 players online too, how insane is that!? If you missed it, check it out below!
  7. thank you for the bitcoins, I have now released your profile picture from captivity.

    1. Telanir


      Pleasure doing business.

  8. Sure, weird request but I can work with it.
  9. Yeah, I think it will be a good idea to also consider the quality of the submissions as well. A community vote winner or several + an objective review ladder as well from our most scrupulous video reviewers and we’d do great.
  10. Hey everyone, Around the release of Arcas the legends roleplaying in the snow elves and dwarves presented videos showcasing the Princedom of Fenn and Kingdom of Agnarum. We are so thrilled to publish player content to our official YouTube and we think players both inside LotC and out would love to see more like it. We should be generating more content like this, this is awesome! Many of us are quarantined up at home and are itching to get our hands working on something special for your friends and for our community. We are going to publish the top contenders onto our official YouTube channel as well as award the top places & any honorable mentions with a great deal of resources, minas, and more. Starting today we have two weeks (last day April 7th) to produce and submit these videos to us, after which we will hold a community vote to determine the top winners. For ideas on the format, watch these videos here! The Snow Elves - The Princedom of Fenn The Dwarves – Kingdom of Agnarum
  11. Wtf let go of my profile picture
  12. Telanir

    Technical Update

    Eh, that’s a weird point to criticize. I mean yea it’s not anything as good as 1.8 lag but that’s purely because 1.8 just had less shit to do. I’m not a fan of it either but taking it out on Mojang does nothing when potentially we can do something about it.
  13. Telanir

    Technical Update

    We run Bungee so all the servers are interconnected. You can already PM someone on the main server from one of the lobbies or press TAB to see server list, try it!
  14. Telanir

    Technical Update

    I should point out that A) and B) are solutions for the short-term, whereas C) is something that is a few month roadmap for us as a team. Obviously C) is the best solution, but to answer @Archipelego, it’s sort of like that yes but alternatively the borders on the map between different zones are non-buildable areas that are shared between the different servers (to prevent a city from popping up in front of you). Once you approach this zone you get transported along with your mount & inventory and whatever else to the other server instance. Edit: This also means the map doesn’t have to be a bunch of islands, but it’s a different solution compared to Axios because in Axios all the worlds were still on the same server.
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