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  1. Telanir

    A new beginning

    Welcome back to Lord of the Craft, Trek! These days we’ve got a fantastic Community Team, so if you are interested, hit them up with a /creq Hey guys just a bit lost and need some direction or a DM and they’ll try their best to help you out. Honestly though, ask around on our public Discord and a Nation Leader might work out a job for you and a place to stay. Good luck!
  2. Telanir, can you do an AMA or something like that? I think it’d be really interesting to get to pick your brain.

    1. Telanir


      Sure man! Sorry I saw this late but sounds like a good idea.

  3. That’s called doxxing, so no. If you’re interested in finding it yourself you can do what Space did to get there.
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    2. rukio
    3. Kaiser


      Yeah but when Rp is effected by OOC then you gotta take that RP to OOC to counteract it to some extent. Welcome to the server, broke but it’s just how it is

    4. Beowulf


      can you ubban me because i was banned by a glitch.. its been liek a week now and still no fix... hello staff?

  4. Telanir

    Been Here Since the Server Opened, AMA

    Yes, though that nuance is nasty. I can dress an empty sentence in superfluous tangents, passive voice, and adjectives. Likely, it will sound clever at first glance but it’s too easy to get lost in them, especially as the author. The short sentence is more powerful. You just can’t BS in them. But, when structured well, longer sentences flow better. The rule of thumb I like is to alternate between short and long—then it’s just pleasant to read. So what is your favorite style of roleplay? Can I expect to see it online sometime soon? ;)
  5. I’m not sure you’ve ever worked with a public company. Not communicating things like finance reports and acting on them is punishable with jail time as insider trading. They are heavily regulated and inundated with bureaucracy. As for tax return, if you care about it—then you can go and find it the same way Space did it yesterday. If you’re interested in more, you can read this if you want to know about server ongoings.
  6. Telanir

    Been Here Since the Server Opened, AMA

    The writer’s most powerful tool is the pair of scissors. Do you agree with this statement?
  7. Of course. May I point out that I have recently, just starting this year, phased out Team Directors out of the equation? There are now simply admins, managers, and members, which eliminates a vast proportion of our paperwork and bureaucracy. There are many more similar changes in the works, and I hope you will be a fan of those as well. 🙂
  8. Sorry Space but I don't want to run LotC like a business. I'm not sure where I would have said that. I believe in the exact opposite—corporate lingo and bureaucracy have driven this server downward. This is something we need to pull out of.
  9. Telanir

    [Your View] Charters, Nation Status and Dependent Status!

    Hm, can you elaborate please on “own domain”?
  10. Telanir

    We Out

    Hi Corpean, I’m going to start by saying that your post breaks rules for misleading information so it was hidden. However, I am restoring it because I’m curious what you, a recent ex-staff, is up to with all this commotion. My directive to my Administration, and this includes @Fireheart_, is to put together a competent and active roster for their team. I tell them outright that if somebody drops off the face of the planet, not to wait till kingdom come to remove them. We’re going to do that sooner rather than later, and if you “wake up” after you’re removed you may explain yourself and potentially return. Especially if you are a Manager. Instead, in hindsight, I see an awfully convenient set of events leading up to this. I’ll start by saying the workload and initiative expected from a manager, let alone recently a Director, is leagues above what we expect from general staff. But you managed to get axed straight from Manager to off the Staff. So here’s what I caught. You join high-up Staff on a prospective separate server, no harm done, we all have our own life… what’s strange is what comes after. You drop to minimal activity on LotC. You postpone every conversation with your lead, Fireheart, for whichever reason you find convenient that day. You ignore anybody reaching out and ignore your duties as Staff. What’s worse, you delegate your own job to somebody else and claim the progress there as your own activity. You delete management documents in the Moderation drive that we use. You take some time to slam some trivial forum actions and screenshot it for future use. You await your obvious removal. You slop up a post and blow it up with misinformation. This forces the staff to hide the post without being able to discuss your claims. You know this of course. You share the post between all possible groups, now aware that the Staff has no official medium to respond to your claims. Not necessarily poorly planned out. Let’s take your claim of Fireheart’s bias. No, he has not had a staff blacklist. Second, he was following admin directive. As we know by now, the Staff Structure that I outlined for 2019 include Community, Moderation, Story, and Development. Where do you see FM/GM? Nowhere, because I cut those teams from the Staff because they would be redundant. Fireheart was not the one who did this, and he has no “power” to gain from it. Riftblade who is now a Moderation Manager has kept his role because he has displayed outstanding activity and initiative. Well done by the way @Riftblade! Your proof of activity with the moderator actions on the forums amount to 4 minutes of work (yes that’s why you cut out the timestamps). It’s clear to me that it was done with a purpose for a future goal. This is painfully clear to me as I read your tantrum. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? I see your plan to get axed and then to throw a tantrum—so what’s supposed to happen next Corpean? Exodus? Have you thought it through? Did you think I would be blind to it? Well, not all is lost. I am impressed by the many deep layers of incompetence that you have displayed today. There truly is no bottom.
  11. Come back sometime, it was fun times with you around!

    1. Telanir


      Oh and shoot me your Discord sometime if you see this

  12. Telanir

    yooo lmao what is this sub-forum ama

    Oh man… do you ever regret the sheer amount of time you put into staff work?
  13. Telanir

    Community Guidelines Violations

    Hey everyone, So I’m just going to clarify something I’ve received some questions about which come from our Community Newsletter that @TarreBear kindly posted yesterday. Telanir I’m serving a Guidelines Violation right now—what happens to me? Well it doesn’t exist, so you no longer have to serve it. If you are banned please send me a message or a message to one of our Moderation Staff and they will unban you. How are you going to handle toxicity then, now that you don’t enforce the Community Guidelines? We still do. We will still promote and enforce our community guidelines. As I mentioned in this post, we are still on the lookout for ways to improve toxicity. If you go out of your way to be malicious, toxic, abuse plugins, or harass anybody without somehow breaking the rules we won’t, of course, “magically” look the other way. That is all everyone, thank you and take care! Telanir.
  14. Telanir

    Persona Database Cleanse

    I never said he made this decision on his own, that’s your own assumptions. Sporadic used the current state of lore as a basis for a database purge, very clearly. Apparently, Snelves aren’t core lore right now, that would explain why they were covered under the database cleanse. These are my own abstractions as to why—I gave the Development Team a tight deadline for 7.0 now and I understand maybe I shouldn’t have. We will need to figure out a way to accommodate races in time for 7.0, but I’m 100% certain there is nothing malicious going on. I mean at most this may be a clerical error.