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  1. Really it is quite extraordinary that we managed to cut it down this much…it's silly how easy it is to release a bloated ruleset. Its 'simpleness' definitely hides the complexity of its making…that said, this particular variant has blood on its hands as it killed drafts by previous mod admins, and those took forever. This version itself only took since mid-summer to draft, iterate, test, and release.
  2. Since Oren and Haense are on opposing sides, is the staff-enforced treaty after this warclaim going to be white peace? 😄

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      lmao good luck

  3. Stand up... there you go. You were dreaming. What's your name?

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      A Dream Within a Dream

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      charles the bald 

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      The Chairman.

  4. everyone was involved. of course you were too But…there was virtually nothing that could've been about dwarves…i'm genuinely confused what that's being conflated with…that said, my understanding of player conflict has evolved in the sense that just because I see staff running around with their pants on fire—it doesn't mean there isn't a silent majority of players simply enjoying their time If I hadn't been pressed into making an announcement at the time I wouldn't have touched it with a 10ft pole. But these days, player dynamic is a priority of mine and I hope we will have more of it as we slowly shed 10 years of bureaucracy
  5. Yeah I recall moderation admin went behind our back at some point and allowed one side to perform conquest—something which was not allowed in the rules at the time. I hope we can remove as much admin/mod involvement in rp affairs as we can, those days were awful. The toxicity in that war got to such a bad degree that staff were ready to end the war at any and all costs and people were begging me to help and stop it—I did what I thought was necessary but I don't think I had proper foresight at the time As for the RP situation…I vaguely recall a rebellion? But…I'm pretty sure my hands were full with the entire tech team quitting and three admins who were sick of being attacked and quit. Since oct. 2019 I made a fairly radical change to the way we handle predatory behavior and have been able to ban quickly and permanently almost every single case that was brought to us. It really isn't a 'fair' process anymore but the consequences of missing a predator far outweighs one or two wrongful bans
  6. You're mixing me up with the mod admin at the time Lithium, I've never cared which side wins (though a few other admins at the time were positively electrified watching it all happen). As for the second part…no. I don't influence/control NL's, this sounds one of those 2019 hare-brained conspiracies
  7. we (as in, the staff) get an unfortunate amount of busywork done all the time, that question probably will need a whole thread of my own though …
  8. Unfortunately for us he's busy surfing up those beaches (lucky bastard) though were it a contest for popularity he'd certainly have long been it That said…I've never actually been lead admin, people just sort of assumed I was (worst was chairman era since the unfortunate name made it look like i was ascending rather than stepping back) Our main problem is not getting things done or not…we don't have admin deadlocks, in the last six years we've had barely a fistful of admin level changes we couldn't agree on. It's just that the things that admin predecessors do seem to pull in various directions and often "the next admin" cancels out the work of the last. Not to get anyone's hopes up but we did agree recently on a direction, i.e. a mission statement, and I hope we can give it life Sorry to derail this thread Disheartened!
  9. I'm not so sure tags have the power you imply. I can brand myself whatever you like, "technical administrator" and all, or "potato planter" (fitting for farmer billy) Inconsequential change for example, would be adding a new rule or paperwork lol
  10. Genuinely happy seeing staff dare to make consequential change and I hope more follow in her footsteps. I see your critique but I think it's not targeted at her—or this. I know we're all to blame up here in leadership, but that's not my point. Best of luck indeed
  11. i don't know my cat is my agent ask her
  12. Hah, thanks. It's pretty low-key nowadays but mainly some tech things you won't see until later. :)
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