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  1. Hello! Earlier this year, we tried opening communication with Firesides—attempting “full” transparency. We discussed staff applications, the Wiki Team, Road To 500, fast travel, and more. This time, the #admin-den walls did not shelter these conversations—they laid bare on the forums for any registered user. | Firesides are discussions that involve administrative matters with a twist—they move administrative decision-making from private channels to ones you can access. Sure, you won’t find us discussing sensitive reports, bans, or peanuts here—but we will pass significant change through Fireside first. Fireside keeps you informed, provides opportunities for critique & suggestion, and holds your administration accountable. Expressing ourselves candidly and sustaining a smooth discussion was hard though. We still felt inclined to put up an ‘executive’ front; it was a bit stiff and not as effortless as we’d hoped. In the long run, the forums deliver announcements & archive content in a way Discord never can—but Discord is made for the free-flowing & genuine brainstorming that occurs behind the scenes. Join Fireside We still want this—we want thorough transparency. This time we will try it on the LotC Discord, and again, open it for anybody who’s interested. We’ve created a category called “Fireside” which has the admin discussion channels (if you opt-in you can see it). ! | Pick up the Fireside role from #role-request. You can witness live conversations, react to messages to share your thoughts (respectfully), and provide feedback of your own in #lobby. If you’d like to check out our post on the last iteration of Fireside, please visit this forum thread.
  2. Welcome back. I used to think you were young and impulsive, but it’s been years since then. Cool to see you return a bit older and wiser, I hope you have a good run this time.
  3. Did we RP together in Mel-Lenxia by any chance?

    1. Telanir


      Nah I joined Lotc in 2011 but after mel-lenxia.

  4. @Junar @Florensics Cheers to you guys, gives me the chills! Phenomenal.
  5. Hey Proddy, it may be case-sensitive? Could you try it with capitalizations? Thanks, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work.
  6. Farmer Billy solemnly straightens out amidst a field of taters and wheat. He wipes a burly arm across his moist eyes and utters into the skies, “Mey yer pokkets bey ulwehs fill wiff teyturs lad…”
  7. Somewhere, a lonesome muddied farmer wipes beads of sweat off his brow as he sits on sun-baked stones. He reaches for his trusty wooden hoe and grunts as he stands, his fingers curling over the worn handle. He hums and hobbles over the field, his eyes laden with a new direction. His bones can already feel the excitement, but the illiterate farmer knows not why.
  8. Please make a forum post for curio or give us some basic info, im too lazy to see the stream 


    or is curio nexus 2.0?

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      **** it im watching the stream right now and will provide ppl with what i can see large_70_28500.png




      this guy looks just like you

    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect



      Skip to 3 hours in the video







      edit: just watched the video, i feel like it opens a lot of possibilities for roleplay, i have some questions if you are willing to ansewr


      you going to combine the custom materials with custom items just like Nexus?

      are basic, necessary resources going to be present on these nodes? If they are, I feel like they’ll become chokepoints for PvP or create an opportunity for resource monopolies, maybe you could make the respawn timer some sort of variable instead of being, for example, 10 minutes, make it vary between 10 to 15 minutes so a single player can’t keep track precisely of the ores and get less yield in case they create a monopoly on the node/resource

      and you could also make both safe and more risky nodes. they can have the same yield or something, but the risky nodes would have less people gathering on them since they’d be more far from the safe nodes

  9. Test of status update

    1. Vaynth


      Test of status comment

  10. Ridiculously good, this has got to be illegal. I’m fuming! Awesome combination of music and cinematic shots, great use of shaders and smooth & professional camera work. I wonder if the music use will cop a takedown claim… though I hope not. Great way to incorporate characters from the nation into it as well—I will enter this as a submission for the Homeland Highlights
  11. Talking to people is a good step arockstar, one that we both do quite often, but it’s different from the people who are consistently online, the vibe on the game server of the regulars is pretty removed from what you’d see on the forums or in private discords or convos. We both know this, so I think the assessment is unclear especially as it there are many communities on LotC and no one person is connected to all of them.
  12. Definitely left-field there, if you’ve logged on in the last few months at all you wouldn’t be parroting the ol’ “community” line. We’re implementing it because we’re a server with a wide age range & we realize the use-cases for the people who requested this change but also the wider community as well. We haven’t had a good filter in a long long time and I’m going to introduce it in stages so that it has minimal impact on ongoing RP. It should be operational by next month but it will be running on the server gathering data starting today/tomorrow.
  13. Messages are not filtered ? so call your friend whatever you both like lol Also, the filter does not warn mods it just cancels the message so no threat of ban.
  14. Seeing this reminds me that I am so happy that @TheBelidle redid Farmer Billy Bob’s model, look at this handsome farmer. Don’t you want a piece? ?
  15. sorry I didn’t catch that, can you say that louder for us in the back?
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