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  1. Hope you've been well, friend! :)

  2. Hey boss, what's the rule on me giving my account or my aether to someone? 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. blago


      Or Rukio cause simp 

    3. rukio


      NOOOO make new discord so you're not gone forever

    4. Lionbileti


      make discord now

  3. give me creative wizard because although i'm not a wizard i am creative.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Johann


      what the **** knox

    3. Knox


      you all act surprised like I won't do it. 

    4. snoopie12


      Tssssk Creative Wizzard is not requested, it is granted to someone. 

  4. Hope you're doing well ; )

  5. Never thought you'd actually comeback, you madman. Welcome and stay awhile!
  6. Good morning everyone, have a beautiful day! 😉

    1. snoopie12


      I did, thank you!

  7. Hey, I'm glad you chose to post it price. We might not be medical experts but we can try to help in our own ways. Thanks.
  8. How's your pig thing 

    1. Telanir


      Hahaha, Blobiverse is doing not too bad actually. Thanks for asking. How you doing, friend? 😁

    2. blago


      Pretty decent, waiting for my admin application is all. Just a lot of work and stuff. Will talk to ya soon

  9. Beautiful. Let's double-down on that upward trend! Cheers to everyone on the team really coming forward and putting their minds to it, very proud of the initiative and I think everyone else appreciates it too. Thanks for the team-effort.
  10. Yes, shoutout to Story team for absolutely packing the server full of eager players with the help of an immersive and rich storyline. Brilliant. @ScreamingDingo

  11. Good morning everyone, hope your day is fantastic! 😁

  12. Goood morning everyone! Wish you a pleasant day. 😄

  13. Have a lovely night everyone! 🙂

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