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  1. hey did you respond to brules yet

  2. Not to be a pain or anything, just I was wondering whether you had time to get back to my message I sent you. It's been a fair bit over the time you said it would take for a response, and thought you perhaps forgot about it or something.



  3. Woah, sup nppeck.

  4. [✓] Kevins Appeal [Admin Team/Tythus LTD]

    Unbanned for good family values. —But for real, I'm expecting best behavior from now on. Please read this post carefully if you haven't already. If I see any problems we will be talking. See you online.
  5. same, that would be a wonderful project, I'd totally endorse it.
  6. Political Compass thread

    this is discriminatory towards admins, as an admin I can't see my dot because it's beyond the upper-right boundary
  7. [✗] Pigz_Might_Fly's Ban Appeal

    This is an appeal, not an autobiographical excerpt. Submit another one with a proper apology and a recognition of your mistakes.
  8. hi there friend 

  9. Two Jolly Sparks

    Instead of trying to cram administrators into neat labeled boxes, we're giving a month or two to settle before applying roles. (They will definitely be picking up some of the roles of our recently departed admins though).
  10. Two Jolly Sparks

    Woah there cowboy! Better contain your enthusiasm there!
  11. Two Jolly Sparks

    Hello again friends, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to my parting companions Wrynn & Harold. These two are top-of-the-line, hard-working folk, and they will always be welcome here. Wrynn always emphasized respecting the community opinion, and Harold’s steady hand helped guide us through a couple of very tough months. [F]. For the selection process, there were many desirable candidates for administration. We received many outstanding admin proposals, plans, & outlines. For this reason, promotion has taken a couple of days longer than we anticipated. With 6.0 coming on very soon, our rationale this time has been to focus on longevity, and hand pick a diligent and stable long-term administration. Please welcome our two new administrators, Vaynth and Paleo. Thank you, Telanir.
  12. ET Purge & What's to Come

    I believe we have reached a point where all reasonable/insightful comments have already been made. Thank you to each of you who issued a civil response in this thread. If you have further feedback you may reach me on Discord.
  13. Reform the LT

    My post is unrelated to the topic, if you are giving or responding to feedback you can safely ignore it. From what I can tell, you believe that my address to the community was about "petty words". You are mistaken. The kind of toxicity I am fighting here is the kind you are displaying in your posts. I have looked through your post history in-depth now. If I see any more dirty politics or cheap insults you will read my post, word by word, while you wait out your ban. You are capable of more. I know there is a mature and sensible person in you that you've put away. If you want to see changes in the team, you should work with them, rather than against them. And if you're looking for some respect from my staff, you will do well to show some yourself. They are treating you reasonably despite your attitude.
  14. Hello folks, Some have recently permitted themselves to drop any standards for acceptable behavior. I remind you now, just once, that we will enforce our rules and ban for such garbage conduct. The community guidelines were founded to promote a healthy and robust environment. One with healthy friendships in a fair and enjoyable setting. When the guidelines come under attack, it is not only those who are involved which suffer—it deteriorates the experience of the entire community. Ever since I stumbled upon Lord of the Craft in 2011, fresh and naive, I have found it to be a place of wonder. A charming and defining quality of our server has always been how we blend a serious take on roleplay with a laid-back and friendly attitude. I can’t call us a strict hardcore fantasy roleplay—and I can't see us as a medieval simulator, but in practice, you can go to any place on our server to find any spot in-between these extremes. And we’ve always had hardcore roleplay fanatics interweaving with war/conflict addicts—that’s just the way of an open world server. And we’ve always debated the best way to handle over-the-top or lacking staff professionalism. When two divergent interests clash, there is always an amiable path to solving a dispute. My point here is, we should not be looking for a way to wrangle out what we personally consider to be the “proper” opinion out of everybody, but rather, we find ways to coexist with one another—despite our differing attitudes and expectations. From the moment that we sign on after our first application, we acknowledge an unspoken duty—to preserve this experience and to help each other enjoy our time here. To support a stimulating, encouraging, and jolly environment—a community that you can grow and develop in. I believe that LotC is worth preserving. Our server is full of the most diverse and fascinating roleplay; countless distinct ambitions, connections, and feelings; and curious, imaginative, and dedicated people. We, on the staff, have looked past toxicity recently—but this isn’t sustainable. As a community, this is not the kind of LotC that we want. It is not the OOC squabble that connects us, but our true focus—the journey, the remarkably unique IC LotC adventure. It’s time we go back to our roots. Thank you for reading, Telanir.