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  1. Telanir

    Rule Clarification [OOC Rules Enforcing IC Status Quo?]

    Hello OverlordCommand, Creative work is especially meaningful in our community—a haven of writers, artists, and builders. Like nothing else, plagiarism undermines creative work. Here we reference works by other authors frequently, however, we have separate rules governing in-character and out-of-character interaction. In-character, your personas may share information privy to them—something they discover, learn, or invent. Anything outside of this sphere is known as metagaming. We do not cite anything in-character. Out-of-character, you may share anything you find of interest (provided it is appropriate). The rule itself is ”Plagiarism is prohibited.”—the spoilers below each rule are useful examples. When the author is unknown (an unlikely scenario), you should act in good faith and respect the material. This means doing what you can, even if it is as little as “The works cited are not my own.” Now, a separate issue, about the work of writing cited in this topic. Clear to me, as little as I know about them, the people invested in the “Holy Scrolls” painstakingly safeguard and screen the documents. If you have read the work then there are “good-faith” use-cases. The players posting roleplay-topics as in-character clergy violate no rules. If you discuss a certain section of the work you may do so provided it is clear that you quote it. However, there is no “good-faith” use-case to my knowledge which involves the copy-paste or document cloning and subsequent mass sharing. On a hub-PvP or hunger-games server none of this matters. But, in the hardcore roleplay-oriented LotC world—I would punish that, no doubt. Thank you, Telanir.
  2. Telanir

    [✗] [Admin] Wtflucaswtf Ban Appeal

    Hello, the administration has voted on this appeal. Unfortunately, the vote failed to pass unanimously and the subject remains banned. I will now archive this appeal.
  3. Telanir

    Unwritten Rules

    Thank you for bringing this up Unwillingly. You may use this thread to identify any recent bans caused by unwritten rules and I will underline them to my team.
  4. Telanir

    Warclaim Frequency

    Hello everyone, I must announce a change today to warclaim activity. We enter a difficult time of year for many students—filled with tests, exams, and holidays. We would like to wish everybody a productive test season and a jolly start to the holidays. In our assessment, no team can be large enough to handle frequent warclaims in their current state. Each event requires substantial preparation, moderation, and negotiation. It wears out and stresses even veteran, brick-wall moderators. The pressure to perform routinely chips away at the quality of the events and the stamina of our staff. Beginning today, the Game Moderation Team will handle a maximum of one warclaim each weekend. During the Christmas and New Years period we expect minimal warclaim activity as well. Be safe everyone and take care. Thank you, Telanir & the Administration
  5. Telanir

    New Forum Rules

    Thank you for the valuable time and effort contributed. And everyone else—you can find the new rules here!
  6. Telanir

    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules General Conduct On Our Forums | November 22nd, 2018 Forum Etiquette If you are unsure about your post you can contact a Forum Moderator. In general, if you risk being unreasonable it is likely you will break a rule. 1. We are an English speaking community and, as such, your posts must be in English and in a legible font. What fonts are legible? Can I use roleplay languages? 2. Measured criticism is welcome. Provocation, insults, and personal remarks are punishable. Targeted, abusive behaviour is not tolerated. Avoid misleading posts. Research your material. The staff may punish misinformation, especially when done intentionally. Swearing in roleplay is allowed. Tasteful or humorous swearing is allowed when it is not targeted at people / groups. Racial slurs and epithets are bannable. 3. Memes are permitted, however, certain sub-forums may prohibit them. The staff will punish ill-intentioned or malicious memes. Keep your forum signature reasonable. Use spoilers if necessary. Memes must be hidden in a spoiler in roleplay threads. 4. Images/videos must comply with the LotC content policy. Graphic content is not permitted. This includes: Unreasonably or disproportionately gory content. Pornography and other overtly sexual content. Excessively gross content, loud videos and sound bites, and screamers. Posting Rules 1. Do not double post; use the edit button; spamming is prohibited. What is double posting? Can I remove a post I made? 2. Follow sub-forum rules. Where can I find these additional rules? 3. Plagiarism is prohibited. What counts as plagiarism? 4. No ‘Backseat Moderating’. Where can I report rule-breaking on the forums? 5. Do not advertise or solicit. What if I’d like to post a video of my friends and I on another server? Can I post about games outside of Minecraft?
  7. Telanir

    Admin Promotions

    Hello everyone, The Administration has lost good hands over the summer mostly due to personal reasons or schedules. For this reason, Flamboyant and I recently interviewed and promoted two Administrators that we announce today. Before I continue, I would like to express my gratitude to my recently resigned friend; thank you Knox for your dedication. This brings us to 3 Administrators, far preferable to only 1. I don’t believe this is enough yet, so you can expect additional promotions to follow suit sometime this month or the next. This is the first part of a series of updates. We will provide news regarding admin structure changes, our focus for the upcoming months, as well as a community meeting. Please welcome Fireheart and SeventhCircle to the Administration. They have both done a bit of writing to give you an idea of their role and ambitions. Fireheart Seventh Thank you and see you next time, probably in 2020, Telanir.
  8. Telanir

    Forum Moderator Update Log - May 2018

    You'll have to be less cryptic about your reply, if you mean the ol' "permanent bans are not permanent"—very few bans are permanent, most that even come close to that stage are indefinite.
  9. Telanir

    Forum Moderator Update Log - May 2018

    Hey guys, I am only hear to clear up some misunderstandings. If you are permanently banned you are never returning to this server ever again, therefore, your forum account will also be banned. Straightforward. If you have an indefinite ban (no specified appeal date) on the server you can still post. But your posts are screened first before they show up. If you are serving a standard ban there is no problem. If you are planning to be one of the quarter dozen who ever get a guidelines violation—this does not apply to you. That's all, for reference we plan to continue our tried and true methods from Mitto and dogbew for forum moderation, and do not plan on rabid crackdowns. :)
  10. Telanir

    Greentag Turned Red

    Hello everyone, I have a brief announcement for you today. FlamboyantRage will be serving us as an Administrator starting today. Please join us in both congratulations and condolences for the poor sap. Now he too may drown in feedback threads. He is an excellent choice as a long time veteran and upstanding contributor to our community. He has offered service as the Lore Team Director for almost a year and will continue to do so as our Lore Administrator. It is long since this position was last filled and he is well-equipped for it. We will continue on our path to transparency, competence, and activity. Thank you, Telanir & the Administration
  11. I don't know you well enough to say, but if that is all there is to it then maybe. I will consult with my staff and Directors to find an appropriate solution. Remember, the primary purpose of a ban is that you work hard to become a better person when you come out the other side. If you will learn from a conversation, we will talk. If you will learn from a ban I will ban. If you refuse to learn, you will get a guidelines violation. If all of that does not work then maybe God will help you.
  12. No problem! Thanks for asking. If you threaten a player with DDOS you will be punished. On the flipside, if I view a clipped recording in which you ask how to get someone's IP and chuckle about DDOS then I will add a member note for moderators to keep an eye on you. But, if you have no history of improvement or contribution to this community following previous offences—I would have already pulled the trigger even then. To answer your question, your case will be personalized and compared against your history, your current attitude, and your patterns of behaviour. That's about as close to an answer as I can get.
  13. I have no problem with honesty here. DPM is a man with a very long ban history and record holding server’s longest chain of “Haha I’ll get better, I promise.” His previous permanent ban was lifted by fluke last time—a miscommunication. A retroactive ban was not pursued, instead, we decided he could have that final chance as long as he’s careful. Now, since he recognizes he will never return, he takes to spite. His final act: plot to tarnish high-profile staff with some logs held close and saved for a timely moment. LotC is 6 years too old for blackmail to work. His story ends here, bitter and resentful. What about Ioannis? Once Ioannis reviewed the content matter he realized how his comments reflected both on him and our team. Shortly after, he took it upon himself to step down. Other than vague threats, Ioannis history of malpractice comes remarkably short compared to DPMagician. This is why DPM now serves his final sentence, and Ioannis walks a judgment of similar caliber. Both are veterans. Ioannis knows he shouldn’t have made comments like this as a GM—it is alike bomb jokes in an airport. And DPM, on his paper-thin ice, knew better than to threaten a person the way he did. Humour is not an excuse for either of their situations. Somebody asked why not a community guidelines violation. Two reasons; one, they require an honest conversation which he will not give me; two, he does not take genuine effort to improve himself following restriction. The statement his behaviour makes is he is ready to lie to “outwit that incompetent staff” to get his way. I want to take our focus off of spite and vengeance and onto the path we can carve in the future. It should be clear at this point that this post and these guidelines are not for show, but a mission statement for the direction this server will take. I will repeat what I have said. We will find the good spirit and heart of this server together as a community even in the face of those who will use toxicity, malice, or deceit to come in our way.
  14. @Classic_Bo I have also read over this appeal, and I notice your guidelines discussion did not answer the question. I want you to know for future reference that your answer does not have to be limited to the focus of your appeal, but can and should be written in the broad context of this server. I reiterate Lumiin's suggestion to go over the community guidelines. Click his link and read it, you give me the impression you have not done so. Thank you, welcome back, and have a good time.
  15. Telanir

    [✗] [Server] im_a_psychopath Ban Appeal

    I have read your discussion on the community guidelines. It is important to me, if you return to this community, that you have read the guidelines and understand the question you tried to answer. The verdict on your ban will be handled by a GM and your appeal may be accepted or not, however, I would like you to read the community guidelines thoroughly and continue this discussion in a guidelines violation appeal.