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  1. Though it has been several years, I find that the original reasons to officially cancel the development of this project still apply. Unfortunately, I cannot see us creating a magic plugin that would satisfy the community by and large. Negotiations starring "private magic", lore incompatibilities, and the staggering quantity of conflicting demands. Many people have stubborn convictions on their ideal implementation of a magic plugin—so while we can all agree that a magic plugin might be beneficial on paper, in practice, we have been forced to scrap nearly a dozen designs, for some of which development was completed. At some point you must put the foot down; the magic plugin is a bottomless pit of expended motivation and lost productivity. I regret to declare, it is not happening.
  2. hey so i was wondering thanks!!
  3. Hi Talavok, I have reviewed your case and the following applies effective immediately: Count of Rape roleplay is dropped, any further sexually inappropriate or uncomfortable roleplay reported will incur not an indefinite, but a permanent ban. Count of initiating chargeback remains. This ban solely negotiable via communications with Tythus LTD. Traditional ban appeals may not repeal this. Further correspondence may be initiated at [email protected] Account will remain banned. Any instances of ban evading will result in a ban extension of a minimum of 3 months. You no longer have any cases to appeal. Thank you, Telanir @ LotC Administration
  4. The main forum directory and the home page work differently—if you click on Forums you will see topics ordered by date of posting. If you visit lordofthecraft.net (our home page) you will see topics in order of latest active. Please visit the page that is most relevant to you.
  5. Hi Brokenhelix, In accordance with our initiative to keep our forums clean and organized we ask that you please direct your feedback to the feedback forum. It is important to us that we are able to answer your queries in a timely fashion and will tend to it once a statement has been prepared. Kind regards, Telanir @ LotC Administration
  6. Hello Timothion, In order to ensure fairness in the moderation process, we ask that you please file a ticket when making a request or facing an issue. That way a GM will be with you as soon as one is available in a way that is fair to all players. Thank you, Telanir @ LotC Administration
  7. Hello folks, We have been informed that Mojang has added our domain to their server blacklist. What this means is you will not be able to connect to our server through our available IP's, we are working to resolve this issue with Mojang. We believe the outdated store graphic (which appeared to offer perks that would infringe the EULA) was the root cause and have updated it to remove the infringing material, we have not and do not offer material that infringes on the EULA and confirmed this through our communications with Mojang enforcement. We are unsure of how long the downtime will last. In the meantime, you may, unfortunately, have to visit the outside and real world. Alternatively, you may post memes. Thank you, Telanir @ LotC Administration
  8. Hi, I will be tossing up an announcement in a bit.
  9. While that is irrelevant to this thread, they were being used to crash the forums I believe.
  10. i could never forget, that day is etched in my memory until kingdom come
  11. are you a devout believer in the tater
  12. This appeal is denied. You may appeal again at 18/02/2017. (dd/MM/yyyy)
  13. Also /patch list very helpful.
  14. I don't believe that the time that was put into it is relevant. We have scrapped a myriad of projects over the years because they did not fit the gameplay experience or they turned out to flop in some fashion. Some of these projects spanned months of development. I'd like to thank you for being understanding. Each element that is added to LotC balances it in some fashion and Nexus is an unfortunate archaic spiderweb that tugs on many different aspects of our development environment. It is not as easy as ripping off the band-aid—we have to be very careful about it and for this reason, we must take our time. I believe the blueprint is currently a high priority, we should be seeing it by the end of this month.