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  1. Telanir

    Returning to Roots

    I truly looked forward to your contributions here and seeing your name crop up more and more was uplifting and encouraging. You’re an openly genuine person and I appreciate how rare that quality is. Toffee, I wish you all the best and I’m sad we must lose you. I hope you find success in the future and some free-time opens up, I hope you will be impressed when you return! Take care.
  2. Telanir

    Heya, I'm new and just joined LotC

    Welcome, friend! :) Huh, I just read you applied for a dwarf character? If I understand that right—you don’t need to apply more than once mate, now you can just make a new persona whenever you like! I’m glad you’ve had a great start to your adventure, and wish you more to come.
  3. Telanir

    [✓] appeal

    If you would feel more comfortable PM’ing me directly, I will be happy to hear why you’ve changed into somebody I want in this community. You can use Discord if you like.
  4. Telanir

    Staff Conduct

    In the interest of transparency, we share this document with the broader community. Thank you. Staff Conduct Our Principles | March 13th, 2019 Welcome to the Staff. You are the caretakers of the finest Minecraft roleplay server, Lord of the Craft. Every day, every moment: something crumbles, someone has a question, a request, or a dire need—something or someone needs attention and we need a frontier of eager and competent people to fulfill this duty. That’s you. And without you, there can be no server. At some point, you decided that something on this server is meaningful to you. Meaningful enough, that you take on responsibility to keep it alive and thriving. We, the administration are, as is your community, truly grateful that you accept this responsibility upon yourself to improve and preserve our favourite roleplay server. This post is designed to help you become familiar with your widened responsibility and likewise the staff structure. Please keep an eye out for actionable prompts which are mandatory to complete. Duty Role-model the virtues we praise in our community guidelines. Support and encourage your peers. Fulfill your chosen Staff responsibilities. Perform the team routine consistently. Communicate useful details and be present. Know, preserve, and follow staff conduct. Personal Responsibility Your role on staff begins with your unique commitment(s). Each member of the staff deserves a meaningful responsibility. A personal burden that they can bear. Every valued corner of LotC needs a caretaker. The absolute first priority is to establish what responsibilities you will personally guarantee are satisfied. I recommend choosing something you have interest and perhaps passion in. Please discuss this matter with the leadership of your team as soon as you can. Team Routine Your role on the Staff will determine your daily minimum routine. While it is an underwhelming and bar-setting minimum, ultimately, it is necessary. Please ask your team leadership about this at your earliest possibility. Permissions In return for your offer of time and labor, we grant you elevated powers. Please use them responsibly. As your time is already limited, we won’t punish you if, for example, you teleport to some roleplay—as long as it is not advantageous to you. Finally, do seek proper training in your tools before you use them on the live server. We expect you to reference the manuals & documentation available to you on the Staff. Know what is dangerous and be cautious, as we are bound by protocol to penalize misuse. If you are missing the permissions to effectively satisfy your responsibilities, contact your management immediately and we will get that sorted. Communication In return for access to staff channels and staff recognition, we expect that you act appropriately and politely. This means adjusting your professionalism accordingly to the circumstance. Aim to be objective and composed. By and large, we support targeting the issues—not the individuals. We expect that you avoid being impulsive and control yourself. We absolutely forbid misinformation/speculation, dissemination of confidential matters, or instigating drama. You are free to, and even should, offer corrections to your fellow staff. However, we expect that you will restrain yourself from public contradiction (i.e. the forums, public Discord, etc.), which often aims to humiliate or discredit (in practice, people are unlikely to admit that is what they’re doing). Find them, or their superiors, and discuss the issue. Please ask your team for assistance if you need any help. Help your fellow peer when you can, and they’ll do the same for you. Voice your own concerns either into a staff channel or directly to management. If they can’t help, they will find somebody who can. Cooperation Between all of us, there is a lot to track. When possible, work together when you can and help each other fulfill your responsibilities. If a player requests your help, they are your responsibility. No matter your role description—if you cannot help them, please find somebody who can. If you have a project idea of your own, as long as you are sensible, we can authorize you for it. Communicate your initiatives, whatever you are keen to personally explore and spearhead—we will grant you the power to improve any aspect of LotC where you show promise. Absence If you must be away from your duty for a few days or longer, you must notify your team and declare a hiatus. If you must leave for an extended period, then we must set aside your team rank. The team management must find a suitable replacement for the duration. If you were in good standing then you are welcome to resume your post once you return. If tension and fatigue are catching up on you, please declare a hiatus and take a few days off at any time that you need. Resignation If you plan to resign, you can do so by notifying your team management 3 days in advance. Please reconsider writing inflammatory posts as they will only burn the bridges you have worked hard to build. We do not require you to take any action once you resign. We will ensure your responsibilities are passed down and maintained. Public Address If you require community feedback you must coordinate this with the Administration. We will help you ensure that your post is a) objective, b) accessible to all affected parties, and c) effective. Soliciting feedback on controversial matters and announcing wide-scale changes require explicit administrative approval. Inside polls (e.g. staff) are confidential.
  5. Telanir

    Farewell! :)

    Thanks for sharing your story here JasperJohn, you’re always welcome back here. Take care!
  6. Hey mate, did you get around to reading that PM i sent you last week?

    1. Harrison


      he did but he’s legally obligated to wait 30 days before he can reply

    2. Telanir


      Checked it just now and sent you a reply!

    3. TheWhiteWolf


      Cheers mate, sent you the email as requested.

      Edited by TheWhiteWolf
  7. help

    1. Shady_Fails


      heheh i can help you goy step into my chamber

    2. Telanir
  8. Telanir

    Transition Mishap

    Hey everyone, The map transition occurred very unexpectedly off-course to what was planned. The Administration is currently investigating what is going on, we will provide further updates soon. In the meantime, we can meme about what on earth is going on. Current briefing is Llir needed to take the server down for technical work but instead of doing /devmode he desired some kind of event which is what we’ve got now. I apologize, we will provide further comment once we figure out more of the story. ~Tel
  9. Telanir

    Please Delete My Account

    Damn, that’s rough buddy. Sorry you went through that and I hope it was worth it!
  10. Telanir


    That dragon under the traditional art spoiler is drawn exceptionally. Love it.
  11. Telanir

    Nostalgic Redemption

    What a coincidence, I was just checking out some of your older content about a week ago... I’m glad you poke your head in Gaius, it’s still nice here. A lot changes over the years but at heart, it’s a lot more of the same good old. Hope life treats you well and those bones of yours can still enjoy some LotC.
  12. Telanir

    A new beginning

    Welcome back to Lord of the Craft, Trek! These days we’ve got a fantastic Community Team, so if you are interested, hit them up with a /creq Hey guys just a bit lost and need some direction or a DM and they’ll try their best to help you out. Honestly though, ask around on our public Discord and a Nation Leader might work out a job for you and a place to stay. Good luck!
  13. Telanir, can you do an AMA or something like that? I think it’d be really interesting to get to pick your brain.

    1. Telanir


      Sure man! Sorry I saw this late but sounds like a good idea.

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    2. rukio
    3. Kaiser


      Yeah but when Rp is effected by OOC then you gotta take that RP to OOC to counteract it to some extent. Welcome to the server, broke but it’s just how it is

    4. Beowulf


      can you ubban me because i was banned by a glitch.. its been liek a week now and still no fix... hello staff?

  14. Telanir

    Been Here Since the Server Opened, AMA

    Yes, though that nuance is nasty. I can dress an empty sentence in superfluous tangents, passive voice, and adjectives. Likely, it will sound clever at first glance but it’s too easy to get lost in them, especially as the author. The short sentence is more powerful. You just can’t BS in them. But, when structured well, longer sentences flow better. The rule of thumb I like is to alternate between short and long—then it’s just pleasant to read. So what is your favorite style of roleplay? Can I expect to see it online sometime soon? ;)