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  1. Fascinating, I’m proud of the work you’re doing and I’m glad we chose you for Community Admin. I’m especially excited to see if the community advocacy initiative can really take off and players can get those juicy one-on-ones to share their thoughts on those subjects rather than open-ended your view’s (still useful but they serve a different purpose). It’s a lot more personable to sit down in VC and really talk about subjects in a way you can’t convey over text. As for tutorials! I said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s about time we recognize that the best written guides are those that come from the heart and soul of this server: our community. Thanks Muffins and good luck this next month. o/ Edit: Since Soul threw shade above I should open up some transparency here and say that I removed a majority of the CT before Muffins came on. She did the courtesy of giving you an out though, shrug.
  2. If you absolutely cannot agree on what to do and it devolves then sometimes there is no choice. That is keeping in mind that you risk a ban but if you have a good reason and it is clearly going nowhere then you are in the clear. If you've been bickering and arguing endlessly then just drop it and make a report.
  3. This is going to change actually, as @YPJgamer1999 mentioned moderators should be globally competent and not specialized in one limited thing. So we are currently resolving that one day at a time!
  4. Moderating Conflict A return to player-centric moderation | Dec. 2nd, 2019 Hello everyone, We’re updating the way we moderate disagreements within server gameplay. Gradually, we are going to encourage players to resolve disagreements among each other and file reports if all else fails. This, rather than relying on heated on-site conflict moderation, will help us rebuild our roots and shift our perspective to civility and understanding. What does this mean for me? Eventually, you will encounter a scenario where you stand in-conflict with another player. This is natural (even inevitable)! In the old system, this is where you’d reach for the /modreq trigger—but, in the new system, these are the options for you: Find a way to compromise and resolve the issue with your fellow roleplayer. If you can’t reach a compromise then bring the scenario to a conclusion together. Don’t pause roleplay since that impedes the flow of storytelling which would otherwise make for an engaging experience. If you are still unsatisfied, compile evidence and file a respectful and civil report. Moderators are being instructed to encourage players to resolve these issues among each other. For problems beyond “conflict” like no-rp killing, pugsy, and other significant rulebreaking which can be banned on-the-spot, please file a ticket immediately. Why make this change? If you are interested in reading the lengthy why, keep reading to know our thoughts as a team. Over the years, reports became largely popularity and spite driven rather than tools to improve the server. As a result, we as a community began to distrust and disregard them and they became both underused and misused. Instead, we favoured on-site mediation. This is the kind of moderation you call upon via a ticket or messaging your favourite moderator. On-site moderation is inefficient and challenging, leading to uninformed, biased, and chaotic decisions. Worse, it is unpredictable since no two moderators interpret the rules the same way and will handle situations inconsistently. The current meta for winning means exercising theatrical fury to distress and bend another person to your will. You, reading this, may not be someone who does this but you likely know a person who does. I believe mineman is not the place for sputtering and vitriolic rage and it is hard to punish because the moderator will only earn more of it. The first step is to stop using this broken and rigged system. This baby-service, as we know it, rewards petulance and toxicity. Consider the Full Story Tickets, especially during a hot-tempered encounter, naturally dramatize and mislead. It’s too easy for a moderator to hunker down in 45 minutes of listening to storytelling that makes swiss-cheese look solid. Eventually the moderator must make a “fair” judgement based on incomplete data under heavy pressure and profanity. In the end, we put them in a tough spot which makes them easy to vilify. This is why we need reports: because complicated and controversial situations rarely have an obvious solution. Reports allow us to consider the full information without the pressure to make time-sensitive decisions. Both sides can provide the full evidence/logs. And also, we get to be transparent and communicate as a staff. We can share our full thoughts behind our verdict and players can see the full event, start-to-finish. Impossible Moderation Made Possible Again Certain scenarios such as metagaming are not possible to effectively moderate on-site (particularly if the staff member was not there to witness the incident). Because of the general switch to /modreq conflict resolution in-game we’ve given players affected by these scenarios no adequate recourse. The attending moderator is forced to work through several or even dozens of pages worth of logs on the spot and in a rush, so that the roleplay can resume. Throughout this process, sound judgement with all proper evidence from all sides is made almost impossible. Community-Driven Moderation The best expert to ask on how you love the LotC experience is the community. If a situation is serious enough to be reported then this informs us as a staff which problems need solving. Relearning how to compromise and resolve situations privately is a skill that we have painfully lost and must challenge ourselves to regain once again.
  5. The truth is out there. It’s time we take a stance on toxicity as an administration and as such puffables will be banned immediately. This post brought to you courtesy of the Administration at Tythus LTD™
  6. I am so sorry mr telanir for voicing my opinion on your server. Thank you for silencing my opinion, without you this server would be like [redacted]!

  7. Server’s up thanks to @Llir 🙂

  8. Glad we came to an understanding @Corporatocracy Edit: Anyway, while I have your attention, everybody concerned about the recent warn points please make sure you read this thread to catch up. Warn points no longer mean the same thing as they used to. Cheers!
  9. Posters in this thread have 1 hr to put OOC bickerings into spoilers and rephrase their replies to keep things civil and polite. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/187191-forum-roleplay-guidelines/
  10. Telanir

    Public Reports

    Hey everyone, We’re going to make certain reports public again. Things like trollplay, metagaming, poor-roleplay, powergaming, no-rp killing, and etc. are not sensitive subjects. Rules regarding posting on reports will be very stringent so please be careful. If you need to report something with some level of anonymity we will retain the option for you to report privately. As always, if it goes beyond the game and is a matter of community safety, please don’t use the forums and instead write to safety@lotc.co (news on the Community Safety Force is coming soon). And, of course, trying to resolve and report misconduct are responsibilities for all of us as members of this community (especially when it goes against our rules & community guidelines). Thank you for helping keep this experience fun for everybody!
  11. Forum Roleplay Rules Engaging & Quality Roleplay on LotC | Nov 22nd, 2019 Roleplay here is about immersing yourself in the LotC Story. It is the primary way we weave and craft an intricate and fascinating experience. And, of course, forum roleplay is no exception. Forum roleplay serves an important purpose as it helps us build a sense of ongoings in out-of-character—but also, it opens the doors to your roleplay events for those of us who may not share timezones or schedules. The forums are open to a broader audience and enable the community to stay up to date with upcoming events, changes in politics, or fascinating stories outside of their roleplay circle. With this in mind, we must follow a few core rules when roleplaying on the forums: Your posts should primarily consist of roleplay. If your reply is only OOC, then the entire reply should be in a spoiler. The content should be character-related and PG-13 and try to incorporate emotes and dialogue. You may only use characters which you control & play. Avoid “memeing” in roleplay, or trollplay. The roleplay should correspond to server lore and outside references should be kept to OOC sections. Low-effort posts which do not contribute any character development or compelling value to the thread will be removed. Please keep OOC content within spoilers (or made clearly distinct from RP content), especially videos and pictures that don’t pertain to the roleplay. Trollplay Using roleplay to mask out-of-character messages and intentions, especially in low-effort content and “laffs, goofs, & gaffs”. Trollplay, a form of concealed metagaming, pulls your personal self into the in-character world and often in a manner that undermines the story. You must obtain consent from the player of a specific character to write a post regarding their death. Please also keep in mind a few tips to promoting quality in your roleplay: Focus on the action within your post, instead of thinking try to show what that looks like! Your character isn’t just “angry”—their face flushes, their grip hardens, their eyes fixate and stare. Show it! Try to keep “thinking” out of your roleplay. No other character knows what your persona is thinking—and they can’t use it! Describe your character! Try to avoid anonymous character posts, but, if you do exclude their name then paint a visual for your audience! A 1-2 sentence roleplay reply is difficult to write in an engaging way and unlikely to promote any character development. It may work for certain cases, but oftentimes it just generates low-effort content. Keep IC problems & beef in-character! Some roleplay threads can become heated but it is important to remember that we’re playing a game and we’re here to have fun. OOC arguments have no place in an IC thread, so talk it over in private! Targeting players but masking it in “roleplay” also counts as trollplay.
  12. Topic locked, thank you to everyone who contributed to this discussion. This topic in particular is retroactively sanctioned and content here will not be warned but this does not apply to posts elsewhere.
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