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  1. Folks pulled a publicity stunt to get attention from us on LotC, that’s what it boils down to. Frankly, I wasn’t interested in wasting any breath on that since they tried to pull a fast one on a negotiation that never happened in the first place.
  2. Hey everyone, Recently, there’s been a lot of server issues & shuffling in leadership, all somewhat chaotic—so we’ve seen a noticeable disconnect between teams, namely leadership. We’re looking now to pull things back together and unify our efforts to push for a real direction together. We don’t have too many details on this as of yet, but we did hold our first admin meeting to set the groundwork for future changes. Since the server issues and holidays you guys haven’t heard much from us but with things picking up a bit we’d like to to break the silence and open some communication. Staff Downsize We’re going to be recruiting people. Some teams needs more hands and there’s no point keeping to a rigid limitation—each team has their own unique requirements and so we need to factor that into account. Our goal is meeting our current needs and structuring the staff in such a way that we focus on the content that matters to the players. Hopefully we can focus on what’s important this year instead of playing the numbers game. What was the concept of staff downsize? The issue lies with me—I miscommunicated a goal we had set as an administration. It was received as a mandatory initiative and I played into the notion that recruitment was off-limits. Reducing numbers was never the point of this initiative—it was about streamlining staff work to mean less grunt paperwork and decentralizing staff authority and promoting player initiatives. Hence—we’d eventually need less staff to deliver essentially the same and more content, however, it was not received this way given the way I chose to communicate it. I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to the folks who were truly inconvenienced by this misconception as I know we missed out on good work. Cheers guys, and thank you for reading this far in. The Safety Team The Safety Team got released prematurely and inaccurately. Although the real conception behind the team had good promise, it was important to roll it out in a controlled manner. In the end, the admin team was taken by surprise as much as our fellow players were. It was certainly not drafted to moderate anything, let alone taking over moderator duties. Some basic first drafts for the team intended to securely investigate harassment, predatory behaviour, and other sensitive situations after a chance for the roster to be community vetted and staff to pitch in suggestions on the idea. None of this happened and so now the Safety Team is defunct permanently; the Admin team will continue to handle these delicate investigations with the help of moderation. For more details please visit this post: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/188430-safety-team/ Appeals Since November, the Community Team has been trialing a new system for handling ban appeals. Two independent members of the team would assess the appeal by reviewing the player’s history, the cause behind their ban, and their ban appeal, and then they would take opposite sides. One member would use the available evidence to argue against the unban and the other would argue in favour of their pardon to the best of their ability. Team members managed appeals honorably and rigorously, however, we found that the verdicts were too inconsistent to continue further use and appeals would pile up due to the workload. So, after hearing thoughts from both teams and reviewing the execution of the project, we have created a new similar system but this time under Moderator control. Final Note Really, I’d like to get to a point where we can look back and say, “Hey, things haven’t been so shaky lately.” If you haven’t caught up on our current solutions to server instability, we’re upgrading our server machine & Korvic has 1.15 fully planned out. As for general problems, we’re generally happy we are afloat despite the October tech exodus and the madness that followed. And now, we’re moving forward following this address and we hope this post has taken the right first steps in your eyes. We owe everyone an apology for the lack of clarity and communication as of late—as we really should be prioritizing openness and community involvement. We are meeting again soon to hopefully propose a formal direction for us as a server and community. Thank you for reading, The Admin Team
  3. Telanir

    Safety Team

    Hello everyone, The Safety team is disbanded. Actually, it was never even officialized to begin with. This is not the announcement I had planned for this, but there is nothing else to do here. What was the Safety Team going to be originally? At the time I had a plan for a few reliable people to keep their eyes locked into cases reported to safety@lotc.co so that even were I gone on holiday then cases would still get the attention they deserve. These people were not meant to have any ranks, powers, or special authority. They were to cooperate with the staff to find information and compile details for me, advocate for community safety, and ensure timely execution. While I was on a hiatus, the team was announced prematurely and inaccurately. I had only drafted it as a concept and it was to be presented to the administration, then the community, and then we would decide whether it was worth trying. Unfortunately, before we could even identify what the team was and its purpose we got blindsided with an announcement. We had not yet gone through the community vetting process and the roster was all wrong. Anyhow, there will not be any such team now. I’m back home now and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Cheers, and take care. Thanks, Max.
  4. Server Operations are not operating correctly, please Mr Operations Administrator, make it operate again.



    1. ElvenMomma


      The operations are failing so bad, that I can not eat bread on the server.

  5. Hey pal, this isn’t a shot but a genuine q. Shows that you were online just 2 hours ago. Is it really such an arduous task to pop on discord and enable the devs to do their jobs? 

    1. howard




      the ssh access...


      hand it over.



    2. Xarkly


      He doesn't care

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      why do actual stuff when you can pretend you’re doing it lol

  6. I’m sorry but this is not the final roster @Draeris or the final setup of the team, as @TheIchorDruid mentioned many of the responsibilities clash with the moderation team which has yet to be ironed out. Please see this post as a sort of guidance rather than iron law. I was planning to have things ready for after holidays and this is a bit premature--however, I don’t mind using this as an opportunity for people to find out what is happening in the future, just take it with a grain of salt that’s all. This is not a seal team 6 squad or a mod team replacement, this is something entirely separate. Thanks for listening, I’ll get back when I’ve ironed out things a tad but I have a flight and wasn’t ready for this. Locked.
  7. One thing I gather from here is we certainly need to push forward our plan for a consistent standard for roleplay quality. If you or a loved one has been affected by mesothelioma trollplay or other nonsense low-quality RP please send me in a testimony in a forum DM and I’ll read through it (note I can’t respond to all of them). Unrelated to this but more closely related to this post, the banned user in question recently was caught in another case involving the same thing so the warning / apology wouldn’t play in anyway. Sorry about your plight Swifty Sam but the ban sticks.
  8. hey i need some help and i am new so dont know who to msg to review my app and its been 19 hours and still nothing so yeah sorry for the inconvenience 


    1. Johnny_Fat


      dewper don’t @ Telanir he’s a busy guy

    2. seannie


      dwph the deceiver

    3. ganer_stanley


      its not dwph this one is me

  9. Hello everyone, As Christmas and New Years are approaching I want to wish you Happy Holidays! I’d like you all to have only the very best moments and the time to spend with your friends and family. Though for many of us, our best friends are right here with us: online and ready to kick back and have fun together! For those of us who will be hanging out I just want to let you know that my staff are encouraged to relax and prioritize good times and anything else they need to take care of over the holidays. You might see a bit of recruiting here and there but besides that we won’t be guaranteeing ticket times in this festive downtime. Now is the time for us to put our differences aside and just enjoy each other’s company, so be nice to your fellow player. 🙂 Thanks for understanding and take care!
  10. Fascinating, I’m proud of the work you’re doing and I’m glad we chose you for Community Admin. I’m especially excited to see if the community advocacy initiative can really take off and players can get those juicy one-on-ones to share their thoughts on those subjects rather than open-ended your view’s (still useful but they serve a different purpose). It’s a lot more personable to sit down in VC and really talk about subjects in a way you can’t convey over text. As for tutorials! I said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s about time we recognize that the best written guides are those that come from the heart and soul of this server: our community. Thanks Muffins and good luck this next month. o/ Edit: Since Soul threw shade above I should open up some transparency here and say that I removed a majority of the CT before Muffins came on. She did the courtesy of giving you an out though, shrug.
  11. If you absolutely cannot agree on what to do and it devolves then sometimes there is no choice. That is keeping in mind that you risk a ban but if you have a good reason and it is clearly going nowhere then you are in the clear. If you've been bickering and arguing endlessly then just drop it and make a report.
  12. This is going to change actually, as @YPJgamer1999 mentioned moderators should be globally competent and not specialized in one limited thing. So we are currently resolving that one day at a time!
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