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  1. Unlocked chests may be taken from freely. 


    1. ThePope425


      I was about to record myself stabbing your profile picture multiple times, thank god.

    2. Telanir


      I mean... I was not responsible for the chests rule.

  2. Update Unlocked chests may be taken from freely.
  3. Hello everyone, I am proud to present to you the new LotC server-wide rules. This project has been made possible by the initiative of @Lark and @Danny. The duo and their work are an outstanding example of community involvement and taking action for the betterment of our server. With their help cutting down wordiness, and with proofreading from our staff, I have written a new set of rules from scratch. Please make sure to give them your thanks! Our goal is to make the rules as clear and concise as possible. No boring trudge and no spaghetti over your eyes. Just a quick comprehensive read. Here are links to all rewrites. Give them a quick read for any rule updates. Big thanks to @Nazdus as well for taking in community feedback for the raid rules. Server Rules Forum Rules Raid Rules War Rules Thank you, Telanir @ LotC Administration
  4. War Rules The war rules follow the community guidelines. Wars between two or more groups must follow the procedure outlined below. If you have any trouble with understanding, contact the War Lead or any War moderator for clarification. The war rules follow the community guidelines. If all sides in a war agree they may determine their own war procedure. War Procedure In order to begin a war, the attacking side must have a casus belli. The term (often abbreviated to CB) means “an act or event that provokes or is used to justify war.” A casus belli is valid for 4 weeks (28 days), and for every following month decreases by one tier. A warclaim must be posted in order to begin a war. If the claim to war is sufficient the War Team will accept it. Alterations to the claim must be brought up 72 hours before the battle. A war begins with a skirmish unless there is valid reason for otherwise. A battle on open terrain will determine which side chooses the proceeding action: a full/partial conquest, or pillage depending on the tier of the warclaim. The attacker may establish siege grounds if they win a skirmish on the perimeter of their target. The defenders must win to maintain their borders. In order to capture any subsequent settlements the attackers must wage a field battle in-between. If the defending side wins they become the attackers and choose the trajectory of the war. They may either besiege an opposing fortification or stand their ground. A fortification may be attacked weekly, and three consecutive defenses will result in a stalemate. General Once a siege is declared terrain and structures may not be altered with creative-mode. A settlement should be war-proofed at the time of construction, rather than a week before a warclaim. “PvP forts” with insta-kill traps and murder holes are disallowed, structures must follow server rules regarding builds. During a siege all lockpicking is similar, reference the server rules. War Severity The consequences of a battle are determined by the tier of the casus belli. (3) Pillages Chests may be pillaged. Leaders face no consequences upon death. Reasonable war reparations will be handled in-character, failure to comply results in a casus belli. (2) Vassalage Conquered settlements receive “ruined” renovations. Chests may be pillaged, anti-griefing rules still apply. Leaders killed in battle may be captured with a best two out of three rolls of at least 14+. Nation / faction may be fully vassalized. It will still exist, but in servitude to the victor. (1) Conquest Conquered settlements receive “ruined” renovations. Chests may be pillaged, anti-griefing rules still apply. Leaders killed in battle may be captured or permanently killed with a best two out of three rolls of at least 14+. Death while in captivity also results in permanent death. If a capital is taken then the leader is captured automatically. Conquered faction may be subjugated or purged from existence, all owners lose full control to the victors. Cost of War Siege weaponry may be purchased prior to battle. Weaponry requires ammunition in order to be used. Each side is in charge of building their own siege engines. Leaders are responsible for the /roll for their siege weapons, and also roll at the beginning to determine which side fires first. Shots are executed in volleys or waves and are done on a turn basis. Trebuchet / Catapult Cost: 1,000 Players operating: 3 Ammunition: Stoneshot Results in moderate to heavy damage to terrain and structures. Rune Cannon Cost: 1,250 Players operating: 3 Ammunition: Stoneshot / Ironshot / Fireshot Results in moderate to heavy damage to terrain and structures. Ballista Cost: 600 Players operating: 3 Ammunition: Heavy iron shovels or iron lances. Results in light to moderate damage to a wooden structure. Siege Tower Cost: 1,000 Players operating: 10 Results in movement forward. Battering Ram Cost: 500 Players operating: 6 Results in damage to gates. Each hit removes health. Gate health depends on the time it takes to destroy the gate by hand.
  5. Raid Rules The raid rules follow the community guidelines. An attack on a settlement by more than one player is known as a raid. If all parties agree (defenders and attackers) then they may establish their own rules for a raid and fast travel use. Lawless Raiding Killing, robbing, or causing chaos. A maximum of 2 - 4 players may participate in such a raid. The raiding party must begin fighting within 30 minutes of arriving. A raid may last up to 1 hour, then you must leave. In times of war, these are considered war raids and may have up to 12 players. Lawful Raiding This type of raid requires moderator approval and bypasses raid cooldowns. Lawful raids must occur within 12 hours of provocation. Rescuing an individual or defending a settlement by raiding the settlement of the attackers. A maximum of 2 - 12 players may participate in such a raid. If rescuing, the raiders have 2 hours to do so, and if TNT and ladders are necessary they may be used. The raiding party must begin fighting within 30 minutes of arriving. A raid may last up to 2 hours, then you must leave. Raid Cooldowns You may not attack a settlement for 2 days following a raid. If the settlement is defended successfully they may increase this cooldown to 5 days. General Rules Placing or breaking blocks during a raid is prohibited. During a raid cooldown, you may not camp the edge of a territory or block entry to it (AKA “raid-baiting”). This includes camping roads leading to a Fast Travel. If you have no cooldown, you may camp for 1 hour at most per day without raiding. When raiding, you may use fast-travels between islands (such as boats) but may not use player-owned fast-travels on land (such as carts). A maximum of 3 raiders may initiate up to 3 attempts of lockpicking/thievery.
  6. Moved to The Great Library. It shall be sorted into the appropriate category shortly. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact myself or any FM and we'll restore it.
  7. Forum Rules The forum rules follow the community guidelines. We are an English speaking community and, as such, your posts must be in English so that we keep it easy for everyone to read and understand. Appropriate IC languages may be used in the roleplay section, however “txt l1k3 dis” is not acceptable and neither is WRITING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Criticism must be made in a constructive manner. Make an effort to remain mature and uphold the good nature of each discussion; we do not tolerate toxic or deceitful behaviour. Do not double post; use the edit button; spamming is prohibited. Post things in the right section and with the right format if applicable. When unsure, look for pinned topics in that sub-forum. Some sub-forums, especially in the roleplay section, have additional rules. Check for any pinned topics before posting. No plagiarism and no illegal or copyright infringing material. No pornographic material or adult content is permitted. No abusive or targeted material and swearing must not be directed at anybody. Do not advertise other forums or servers. Keep your signature a reasonable size. Use spoilers if necessary. No backseat moderating. Subforum Rules Additional rules that must be followed in their respective sub-forums. Forum Roleplay Trading Subforum Support & Assistance Player Reports War Subforum Debates Subforum
  8. These are the rules you must follow when using an LotC service. Player conduct plays a great role in the quality of our server. Please give the rules a quick read and follow them to the best of your ability. Not knowing the rules is not an acceptable excuse. Community Guidelines Use common sense. You are responsible for helping build a serious roleplay environment. If you doubt you are doing the right thing—ask a moderator. Cyberbullying, rule abuse, harassment, and other antagonistic behaviour will get you banned. Even if you break no rules, we reserve the right to prevent you from using our services. Write constructively, and in good-spirit of our community. You may not get along, and you may not respect everyone, but you must behave civilly. The staff is here to help. We volunteer ourselves to this community out of love and a desire to see it succeed. If you have issues with any of us please contact an administrator. Server Rules You are always in-character. Exceptions are use of out-of-character chats, i.e. /msg or /ooc. You must roleplay within server lore. Exclude the real-world or lore from other games. You are responsible for your own account. Any action taken or rules broken on it are your responsibility. No other player may have access to it. We punish any trolling or memeing in roleplay or excessive use in out-of-character. Everything you build must conform to our roleplay world and lore. We penalize for any ugly, unrealistic, or physics-defying builds, and will destroy them. When gathering resources, you must clean up any floating leaves or stone when chopping trees or mining. e.g. no floating leaves. We prohibit metagaming and powergaming. Metagaming is using out-of-character knowledge in a roleplay situation. If your character does not know it you must roleplay that way. Organizing in-character roleplay via Skype or messaging friends privately is metagaming, especially when asking for help when in trouble. You are in control of only your own character. Powergaming is emoting actions on behalf of another player. Powergaming: John slices off Tom’s arm, severing it entirely. (Here you demand that Tom has lost his arm). Not-powergaming: John slices at Tom’s arm, trying to sever it. (Here you give Tom a chance to decide what happens to their character). Nobody can force you to permanently kill your character. If you permanently kill off your character you have 7 days to reverse your decision. In rare circumstances it may be forced only by administration alone. Death by suicide is non reversible unless specific lore says otherwise. Glitches and exploits must be privately reported immediately at this link. Revealing or abusing them will provoke a harsh ban. Sexually explicit or graphic roleplay (AKA cybering or excessive gore) is forbidden. A “fade-to-black” must be emoted to fast-forward these events. Brothels and prostitution are prohibited. Rape is prohibited. Sexual encounters are not permitted with any character below the age of 18. Beastiality and necrophilia are forbidden. Information on your persona must match your character. This includes race, age, gender, biography, etc. Unlocked chests may be taken from freely. Donation or shop chests cannot be stolen from. Locked Doors, Signs, or Trapdoors may be Lockpicked by filing a /modreq and following the instruction of the moderator who answers. You must emote each attempt to lockpick and /roll. Any roll of 5 or below fails the lock-picking session and you must leave the locked item. Lockpicks are consumed upon each use, success or not. Wood door — roll 17+ (10+ with a lockpick) Iron door — roll 19+(15+ with a lockpick) Locked sign — roll 17+ (10+ with a lockpick) Glass / Window —roll 12+ Chests may be lockpicked only during a designated heist. In order to perform a heist you must schedule it with the Game Moderation Team using /modreq. Lockpicking rules apply. Wood chest — roll 17+ (a Lockpick is required for each attempt) Minor damage is allowed, but destroying property without consent is prohibited. You may file a /modreq to remove a building. Killing of animals on property you do not own must be done with sufficient roleplay and you must leave at least 2 alive of each kind. Multiple personas for the same character, or personas who do not represent actual characters are not allowed. e.g. a persona for storage, extra skills, etc. These rules apply to ownership of regioned zones: A region owner must notify (in-game, signs, forum contact, Discord) another owner 3 days prior to removing them from the region. A parent region owner must notify (in-game, signs, forum contact, Discord) an owner of a sub-region 7 days prior to doing so. Region ownership can only change with permission of the primary region owner, a majority of other region owners, or a parent region owner. Combat Rules All parties involved must decide before PvP combat begins whether it will be emote-combat or mechanics-combat. If more than 10 players are fighting then mechanics-combat is required and /status must be set for all involved. If an agreement cannot be made, the defending party chooses the kind of combat. Guards choose the type of combat if a law has been broken and are considered the defending party. Type of combat may not change after starting unless everyone agrees. Mechanics Combat (click & swing) You must have sufficient roleplay leading up to mechanics-combat. You must /countdown 10 once combat is agreed upon and both sides are ready. Nobody may join mid-combat. Only those involved at the start may fight. A player who runs during countdown may be killed. A pet may not be called in from another location after roleplay begins. The victor may choose to revive knocked out players following the end of combat. Emote Combat (type & read) You may not escape the encounter without sufficient roleplay to justify your escape. If a player runs their opponent may beat them down (and if they choose, revive and resume roleplay). If you are killed you must /d40 unless the victor states otherwise. Unless both parties consent using your enderchest before or during combat is bannable. The use of alt characters to begin conflict is prohibited. i.e. creating a dwarf character purely to antagonise and start war with the orcs. Using horses to jump over 3 block or higher walls is prohibited. You may not use fast-travel or soulstones to escape combat. Villainous activity or combat near fast-travel hubs or spawn (i.e. camping) is prohibited. Fire-aspect, flame, and any combat enchantments above level 1 are forbidden. You must report to a moderator if you find one.
  9. These are called rename-tokens and are available in the /store
  10. Hi Toxzero, renames are verified to be compliant with the EULA as a VIP perk. Please do not speculate the EULA compliancy on our server, we discuss this regularly with Mojang enforcement throughout the year. (pending a response to this topic)
  11. Hey Matt, recent feedback includes the topic yourself and Danny have written. We are reading them, and we will act on them.
  12. Hello everyone, We would like to announce several adjustments to our team. Wrynn is promoted. We are pleased to grant @Wrynn a position in the Administration. As a community & communications oriented face he will ensure feedback has a direct connection and influence on our focus as a team. Please send your congratulations his way, we are proud to have him join our ranks. Beast720 concludes his adminship. @Beast720 has resigned. Please join us as we thank him for his tenure as Administrator. Our work. A short snapshot of our focus: We continue our work following Thomas' resignation. We are prioritizing recent feedback. We are reworking, revising, and refining our internal structure and are transitioning to new systems. We hope to deliver tangible changes shortly. Thank you, ~Telanir @ LotC Administration
  13. At this time the appeal is denied. Beyond the stated reason in this appeal, Pyro has reached 10 warning points. This will need more time.
  14. He's active, and only really needs to speak to administration. His account is uncompromised for 6 years now, he's the best security guy any community's got. Owners being over-involved and enthusiastic about their plans has already led several servers in competition to LotC into the ground.
  15. Got it on the ball. Moreover, there is a mess of sysadmin & financial work we need never look at. Tythus is on it. His nature is unbiased, he involves himself in little of staff politics. He allows the server to move on, function, and never strong-arms us into any questionable path or ideology. Tythus just is. The concept of replacing him is misguided.