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  1. "That's what I'm talking about!" A nearby, regal elfess exclaimed with joy.
  2. Anuh’wysae Tennallar “O’ great mother! Great Lady of the Waves, Mistress of Storm and Empress of the Deep! Thine favor we call, amid this place of salt and stone!” -From the Rite of Pacification. The Sea Sisters serve as the priesthood of the hands of the ocean, known in the Ancient Tongue as Anuh'wysae Tennallar. They perform rites, render blessings and elsewise work to restore the long-lost ceremonies of the seaborn religion, a cultural staple of the Almenodrim and essential aspect of life to many people in Elvenesse. Their work is of particular import to all Elves who
  3. I shall sign this glorious petition
  4. Alenia squinted down at the letter. The ‘fenn inhaled sharply ”If this is what fate offers, we shall accept it.” She nodded at last ”Let us go home, mal’onn.”
  5. Invites for A Dance of Flowers, have been sent out to the following nations: Urguan Aegrothond Irrinor Curon Haelun’or OOC information: 07-09-2019 4 PM EST
  6. Alenia Tundrak perked a brow from the news, keeping her gaze locked on her husband, Aelthos “Again?” She asked with a heavy sigh escaping her lips “So be it. Yet we only make war so we may live in peace, no?” ”For the safety of our kind.”
  7. i am very very very tired but it’s fixed mhhhhhhhh
  8. The Grand Feast Memorial of Fenn “The famous Fennic Acrobats performing at the square of Tahu’Lareh” The Grand Harvest of 1722 The Fennic people are proud people, who devote all their lives for the Princedom of Fenn. In the past and near history, the Princedom has lost lots of Mali’Fenn, heroes who gave their lives so Fenn can thrive and prosper. In their memory, the Grand Prince has announced that on the upcoming days, everyone is invited to join the Grand Feast dedicated to all those heroes. From Sig
  9. [!]Flyers would be hanging all around the Princedom of Fenn. A portrait could be spotted of a lady on the flyer itself, with the text ‘MISSING’, right above it along with the ladies name.[!] MISSING “Vuln” [!]Beneath the portrait the following things had been written down:[!] “It has been notified that, Vuln, has been missing from Fenn for a couple of days now. She was supposed to arrive at the public meeting – yet she never arrived.” ”For those who manages to find her - alive and well – will be rewarded with 1,000 minas.” - The Princedom of Fenn
  10. OOC information 16-06-2019 6 PM est
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