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  1. Abram would think this kicks ass.
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    Abram was born the child of city-labourers, driven to the countryside to escape the raids on the Orenian capital. They found work as tenant farmers, and were able to send Abram to be tutored by a Godani priest at a small nearby chapel, though they brought him back after it became apparent he had far more interest in the work of clergy in kitchen and brewery than on the alter. In his adolescence Abram found work in Haense during the fallow seasons, and it was there that he was brought closer to his family’s culture from which they had be sundered. He made friends with those employed alongside him, some of whom were able to read to their little crew books about old Raev history late into the night; of the times of the Streltsy and when names like Steelwall commanded respect, names of commoners like him. Like many young men, Abram fell into a cycle of alcoholism in his early twenties. In many ways it was normalized to him, it was considered standard for the society around him. But when he found himself unable to stand to bar the door against a Snow-Elf raiding party that had emerged from the forest he realized what it had done to him, that it had made him weak and numb to the consequences of his weakness. Abram made three vows the next morning to Godani; sobriety, service to society, and vicious anti-snelf bigotry.
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