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  1. A merchant in Reza nods, hearing of this news, “Da, dobrey. Make inject of this ****, straight into my veins.” He says, not entirely sure where that meme came from
  2. Stalistena

    How do you say Z

    Implying Americans are human beings
  3. This is just absolutely correct, and its the main source of the massive economic issues we have. I know the WT had that post a while back about the economy, and I desperately hope they implement much of what people said there. To stop the devaluation of mina the amount injected each day would need to be ~ = to the amount lose every day, to CT shops and players leaving the server / deleting personas. Right now those two are best I can tell the only minas sinks that remove it from the economy? If there were either additional sinks created or just the amount cut even just in half it would seriously help it out.
  4. “Fantastic piece!” Abram exclaims, receiving a copy of the work as he heads out to sign up the last few residents of Johnstown to vote in the coming election.
  5. I think that post about Zacho Snacko a while ago was a false flag, to make him look better by so obviously putting him in the right in that situation of a shitty player

    1. Ug


      no he is a fiend who deserves a permaban for his crimes...

    2. Lionbileti


      U got something on ur lip buddy, stop knob slobbing

  6. A Map of The Sovereign Realms of The Arcasian Peninsula Compiled and created primarily by Abram Stalistena, with the support of the Northern Geographic Society. – – – The creation of a comprehensive map of the sovereign realms of Arcas has truly been a collaborative effort. This project never would have approached completion if it were not for the contributions and aid given by the various stewards, local cartographers, travellers, traders, and government officials from all the sovereign lands of our realm. The purpose of this work is to reflect the real authorities over lands throughout Arcas, along with those territorial claims laid by nations and states claiming sovereignty as equals. Though there may be inaccuracies in the initial release of this map, future versions will reflect both changes in the de-facto control of various lands, and increased accuracy of existing claims. The process for submitting such claims will be outlined below. Other versions are available below, for use in any kind of geographic and ethnographic study and use. The process for requesting an amendment to this map is outlined below Credits and acknowledgements are contained below
  7. Abram scratches his head, reading the missive, ”Well what did these Rubernis expect? That war would simply go away? Their city will make dobrey farm land soon...”
  8. “This am clear sign from Godanistan!” Abram shouts out, tears streaming down his face as he watches the horse fly out over the lake.
  9. Wait did you just add that or did I somehow miss that entire section on the first read? If so thats embarrassing. But yeah, the toxin works pretty well I think! I remember in the original lore it defined what chemicals it actually was, like it was a capsicum or cannabidiol or something like that. Could be good to add there. I’m wondering too about what making deals with the Fae would look like in practice, but I guess thats really up to the creativity of the players.
  10. I remember ages ago only two of the aspects were known, and the third was like, a closely guarded secret by the high-druids or whatever. When did it become open knowledge?

    1. Zacho


      over time it just got spread from people learning about it and such. There are many places where knowledge began to open up, such as books passed around and word of mouth of those who knew.

  11. I remember playing a blue sprite years ago, and I’d love to see them return here. You speak of “combat” quite a few times which I find... Very odd. With the lore as it is here, I can’t see even like 5 sprites ever taking on someone larger than a child. The old lore had an ability for the sprite to produce some kind of aerosolised chemical, that would bring on sleepiness, or blind someone, or simply just be a thick fog or something. Perhaps the alchemical reagent for each type of sprite could have a non-alchemical purpose as well? It would let Sprites use this ability in a MUCH wider context, as alchemy isn’t that widespread and they should be relevant to more than 0.5% of the playerbase. Could have each sprite produce in its pixie-dust a diluted, alchemically useless version of the reagent causing something like: Could be: Daytime – Good-vibes-dust Twilight – Deep sleepiness Night – Disorientation Even without this, I’d love to play one again with what you’ve written, I’d just want to be more than a cow for alchemists :P
  12. This is fantastic, though I’m confused as last I saw the ghost lore was in implemented? Is this to replace that?
  13. 1100 mina, Stalistena, Stalistena#1972 So if I read this right, if nobody else posted me and MissMiia would both get skins? Its like the top 2 bids?
  14. This new thing where like 6 people all just get fire magic by walking through the mountains or w/e is weird...


  15. Abram looks over the new leaflet, noting the selling points, “What in Godani’s name am Jonestown?” he wonders out loud to those in his office, “We have made naming of our village after Saint John, there am niet any saint Jone.” He’d roll up the notice and pin it to the outside door of the little dimly lit room, before heading down to the fields to look over his countrymen toiling away in pious bliss.
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