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  1. Ariana Baden, daughter of Frederick Baden, shakes in her grave.
  2. Kiiwi

    An Act of Pity

    “Shut up Maya, you have no room to talk about evil” The dark elf mumbles to the halfing sitting across from her within the estate, throwing a strawberry at her head.
  3. Kiiwi

    Why we Fight

    Elizaveta smiles proudly, filled with MUCH courage and strength after reading the letter.
  4. I signed up for the battle of the arts for a sparkly tag. I won and got the piss yellow builder tag, not cash money.

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    2. Jenny_Bobbs


      Alright that’s where I got lead astray. You won the July Battle of The Arts not August! It was attached to a post where the winners didn’t get logged in my document. I’ll update it shortly and contact administration to fix your tag, thanks for coming forward!

    3. _Hexe_


      i got black i got white what u want

    4. Kiiwi


      @Jenny_Bobbs Thank you my guy


  5. So long gamer, thank you for all you have done o7
  6. Need members for my human family. Pm me if interested. 

  7. Leila takes the letter and rewrites the entire thing in brail and hands it to Rymir. “Here ya go buddy”
  8. Leilatha simply frowned as the news of her ex-lover was passed onto her.
  9. Kiiwi

    Admin Update

    Fuckk y’all. Straight up, fuckk you guys.
  10. Truly wildin

  11. A random peasant woman put on her best black dress to mourn the death.
  12. The Okarir’akaln of Haelun’or, Ayliana Maehr’tehral, prepares a special plant to gift to the Sohaer.
  13. Leilatha peeked over Aesil’s shoulder as he wrote the letter, offering him a smile. “At least we get to go somewhere warmer”
  14. The Maehr’tehral Trade District Ca. 1735 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Within the Lareh’thilln, The Blessed Citizenry has been growing like never before. A truly great era for the Mali‘thill, which has given way for a breathing and rich marketplace. The market has gotten even more wind in its sails through the establishment of the Maehr’tehral Trade District. It is with this new high demand, that we have added The ‘Akaln District as well as rules and regulations. They are as follows: Taxation of the Lesser Owned Stalls --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -We greatly appreciate the variety of imports from lessers, it allows our city to thrive and learn about other cultures. However those who are not born of ‘thill blood will be inclined to pay a tax of 300 Minaan at the end of every elven week. This is a fair share to pay so you may be allowed to continue to sell your good within the city. Every lesser shop owner has a designated chest. Simply put the tax slip into the chest and your taxes are paid. Failure to do so will result in a one day warning and after that your stall will be removed. If you have any questions about taxation please refer them to my medi’ir, Goan Aldin (SinAmongUs). The ‘Akaln District and a New Medi’ir ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -The newly added district not only has more stalls but also the ‘akaln’s office. Here is where meetings on trade is to be held and any issues and or requests can be discussed. Outside of the office are two chests. One where you may leave issues any complaints you have in regards to the district and how it is run, and the other to put in any donations you wish to give to the district. (Such as materials for building or you may purchase a tax slip as a mina donation.) -With the high demand of stalls and trade, there has been a new medi’ir appointed. A medi’ir is a direct helper to a council member. Goan Aldin has been appointed to this position. He is in charge of giving out stalls, making sure they are stocked, and making sure all taxes are paid. Please go to him if you wish to own a stall. You may go to myself or Goan if you wish to give us mina donation in hand rather than a tax slip. May these new additions help the city progress even further. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
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