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  1. Ayliana hears of this missive and shows her two closest friends, April and Irelia. “It seems we are not the only ones they attack on random. I still cannot believe Miven just watched and then proceeded to blame us when all we did was stand there.”
  2. Haelun’or’s 10th elven year anniversary festival Issued by Tilruir’mali Ayliana 18th of Malin’s Welcome Year 59, S.A For centuries, our people have called Haelun’or our home. Although it has had many different names, leaders, and structures, it has always remained just that, our home. I ask that Mali’thill young and old come to Haelunor to celebrate with us as we look back in our past at all we have accomplished together, and reminisce at the times now long gone to some of us. We ask that you come in your best dressed! Preferably in blue. Timetable -A walk in the past: We will all come together in front of the Magelight tavern where games and tables have been set up. Pet the giraffes, eat birthday cake, and talk amongst your friends! It is rumored that important figures of Haelun’or’s past will be attending! This will be the time to meet them, perhaps ask any questions that have been on your mind. -Snail racing: An old but loved pastime game once played by mali’thill long ago. This game, invented by Ikur Sullas, is a friendly race of snails! Instructions on how to play the game here. There will be two rounds of this game, one at the start and towards the end of the festival. Winners get a 50 mina cash prize. -Deathroll: Eight players at a time max, this old Sillumir game involves rolling dice until eventually everyone hits “1” the last person to roll a “1” wins! There will be two rounds of this game, one at the start and towards the end of the festival. Winners get a 50 mina cash prize. -A tournament of strength: The last event of the day will be a test of power! We have fought many wars, our people are strong- however the real question is: Who amongst us is the strongest? This will be a fist fight, there will be one large round in which the winner gets 100 mina. We Cant Wait to Celebrate with you Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Signed, Tilruir’mali Ayliana
  3. These are very balanced additions and they seem to open the magic up more to utilize spells you don't see as much. Great read, wonderful as always
  4. Ayliana sat next to Ikur Sullas after the debate, listening to his crazed rambles about snails and tea, her fingers nervously playing with the fabrics of her dress as she thought of the events that occurred today. She began to think of her friends who werent in Haelunor, those who backed Ivarielle, hoping they will someday see the truth.
  5. The Silver Belle Masquerade ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [!] Invitations are sent to every home within Haelun’or, the penmanship neatly written with silver ink, each perfectly sealed with wax. “Citizens of the silver state, it is my pleasure to announce that the first event I shall hold as tilruir’mali is a masquerade! The event will be held to encourage those within the state to mingle and hopefully fall into courtship with one another. The masquerade will commence once a speech is given by myself and the Tilruir’leyun, Iyathir’avere Sullas. I hope to see you all! Signed, Tilruir’mali, Ayliana an Iarwain” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The giving and receiving of flowers Single ‘thill will each be given one blue flower, they are to give the flower to someone they wish to court while the masquerade is ongoing. More than one flower can be given to one person, so make haste if you have your eyes on a special someone! The dress code for the masquerade is simple and is as follows: Blue: To be worn by ‘thill who are single, those wishing to find courtship with another. White: To be worn by ‘thill who are married or already in a courtship. Mask: It is a masquerade! Make sure to don your finest masks for this event. Identities may be kept hidden for the duration of the ball if someone wishes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While the event is being held, a ‘thill in secret will be walking around and observing those who mingle, an elven hour into the ball said ‘thill will reveal themselves and announce the following: Most eligible bachelor and bachelorette of the Silver State These two individuals will not only uphold the standards of a ‘thill, but the grace of one as well. Once these two are revealed, those who are chosen will be invited up onto the stage and encouraged to say a few words about themselves. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Entertainment While the masquerade is commencing, the most talented musicians of the state will band together to play harmonious and elegant tunes all night for the attendees to enjoy. A debut performance Rumors have spread through Haelun’or that a new star is on the rise! In her climb to fame, Ayliana an Iarwain will have her first ever live performance at the start of the ball accompanied by her entourage of female musicans and dancers. (More musicians, dancers, singers, and other talents are needed! Contact Ayliana if you are interested)
  6. Althea Basrid slowly lowers the letter from her eyes. “Whats a.. harlot?..” She asked out loud
  7. A certain Warhawkian woman hears of the missive and makes her way towards Fenn, her war axe by her side.
  8. Im visiting my boyfriend for the holidays!
  9. “Honestly.. good for her” remarked a gothic Savoyard woman yet again.
  10. A random nameless woman praises Azdromoth before she goes to bed, she hugs her dragon plushie tight.
  11. Ayliana an Iarwain read over this missive from her new disclosed home. She looked over to her husband, Kiljarys, with a pained smile. “Doubt they would welcome us back even if we wanted to return..” She looked back over to the missive. “May the ‘thill of the silver state find their way out of this darkness”
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