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  1. Leilatha hands the missive to every fair maiden in the land, along with it a painting of the Bachelor Prince shirtless.
  2. Leilatha (Syllar) Devione acknowledges this man as her successor and rightful ruler of Vira’ker!
  3. Leilatha wonders where Renalia is, safely drinking wine within the comforts of her clan home in Renelia.
  4. Laurir’ker and Tribune of Renelia Leilatha Devione looked towards her fellow council members with a smile. “May Sutica learn that they cannot run from Luara’s wrath.” She said proudly. “Let this be a lesson to all who try to stand in our way.”
  5. ((Never comment on my rp daughter’s ******* posts ever again Mystery I swear to god
  6. Laurir’ker Leilatha Devione is told the news by her servant, she’d look over the letter with much confusion. “One of our Priestesses? Hm, they must be mistaken, we have none yet, and our own High Priestess never leaves Renelia.” The council member shrugged, crumbling the paper up. “Seems like someone is simply trying to tarnish our name, I pity the fools who try to do so.”
  7. On a scale of 1-10 how good of a friend am I. (Wont accept answers under 7) When are you gonna quit this server you maniac
  8. You really chose this post to try and **** on him? You’re literally making yourself look immature asf rn, how embarrassing! Gonna miss ya buddy, have a good one. Even tho this is your second goodbye post I wont **** on you for it because you really about to be a big boy in a big boy world. o7
  9. Leilatha sat at the large table within her clan home, reading over the letter with a smirk. “Let Luara’s light shine upon them all” The Laurir’ker said as she looked over to her daughter with a smile.
  10. Luarir’ker Leilatha Devione stands beside her king, ready to march against those who have tainted the land. “Let us rid the land of this evil” The elfess nodded in agreement, her face void of any expression.
  11. Aight, this my last time posting this. If ya wanna join a delf family hmu. My discord is Kiwi#6576 or just msg me on the forums. We got a nice clan home in Renelia, very fun place, we rp and pvp.

    1. Harrison


      i said me before but u didnt reply 😞

    2. Kiiwi


      6 minutes ago, Harrison said:

      i said me before but u didnt reply 😞

      If ur deadass, then ur welcome to join the family homie

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      i wanna play harry’s little sister

  12. Devione Seers of the stars History Deep within the forests not many men dared to travel rested the peaceful tribal village of Fa’leii. Living off of the food they grew and worshipping their spirits they lived a peaceful life. Within the village were three main families. Qiun, Sortaqua, and Devione. Each of these families were placed in charge of certain aspects of the village. Qiun made sure the land was fruitful and that the people were provided with enough food to survive the harsh winters. The Sortaqua were the spirit guides, the ones who ran events and helped those with troubled minds. Finally, Devione, this family was in charge of the military, protecting the children and elderly in the village. The village was ran smoothly, everyone living amongst one another happily. That is until the head of the Sortaqua family died and his daughter took over. Hungry to be more powerful than the rest she tried to make her clan that of unequal power to the other two. Qiun, having a much longer history with the Sortaqua family then Devione, sided with them. This left the Devione clan with no other choice but to leave the village to save their people. From this point on they became nomads, they looked to Kahn Devione and his wife Helia to guide them and find a more peaceful home for their family. A couple years past and Helia had four children. Three girls and a boy. Who would soon grow up to be fierce warriors. The entire clan lived peacefully amongst themselves, often sleeping underneath the stars or within tents. Life was good, however Helia had caught a sickness, this caused her husband to become cold to the rest of the clan, often dismissing them because he wanted to take care of his wife. This dismissiveness led to their children breaking up into two. The two eldest daughters, Chirr and Leilatha Devione, left and sought out a tribal ‘ker group called the Warhawkes. The two youngest, Uledran and Bayla Devione, sought off to go and live amougst the mali’ame. Chirr and Leila adapted into the Warhawkian culture, taking in it’s customs and values. They fought for them and used their skills of healing to good use. Both found love and Leila even had her own daughter. They found their new family. One night however, Chirr went into labor and died of childbirth. Heart-broken, Leila relied on her new-found family for comfort until eventually deciding to leave the Warhawke city of Leyu’celia and live by herself within a cabin in the woods, leaving her daughter wondering where her mother went. She was away from civilization for a while until hearing of the city of Vira’ker. It was there she fell in love once again, she became Princess of Vira’ker and had a son. However this was not the life for her. She soon left the city and became once again in touch with her Warhawkian side, eventually the couple went their separate ways, her husband taking leave with their son. Lost and not knowing what to do she met Aroen Velulei’onn, the Archon of Renelia. She quickly became good friends with him and he eventually gave her a spot within his council. It was then she reunited with her younger siblings and daughter, teaching them what she had learned from the Warhawkes and decided to establish the clan Devione as one of Renelia’s very own. Appearance The Devione clan can have hair ranging from black to gray. However, the most distinctive trait is that they all have a bright teal colored tint to their eyes. The family consists primarily of ‘ker. Due to it’s tribal roots, many of the clan members decorate their bodies with tattoos as well as tribal face-paint. The clothing they wear is typically armor, sometimes loose clothing, or more revealing and brightly colored clothes, to show off their tattoos. Many decorate their hair with beads, typically a Devione can be seen with more than just one color. Beliefs and traditions Having Warhawkian roots, the clan believes in the comet Igne’acaela. It is said that the eldest Tahloa, the leaders of the Warhawkes, had a vision of a bright lapis comet flying through the sky, hitting the earth and destroying everything around it. Due to this, Warhawkes have a firm belief that one day, the comet will crash down and end everything as they know it. Clan Devione also believes that once you die, your spirit joins the other Warhawkes within the flames of Igne’acaela. The clan enjoys hosting festivals to celebrate their ancestors and the ones that have passed on, they also look to the stars for guidance, believing that each star represents a fallen member of the clan. Although, like every ‘ker within Renelia, their praises go out to Luara, believing that she is above all else.
  13. Ariana Baden, daughter of Frederick Baden, shakes in her grave.
  14. Kiiwi

    An Act of Pity

    “Shut up Maya, you have no room to talk about evil” The dark elf mumbles to the halfing sitting across from her within the estate, throwing a strawberry at her head.
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