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  1. Cecillia Bren would hug Winifred as her friend told her the news. “Oh we must throw a party before to celebrate!” she’d exclaim, grabbing both of her friends hands with excitement.
  2. Upon hearing the news of her fathers death Elenia quickly packed her belongings, wanting to be far from everything for a while. She packed all her books, during the rush her journal full of her father’s studies dropped onto the floor, the page labeled “How to detect a half breed” lay open. Elenia went down on her knees, staring at her journal as she began to sob.
  3. Cecillia walks into the palace behind Catherine d’Arkent, the child of her beloved friend Charlotte, she had been tutoring the child for some time now. As she entered she noticed familiar faces, all oblivious to the news that was about to come. “Where is the Princess Karina?” She had asked, the lady in waiting wishing to discuss wedding plans with her friend. “She’s um.. dead..” responded one of the three woman that had entered, all similar in looks. Cecillia’s eye’s widened at this, a hand rushing to her chest as thoughts flooded her mind. She glanced to the little Catherine, realizing she has to stay calm infront of her. Cecillia’s mind was racing. How could someone do this? Why would someone ever hurt such a kind soul? Cecillia simply stood there before coming to her sense. “Im so sorry for your loss” was all she was able to say, not being able to fully wrap her head around it. Karina was dead. The same Karina who bought her dresses, made her smile, who loved to read all those books. The same Karina she had promised to watch over, to serve as not only a friend but a lady in waiting and a guard. Cecillia simply made her way out of the palace and towards the tavern, staring at the fire as this was a second friend that had passed away.
  4. Leilatha wakes up in a sweat, she’d peer around the dark room within her clan home. Her breathing heavy. “You alright my love?” Asked the dark elven priestess sleeping beside her. “Yeah.. yeah.. just had a nightmare that Vira’ker came back, though that would never happen, come, let us sleep once again.” Leila said with a smile, continuing to sleep peacefully.
  5. Kiiwi

    The Midnight Coup

    The first Princess of Vira’ker, Leilatha Devione. Flashed a thumbs up as she was told the news, continuing rest by the fire with Luvelia, resting on the High Priestess’ lap. “I dont know who they are or why they want it but, I support it” The retired ‘ker closing her eyes once again as Luvelia ran her fingers through her hair.
  6. Leilatha is handed the missive by her daughter as she lies down within her bed in her clan home. She’d cough a bit, the old elfess haven gotten very sick. “May Renelia be the example to all” The Laurir’ker said to her daughter with a weak smile.
  7. Kiiwi

    A Resolute Departure

    Leilatha Devione prepares to welcome her new friends with open arms!
  8. My character, Shadow Ravenspire, is actually a transgendered lesbian elf who wields T5 flame magic and can pretty easily incinerate basic human knights xD Huh? No it’s not a self-insert lmao, of course you’d think that goon xD YIKES!!! Looks like we found the PvP goon!!! Yeah sweetheart, maybe you should learn a thing or two about making characters and actually RPing before you even try to judge a superior writer?!?!? Let me guess, you’re mad that you failed English in 5th grade so you take it out by clicking on an RP server... yep, looks like you kinda suck at hiding your insecurities! Well, I guess you can go back to frothing at the mouth and taking your rage out on Minecraft people while I improve my writing skills and RPing in Sutica while you grunt with other humans or try and rob people on the roads. Yeah, don’t try and tell me that you do ‘human RP’ as if that actually counts. Only Sutican RP, elven RP, and magic RP are fit for intellectually enlightened people such as myself- I guess you challenged people can stick to trying to emulate something that resembles writing!!!

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      Have you been saving these quotes? Because if you came up with all of that on the spot, it sounds scarily familiar.

  9. Leilatha Devione took a sip of wine as she read over the response her king gave to Sutica alongside her fellow council member. “Fethis” She began “Remember when one of our good friends lied to the Suticans and made them hilariously believe some irrelevant child was in danger? I wonder if they still believe it and cant seem to get over it” She chuckled, looking over to him “Ah, the poor pathetic creatures, trying to make us seem like the bad guys to stay relevant”
  10. Leilatha hands the missive to every fair maiden in the land, along with it a painting of the Bachelor Prince shirtless.
  11. Leilatha (Syllar) Devione acknowledges this man as her successor and rightful ruler of Vira’ker!
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