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  1. An elfess sat in her home with her child playing with her toys, she looked over the paper and would smile slightly "seems the river is turning into a peaceful stream" she glanced out the window "things are going well"
  2. The Mali'ame would read over the writting a slight hum coming from her as she pondered for a moment looking unto the waters "seems the tides have changed...we'll see where this river takes us next..hopefully to calm waters once more.."
  3. The elfess stirred awake in the early hours, something she had been use to at this point, but something else was on her mind "where is amaesil..?" She stridded over to the edge of the keep looking out onto the vast ocean, and as time passed her worry only continued on. Where did he go..?
  4. The elfess stepped into the city of stygian a place where she visited often the darken sky something she had gotten so use to, her tired eyes scanning the area as she looked for her friend asking people "Where's vival?" That was finally when she heard the news and felt her heart sink in her chest and anger fill in herself, not only had the dragon known as azdromoth destroyed her home it now took a friend. She traveled back to the refuge camp of Elvenesse, walking up to the water she sat down picking up a rock and throwing it tears rolling down her face. "I swear I make that ******* dragon PAY not only for taking my home but a friend"
  5. “Take from this bowl and write what you fight for on the stag” The elf prince said to the young ranger he nodded to the prince and dipped his hand into the bowl coating his hand in the ashes with in walking up to the statue of the giant stag he brought his finger to the smooth material of the statue writing ‘family’ as he stepped back from the statue he looked at the writing of so many other around him, he knew they were in for a fight they would know if they would win..but he was going to fight for his home and what he held dear His family Cypress sat there awake, his father and mother fast asleep with his two younger siblings and twin brother also in rest at the little room within the owl’s perch. however he was unable to rest easy, his family was safe but something nagged at the back of his mind. The young ranger stepped out of the room being quiet so as not to wake any others within the tavern, so many people who in one day lost their home just like him. Once outside he took a long breath. He could smell some smoke but it was distant but he could still remember the smoke that invaded his lungs only hours ago, the sound of swords clashing and the yells of people in panic and some yelling orders. It was all fresh in his mind and it all had been too real he felt horrible as he let something cloud his mind during all that fighting as much as he didn't want to admit. The fear of death and loss He had many conversations about it before with the man he long considered his mentor, john. The hours he spent training and talking with him, he was as much of a parental figure to him as the brylynn who took him and his brother in so long ago yet in the moments of terror and chaos in the fight he felt he failed not only the brylynns but also john, as he had barley helped fight and spent more time running in fear like a coward. He had been unable to even speak to his fellow rangers after they came back, looking at all the people tired and burned, during that time and even now he couldn’t shake how these people fought hard and all he had been able to do was run, even his own father who he had seen sitting in the room earlier in extreme pain with scorch marks barley even able to stand let alone stay awake. The young ranger sighed as he continued towards where he left his steed, carefully untying the horse and hopping on its back “come on let's go” he commanded the horse as they took down the path towards elvenesse or what was left.. The young ranger came to near the burning city stopping as his horse did not dare to go any closer, the smell of ash and smog he had smelled before once again infesting his lungs as he coughed but nonetheless he stayed there the same words ringing in his mind over and over like a broken record that wouldn’t leave his mind. Coward, failure, weak His eyes welled up with tears as he clenched tightly to the reins of his horse to the point his knuckles turned white under his gloves, as he just began sobbing as he hunched over as he couldn't hold them back anymore and at least there was no one there with him to see such, he wasn’t sure how long he stayed there for before he finally just couldn't cry anymore, he managed to muster himself up to get his horse to move once more as he headed back. OOC
  6. The elfess sat on edge of stone looking about the calm blue waters that surrounded the elven nation, the sound of the bells rang only once which caught her attention. Her lips curled into a thin line as she quickly got up from her spot, and that is when she found out a flower had indeed wilted... "Briar...you can't be..." She felt her stomach turn as she brought her left hand to her mouth as her eyes welled up with tears she turned on her heel and ran off to her home in the manor, the one briar use to live in "Why...w-why do people keep leaving!!" She took her right arm punching in the wooden wall unable to feel pain in the stone limb as she slumped down and continued crying reflected on the past with the elfess she had known for so long.
  7. Everyone on the team for this build has been working really hard so excited for once we fully get it finished^^
  8. The little musin known as basil was traveling like he always did, taking a little break he heard of the passing of toast. His little ears drooped "friend toast.." he wiped his little face of coming tears "I I will miss you friend yes yes, but I I will never forget friend" basil then got to his feet and continued on some tears still coming from his little eyes.
  9. The small musin known as basil would read over this paper, his little ear flicking as a bright smile came to his little fluffy face "oh yes yes this is very good, good job friend friend" the musin would then stuff the paper away in his little satchel to continue his travels
  10. An elfess would sit by the edge of the water, her bird swooping down to give her a paper. Her brown eyes scanned the paper, humming softly a slight smile appearing on her face. "calm, hopefully this lasts for sometime.."
  11. Ke Kai’len The song of the Ocean Nemea travelling the western seas As night fell, everything looked...dark. The lost elfess looked around, it was pitch black. The only light emitted to the area was the moon and the faint glow of the stars. Looking up to those stars, there she was. The thunderbird always pointed to where the traveller wanted to go, and to Nemea, that was home. The small ‘ame picked up the paddle and continued to make her way in the direction of the thunderbird’s guidance. The thunderbird princess, often called Nemglan, is known to many elves as a symbol of independence. When the thunderbird flaps her wings, she creates storms of crashes and flashes of light, unleashing the wrath she holds within. She is often seen in flight, rather than on land. History The Tahorrans were people of the sea, going to travel the world in their boats. Whale and salmon hunts, barbaric. The Tahorrans have wronged too many people, betrayed the Crown in coup attempts. Not only did they betray others, but they betrayed their seed members. Chieftains leaving out their fellow members when planning on moving the seed. But yet, they fell back on it. Are people so indecisive now? The lover of the sea, Nemea had gotten onto her board, paddling herself out to the middle of the ocean. Her skin was damaged from the burns, and tattoos were removed. She sat on the board, a sigh escaping her lips. “Don’t even trust your lari’onn.” The ‘ame uttered to herself, swirling her feet into the waters of the ocean. “Left out of everything…” She’d state, her mind cluttering with thoughts as she watched the ripples in the water form. It was not a new thing to the ‘ame as she more often found herself spending hours lost in her mind looking to the waters to help ease herself. Eventually, as night fell the elfess looked up to the sky seeing the countless stars but she focused on one thing, the figure of Nemglan in the stars, she slowly nodded to herself taking her paddle tightly in her hands she set back to the shore her mind now made. As time went on, the elfess began working on herself along with further finding and learning her ways of following the thunderbird she so often looked to for guidance, both before and after the time of her former seed. As she worked away, not only talking with comrades but also going to the High Prince of Elvenesse promising despite the wrongs of the people she once called her family, she would not falter on her loyalty and with the support of people behind her. Soon, she decided what her next step would be making a seed that would be known as the Ke Kai’len and so her work began on the beginning stages of this new seed and the new family she would make for herself. Beliefs The Ke Kai’len are seafaring elves, people of honour, loyalty, strength, and freedom, who try to find peace when destruction occurs and find calm in storms. The deep blues are our most often used transportation, uniting all of our different cultures, races, and communities as one. The Ke Kai’len use these waters and have a deeper understanding of it than most you’ll meet. Nemglan also destroys with storms, though it is believed by people of the seed it leads to the start of new creation. Traditions The Ke Kai’len partake in the traditions that they have formed as a people, taking on cultures of their past with such. People of the Ke Kai’len are ones to tell stories through song and dance, getting their name. Their name means song of the ocean, fitting for what they do. Traditionally, to show the balance of life and destruction, the people participate in fire dances. When performing fire dance, there are usually two dancers and multiple drummers. In the ocean, there are many treasures to be found by those who forage it. Many will find reefs of coral when venturing through the deep blues of the continent. What appeals to the eye are bright colours and what can be found in the ocean of that colour is coral. The Ke Kai’len use this coral found to express themselves through artistic mediums such as sculptures and flattening the organism. By using this medium, the Ke Kai’len have a much greater appreciation for what life can bring than most other people. The seed also uses the oceans to catch food with such they learn how to catch fish correctly, with spear, line, or net and by groups. In some cases, a big group of people sometimes spread and haul in huge nets into the bay, or sometimes drive fish towards the shore where they can be captured in nets held in shallow water. The Ke Kai’len make their canoes out of stone, wood, shells and bone. Sometimes they will also make simple weapons and utensils. The most common canoes the people make are huge double-hulled canoes that are built out of small wooden components held together only by fitting and lashing. These canoes can take a lot of pressure for thousands of miles. Trials To become a Ke Kai’len an initiate must pass various trials and obstacles to prove that they are ready to be properly welcomed into the seed. Upon the completion of such the initiate will be given their tattoo by the chieftain/chieftess, the trials are not easy and are meant to push one's limits to prove they have earned their mark. Each tattoo has different flowers for each member The sea can be calming amongst all the wilderness. When travelling these vast seas, one must obtain balance within themselves to survive on the waters. To obtain this balance, it must take time and practice. The initiate will be placed onto a board, practising their balance. Until the initiate can stay stable on the board for two minutes, they must redo the trial. This trial requires mastery, not barely passing by. Following the trial of balance, the initiate will practice fighting on land with the chieftess/chieftain and then once the chieftess/chieftain believes they are ready the two will go out onto the water with the initiate having to use both their balance and strength to win the fight, this trial will go on till the initiate can win the fight and prove their balance and strength. The third trial is one of the more simple of the tasks the initiate will do, they will be tasked in doing something to show their interconnection with the people they call family and show that both sides acknowledge members of the seed will never have to walk the world alone no matter what obstacles may come up in their life. As the founder did, they will follow the spirit of adventure, with nothing besides some basic rations, they are to set out onto the sea using only Nemglan as their guide using this time to reflect on themselves. Upon reaching whatever destination Nemglan guides them to, the initiate will have to grab something from the place and be able to find their way back home. After they return, the initiate will give the chieftain/chieftess the item they grabbed and explain what they learned/reflected on their trip.
  12. wolfersquad2004


    maria was born to a kind mother who is druid of wood elves heritage, and a strong and understanding father, her birth occurred in atlas elven city of caras eldar 1697. she was an only child though she made friends that she considered like siblings which both parents didn't mind at all, her childhood wasn't exactly normal with her mom always being out helping other elves and fellow druids and her father also working a lot. maria eventually grew an interest towards art her parents coming home to her painting with crushed berries she had picked, she also does flower crowns which she gives to friends and her parents even making ones for herself. when she turned seventeen even though her parents saw her still a kid they let her go to explore the world, she lost contact with her childhood friends but promised them she would try to cross paths with them once again to talk about what they missed out from one another’s travels, maria now resides in helena.
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