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  1. Anne, the wife in mention, had recently moved in Vafleur's bakery. The little birch sign that read 'Little Acre' swung in the Petran winds as the smell of sourdough bread trailed by. "He's got some nerve, that's for sure..." The redhead muttered.
  2. There were sat in the Bear Claw Pub when the missive was wrote, Alyona and Lorena. The little Godunov threw up a thumbs up of approval as the Gant showed off her letter she had scribbled only moments before, smiling with all of her teeth on display. "Yam so proud of vy, Rena... sticking up for vyrself against ve adults..."
  3. An addition well-needed to provide a proper roleplay experience in my opinion, as it should of already been RP'd going through the transitional change from descendent to this cut-throat, cannibalistic monster of a siliti CA. Now, there is no grey areas of time and instead clearly outlined. Love to see Zarsies and Mordu giving the CA some love. +1
  4. "Ea will cause terror upon ve adults in mea new job." Smugly proclaimed Lady Palatine of Hoonseti-Rooska, Alyona Godunov. "They will niet escape eam clutches. Yam comin' for them." The little sparrow then skipped off to get ready for her own meeting the following saint's day, happy as one could be...
  5. Anne choked on her morning oats when she received the news, her spoon clanking on the wooden table as it fell. "Goodness me... I feel faint..." She couldn't quite believe it. "How could this be? Our daughter, a dame?"
  6. When she had gotten home from her adventures playing child politics, Alyona had her governess waiting on the steps of Verskaya's keep. She looked weary, the lines on her forehead more prominent than ever. "Lady Alyona, vyr father..." The rest was white noise to her. She had already sulked off to her bedroom and banged the door closed, her little cries unheard of in the halls. Was all that she was doing for the children of Haense worth it if her own father could not see it? She had craved his attention for so long, for him to raise her and show her everything he could, yet the heaviness on her chest felt suffocating. She laid herself on her bed and curled up into a foetal position, crinkling her dress, yet she did not care. It was there where she spent all night long in that position, not moving, not answering the calls of the maids. Instead, she prayed for her father's health - that he could see all that she was doing for him.
  7. Alyona made sure her triplet siblings were given special privileges upon the meeting.
  8. A little Godunov’s candle was seen flickering in the crevice of her window late one eve. Her governess had wished her goodnight already, her parents a peck each on the cheek - yet her mind was restless. Tonight was a night of fruitful thought. Tonight was a night for plotting. Alyona’s mind had been rampant for weeks on end, and it was only until now she took the pleasure in letting herself express her wishes. Her wax crayons, black and yellow and brown and red, scribbled on letter-writing parchment she had stolen from her father’s room. Only then would she send it out by sneaking off early morn for Karosgrad, posting her elaborate missive to the notice board… A Y O U N G s p a r r o w s t r i k e s A G A I N ! [!] A depiction of the eldest Godunov doing her own Duma with 'other children', no matter how monstrous they were drawn 2 F E C H I L L Y D R E N O V H A N S , Wee shall not bee SEALENSED! Wen I went 2 fe DUMA, Layday Judgey Loo-dow-far was a NAYSTAY wooman and sayd vat fe aduwlts ov Hans shuld NOT lissen 2 ve voyses ov keeds and vat mya MISSY LETHER was mayd wiv crayons in a BAD way... how MEAYN! Ven, Baroyn Bissssop COYLLED OWT MY AYGE wen I tryd 2 vowte as mya papej's reypreesentaytif! Just beeycuz his fameeliy was beeing showwted at! How dayre HE! Mya vowte was NOT cowunted in fe eynd and vat mayde me fery SAD. I huffed and puffed. HUFF. PUFF. Huw carys if yam 6? Mya vowte matters! Instayd, vey ar mayking me SAD biy not letting me bee a parrrrrrt ov vem. Wee ar fe fewturre! As a chiyuld in Hans, I DEEMAND vat wee riyus 2gever and and stop fe adultees from steeyling ower vowtes. If U carye abowt ower fewture and fe adultees and mamejs and papejs ruwin in it, ven meat me at AETERNITY ANCHORAGE (I copeed vis from fe siyn) in fe capitol in 2 saynt days. Adultees ar so MEAN and vey just SQUAWSH allll fe FUN owt of LYFE. Piyck whiysly. Colmb and joiwn me. Do not bee a stinkee cri babee. S I G N E D, ALYONA GODUNOV The Sparrow
  9. "Hasn't bloodshed already occurred when your men 'allegedly' killed the Chamberlain of Petra, Bianka Jazloviecki?" A woman commented off the side. Her eyes, solemn and sunken, had been fixating on the missives for quite a while. She didn't dare rest after hearing the news from Father Blackwater's missive yet she couldn't bring herself to shed a tear. Oh, back to the reclusiveness she goes.
  10. "A shepherd will lead his flock of sheep on mountainous journeys, yet in the end he shall slaughter them all for his supper." Spoke Anne in her hushed tone to Wolfgang (@Greehn) beside her in their kitchen - one of them cleaning the pots and pans, the other folding linen. "I do not doubt he is leading them now, but what are they but an expense he can easily dispose of once this Balianite prince gets what he wants?" The de Vilain shook her head.
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  13. A goofy, yet lazy smile fell upon Alyona Godunov's face. "Finally, papej will come home!" Sviatoslav's eldest jabbered.
  14. Alyona glanced up to her mother in disbelief: "Ea did it...?" She queried with her usual look of bulging-wide eyes. "Mamej... EA DID IT!" The little Godunov couldn't quite believe it. At first, she had half-joked to her friends about writing a letter to King Georg I - wanting to gain some form of justice for the wronging of the system, for her friend Raudraik. Yet, she never expected an actual response (even if she had been looking for His Majesty everywhere). It was from this moment onwards that Alyona Rhetta Sviatovna Godunov wanted to help others as best as she could - even if it meant threatening to cut off the fish supply of Karosgrad. A bad situation can certainly inspire a young girl, or even a collection of young minds.
  15. "THEY EVEN KICKED OUT MEA FRIEND RAUDRAIK V'HEDGEHOG FOR BEING A PEASANT!" Cried Alyona after publishing her missive on the issue of the court. Replacing her flower after a certain Ayrian had ate to 'become much more speedy', she sought out her two comrades in crime. @Greehn @Herod
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