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  1. Upon hearing the news of the Sedan Academie finally opening from Makoto himself, Ottilie rushed down the Jazloviecki residence's stairs. "CHILDREN!" She yelled, pamphlet at hand, "IT IS ABOUT TIME YOU GET SOME GOOD EDUCATION!" @Siranja @Tourning @scarahpot @Pork
  2. ISSUED ON THE 11TH OF HARREN'S FOLLY, 1890 After the great success of Her Most Honourable's tea party, Princess Augustina de Joannes and Margravine Ottilie Jazloviecki welcome the women of Sedan once more to a revelry of sisterhood in the form of a soirée. Situated on the palace's veranda, the sunset's gaze will overview the attending guests as they mingle over fine red wine. Much shall be discussed at said meeting - from the latest gossip in the Sedanian ranks, opinions on political matters, upcoming events and much more. Adorning fine silks and garments, the women attending are to look the part and dress up for their own self-indulgence. To reiterate: this event shall consist of women-only, with the exception of Mister Makoto Iekami who serves under Her Imperial Highness. Any men, particularly husbands who lurk in the shadow of their wives, will not be allowed upon entry. SIGNED, Her Imperial Highness, Princess Augustina Theorosia de Joannes, Princess of Balian and Sedan, Baroness-consort of Ponce The Most Honournable, Lady Ottilie Franziska Jazloviecki, Margravine-consort of Grodno, Baroness of Castile, Member of the Princess Council
  3. The Margravine-consort looked to the missive with furrowed brows of worry. "Oh, what a dreadful thing..." She ushered, looking to her aurum blade Sunlight that hung by her husband's longsword.
  4. DATED THE 12TH OF THE SUN’S SMILE , 1889 The past decade has been one of many hardships. To lose one's home, to feel the loss of a loved one, to become a victim of war - each bears its many scars that forevermore will follow me onward. Upon the triumph of the Barony of Acre and his surrender as Lord Protector of Oren, Elric Castile has disappeared with no trace. My brother is now presumed dead. Whether he is or not, I have left myself grieve for him in private for some years. Despite his actions he did in the name of the fallen kingdom, I loved him fiercely. I had looked up to him for the duration of my adolescence, and once I had reached the age of maturity he had continued to be that burning torch of reassurance. There was one occasion I recall - my wedding day - where he had taken the time to calm my nerves before he walked me down the aisle. In those moments, Elric possessed a caring nature only those close to him had witnessed. He was also charismatic, and a loyalist until the end. In light of his condition, I inherited the Barony of Castile. It was an unthinkable outcome when we had first been awarded the title, for me to carry it, yet no one could have foreseen the future. I had put off an official statement on the status of one's house and barony for some time, and yet as I start to heal I find it only appropriate to address such matters now. The Barony of Castile, as well as House Castile, will remain under the wing of House Jazloviecki and the March of Grodno until my death. Serving as Grodno's consort for over a decade by my husband's side, I find it most suitable that the two families shall be united side-by-side to gain back the presige we once had until my heir takes over. Wherever my family goes, I go. This has led me back to the Principality of Sedan. Whilst my brother left many years ago after our family served the de Joannes for many years, fate has led us back to our roots. I am unsure of what this may bring, but I only intend to do what is best for the future going forward. As for my heir, my children were born with a Lechian legacy, one of which does not entitle them to carry my responsibility. Yes, I recognise that they are of Castile blood too, yet I know that my brother would have wanted to keep our line going with kin intended to rule Castile and not Grodno. Therefore, if any one of my siblings can prove themselves that they are willing to continue our family's name and honour after my death, then they should do so. My loyalty and trust is won through those who act, not by our predetermined connections. I will not have us erased from history because of Castile men and women who abandon their namesake, for they disappeared like Elric - only they chose to do so. It is undeserving, particularly when in times of need they hide. Even without Elric, Castile will prevail. The Harvest Confederacy thrives on my brother's surrender, and whilst his role within the war may have tarnished our family name, I will do my best as matriarch to overcome its losses and march us forward into a new tomorrow. SIGNED, The Most Honournable, Lady Ottilie Franziska Jazloviecki, Margravine-consort of Grodno, Baroness of Castile
  5. Ottilie Franziska expected Makoto to show - after all, she did agree about him being an honourary woman in her eyes.
  6. ISSUED ON THE 11TH OF THE FIRST SEED, 1889 Upon the recent move to the Principality of Sedan, the women of House Jazloviecki find themselves seeking companions to socialise and confide in within their new homelands. Therefore, the Margravine-consort of Grodno and her eldest daughter Walentyna Stasia invite all women, both of noble and common blood in Sedan, to attend an afternoon tea party to enjoy some light beverages and the accompanying chatter that follows such events - whether it be idle conversation or gossip. Not only will this occasion introduce the new citizens of Johannesport amongst those in attendance, but hopefully shall establish further connections for a possible lady's society in the near future. SIGNED, The Most Honournable, Lady Ottilie Franziska Jazloviecki, Margravine-consort of Grodno, Baroness of Castile The Honourable, Lady Walentyna Stasia of Grodno
  7. "To see him grow over the past few years, and serve under us in Grodno and now Sedan..." The Margravine-consort said, looking at the wedding invitation her husband had been given. "I shall seek out a gift for Ser Aurion and his new bride at once! We must be in attendance."
  8. And so it had to be done. Ottilie Franziska Jazloviecki made her way along the walls of Grodno the following night, their residents at rest. Yet, she was not for her heart remained heavy. So many things in her life had spawned upon these lands - her fruitful marriage, their children, the countless great friendships. They were dear to her, and now she had to let the memory of them go. Her footsteps led her to the tree in the courtyard by the noble quarters, and quietly she reached out to its bark to trace her fingers over hers and Maciej's carving. "To a new future." The Margravine said solemnly, her eyes fluttering shut for a brief moment to take everything in. Exodus had begun.
  9. I just want to thank you for everything you've done for me. You welcomed me as a new player into the Castile family and whilst the run was short for our time together, I am grateful for what you have done for me. It is disgusting what some people will do, and they gain no benefit from doing such. I do hope everything goes well for you outside of LoTC.
  10. "Interesting how the men of Minitz never once was seen with a rally on behalf of the Crown, and yet they complain that they cannot muster any rallied men and change their loyalties when its suits them." Ottilie Franziska Jazloviecki commented. "Unlike us who now are neutral, they were always on Acre's side to begin with - choosing to hide behind their title until again, it suited them."
  11. A wistful sigh escaped the lips of Ottilie Franziska Jazloviecki upon hearing the Queen's death. She moved to her window and looked out towards the mountainous lands of her home. "And it only felt like yesterday we were speaking about your children, and how I looked to you as a guide to being mother..." She murmured softly before coming to a complete silence. Only then, the birdsong outside was audible in the Margravine's chamber.
  12. Back home in her residency of Grodno, the Margravine-consort of Grodno let her gaze adrift. Around her chamber, then to her husband by his study - her watchful demeanor interrupted by the grueling sight of his eye. It had been a long day.
  13. The Margravine-consort of Grodno simply wondered why Acrean men wanted her husband so badly that they needed to come to Grodno every five minutes before their pillage on Vienne.
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