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  1. cant believe your gone bro, big up sir andrik💙
  2. A DRUSCAN DEATH TALE Lupus ferox sicut sol ✺ The Lord of Drusco was trained and had prepared for the battle, but the burden of leadership had proven overwhelming. In his darkest moments, he sought solace through the wine that filled his cup. The Savoyard drowned himself in the familiar taste hoping that he would rid himself of his fear and trepidation. For a maudlin time, his thoughts wandered back to a summer spent beneath the trees and the joyful banter that once echoed throughout his empty halls. However, those days had faded away and now his gaze fixed onto the battlements and the enemy that approached from the south. Amidst the cacophony of clashing swords, firing of arrows, and booming sounds of siege weaponry. Edmond stood alone, his armor, once a beautiful set, had bore the marks of previous battles, and his sword stained with the blood of numerous foes. In the heat of the defence of his home, he found himself locked in an intense gaze with the King of the Dwarves. Time had seemed to stretch, the chaotic symphony of battle faded into the background as their weapons drew closer. The two had found an unspoken understanding that only one would emerge victorious from this dance of blades. The air was thick with the acrid scent of smoke, and the ground beneath their feet was uneven with the remnants of fallen comrades. The duel unfolded amidst the swirl of battle, Sigrun Stonehammer's carbarum blade clashed against the Savoyard’s blade and heavy blows from the Dwarven King had caused the lord’s blade to shatter in his hand. Edmond found himself defenseless and attempted to retreat, stumbling over the corpse of his dead guards, the ground beneath him slick with blood and mud. In an instinctive moment, he seized a nearby shield that adorned the sun of Ashford and huddled beneath it. Each strike splintered the shield piece by piece, the relentless assault tarnishing the emblem of Ashford. After enduring countless blows, the shield was left in tatters, split in two under the unrelenting force of the Dwarven King. With the shield shattered, the Savoyard gazed up at Sigrun, his final moments witnessed as the axe cleaved through the air, severing the Margrave's head in two. As Drusco's defences crumbled, the once beautiful castle fell into enemy hands. The legacy of Lord Edmond, tarnished by his descent into alcohol-fuelled despair, met its tragic ends on the battlefield. The Siege of Drusco became a somber chapter in the annals of Aevos, a cautionary tale of the perils of both Veletz and the Covenant conflict. A LETTER TO RICHOLD OF ROUEN,
  3. THE DISHONORED DE ROUEN Lupus ferox sicut sol ✺ Edmond indulged in a lavish banquet in his hall, as was his customary practice. Suddenly, a loyalist of Edmond's burst into the hall, urgently informing the lord that his wife had been observed in the company of another man. Edmond sprang to his feet with alacrity, striding in a fury towards the exit of Lyon's Hall. Swiftly mounting his Druscan Stallion, he rode for the location where he had received the alarming report of the two individuals. As Edmond approached closer, his anger intensified. Upon reaching the destination, Edmond hastily dismounted his steed, gripping his longsword with rage as he forcefully stormed into the room where the two were located. Vasily stood upright, unsheathing his longsword and assuming a defensive stance, readying himself for whatever lay ahead. "Is the reason for your choice of dwelling?" Edmond barked at Vivienne, his gaze unwavering upon Vasily. "To ***** away with this dog?" Vivienne stood up as well, offering the same tired excuses. Edmond fell into a momentary silence, then unleashed a flurry of strikes towards Vasily. Amidst the flickering torchlight in the dimly lit room, the clash of steel echoed as Edmond and Vasily engaged in a fierce duel. The air crackled with tension as the two circled each other, their eyes locked in a battle of wills. Edmond's longsword sliced through the air with precision, each swing calculated and aimed at exploiting any opening in Vasily's defense. Vasily, a formidable opponent, skillfully parried and dodged, retaliating with swift counterattacks that demonstrated his own mastery of the blade. Sparks flew as their weapons collided, filling the room with the metallic resonance of combat. The dance of blades was accompanied by the rhythmic footwork of the combatants, each step a strategic move to gain an advantage over the other. As the fight intensified, the combatants displayed a symphony of martial prowess. Edmond's strikes were powerful and controlled, while Vasily showcased agility and finesse, weaving through attacks with calculated grace. The battle reached its climax as both fighters pushed themselves to the limit. Edmond, fueled by righteous anger, sought to avenge the perceived betrayal, while Vasily, defending himself with unwavering resolve, countered with equal determination. In the end, the room fell silent, save for the heavy breaths of the combatants. The clash of steel subsided as the fighters, weary and battered, stood apart, each acknowledging the other's formidable skill. The chamber bore witness to a duel that transcended mere physical confrontation. Vasily emerged victorious, his sword poised in a final, respectful blow. Despite the tension that had filled the chamber, a mutual recognition of each other's skill passed between them. In an unexpected display of honor, Vasily lowered his weapon and gestured for Edmond to leave unharmed. Edmond, though defeated, nodded in acknowledgment of Vasily's superior prowess. With a silent exchange of understanding, he gratefully accepted the unspoken offer to depart untouched. As Edmond exited the chamber, the weight of the encounter lingered in the air. The defeated lord, though nursing wounded pride, seeked revenge.
  4. Edmond situated himself on a nearby stool following the fierce battle, scrubbing his bloodied longsword after cutting down twenty Haenseti warriors. He rested his palm upon his head, grunting. "What just happened again?" The drunkard Margrave extended an arm towards his neck, his nails scratching an irritating itch in his scruffy hair.
  5. A DE ROUEN SCANDAL Lupos ferox sicut sol ✺ The drunkard Margrave, Edmond Guiscard de Rouen, feasted solely in Lyon’s Hall. Various pitchers scattered about the dining table, all being consumed promptly. Fyodor Kovachev, a close companion and ally, bursted into the hall. The smell of ale and rum enhanced as he drew closer into Edmond’s proximity. "Ah, Fyodor!" Edmond bellowed with spirit, striking his palm onto the table. “Come and drink with me.” Fyodor did so, ensuring the pitcher was slightly out of Edmond’s reach. “I bring news concerning your wife.” Fyodor spoke plainly. "My wife?" Edmond furrowed his brows, seemingly muddled. “What of Vivenne?” Fyodor described that Vivenne was having an affair, spotting her with another man by a narrow lake just south of Drusco. He refused to say his name. Edmond shot up hastily, marching towards Fyodor reaching his palms towards his throat. “Your words are untrue and sickening.” Edmond barked as Fyodor attempted to defend himself. The drunkard stumbled towards the ground. “I am speaking nothing but the truth, for your own good.” Fyodor extended an arm towards him, lifting him up and positioning him on a nearby stool. Edmond sat down roughly, jolting about on the chair. "Leave me, let me think on his matter.” Edmond commanded, his eyes fixated on a cup of Rum Rouennias.
  6. Edmond slightly offended by the fact that there was no formal invitation to his sister's wedding, rejoices for Lucia. "Finally, I can be rid of you."
  7. KNIGHTING OF SER ANDRIK ULDARIK Documented on circa. 154 of the second age ✺ The Margrave, Edmond Guiscard de Rouen, marched towards his courtyard accompanied by his squire, Andrik Uldarik. At long last, Edmond felt Anrik was equipped to undertake knighthood. Edmond had previously explained that squires are knighted on feast days in order to gain maximum prayers as they enter into knighthood. Though feast days meant revels. It was dusk, the night before the ceremony, Edmond and Andrik spent their time in the church, ensuring that Andrik would begin his knighthood on the right foot. Clean and innocent. The morning light arose quickly, where Andrik was sent to attend mass. Then, to approach the alter and take his vows to bind himself to knighthood, submitting himself to honor and upholding it with all his vigor and might. After spending all night and all morning on his knees, Edmond explained the great standards the new knight would be held to. “Kneel.” Lord Edmond commanded, Andrik did so, taking his vows and swearing his oaths, lifting his spiritual eyes and hands upwards towards GOD. Edmond girded his sword upon him, signifying Andrik as a Knight of Veletz. “Rise, Ser Andrik Uldarik.” Edmond fluttered his hand briefly, gesturing to the Knight to arise.
  8. Edmond nods with concurrence towards Fyodor. "This shall not go unpunished, I assure you." He shared a glance with Fyodor briefly, before returning to his chair to compose a letter summoning the Druscan Fyrd. @Radzig
  9. Edmond laments within his chamber upon receiving word of the execution, dispatching a letter of his support towards Stassion. "The King of Haense will be disciplined, only a brute murders innocents, not a ruler." He scoffed briefly as he muttered with resentfulness.
  10. if ur not apart of the druscan fyrd, then what are you doing?
  11. THE LIONS JUBILEE Lupus ferox sicut sol ✺ PURPOSE In commemoration of a complete year of matrimony between Marquis Edmond Guiscard Ashford de Rouen and Marchioness Vivenne Lorena of Stassion. In honor of this, we jovially invite all subjects of Veletz and Aaun and allies to a grand tournament that shall be held in Vivenne’s homeland, Stassion, consisting of a melee and a joust. THE LIONS MELEE Commencing with a trial of swordsmanship, participants shall be put to the test in a brawl of blades. The victor of this shall be named the Champion of Drusco. THE DRAGONS JOUST Following a traditional joust where contestants shall be put against one another in a bracket. The warrior who triumphs shall be named the Champion of Stassion. ✺ OOC DETAILS: Date: Saturday 19th of October 2023 Time: 5PM EST Location: Stassion Tourney Grounds (nearest ss pillar: Lowlands) ✺ SIGNED, THE MOST HONORABLE, Edmond Guiscard Ashford de Rouen, Marquis of Drusco, Count of Metina, Baron of Blackwald.
  12. Edmond smirks as he signs his signature on the invitation, he reclines back onto his chair whilst releasing a heavy breath.
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