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  1. Saldora's core writhes with hatred towards those invaders, with shattered pride towards the ones who had made her flee. They would all die. They would all die. They would all die, painfully and slowly, as would anyone who stood in her way.
  2. "I imagine I'll be seeing you again soon, on more equal terms." bade the Voidal-lich Az'rekash to no-one in particular.
  3. In a sanctum of the un-dead, a horrible once-student of Sarrion Divadri stirs with a strange annoyance, foreign and unexplainable to him. "Tsk."
  4. "The tear creators are getting creative these days. . . I should try this." declared Az'rekash.
  5. Az'rekash, the Former Lanre Cerusil, twice-commenter, uncontested murderer of Sixtus and newly Gerard, recent raider of Reinmar and Aaun and foremost among Gashadokuro's host screams with fury. "STOP LETTING ME WIN! STOP LETTING GASHADOKURO WIN! COME KILL ME PLEASE! RALLY THE ARMIES! RALLY THE HEROES! WHERE ARE THE HEROES???"
  6. "Those poor outcasts. . ." A creature laughed at the misfortune of those cursed Descendants. "The walls of Hexicanum are always open, should you find no-where else to go. I could use some more proper students of the Void."
  7. Az'rekash abandoned that battlefield, the corpse of that great defender behind him, fallen now as that late pontiff had before him. He had fought when the rest of the light's champions had not. How many more would die before this would change?
  8. i dont think anyone who's olog size has roleplayed it even affecting them so
  9. "You're all washed up!" the Voidal-Lich Az'rekash screamed.
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