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  1. Lanre Cerusil descended further and further into shock as he read the newspaper, almost in tears by the time he finished reading. "Impossible.. how can the uruk journalists be this proficient.." He mumbled so to himself, shaking his head.
  2. A bit confused by the meaning of the spell needing continued concentration. If this follows the convention of other spells, then.. you wouldn't be able to attack while channeling this spell. I understand why this clause was necessary, but.. it seems to defeat the purpose of the spell, unless I'm wildly misinterpreting the redlines.
  3. Bro is really prepping for those incoming dragon bones hard
  4. oh my god.. what a great post- I find a lot of the lores for voidal magic lacking in general in terms of flavor and roleplay, but this is amazing. There might be some balance concerns when comparing this to other voidal feats, but it is slotted, so it's hard to compare them. Some of the aura effects and the celestial familiar, in particular, seem very, very strong, though of course I am perfectly fine with magics that reward good roleplay.. in my opinion, it might just warrant making this a 2-3 slot magic rather than a 1-2 slot. (i'm not an experienced voidal player, take my words with a grain of salt)
  5. Lanre looked at his uncle incredulously. "How could you possibly not have realized that sooner?" @VoxyNoir
  6. A warlike elf added another name to his newly inaugurated "W Rizz" registry, nodding his head thoughtfully at the missive.
  7. The Prodigy had fallen to his knees, in a pile of gore of friend and necromantic enemy alike as the explosive cart pushed itself into the canyon, and for the first time in the aftermath of any of his many battles, he wept. A letter was swiftly sent thereafter, and he disappeared from Celia'nor.
  8. A lean Cerusil reads the flier before assuming a thoughtful expression. "Surely I shall be able to handle my drink this time..."
  9. [!] Sheets of paper scattered in the wind in Fi'andria, present also in other nation capitals in lesser abundance. All of these notes contained a similar message- hastily, almost crudely scrawled.
  10. sam33497


    You’ve just arrived in a swampy, dim town. As you look around, your gaze is met with shacks and cabins. It smells of rotted wood and wet moss. You duck and step into a tattered tent, illuminated by a series of candles suspended in the air. At the back of the tent, an old hag raises her head, “What brings you to this dingy town? she begins, then pauses to study your face—”Ah, it’s you. I’ve been expecting you. Sit,” she gestures at a cushion, “Tell me your story.” ((How do you respond?)) Two point three seven meters. Given a normal standing to walking acceleration and a standard pace, then within six point four seconds, plus or minus two tenths of a second, I should be within striking range. In a further seven tenths of a second, plus or minus one twentieth of a second, I should be at the cushion where I've been requested. The hag has a slow manner of talking. She carries a stick to support herself, but it could be a facade. She is clearly magically knowledgable or capable. Conclusion, assuming any potential aggression, the situation has a safety quotient of less than twenty-three percent. But there is no danger, because I know that it's her. But the voice in my head does not cease. My vision distorts and geometry fills my world. I don't flinch at all. I am probably insane. I approach the hag. Passively, I calculate and observe. I can't stop it, it occurs anyway. My predictions were accurate to a percent difference of two percent. I incorporate this data into my perceptions of the world around me, as I always have. The process is automatic. I come to a stop right before the cushion and remain standing. "Have you heard the story of a child cursed with knowledge?" The hag smiled at me. "No, I am quite unfamiliar." "I will tell you this story." I respond. "I have no patience for descriptions of flowery beginnings, or for flowery beginnings in general. Perhaps, if I were raised in a more pleasant way, I would think otherwise. But I will tell you this truth. I was born to a weakling and an unfortunate soul, both of whom died shortly afterwards. Entrusted I was to an evil man who imparted on me my uselessness and defenselessness. I grew up knowing I was worthless. I saw that which I cared for ripped away from me time and time again, and eventually, I sought a way to preserve myself and the things that I loved. I looked as far and wide as my world was, and I found it." After that, I left the room silent for a few seconds. The hag rose to the bait, and asked, "What did you find?" I simply responded. "I have no idea." "One day, I was a weak, defenseless child with no talent or ability. The next, I was a genius. I don't remember either of these days- my last day being weak, or my first day being strong. But I do know that where my memory resumes, the evil man who controlled my life was dead. And there was a new voice in my head. A voice that droned in my head, incessantly criticizing and calculating, explaining to me my error, that I lived improperly, in a way that was mathematically unviable. I ate the incorrect things. Slept at the incorrect times. Talked to the wrong people. It had a goal, and wouldn't shut up until I acted on it. I don't know where it is guiding me, but as long as I remain on its path, it provides me the abilities of a genius." Too much information revealed. Chances of success and survival, down two percent from thirty five percent to thirty three percent. "And I know, as it always tells me, that if I do not reach the end of this path, I will certainly die." The hag looked at me for a while. "And what is this path that you are being taken on?" I responded. "I don't know, but this is where it brought me." The hag smiled and stood up without using her cane. "Welcome to the real world, Adri." (Now that exposition is over, just some notes. This backstory seems like it could be a little OP, but I just want to emphasize- my idea is not the use this in order to make my character strong. I want the main thing going on with my character to be a conflict between this presence in his brain and what he actually wants. At the beginning of this story, he is obviously quite dominated by the presence, but I plan on making this more complex as the story continues, with him developing realistic goals based off of the state of the world he interacts with. I will also select an appropriate (and maybe evil) objective that the presence has, but it will most likely be against what Adri himself actually wants (my idea is that he is fundamentally good), so my character will be the strongest only when he is actively doing things that are against his own interest. Hopefully this is an interesting dynamic. Additionally, just because he has a calculating presence in his brain, doesn't mean he is super strong instinctually or a natural fighter. He will have to develop that skill on his own, and won't be immediately OP. This will be more of a personality quirk that has occasional effect in battle. Would be happy to hear any feedback or adjustments you would like, I just brainstormed this in a few minutes.)
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