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  1. THE PACT OF ABRETTA 11th of Horen’s Calling, 1960 ARTICLE I - SOVEREIGNTY The United Kingdom of Aaun and the Kingdom of Balian, or henceforth ‘the signatories’, recognise each other’s sovereignty and the rule of their domains, and their respective monarchs. ARTICLE II - NON-AGGRESSION The signatories pledge to each other to adhere to principles of peace between each other, they shall not wage war upon one another, nor shall they raise arms against one another, or try to bring harm to the integrity of one another’s Kingdoms. ARTICLE III - TRADE AGREEMENT The signatories are to exchange stalls free of rent in their respective capitals to foster outstanding economic ties. Any tariffs beforehand imposed are revoked, and the creation of new ones is forbidden. ARTICLE IV - MUTUAL DEFENSE The signatories hereby pledge to assist each other in matters of national defense; an attack on either party by a third party shall be considered an attack against both. Any disputes between the two shall first be resolved through peaceful means and dialogue by way of official channels. That whenever the territorial integrity of either nation is threatened in any way, shape, or form, the two shall come together to discuss preemptive measures. That neither signatory shall aggress upon the other in any way. ARTICLE V - EXTRADITION The signatories pledge to aid one another in the case of extradition at given request and shall not lend assistance to pronounced criminals in their hiding or escape from the appropriate powers. ARTICLE VI - DURATION This Treaty shall be in effect for a period of twenty years, after which the Kingdoms shall convene once again for renegotiations. His Royal Majesty, JOHN ALEXANDER, by the Grace of GOD, King of Aaun, Prince of Alstion, Duke of Vienne, the Lowlands, Balemena and Corazon, Count of Whitespire, Enswerp and Florentine, Baron of Blanchet, Protector of the Realm Her Royal Majesty, SYBILLE I, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of Balian, Princess of Providence, Duchess of Helena and Lorraine, Countess of Pompourelia, Viscountess of Eflen and Anatis, Baroness of Renzfield, Brucca, Valens, Malenos and Ciavola, Lady of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. The Honourable, JOHN D’ARKENT, Envoy to the Kingdom of Balian
  2. Eleanor, the most fervent and earliest of the Alstion Restorationists, reminiscences of the times lost. Many summers ago when she had sworn herself to this great and glorious cause of returning the Johannian inheritance. Her eyes filled with tears and memories engulfed her mind, as she and her love, Charles, dotted upon their successors from above, the Seven Skies. Had they secured the future of the Johannians and Alstions alike, this worried her deeply, knowing that the wheel of humanity was not kind to any. @seannie
  3. John prepared to input his great advice as Groom of the Privy Chamber.
  4. The eldest child and successor by the nature of law and humanity scans the contents of the declaration. The now grown boy surrounds his mind with sorrow emotions and memories of his father. Hoping that John makes his return one day, anticipating that day from now on. Uncertainty clouded his future as John Auguste was now devoid of the figure that saw to his protection and prosperity.
  5. ISSUED AND CONFIRMED BY, THE COUNTY OF STASSION On the 12th of Harren’s Folly, 1936. ARTICLE I — THE GOVERNANCE OF STASSION; I — The Count of Stassion invests the Governance of Stassion as the sole body in charge of the administration of his peerage and lands. II — The Count of Stassion delegates the organisation and maintenance of the Governance of Stassion to the Castellan of Stassion. III — The Count of Stassion delegates that the Governance of Stassion provides him with transparent counsel and advice. IV — The Count of Stassion delegates legislatorial capability to the Governance of Stassion. V — The Count of Stassion delegates administerial capability to the Privy Officers of Stassion in their relevant fields. ARTICLE II — THE PRIVY COUNCIL OF STASSION; I — The Castellan of Stassion acts as right hand to the Count of Stassion, and Presider of the Governance of Stassion. He may convene the Governance without the presence of the Count. He may entertain the functions of Regent in the absence, interregnum, incapacitation or minority of the Count. He may pronounce law of any origin, those being Standard Law and Comital Promulgations. He may entertain judicial power in the momentary need, albeit not in the presence of the Count. He is to nominate people as Privy Officers, to be confirmed by the Count. He shall foster greater relations with the Crown of Petra and those vassals or entities beneath. II — The Treasurer of Stassion oversees the treasury of the County of Stassion, ensuring its maintenance and growth, monitoring each and every revenue or expenditure. He may craft fiscal policy with the approval of the Castellan and Count. He is to draft an exhaustive report on the budget every three years, and present said paper before the Governance. He is to oversee the housing, establishments and land appropriations of the County, and their taxation. He is to maintain and commission the extension of the County’s infrastructure. He may allocate resources or coins to the Privy Officers with the approval of the Castellan and Count. III — The Commander of Stassion acts as second in command of the Stassion Company. He may craft military policy and strategy with the approval of the Castellan and Count. He is to ensure the proper arming and equipping of the swordsmen. He is to ensure the maintenance and growth of the Company’s resources. He is to foster brotherhood between the swordsmen. He is not nominated by the Castellan, but directly appointed by the Count. IV — The Scrivener of Stassion oversees the cultural development, documentation and archives of the County. He is accountable for the record keeping. He is obligated to keep record of noteworthy events. He is to foster greater ties between the folk and nobles, ensuring cultural progress. V — The members of the Privy are to be regarded as the Privy Officers of Stassion, bearing the honour to style themselves as Lord or Lady and their office. Furthermore they are entitled to the privilege of being addressed as His or Her Excellency. VI — The members of the Privy reserve the right to staff their office in the way that it befits their objectives. ARTICLE III — CLARIFICATIONS; I — Any member of the Governance of Stassion may propose Standard Law with intent of passage. To be effective it must go through show hands and earn the support of the preponderance, and later be ratified through Comital Assent. II — The Count of Stassion may pronounce Comital Promulgations, which may not be created, amended or repealed by any member of the Governance. III — The members of the Governance of Stassion may be freed from duty at any given point by the Count through recommendation from the Castellan, alternatively they may resign at their own will or upon death. SIGNED, HIS EXCELLENCY, Sir Antoine Maximilien of Leuven of the House Ashford de Falstaff, The Lord Castellan of Stassion
  6. Antoine peruses the contents of the circulating paper, tapping his foot on the ground, as he oversaw the construction of the town. "A madman, and an illiterate at that." He commented to his liege, the Count of Stassion. @Optimus420
  7. THESIS ON THE MARKET UNTO THE ENLIGHTENED AND THOSE NOT SO; The market as an entity of the economy is one of the most outstanding innovation of the Descendants, as from the moment of their creation they have played as the driving instrument behind the purse of the low peasant and chancy state treasuries, due to its connection between consumption and production. It is a part of the financial sphere, in which resources and goods are being exchanged and distributed between economical subjects, in most cases the seller and buyer. The functioning of the market is articulated from the influence of the main market powers, those being the demand, supply, competition. As a result of this impact and interaction the mechanism of price creation is defined, together with the distribution of resources and goods and the actions of the economical entrants, all of these establishing a certain economical order. The market may be arranged by classes, depending on whether the state interferes or does not, those being the free market and the state-guided market. Furthermore the object of exchange, those being the market of products, the market of resources and the market of funds. The first of those mainly dealing in exchange of goods and services, intended for immediate consumption. The second of those is mainly dealing in exchange of production factors, whilst the third of those mainly dealing in currencies, coins or gold. Lastly exists another classification based upon the location and size, as one market may be local, national or international. The heart of the market system is its structure, or construction. Formed by the interaction between the buyer and seller and their competitive behaviour in the market. The competition is a rivalry between the economic agents, buyers and sellers pursuing the same goals. It is the most distinctive feature of the market economy and its presence contributes to the improvement of the quality of goods and services and to reduce their prices. “And you shall discover the strength of heart as you work the forge and the plow.” (Virtue 4:7) SCRIBED AND PUBLISHED; In the Arancione Palace, 12th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1934 HIS LORDSHIP, John Auguste d’Arkent
  8. The youngling of Arkent hears of the news, pondering on the death of one of his only friends. “Well, we never went to the pyramid.” He said, somewhat saddened at the fact.
  9. are you proud of yourself, as of current? what's the best book you have ever read? and, who's your biggest role model?
  10. Username: valecu Persona Name: Antoine Maximilien Ashford de Falstaff Persona Age: 20 Place of Residence: County of Stassion
  11. John Auguste peruses the contents of the pronouncement on his own after his tutors had proved themselves in teaching him read. He deliberated on the death of his grand father, for they held no personal connections, but the boy felt something in him sorrow for the late Viscount.
  12. THE SWEARING OF STASSION Issued and confirmed by Richard Leonus of Stassion, 12th of Horen’s Calling, 1932 We have long paced the wilderness of Aevos, wandered through towns and cities as we sought our desired home. Through GOD and his might, we have been blessed for our sod was ordained on this blessed day. Heretofore we are to be scattered amidst foreign lands. Our rebirth is upon us, alike to how our leader of yore rebirthed the Heartlands. Our people shall be settled and sated, for the sun sets upon us. In due time we are to officiate this bond with the Throne of Garmont and layout the precise clauses and agreements that we come to, yet through this proclamation in the form of instrument of law; ARTICLE I — FOREWORD.; WE, declare that our honest men and women of Stassion shall swear an oath before GOD in servitude to the Crown of Saint Emma. ARTICLE II — TERMS; WE, endeavor always to honor our oath of fealty. AND, we thank the Throne of Garmont for committing to honor our rights, deliver justice, and maintain our agreements. AND, in exchange for our undying loyalty we are to be guaranteed of our own autonomy, that is to be laid upon the construct of sovereign laws and government, according to the Constitution and other laws hitherto, alike to the other vassals within the realm. AND, in accordance with the system of vassalage in the Commonwealth, we shall be afforded to assemble and raise our own militia as local unit of the Riverguard. ARTICLE III — CONCLUSION; FURTHERMORE, we do affirm the core values of the Commonwealth as if they are our own ones, those being of Liberty, Chivalry, and Fraternity and always, unto death. FINALLY, it is pronounced that we are the people of Stassion, brotherly in character, resilient in nature and determined in a shared mindset. SIGNED, HIS LORDSHIP, Richard Leonus, Count of Stassion Sir Antoine of Leuven Sir Arthur of Vienne Sir Baldwin of Mardon Scribe Lyonesse of Guise Bannerman Henry Moore Bannerwoman Sarah Crow
  13. [!] A piece of paper had found itself onto Johanna's bureau, regarding her recent recruitment of adolescent explorers. Name: John Auguste d'Arkent Age: 9 Home Nation: Balian Do you agree to the CODE OF THE COMPANY?: I do, agree.
  14. THE WHITE DRAGON IS NO MORE On this sorrow day, the 9th of Sun’s Smile, 1932 She had felt unneeded, oftentimes comparing herself to an aged relic as result of the retirement that occurred in tandem with the passing of her husband. She drew breath from the mandate of governance that was bestowed upon her Charles and by her through an extension of him. The moment that linkage was broken, she considered herself and her counsel an undesired asset. What was left for her to do was relish these last summers that were granted by the Heavens above. The madame had found an absorbing hobby, and that was the heavy consumption of Pruvian Port, that she exercised every day thoroughly from dawn to dusk. In concurrent she raised the frequency of her trips to Aeldin, oftentimes disappearing for months without any alarm. That was the life of the once legendary Mother of Aaun, humbled and lowered to an alcoholic, whose delight has only been the lavish retreats to her villas many seas away, away from the state she so greatly nurtured. It was an ordinary evening, the Queen-Mother had secluded herself to her quarters and had her newly-hired servant bring forward the usual tray of Pruvian Port, she extended her arm and her wrinkled hand now held the metal base of the chalice. Her lips were now pressed on the rim as the liquid found its way through her mouth into her body, it was moments later that Eleanor felt something was abnormal as her hands began shaking and she felt losing control of her muscles. She realised that a tiny piece of paper was placed below the tray that held her beverage, and on it read “Aeldin sends its regards.” without much consideration, she had realised that many moons ago she had outbid an Aeldinic merchant, who now sought revenge. The Pruvian scion then collapsed onto the cold ground, eyes closing dramatically as servantry and dwellers of the Royal seat surrounded the elderly woman in her last moments. “OUR MOTHER HAS PASSED, OUR MOTHER HAS PASSED, OUR MOTHER HAS PASSED.” The bells of Whitespire rang and the town criers screamed from their lungs of the news. EXORDIUM BY THE QUEEN-MOTHER ON HER OWN PASSING “ I shall one day be deprived of my mortality and ascend to Him, then I shall preside over my successors and bestow upon them my counsel for eternity; then I shall forgive all my foes and enemies for I hold no grudges; then I shall witness the essence of GOD, that I have so much abided by throughout my ordained summers; ” As prepared by my own to be pronounced upon my own passing; SIGNED, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, THE 1ST QUEEN OF AAUN, ELEANOR OF PROVINS
  15. An Arkent spawn rejoices as he jumps in the air from excitement.
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