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  1. THE COMMONWEALTH OF ARENTANIA In the Year of our Lord, 1884 As the war between the Oren and Acre began, We, the peers of the Kingdom, stayed true to our oaths and supported this brutal conflict as men and women of honour upholding our word. Yet as time progressed the Monarch, his government and family abandoned their duties invoking this chaos and madness. The Crown is dissolved per the Orenia Diruta Est and respectively, We are to be freed of our oath and allegiance to Oren. Yet, the cycle continues and death is followed by birth, and from the ashes of the remnants, We are to rise. We proclaim the COMMONWEALTH OF ARENTANIA, which is to be constituted of the following; March of Lvinsk, and respectively Elector of Jazloviecki County of Azor, and respectively Elector of Azor Barony of Pompourelia, and respectively Elector of Sarkozic Barony of Rosius, and respectively Elector of Rosius Barony of Corwinsburg, and respectively Elector of Alstreim Barony of Aldersberg, and respectively Elector of Novellen-Aldersberg Barony of Castile, and respectively Elector of Castile Barony of Cherskavy, and respectively Elector of Ivanovich Baronetcy of Iomharach, and respectively Elector of Iomharach Baronetcy of Rochefort, and respectively Elector of Rochefort This realm of ours cuts its ties and history with Oren, for we are not entertaining past legacies, but founding new ones. Let everybody know, We only seek peace and prosperity amongst each and every for the times of war and bloodshed are now gone and to be forgotten. Following our summit, where we discussed and debated of our future, our Electors agreed on these terms; The Commonwealth of Arentania is to be led by the elected Grand Prince, and the Electors. The first Grand Prince is Maciej Jazloviecki, or respectively Maciej I. In GOD we trust, AVE ARENTANIA!
  2. Carolina Luisa opened arms to Vivienne, holding her body tightly in an embrace of sisters. "You displayed the Savoyard might, which is unmatched by any, yet the curse of our blood has struck you down. I am so proud of you, little Viv." The Savoyard Princess uttered as she retracted from her sibling, tears dropping through her face towards the ground. The amber haired Madame contemplated in her mind. "Our era is over..."
  3. Eleanor Lucienne, a constituent amongst the founders of Balian and first of the statesmen ponders about the future of Grand Duchy, believing there's hope with this appointment.
  4. "The man is not entirely wrong, these chronicles are a mediocre work of literature." Eleanor, Princess consort of Alstion remarked to her eldest son as she read them out loud.
  5. The founder of the dynasty, Valent Philip, gazed from the Seven Skies towards the lands of Oren and Balian, his blood had lasted almost a century- something he would have not guessed, after his own and brother's demise. The jurist pondered on the future that was to unfold through Roxana's reign.
  6. Mathilda Christina wonders around Corwinsburg calmly as she foresees the Orenian victory.
  7. "AVE OREN, AVE FREDERICK." The stateswoman, Mathilda Christina chanted.
  8. THE FOURTH SITTING OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY The commotion of the Temesch Hall comes to an eerie quiet as the Burgess Alstreim takes to the seat of the Speaker, presiding over the meeting of that midday. Mathilda Christina’s voice booms over the hall. THE FOURTH SITTING OF HIS MAJESTY’S GENERAL ASSEMBLY HAS HEREBY COMMENCED, HITHERTO WITH THOSE FOLLOWING IN ATTENDANCE. RESIDENTS AND PROPERTY OWNERS OF VIENNE THE BARONET OF WESTFALL THE BARONET OF CASTILE THE BARONET OF OBEDIA THE BARONY OF POMPOURELIA THE BARONY OF ALDERSBERG THE MARCH OF GRODNO PRESIDING OFFICER OF THE ASSEMBLY: LADY MATHILDA VON ALSTREIM @valecu SITTING LEADER OF THE ASSEMBLY: MR. DIETRICH BARCLAY @MadOne TRANSCRIPT: THE IMPEACHMENT OF THE LORD VIZIER After the inquiry of Burgess Komnenos which has prolonged through the Second and Third sitting of the General Assembly, the legislative body has heard many witnesses each sworn under oath to utter of the Lord Vizier’s immoral actions and have decided to remove Father Goderyc @Gambit from his office. 12 AYES 1 NAYS 0 ABSTAIN THE DISSOLUTION OF THE OFFICE OF LORD VIZIER After much deliberation and debate, the legislative body concluded that the office created through the Edict of Temesch is useless, corrupt and unnecessary and not befitting our society whilst the Royal Inquisition and the Petran Legion exists. Therefore, the General Assembly sent a plea to the Crown to consider amending the document to abolish such a position. 9 AYES 4 NAYS 0 ABSTAIN **Pending retort regarding the General Assembly’s plea for the Crown to alter the Edict of Temesch. THE ASSEMBLY PROCEDURE ACT In the short period of time that the General Assembly has been established by virtue of the Edict of Temesch we have witnessed chaos and lack of order, both of which are obstacles to producing and reviewing legislation. Therefore this Assembly Procedure is to establish the much needed order through numerous points. 6 AYES 2 NAYS 0 ABSTAIN **Pending Assent. THE NOBLE AMENDMENT ACT With the recent inclusion and vassalisation of the Margravial House of Jazloviecki within the Kingdom’s Peerage, it has been noted that within the Revised Orenian Code there is no official mention or classification of such a title. Section I of this Act aims to legally recognize these noble peers.Aditionally, Section II of this Act attempts to further protect and associate the Noble Peerage of the realm with the rest of the state’s leadership, including the State Office and the Direct Royal House. Those holding lordly titles within the realm hold the vital responsibility of overlooking and leading subjects of his Majesty’s kingdom, yet their position is not distinguished in Title II of the Revised Orenian Code, “Lex Criminalis” 5 AYES 1 NAYS 0 ABSTAIN **Pending Assent. **The agenda set for this sitting was not completed due to the diplomatic affair occurring at Castle Stassion, therefore resulting in loss of quorum and adjournment.
  9. Mathilda Christina beams to Leon, tapping his back as he delivered the news of this union.
  10. Carolina Luisa would recall of the events prior to the Aster Revolution and her friend the Empress Anastasia, as both continued their tradition of drinking tea even in the Seven Skies.
  11. THE BANARDIAN STATUTE OF THE EIGHTIES DISPATCH As the upcoming session of the General Assembly approaches, the collection of lawmakers bound through our Union have tirelessly been debating and penning laws to better the political atmosphere of our realm. It is knowledge of ours that the foundations one government lays upon must first be perfected for it to function to its full extent. Our bills focus, but are not delimited to transparency and organisation amongst the legislative body of our, Orenia. We seek to extinguish the chaos and anarchy born through the Edict of Temesch and give birth to proper parliamentary process. Secondly, our noble reforms seek to cement the importance of the Lords and Ladies and correct bloated law regarding their ranks. Thirdly, our economists and jurists have coupled to revise and modernise the price of fines due to the rising inflation, which has led to devaluation of the currency as expected due to the time spent on Almaris. Lastly, but not of lesser importance we wish to exercise the rights bestowed upon us through the Crown to account and ensure that the executive body properly executes its duties and obligations and does not fail our countrymen and thus we conclude our packet that craves betterment of the government, so that the lives of all Orenians may be bettered. For Crown and Country! COMPONENT I: THE ASSEMBLY PROCEDURE ACT COMPONENT II: THE BILL DEMONSTRATION ACT COMPONENT III: THE NOBLE AMENDMENT ACT COMPONENT IV: THE MONETARY FINE AMENDMENT ACT COMPONENT V: THE VIENNE EXCHANGE ACT COMPONENT VI: THE INTERMITTENT SUMMONS ACT SIGNED, The Vice Chairwoman, Mathilda von Alstreim The Commissioner of Legislation, Leon Barclay
  12. Mathilda Christina reads the paper, nodding with her head. "I must see whether he wishes to cooperate for the better good of the Orenian citizenry."
  13. THE BANARDIAN LEADERSHIP, 1878 Upon the conclusion of the first Banardian Congress, our Union stands stronger and united than ever as utmost trust and confidence is bestowed to our Leadership. Our first Committee is to consist of the following honourable men and women who are to diligently serve our Party and the Kingdom of Oren. THE CHAIRMAN, DIETRICH BARCLAY @MadOne THE VICE CHAIRWOMAN, MATHILDA VON ALSTREIM @valecu THE COMMISSIONER OF LEGISLATION, LEON BARCLAY @GoodGuyMatt THE COMMISSIONER OF PUBLICITY, VACANT THE COMMISSIONER OF FAITH, BISHOP ERHARD @rep2k THE COMMISSIONER OF AFFAIRS, ODESSA MACPHERSON @tilly THE COMMISSIONER OF FINANCES, VACANT To all non-partisan Assembly men or women, we extend our invitations for consultations and discussions for your stances on our future laws and policies that are to be introduced in this General Assembly, if one shares our beliefs or wishes to pursue his future through us, he may seek the Commissioner of Affairs or the Vice Chairwoman. To the populace of Orenia, let us be your envoys and represent your voices and concerns. Do instil your faith in us, and raise us to power to better your and your country men and women lives, but if we are to disappoint, do take us down for we shall adhere to our democratic values, even if it is our collapse. SIGNED, THE BANARDIANS
  14. THE BANARDIAN CONGRESS, 1877 In accordance with our founding instrument and its democratic nature, our first Chairman and Committee are to be elected between each and every constituent of the General Assembly who has enrolled in the Banardian Party. Therefore, in the stead of the Union we proclaim the first Banardian Assembly which is to consist of an election of our Chairman and Committee, respectively the Commissioner of Legislation, Commissioner of Publicity, Commissioner of Faith, Commissioner of Affairs and Commissioner of Finances. Latterly the Chairman-Elect is to appoint his Vice Chairman as the final act of our convention. To our fellow undecided Assemblymen, you are extended an invitation to witness our congress, and each one of you may upon your wish conjoin our organisation upon their own deliberation and consideration. We summon all Banardians on the 10th of Owyn’s Flame, in the year of our Lord, 1877 to Temesch Hall. SIGNED, The Banardians
  15. Philip embraces her younger sister as she ascends to the Seven Skies.
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