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  1. The little princess glanced the missive, preparing some minas to bet with.
  2. First Ordinance of the New Providence Magistrate 15th of Sun’s Smile, 1855 It has been mere years after the construction of New Providence and decades after the settling of Providence, numerous monarchs and mayors governing us, yet one thing remains unchanged and that is our sacred democracy. So therefore we resume this sacrosanct tradition and urge the freemen to vote with conscientiousness. In accordance with the Imperial Charter for the city of New Providence, the Magistrate by virtue of Our August Crown is bestowed the responsibility to administer free and fair city elections. So accordingly the Magistrate’s office sees fit to exercise it’s right and announces the beginning of the new election cycle. A prospective candidate for Lord Mayor must meet these qualifications: 1.At least eighteen years of age. 2.In good legal standing. 3.Owns property within New Providence. Should a candidate meet such criterion, the following form must be filled by the prospective candidate. 1.Full name of the candidate. 2.Age of the candidate. 3.Street address of the candidate. The candidacy submissions will be opened till Owyn’s Flame, 1855. [[5 PM EST, 20th of January]] ISSUED IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD; 1855 The Magistrate of New Providence, Philip Pruvia
  3. The aging Viscount-Emeritus of Provins murmurs under his mouth, displeased that his daughter is not awarded with more prestigious title - despite the undying loyalty and service of their family.
  4. An eyes flicked around upon hearing the news, grasping the memories she had with Lady Roberta. The Princess signed the cross onto herself and proceeded with her day.
  5. Carolina of Savoy stood still emotionless upon hearing about the Governess' death, the cold-hearted girl resuming her studies on statesmanship.
  6. BARONESS POMPOURELIA’S WILL 1855 By the wishes of Baroness Pompourelia, the creation of this document follows, which shall state her legal and illegal children and the inheritance of her titles, estates and wealth. It is certified in front of GOD and the Magistrate of New Providence, as judicial overseer of New Providence. The offsprings of Helena Eleanor de Sarkozy are; Deyanira Ophelia de Sarkozy, born out of wedlock to Henry Joseph Draskovic Joseph Clement de Sarkozy, born to Demetriano d’Montelliano y Delatour Tobias Edwin de Sarkozy, born to Demetriano d’Montelliano y Delatour Bianca Maria de Sarkozy, born to Demetriano d’Montelliano y Delatour Constanz Auguste de Sarkozy, born to Demetriano d’Montelliano y Delatour Peter Victor de Sarkozy, born to Demetriano d’Montelliano y Delatour Katerina Angelika de Sarkozy, born to Demetriano d’Montelliano y Delatour Adrian Helena de Sarkozy, born to Demetriano d’Montelliano y Delatour Laurent Frederick de Sarkozy, born to Demetriano d’Montelliano y Delatour Cosette Victoria de Sarkozy, born to Demetriano d’Montelliano y Delatour Owyn Valent de Sarkozy, born to Demetriano d’Montelliano y Delatour Franz Henry de Sarkozy, born to Philip Hughes de Rosius Andrik Valentin de Sarkozy, born to Philip Hughes de Rosius Octavia Eleanor de Sarkozy, born to Philip Hughes de Rosius The inheritance of her titles, estates and wealth shall be as follows; The Barony of Pompourelia shall pass onto her oldest legitimate issue, Joseph Clement de Sarkozy. The estate on Crestfall Four in New Providence, by the name of Julianna House shall be evenly split between her legitimate issues Katerina Angelika de Sarkozy, Octavia Eleanor de Sarkozy and Cosette Victoria de Sarkozy. The jewelry shall be inherited by her legitimate issue Katerina Angelina de Sarkozy. The familial heirloom sword named “Crow’s Song” shall be inherited by her oldest legitimate issue Joseph Clement de Sarkozy. The will shall not be altered, unless agreed upon unanimously by the Baroness of Pompourelia and the inheritors, who are Joseph Clement de Sarkozy, Katerina Angelika de Sarkozy, Octavia Eleanor de Sarkozy and Cosette Victoria de Sarkozy. SIGNED, Philip Pruvia, Magistrate of New Providence Helena de Sarkozy, Baroness of Pompourelia
  7. Response from the Magistrate’s Office 1855 We are excited that citizens care about the local laws they live under and wish to challenge them, if they are unconstitutional, but that is not the case of all the points made in Mister Komnenos’s request. So therefore, from the office of the Magistrate we publish this reply to satisfy the questions of many. All can be answered simply, these laws which your party deems for review were written in the first new Charter of New Providence, entirely produced by the Imperial Crown. So if by any means any local law from the original charter contradicts national law, it shall overrule it. While some of the points made by KOMNENOS AT LAW are truly correct, we firmly believe that they cannot be challenged as the Charter was to be only altered by the previous City Assembly and now through assent from the City Government, Crown and local referendum. We consider these contradictions made intentionally. We also ask ourselves, does the Supreme Court retain its power to overrule local laws? New Providence is a free city, only in contract with the Crown - and it is not stated anywhere that the Orenian Supreme Court holds jurisdiction over the city. So therefore, is this request even valid? SIGNED, Magistrate of New Providence, Philip Pruvia @KamikazeReaper@DevoutChorale_@Nectorist@Eryane@_Bueno_
  8. THE DEMISE OF A BUD “GOD guides me only!” - Johanna’s words mere moments before committing suicide. The church bells were ringing, the word of marriage bringing joy to each of the attendants, when suddenly an arrow endangered the life of the High Pontiff. Amidst the chaos, the young Johanna left the perimeter and headed for the palace with the mission of acquiring her dagger. As she had succeeded undetected and was routing back towards the Basilica, an uniformed man stood in her way. The d'Arkent remained silent for moments, only to strike with her blade at the soldier after, leaving him on the ground surrounded by a pool of blood. With hurried little steps she continued towards the sacred site, glancing at the defenceless High Priest and unarmed few around him. The closer she got, the more her body was shaking. “YOU DIE, IBLEES!” Her scream echoed, as she aimed at the Pontifex Maximus - only to be pushed aside. Subsequently trying to run out of the city as her shout had alerted the soldiers nearby, roughly ten following her. Her run succeeded, she had escaped to the chaotic southern fields, but at the cost of taking another footman’s life. A day went by, before she entered Providentia again - thinking that she would be fine, as she wasn’t much known around. Yet she was quickly caught, once again the blonde-haired girl ran for her life, this time ending fatally with her tied up and brought as a prisoner in the city. Johanna was harshly pushed onto a hard wooden chair and demanded to utter all she knew, yet her mouth kept close. A soldier aimed his fist at her stomach, then gripping her neck with strength. The girl started screaming, explaining that the false priestess had taken her home and fields, that he will destroy Oren, that his reign is of corruption and evil. The man slammed her head on the stone desk, giving her a bright idea - following suit, she focused her strength and bashed her own head. The d’Arkent groaned lightly, before remaining silent forever. Many expected greatness from her, yet she had left with no accomplishments, except founding the Marnantine Hall, a charity organisation. The few who knew her plans, must have cussed at the word of her death, yet she hoped that they would continue her dream. A tragedy, or perhaps madness? Some could argue that the incestious blood of hers had driven her mad, or maybe her actions were righteous and holy, but only time shall unfold the truth.
  9. "She ate that and left no crumbs!" Johanna comments from the Seven Skies.
  10. "The dark times are coming, many are scared of rising against the minions of Iblees, but the longer you wait - the more power they obtain!" A little girl commented from the Seven Skies, her body in bruises and scars from the beating which led to her death.
  11. Johanna's screams echoed through out the city as she was beaten and assaulted in the jails, leading to her death at the mere age of fourteen.
  12. Johanna thinks about signing up, not with the intention of marrying, but introducing herself to Oren's society.
  13. "Amazing!" A particular d'Arkent commented as she heard of the new collection.
  14. "A remarkable figure of humanity!" stated the busy d'Arkent, as she signed a donation paper.
  15. "AVE ORENIA" the youngest of the d'Arkent siblings proclaims as she watches the parade.
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