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  1. The Osanoran Code A collection of all laws and punishments that anyone who steps into Osanoras lands must abide by. “With a stable mind and healthy body I, Felipe De Medina, do approve of this Code and set it as our State law. Any changes to this Code must be passed by either myself of a ⅔ majority Corte. May this Code usher in an age of peace for Osanora.” Felipe De Medina Head of House Medina Baron De Osanora Table of Contents Rights of The People The Rules of Combat The Rights of Citizen-Owned Property Pertaining
  2. "May the waves of justice come crashing down upon those traitors. And to you, TRUE leader of Eastcliffe, the tides have turned in your favor, be sure to avoid becoming complacent with your position or you will drown like those before you."
  3. [!] Posters would be plastered everywhere throughout Almaris Torneo De Osanora Depiction of contenders dueling for the title of Campeón de Osanora Por honor y gloria! Osanora is hosting its FIRST ever tournament in search of a Champion! Come test your skills and try your chance at winning our grand prize. While in Osanora feel free to stop at the cantina to taste some of our unique cuisine, browse the stalls, or enlist in our newly branded guard. For the tournament all combatants are required to bring their own armor and weapons.
  4. Felipe would stand along the coast barefoot, wiggling his toes under the sand. With the salty air gusting past, he would mutter "The Tides have turned against you Señor. No man can stop the waves of the Sea" Hearing a guard call out to him, Felipe would return to Osanora to begin his day
  5. If we do not go down 50 blocks, is it added to the length/width?
  6. Felipe would read over the letter picking at the edges "And so the challenge is official. Let Them Face The Flood and the victor shall rule Eastcliffe." Felipe looks out the window anxious for the vassal meeting later.
  7. The religious,political, and military leaders swearing loyalty to now Baron Felipe A letter from Felipe to his people and the surrounding settlements It has not been too long since I took control of Osanora following my fathers passing. While I still mourn for him I understand the duty that I now have; not only to my people but to my father as well. To lead, protect, and grow everything that he worked and cared for. This includes the people that make up our wonderful community despite all the challenges we were faced with. The time of my fathers passing was in the middle of th
  8. A representation of the fight at Osanoras La Cocina De Mama Felipe De Medina had left Osanora without a care in the world. Hopping on the back of a horse he rode for the Capital of Sutica. After a long day of wandering and purchasing trivial trinkets from the local merchants he prepared himself to return home. Even at a distance he could tell something was off, he saw the cantina door damaged and through the windows he saw several chairs knocked over and -- blood? Practically jumping off his horse he did not bother tying her up. Instead he burst through the side door pausing briefl
  9. An Osanoran Baptismal For the Osanoran Heir An Osanoran depiction of a Baptism The Baron of Osanora, Antonio De Medina, and The Bishop of Hyspia, Francisco Altamirano, urge all to come attend the baptism of the current Heir of Osanora, Felipe De Medina to show the immense support and power of the Church of Canon and the True God. Said Baptism will be held in the Providence Cathedral The Ambers Cold 1803. Co-signed by both, Antonio De Medina and Bishop Francisco Altamirano
  10. If your dreams don't scare you, they are too small" ~Richard Branson The sun shone bright on Osanora as Baron Antonio De Medina took a stroll to the coast. Removing his shoes he allowed his feet to feel the saturated sand and let out a low sigh. Further down the shore he heard splashing and squinted in the general direction of the noise but could not see more than a few feet in front of him. With his sword drawn he walked towards the noise until the splashing grew quiet and all he heard were coughs and gasps for air coming from a little boy. He stood a few paces from the child announcing hi
  11. Osanora Inaugural Festival When- December 12, 2020 1pm EST- 3pm EST Where- Osanora (South hub; Follow the road to Sutica and you will see the side road leading to Osanora) Who- Everyone is invited, stop by for some tacos and you just might find your new home What- Osanora is a Spanish styled vassal of Sutica, home to people of all species. With public farms, affordable housing, and great opportunities to rp with some friends. This new settlement is in need of people with a variety of talents. Why- Who doesn't want to stop, eat some pan de dulce, and have a good tim
  12. Church Of Osanora The almighty deity Parensis is requesting all species revert to the original faith of this world and follow the teachings of the Church of Osanora. For too long the inhabitants of this world have followed the guidance of false deities. You are all being summoned to worship Parensis and her children. Only then will this world be restored to its former glory. We are given choices in this life, our righteous deities have given us free will, but it is up to us to prove that we are worthy of this freedom. By worshiping the only true creators, you will be r
  13. The survival of the culture can be traced to one man, Jon España, he was the last known survivor from the Council of Nobles. Jon always kept the reason for his people's downfall a secret, claiming that nobody should ever have to hear of such a disaster. Jon spent the rest of his life teaching anyone who cared to listen about his culture. He spoke of their values, military, religion, and much more. Though many did not care to listen, a few did, namely orphans who probably only stuck around for good stories and the occasional bread that Jon spared them. One orphan by the name of Antonio actually
  14. Thank you very much! Still working out the kinks of it but I am happy with what I have come up with so far! I appreciate your kind words
  15. Name: Church of Osanora (Subject to change) Overview Lore: It is said a Goddess by the name of Parensis created our world. Though at the time she was the only thing on the world. She weeped, yearning for someone to come along, to help her feel less lonely. But alas she was the only thing to exist. So she created 4 children. The oldest child went by the name of Aera and her mother gave her the gift of air. Next came her daughter Apala who also received a gift, the gift of the seas. Her first son was born and he was called Paman, surrounded by 3 women he was very stubborn, and for that
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