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  1. Greetings! I am currently recruiting for an Asian themed culture. We are a mixture of Korean, ancient Chinese and ancient Japanese. We have lots of opportunities for upward mobility so join now! Here is a link to our discord where you can learn much more https://discord.gg/efX2C5r Join an already established family or create your own!
  2. Church Of Osanora The almighty deity Parensis is requesting all species revert to the original faith of this world and follow the teachings of the Church of Osanora. For too long the inhabitants of this world have followed the guidance of false deities. You are all being summoned to worship Parensis and her children. Only then will this world be restored to its former glory. We are given choices in this life, our righteous deities have given us free will, but it is up to us to prove that we are worthy of this freedom. By worshiping the only true creators, you will be reborn as someone better. Join our religion as a worshiper from your home or a Osanorian Church. If you want to take it to the next level, travel to Osanora and join as one of our acolytes to spend your years in service to Parensis and her Children. I look forward to seeing you all – Head of Church Maven Suva (OOC: If interested in joining Osanora as an acolyte please contact me in game, on discord(SkilledAntony#2639), or a DM on this account.)
  3. The survival of the culture can be traced to one man, Jon España, he was the last known survivor from the Council of Nobles. Jon always kept the reason for his people's downfall a secret, claiming that nobody should ever have to hear of such a disaster. Jon spent the rest of his life teaching anyone who cared to listen about his culture. He spoke of their values, military, religion, and much more. Though many did not care to listen, a few did, namely orphans who probably only stuck around for good stories and the occasional bread that Jon spared them. One orphan by the name of Antonio actually did care, and when Jon passed Antonio took his last name and promised to carry the torch of the culture. As always feel free to DM me with any questions or contact me on discord at SkilledAntony#2639
  4. Thank you very much! Still working out the kinks of it but I am happy with what I have come up with so far! I appreciate your kind words
  5. Name: Church of Osanora (Subject to change) Overview Lore: It is said a Goddess by the name of Parensis created our world. Though at the time she was the only thing on the world. She weeped, yearning for someone to come along, to help her feel less lonely. But alas she was the only thing to exist. So she created 4 children. The oldest child went by the name of Aera and her mother gave her the gift of air. Next came her daughter Apala who also received a gift, the gift of the seas. Her first son was born and he was called Paman, surrounded by 3 women he was very stubborn, and for that he was gifted the Earth that humans now walk on. Finally the youngest child Caldo, he was gifted fire. The family lived their lives for a while before the children all worked together to create life on their mothers world as a gift. Thus the different species came to life, and the Gods and Goddesses moved to the skies to live their lives. They still watch over the World, and grant blessings to those who protect it. Religious Roles: Head of The Church- Responsible for approving new religion lore, Responsible for spreading the faith of the Church of Osanora, Organizing religious events Priests- Responsible for writing new religion lore, responsible for writing worldly events, Responsible for guiding acolytes and preaching the Church of Osanora. Acolytes- Responsible for assisting Priests in writing How to join: Anybody can join the church as an acolyte, just contact the Head of The Church! From there you can move from an Acolyte to a Priest by being approved by the Head of the Church. There may only be one Head of The Church at a time, when the current Head of Church passes, each Priest will get one vote and choose a fellow priest who they believe will guide the church in the right direction.
  6. [VOID] Hello all! I have decided to void this because I want to start off smaller. My plan is to eventually grow into something similar to this! But for now I want to start smaller. My current hopes are to be allowed some land where I will build a church and some buildings for housing and other necessary things for rp. From their I will rp the growth into the eventual city. So in other words I still want things to end up like what is written below, but I want to start small and work my way up to have more fun rping! If you are interested in helping out contact me on discord: SkilledAntony#2639 Government: King (Not elected, head of the royal family)- Enforcer of laws, head of the military, in charge of diplomatic relations Council of Nobles (Not elected, every head of a noble house serves on this council)- Lawmakers, judges Ministers (Must have served as a Minister Assistant Elected by the Council of Nobles, approved by King)- Each minister is in charge of a different branch: Health, Military, Housing/building, etc. Minister assistant (Appointed by Minister)- Assist the minister of your respective branch Nobles: The King will appoint the noble houses, each noble house will have distinct house colors. A Noble House may fall if they do too much to anger the king. On that same note a family may be appointed to the status of nobility should they become powerful enough and get on the king/kingdoms good graces. Religion: (Religion lore still being written) Head of the Church- Guides clergy, spreads the religion/ sends clergy to spread religion Clergymen/women- Record religion lore, record history around the city/state of world Military: (WIP) Ranks to be decided. Language: Currently just English (WIP) Building style: Roman https://imgur.com/a/jgeYcYd Quick Lore: Founded by King Maven of House Silus, Osanora served as the capital of Mavens new kingdom, many Nobles welcomed this life of luxury without the stress of managing a kingdom, and so many submitted to King Maven, pledging their allegiance. A few however were very reluctant, and felt as though they were not receiving their fair share. A sort of civil war broke out, resulting in King Mavens death. The new King Maven II oversaw the reconstruction of Osanora and in only a few short years, he saw stability in what used to be chaos. Since then, Osanora has opened her doors to new humans, elves, and dwarves. King Maven II holds a strong dislike for Orcs and Goblins and does not let them live in Osanora or any other lands in his kingdom. While the kingdom is still young and new, it holds great promise for the world. PLEASE NOTE: This is just meant to be a quick overview, I still plan on adding lots and going more in depth regarding each topic, as well as other topics when we proceed forward. On that same note, I am looking for people who wish to be a part of Osanora! Please understand if you are an Orc or Goblin King Maven II will not allow you to live in the city, let alone serve in the government.
  7. AntonySkilled


    Born in Haense Maven grew up with a single mother who worked day and night to afford them a tiny one bedroom shack. Maven never had the luxury of growing slowly. By the age of 10 he was out on the street doing menial tasks to save up a few coin. With his money he would offer to help pay his fair share. Everytime his mother denied his help and swore that she could handle it. All things considered she did handle things the best she could until Maven turned 17. It was a few weeks till his 18th birthday and funny enough his mothers birthday was a few days after. The night before Mavens birthday his mother came down with a terrible cold. He used his coin to buy her some hearty food and even wanted to suprise her with a trip to Oren. The day of his 18th birthday came and he brought the food to his mother while she laid in bed. They sang and even laughed lightly. That night Maven woke up sweating. He drank some water and tried to shake off the weird feeling in his heart and mind. The next morning he discovered why he felt weird. His mother passed that very night in her sleep. With the last of his money Maven paid for the small funeral consisting of just himself and 2 of his moms friends. From the age of 18-19 Maven barely scraped by, paying rent each month on that tiny shack until finally he was done. Why should he have to live at the bottom anymore. Why must he stand in the shadow to avoid being seen with old torn clothes. He was going to change his life right then and there, no longer would he settle for less. And as someone once said “those who have lived their lives in darkness, will do anything to stay in the light.” And such true, Maven is prepared to stomp over anyone who wants to push him back down.
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