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    Hey all, it is very tough for me to write this, and every letter makes me rethink my decision. For my health I think its time I step back from LoTC. I have made tons of friends, and met loads of people but I find that as the days pass on I get more and more addicted to LoTC but less happy with every login. Will my departure be permanent? I'm not exactly sure, though I do know it will be for a few months at least. For my personas, Felipe De Medina has been captured! Forced somewhere deep into the desert away from everything he knows. Wilhelm Bishop can ultimately be decided by House Bishop, though I will always assume he fell down the stairs while reading a book and died. With Osanora, I am leaving it in the care of the Hyspians. I pray they dont destroy it :*( I may be back one day, and if I am I hope to see lots of you still here! Adios everyone :)
  2. Felipe would groan as he shifts his body to read this.. work.. "Ah, another Priest who abuses his position to speak badly of me." He would look over his bandaged up body wondering when exactly the Sutican guards came to protect him "The fool does not seem to remember who stood alongside the Pontiff fighting for GOD during all of this"
  3. [!] Copies of this message from Felipe De Medina would be spread out across the major cities, eventually finding its way into the most rural areas. Depiction of the people of Osanora coming together to aid the poor Día de Los Pobres For many as privileged as myself I do not spend much time thinking about my next meal; my title and wealth ensure that doesn't happen. For many across Almaris food is a scarcity and for those with young children, this can mean death. I call upon all fellow leaders and people across the realm to join Osanora in celebrating Día de Los Pobres where we spend a day with no food to see exactly how so many people suffer. At the end of this one day, we invite all to a celebration where I shall host a feast for anyone, regardless of status, to come and eat. I ask for no mina in return, just for you to return your plates empty and your bellies full! A special invitation to the clergymen of Canon to partake in the one day of no food, to show GOD we are not above his most unfortunate children. Felipe De Medina, Count of Osanora (OOC: Osanora 3.27.2021 Saturday 4PM ET) ((OOC: ALSO! This is not telling you don't eat IRL... please don't starve yourself haha, its just an RP thing))
  4. Felipe de Medina would pace around the kitchen, sipping and biting various types of drinks and meats "Andale, only the best for the Pontiffs visit! A few pans would clang on the other side of the kitchen causing him to dart over and begin yelling all over again.
  5. Hey all! Some of you may know, but others might not, my name is Anthony (Also called Antony or Skilled). Osanora is my town which is amazing because I get to bring my IRL culture onto LOTC, I originally wanted to RP with Santegians but they dont really have a place and so I made Osanora which is a mix of both Spain and Mexico Spanish, traditions, and culture. We get lots of people who stop by to visit but I lack a true playerbase... Thats why I am asking for any of you who belong to the Hispanic community or are interested in RPing as one, please consider making an Osanorian, or Santegian, and come help me build our presence on this server up again! Feel free to approach me on discord SkilledAntony#2639 or come RP. We are in the South hub on the road to Sutica. The first settlement on the road and will be marked with a sign. Thanks!
  6. Awesome thinking! Ive been trying to think of vanilla foods that can be used. What do you think would be a good one for tamales? I wanna stay away from bakery stuff due to our panaderia
  7. Please don't meme on my serious posts then.... smh smh
  8. Hi! This actually is NOT a post for RP! Its just a collection of ideas for the Osanorian culture which is very different from Hyspia in the sense that they do not hold a lot of the same values! Thanks for commenting though.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNWC4NMWfe8 Feel free to listen to this while you read or visit Osanora! Adrian de la Garza Environment Artist Culture Cuisine Utilizing a wide variety of spices, peppers, and vegetables, the Osanorian diet consists of bright and flashy foods many of them too spicy for the average eater to stomach every day. The most common dishes in Osanorian meals generally contain some type of meat if not multiple types and you will never find an empty belly in Osanora because of Osanorians willingness to feed EVERYONE regardless of economic status. Though portions are smaller than an average meal, it is made up with the AMOUNT of times a day meals are had, upwards of 4 if not 5 a day! Baked goods are a common snack and dessert among the Osanorian populace. With relatively few ingredients the range of sweets, often called breads or pan, are made fresh every day and sold for cheap prices. Appearance Osanorians live their days below the hot sun of the desert, their skin tones are typically shades of brown with brown/black hair. Though uncommon, some Osanorians do have non-brown shades of color typically when they relocate themselves to Osanora from a different settlement. Their clothing differs depending on gender. A few pictures added since I do not know how to describe it. (Feel free to wear other clothing! Osanoras colors are blue and white!) Music Music among Osanorians typically includes instruments. The most common form of music is a band, also called a mariachi, which will perform songs for weddings, restaurants, or even just out on the street! There are some singers who prefer to perform alone, though a bit uncommon! Religion Osanorians are devout in their faith, they believe in many of the traditional beliefs the Church of Canon follows. Any event hosted by the Church in Osanora is bound to draw in a reasonable crowd. Osanora still offers freedom of religion through their Nation, Sutica, but the official religion follows Canon The Osanora ruler Felipe De Medina gifted land to the Bishop de Cordoba which was converted into an assistance facility. Commonly referred to as CSC the facility is home to the clergymen of Cordoba and aids the poor and abandoned of the world. There they are taught to live as a proper Osanorian should. Hey all, this is just a short quick list which will be updated over time! I really just want this so those of you interested in joining get a quick glimpse of what it will be like!
  10. Felipe would pull one of these sheets off the church walls. After quickly skimming over it he paused and stared at the signatures. "Who are half of these people? " As he returned to his room he would pull a few other sheets down to cook with that night.
  11. Maybe a little too interested..... hahaha Have you ever considered joining something like the economy team? What are some things you enjoy OUTSIDE of Lotc, hobbies, interests, etc?
  12. Felipe would stop building the new pen for his sheep when a citizen of Osanora brought him a copy of Countess Ivarielles message. "Ah how interesting of the Countess to make such bold declarations. Osanora will observe how the tides change and move with them. Though it may be best to resolve any issue before the waves get too high"
  13. -Flag of Osanora- The following is a letter addressed to the people and clergymen of Osanora "After reviewing the letter sent out by Bishop Hernando Altamirano, many of my worries regarding the leadership abilities of our new Bishop have left. He has a clear plan for our Diocese which will hopefully bring more involvement and support from our Mother Church. It seems as though just yesterday I was baptized in the Cathedral back in Providence, but since then I worried the Church had dismissed the true followers located in my lands. Bishop Hernando's arrival has proven otherwise showing their commitment not only to our leaders but our poor too. To honor this tremendous man of cloths arrival, I have decided to gift a plot of land in addition to our current church to be overseen by Bishop Hernando Altamirano directly. He may do what he wishes with this land, but I do pray he houses his headquarters on the land to better carry out his dreams and vision." Felipe De Medina Head of House Medina Count De Osanora
  14. Writ of Osanoran Governance ---------------------------------------------------------------- -Flag of Osanora- “With a stable mind and healthy body I, Felipe De Medina, do approve of this Writ and execute it immediately. Any changes to this Writ must have a 3/4ths majority Corte vote or altered by the leader of Osanora.” Felipe De Medina Head of House Medina Count De Osanora Title I: Corte De Osanora The Corte De Osanora serves as the legislative branch within Osanora. All laws begin with the Corte and require the Corte's approval before moving on to the Count. Article I- Primer Ministro The Primer Ministro or Primera Ministra is a title bestowed upon an individual by the Count The title cannot be removed by any other than the Count The Primer Ministro will host each election cycle In times when the Count cannot lead the Primer Ministro will represent the Count This excludes power of the military. Article II- Elections Any citizen 18 and older of Osanora owning or legally living in property in the boundaries of Osanora with adequate legal standing and is not a figure or any church is eligible for registration onto the ballot of the Osanoran Corte. Requirements to run are subject to change prior to the start of any election. No other requirements aside from what is specifically listed are required. The elections are hosted and run by the Primer Ministro. Article III- Laws Any bill introduced to a Corte meeting requires a simple majority to pass. After a bill is passed the ruler of Osanora must approve of the bill to make it law. While the ruler may veto a bill, with a 2/3s majority support the Corte may overrule the Count. A bill will receive a full month before voting is closed. Article IV- Ministries There are only five ministries officially recognized by the government They are as follows: Ministry of Knowledge, Ministry of Coin, Ministry of Entertainment, Ministry of Housing, and Ministry of Medicine. The Corte will oversee the ministries with specialization possible. Specialization must be approved by either the Count or Primer Ministro. Title II: Religion Article I- State Church The official state religion of Osanora follows the Church of Canon A change in the state religion requires a 3/4th majority approval from the Corte and Count approval There is no way to overrule the Counts deny. To avoid taxes on property the Church must consistently host events to benefit those of lower status This may include getting food out to the community free of charge Housing the poor for small periods of time Providing guidance and safety for children without parents Failure to uphold those requirements will result in a tax on Church property within the boundaries of Osanora. Title III: Count de Osanora Article I- Ruling Family House Medina rules Osanora The Count will serve as leader his entire life unless he abdicates his titles The title will pass onto the eldest child regardless of gender Article II- Powers The Count leads the military The Count heads any diplomatic relations with foreign groups Any power not explicitly given to the Church or Corte is granted to the Count de Osanora
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