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  1. Cartagena Unification Festival “Duty, faith and union.” 1811, 364 ES It is in our good faith for us to announce that the Cartagena Unification Festival shall be held on Saint's day. Come along and bring your friends, family and rejoice with us this day of Union! Feast and celebrations await you, as well as a variety of fun games to take part in! Here is a programme of what will be held in our fairgrounds: An archery contest, open to all! Compete and show off your skills! A tourney, where men and women alike can
  2. A missive would be publically posted, addressing mainly the 'Red' Hyspians that live in the north. It is truly a grim day, a day that I wish I would've never live through. It's a day where we all mourn our dearest Francisco Cardinalis Sutica, who fell to the vile traitors in the north, Antonio de Rivera and his accomplishes. A man of virtue, a man of his word, the true Holy leader of the Hyspian people, who guided them all and brought them to a new home, where all can coexist peacefully. That fateful day, he was captured by a contingent of bandits within Orenian lands, something tha
  3. Another response seems to have been written and published, though probably quite unexpected. To the vile Traitor, "King" Antonio de Rivera. I feel compelled to write this response to you, after what I've witnessed happening against your own people and specifically, Carlos. If I remember correctly, you promised to stay true to your Canonist values, true to what your people believed. I was there personally, as a Knight of the Church. I witnessed you promising to Episcopus Otho, may God bless his soul, that you wouldn't break this promise. Yet, here we are, the Hyspians div
  4. Trade Baron Theophilos signs the document in approval.
  5. Theophilos heavily sighed. He, Dionisius and Javier had a conversation just a few Saint's hours ago. The news caught him off-guard, as he shook his head in disbelief. "I feel sorry for these petty cultists, I hope they will find the true path in life eventually." he remarked, pausing briefly. "In your memory, there shall be a ceremonial tomb in Cartagena, in memory of Father Javier." he exclaimed, a firm nod of his head.
  6. The Beginning of a New Era “Duty, faith and union.” 1807, 357 ES A couple Saint’s days ago, a meeting was held between Sutican officials and our group of Hyspians, Santegians and Akritians, where we presented ourselves to them. We initially presented them a document, handing a copy to everyone present, awaiting further questions regarding any of the topics within. After a thoughtful debate, it has been put up to a vote to decide whether we may be granted a place to live on, or not. To our surprise, everyone seemed to be supportive, voting favorably for us to g
  7. Holy Sir Theophilos sighed, remaining isolated in his home. "Murder.. That's what this is, coldblood murder of God's flock within his own House!" he barked to no one in particular, though fell silent after as he clasped his hands in prayer. "Dios save their souls, for they have strayed from your embrace." he uttered, gazing down to the floor, several tears escaping his eyes.
  8. Holy Sir Theophilos sat in his home, a bottle of Hyspian margarita in one hand and a cigar on the other. "So, this is the end, it seems." he simply muttered, drowning his sorrows away. Although still being alive, he and Holy Sir Armand alongside Beatrice have made sure to evacuate Cardinal Manfried from potential death, yet having a feeling of guilt as the clergymen fell by the swords of the culprits. He shed not a single tear, but tens of them as his former squire succumbed. "Descansa en paz, hermano." he uttered, taking a puff of his cigar.
  9. "Dios es Grande!" Theophilos would exclaim upon seeing the missive, going to sharpen his war axe.
  10. MEETING WITH THE PRINCE-REGENT OF HAENSE 1805, 358 ES After meeting with his highness, the Prince-Regent of Hanseti-Ruska, I’d like to report a few things about our meeting with him. We held a short discussion about keeping peaceful terms with the Holy Orenian Empire, as we all know that the Kingdom of Haense is allied with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Kingdom of Norland, who aren’t canonist. The Prince-Regent has expressed that he’s not willing whatsoever to compromise anything with the Church, stating that there’s already a long-lasting peace in eff
  11. "Thought they were true canonists, but seems like some are straying further from GOD.." Holy Sir Theophilos remarked, shaking his head in disbelief "Truly a grim time for the Church, as enemies surround her more and more."
  12. A CHURCH UNDER FIRE - A POLEMIC ON THOSE WHO ATTACK THE MOTHER CHURCH 1805, 358 ES I am struck, yet once more, by saddening news. Regarding the events that unfolded a Saint's days ago, at the Basilica of the Ascent in Providence, where I've been a personal witness to the most heinous act one could ever have done. While his Eminence Manfried Cardinalis Providentia carried out the holy sacrament of matrimony, a man wearing the clothing of a nun, rushed in, throwing a fire bottle right where the Solicitor General Ophelia Elizaveta and Cardinal Manfri
  13. A MISSIVE TO MEN OF VIRTUE 1805, 358 ES It is truly a grim day, as news have reached me personally, news of an attack on one of our very own priests, Father Javier Francisco. I was sent a message by his Holiness Owyn III to find out more details about what happened. I quickly made my way to Providence, to meet with the Father himself and check on his condition. When I saw Father Javier, I was stunned by the sight of such, he was in such a bad condition, bloodied and bandaged as he was escorted by his Excellency, Francisco Episcopus Cordoba. After inquiring w
  14. PAPAL MISSION TO ESBEC 1804, 357 ES Once again, a successful mission held by the Holy Mother Church has been conducted, a delegation sent by his Holiness to the small town of Esbec of the Holy Orenian Empire. With Monsignor Adelric’s mission beforehand, which has certainly helped us in getting to know what awaits us in said town. Our initial impressions could be compared to the same conclusions Monsignor Adelric came upon, the people seem to be quite welcoming and the place is surely a wonderful sight to beset one's gaze upon. Its people generally seemed cal
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