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  1. PAPAL MISSION TO HUMANITY Sanctitas Pontifex Maximus Owyn III has, due to his bedridden state, been unable to pursue his desired interactions with the many new and old congregations of mankind. His Holiness has therefore commissioned a delegation to go on his behalf, consisting of: The Interim Pontifical Legate, Equester-Imperator Theophilos Komnenos-Arianites & His Pontifical Legation, Apostle-General Armande-Philippe Talraen de Rennes @LithiumSedai Episcopus Hyspia Francisco Altamirano @Timer5011 Equester-Imperator Nicolas Barclay
  2. Ithilrandir looked up on the missive, a smile appearing on his lips as he remembered the old days of Renelia. A hope for reunion growing within him as he made his way to The Pale.
  3. Name: Ithilrandir Age: 70 Race: Mali'Ker Prior Relevant Experience: Underwent combat training while living back in Renelia.
  4. THEOPHILOS’S MISSION TO DOBROV 1803, 12th of the Deep Cold, 356 ES I personally thank his Holiness, Owyn III for entrusting me with a mission of his to discuss the possibility of establishing a Diocese in the town, namely Dobrov, which is led by a man called Ostromir, under the Holy Orenian Empire. Initially, I took with me two new Armigers of the Supreme Order, Alfonso Altamirano and Santiago Chicote, which I thought it’d be good to have them with me, as part of one of their initiation missions within the Order. Walking along the coast close to Providence, an
  5. "Based." Said Theophilos, looking at the flyer furrowing his brows.
  6. With His Holiness bedridden, and his Curia working overtures to replace the wounded Pontifex in his many affairs: the task of writing and publishing Owyn III’s Papal briefs suddenly fell upon him. From his newly furnished office in the Basilica of Ex. Godfrey, Theophilos would pen the brief carefully as he hoped to remember all instructions given. THIRD PAPAL BRIEF OF 1803, 356 ES A gracious day, indeed, for both the Church and the Canonist world alike! Prideful and courageous, are the Knights of the Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn, vowing their lives and dedication
  7. "Left the one true faith to join another, see the division such reckless action has caused." Theophilos shook his head. Your own people disgusted by such decision, seeking refuge in other places. Pitiful." He'd then went to mind his own business in Haense, looking over his wares in the store.
  8. Dear Father, I am writing this missive in good faith, to let you and everyone else know that from today I, Theophilos Komnenos, will be known as Theophilos Komnenos-Arianites, a name I shall hold till the day I won’t walk this land anymore. I do this in honor of our great ancestor, Ioustinianos “The Bastard” Komnenos, who just like me, became legitimate and had reformed ancient values, which are forgotten today. I hope you’ll receive this in good heart, I also must inform you that this new generation will be based on the Kingdom of Haense, as I, myself have lived there
  9. "Truly a man of GOD, just like all Barclays are." Theophilos Komnenos exclaimed, signing the Lorraine as he heard about the man's incident while conducting a mission in Norland.
  10. "I'll surely look into purchasing one!" Theophilos Komnenos put on his uniform, as he went out of his home.
  11. "It's only a matter of time till the culprit is caught, GOD willing." Holy Knight Prior Theophilos Komnenos would comment upon seeing the pinned note, signing the Lorraine. "Heresy shall be cleansed."
  12. “WAAAAAAAAGH!” Grubgok’Ogr would scream a ferocious warcry, before preparing to feast upon the corpses of his enemies.
  13. “It’s quite clear at what Oren and Haense are successful at.” A man would exclaim ironically.
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