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  1. “WAAAAAAGH! Moar PINKEHZ KLOMP!” Grubgok’Ogr would scream while he beheads a foolish Orenian trying to raid Rubern.
  2. “WAAAAAAAAGH!” Grubgok’Ogr would scream a ferocious warcry, before preparing to feast upon the corpses of his enemies.
  3. “It’s quite clear at what Oren and Haense are successful at.” A man would exclaim ironically.
  4. “Well said brother! GOD Wills It!” a man would exclaim.
  5. dmitris

    [World Lore] Gender

    There are only two genders. There is also Attack Helicopter as an exception.
  6. iwFuf8fj0CrncOAOqcAAAAASUVORK5CYII.png

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  7. if you do /bank at a bank u can store ur minas so u dont lose em when u die

  8. When u about to resurrect an old nation


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    1. seannie


      what could he mean by this

    2. dmitris


      *cough* Akritas *cough*

  9. Why does no one mention the moment when reivers killed about 10 of Renatus’ people in the lobby and staff didn’t do anything about it?
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