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  1. dmitris


    [!] A young Haeseni lad would stroll the streets of Karosgrad, minding his own business till his eyes fell upon this missive. His brows quickly furrowed upon reading the words "silver revolution" and "social credit".
  2. Likewise, probably. Just have to get some things sorted before I come up with ideas on what to do.
  3. So, does this mean you're considering coming back once again?
  4. Venerable Theophilos smiled the Sun's smile as he saw his old friend ascend to the Seven Skies "At last! Welcome home, Johan."
  5. Venerable Theophilos winces from the Seven Skies, at the response of the elf Orenian, at the mention of 'ISA being GOD's chosen army' as he recalls the traumatizing events that unfolded during the Diet of Karosgrad and the Halcourt Schism as a whole.
  6. One of the most based people in the server. Had very fun moments with you man, enjoy your life to the fullest bratan. Gonna miss one of the best Barclays to ever exist <3. Браћа заувек!
  7. Theophilos smile's the Sun's smile, awaiting Armand in the Seven Skies. "At last, Comrade! Come join us!" He gestured him to join company alongside others.
  8. "At last, old friend." said Theophilos welcoming Alfred on the seven skies "I hope you brought some of those cigars of yours."
  9. "Atrus brown gypsy, Turkin white blond hair, maşallah." Said an middle-aged man of Turkin descent, going by the name Orhan Kimyacioglu, before returning to making some kebab.
  10. RP name: Marius Vuiller MC name: Javier_El_Grande Voted: Yes
  11. Theophilos smiles from the Seven Skies, seeing his old friend's ascension!
  12. The Passing Of Lord Theophilos Komnenos-Arianites ____________________ “Look after the weak ones, for Godan is our only superior.” ~ Baron of Trabzon, Theophilos Komnenos-Arianites ____________________ It is a sad day, the day when a Lord dies, an icon and a hero for the Akritians. Theophilos Komnenos-Arianites, he was called. Holy Knight of the Church of Canon who contributed to leading the Holy Order in Haense and a descendant of King Justinian of Akritos. A man who is known for representing our faith, the Church and God himself, for he fought to spread his word. It was him, who wanted to unite the Akritians under one banner, once again. An Akritian settlement, Akritian norms and values, and Akritian sovereignty. Lord Theophilos always had the belief of considering God as their only superior, for a mortal can not lead without the help of God and his Word. Lord Theophilos was an absolute patriot to his people and their rights, as he is the one who represents all the Akritians in Almaris, after the Palaiologoi Lord Theophilos has found his peace with God and the ancient Akritians, who have served the same purpose as Lord Theophilos did. For him and many others of the Akritian history are smiling upon the settlement, where Akritians shall be gathered once again. The Varangians cheer as they serve in the name of Komnenos and the Baron, for they are the ones who shall defend the Barony of Trabzon, in the name of God, in the name of King Justinian, in the name of Lord Theophilos Komnenos-Arianites, and now; in the name of Lord Lukas Komnenos-Arianites, the son and heir of Lord Theophilos. The background of Lord Theophilos was absolutely iconic for the Varangians, a man who has served in a victorious and legendary battle; the Inferi war. A man who rose into the ranks of the Holy Order, from Holy Knight Prior and eventually the Grandmaster of the Order, then he became the Knight-Commander. A true hero, for the Akritians who are willing to protect the Akritian citizens with their life and strength. Lord Theophilos has absolutely been an image for the Komnenos’ with his exploits, for he has done everything in his power to preservate his identity and his culture. With the loss of this honorable man, we must prosper without him, and replace his rank with his son and heir; Lord Lukas Komnenos-Arianites. His son shall be a great leader and continue the works that Lord Theophilos has done in order to let the Barony prosper with the Canonist norms and values. As the efforts of Lord Theophilos must be preserved, for the Akritian people shall step into the footsteps of their ancient ancestors. Lord Theophilos Komnenos-Arianites, leader of the Akritians in Almaris, and an honest in God man, has dedicated his life for the protection of those who believe in the one Almighty Lord in the Seven Skies. Lord Theophilos, shall always be remembered. As he now makes his way to the Seven Skies with a face glowing of joy as he reunited with his comrades; Bishop Otho, Holy Sir Nicolas, Cardinal Francisco, Padre Carlos, Father Javier-Francisco, Bishop Hernando and everyone else who has passed at the Diet of Karosgrad. “Look who has arrived friends..”
  13. Cartagena Unification Festival “Duty, faith and union.” 1811, 364 ES It is in our good faith for us to announce that the Cartagena Unification Festival shall be held on Saint's day. Come along and bring your friends, family and rejoice with us this day of Union! Feast and celebrations await you, as well as a variety of fun games to take part in! Here is a programme of what will be held in our fairgrounds: An archery contest, open to all! Compete and show off your skills! A tourney, where men and women alike can enter and test their martial prowess. King of the Hammer, strike as hard as you can in this test of might! Drinking contest, can you hold your liquor better than others? We welcome you all on this joyous occasion, come and celebrate with us and spend your time having fun and meeting new individuals! Everyone is welcome to attend, although there is a special compiled list for certain invited individuals & their respective families: His Majesty, the Trade King of Sutica, Mika Uialben and his family. House Komnenos and its head, Sir Alexios Komnenos. House Altamirano and its head, Holy Sir Alfonso Altamirano. House Mendez and its head, Carlos Mendez. House Cenobia and its head, Akello Cenobia. House de Savin and its head, Annatrina de Savin, Duchess of Savinia. House O’Rourke and its head, Anastasia O’Rourke, Countess of Halstaig. House Vuiller and its head, Johan Vuiller. House du Casse and its head, Alexander du Casse, Baron of Rhein. House Medina and its head, Felipe de Medina, Count of Osanora. House Lavigne and its head, Aramis Lavigne, Duchess of Eastcliffe. House Barclay and its head, Friedrich Barclay, Duke of Reinmar. House de Joannes and its head, Louis de Joannes. Members of the Supreme Order of Ex. Owyn as well as the clergy: His Holiness, Pontifex Maximus Jude II. His Eminence, Pelagius Cardinalis Albarosa. His Eminence, Alfred Cardinalis St. Tylos. His Eminence, Ailred Cardinalis Freising. His Eminence, Bram Cardinalis Providentia. His Eminence, Benedict Cardinalis Jorenus. Fr. Yaromir, Archbishop of Henrikev. Fr. Adelric, Bishop of Reinmar. Fr. Karl, Bishop of Valwyck. Holy Sir Armand de Rennes, Tituli Bishop Metz. Holy Sir Santiago Chicote. Holy Sir Owyn de Joannes. Fr. Hernando Altamirano. Fr. Almire. Fr. Basil Moroul. etcetera. And of course, all of the citizens of Sutica and any visitor who would like to join us in this auspicious occasion! The festival will also be held in the name of Francisco Altamirano, Cardinalis Sutica who was kidnapped by road brigands who was later handed to the pretender King Antonio. May he rest eternally in the Seven Skies as the most virtuous man he was. An artist’s depiction of Francisco Altamirano before his martyrdom. Signed, Theophilos Komnenos-Arianites Trade Baron of Cartagena, Pontifical Legate of the Church of the Canon Cyril Caerularius Minister of Culture of Cartagena ((OOC)) The event will take place during Sunday 5pm est in Cartagena. From the south hub, follow the road towards the Druid's grove. After a few paces, you'll spot the barony on top of a hill by the right.
  14. A missive would be publically posted, addressing mainly the 'Red' Hyspians that live in the north. It is truly a grim day, a day that I wish I would've never live through. It's a day where we all mourn our dearest Francisco Cardinalis Sutica, who fell to the vile traitors in the north, Antonio de Rivera and his accomplishes. A man of virtue, a man of his word, the true Holy leader of the Hyspian people, who guided them all and brought them to a new home, where all can coexist peacefully. That fateful day, he was captured by a contingent of bandits within Orenian lands, something that's truly disturbing indeed. Though, Francisco wasn't just a Cardinal, for he also was the Treasurer of Cartagena and essentially, a subject of mine. It duly is my duty to look after those who reside within the Barony, and to provide for them in times of need. The acts of selfishness of the 'Red' is unacceptable, and thus I shall act accordingly. Therefore, I announce that every Red Hyspian is ultimately barred from entering Cartagena and its surrounding lands. If any show up, they will be requested to immediately leave, and will be arrested only if they refuse to do. Let it be known to everyone that we do not associate ourselves with those who wish to cause harm to our citizens, officials and people as a whole. It is certainly evident that their intentions aren't peaceful, but those of a warmonger who only wishes to further cause disarray within the Hyspian people. While their vile leader, Antonio de Rivera was apprehended by the Nordlandic authorities and later hanged, many will say that Justice has already been served. But to me, it hasn't fulfilled completely. I fully condemn House de Rivera, they and their subordinates shall never set foot in our grounds again. Cutthroats and murderers are not welcome here. Signed, Theophilos Komnenos-Arianites Trade Baron of Cartagena, Pontifical Legate of the Church of the Canon
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