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  1. Anselm listened intently to Alfred's advice. The young boy still recovering from a fresh wound he had received in a recent fight against a group of brigands. "I ought to be at all times." He noted to himself, as he strived to become more accustomed to the term.
  2. IGN: dmitri2k RP Name: Anselm Barclay Persona ID: 86667
  3. "Wer Rastet, der Rostet!" Exclaimed a Georg Leopold Barclay, brother to the Duke Emeritus Manfred of Reinmar, banging a fist on his chest. Meanwhile, Anselm Barclay was still coping with the recent death of his father Leutwin, though his visage grew a soft smile upon hearing this good news.
  4. Anselm, Leutwin's youngest son wandered about Minitz, unaware yet of his father's demise. After some time, he went to look for him all over the streets, though quickly grew a worried expression. His eyes became teary once finding out the truth of his father's fate from the various gossips, the youngling not able to contain the sudden rush of emotions. "Papa..?" Is all he could mutter.
  5. "It's been a long and tiring reign, dear brother. You deserve the retirement." Manfred's younger brother, Georg Leopold Barclay exclaimed with a soft smile.
  6. "Long live our noble Duke!" Exclaimed Georg Leopold Barclay seeing his older brother's ascension.
  7. Likewise, probably. Just have to get some things sorted before I come up with ideas on what to do.
  8. So, does this mean you're considering coming back once again?
  9. Venerable Theophilos winces from the Seven Skies, at the response of the elf Orenian, at the mention of 'ISA being GOD's chosen army' as he recalls the traumatizing events that unfolded during the Diet of Karosgrad and the Halcourt Schism as a whole.
  10. One of the most based people in the server. Had very fun moments with you man, enjoy your life to the fullest bratan. Gonna miss one of the best Barclays to ever exist <3. Браћа заувек!
  11. Theophilos smile's the Sun's smile, awaiting Armand in the Seven Skies. "At last, Comrade! Come join us!" He gestured him to join company alongside others.
  12. "At last, old friend." said Theophilos welcoming Alfred on the seven skies "I hope you brought some of those cigars of yours."
  13. "Atrus brown gypsy, Turkin white blond hair, maşallah." Said an middle-aged man of Turkin descent, going by the name Orhan Kimyacioglu, before returning to making some kebab.
  14. Theophilos smiles from the Seven Skies, seeing his old friend's ascension!
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