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  1. An old keeper stared at the missive in his private residence and tossed it into the fire as soon as he finished reading the final word "They really did it... I can't believe they did it."
  2. The Trial of Zemzy Oakheart By Command of the Lord Purifier Issued on, 14th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 95 of the Second Age There has been much debate recently about banishment, kidnapping, conspiring with the long dark, and a myriad of other problems around the figure known as Zemzy Oakheart. To find proper evidence of these claims, the banishment of Zemzy Oakheart will be lifted and a trial will be held in the Hearth Temple in Alicegrad, to see if there is some truth to the matter. Should Zemzy Oakheart not appear at the trial it will be considered an admission of guilt and all crimes put to their name, rumors or not, will be considered true and their banishment will be reinstated as well as whatever other punishments the overseeing Keeper sees fit to add. By Order Of, Orin Ve’lvenest, Keeper of the Holy Flame, Lord Purifier of the Purifiers
  3. Orin woke up in his house with a start and kept his gaze forwards at the darkness in front of himself, unable to move as if he was still latched to the tree. It took a moment or two before he twitched a finger, and then two, and then his hand moved and crept it's way up to his chest and above his heart. He sat there listening to the thumping of his own heart, and as he calmed down he uttered something slowly. "But why a goat?"
  4. Quick follow up question and just tell me off if it was included because I really just skimmed it, but does this work with gemforging?
  5. My own very bad opinion, insult it as you please I like the idea of crystal potions for easy to carry size, however this is not at all how I would go and do it. The crystals are cool and could be used for combative jewelry like enchantments, and the launcher would also be a cool idea if used with regular potions to make a greater effect size or make the potion go farther. The way the lore is written right now makes it feel more like it feel like it would solely be applicable to crp (thats not bad I'd just like it to interact with normal rp more)
  6. I always love when new alchemy is thought up, as even if it does not get accepted there is a chance someone else will get inspiration from that idea and add onto it in ways we couldn't have thought of before. However for this lore I'll give it my +1
  7. I like the idea of full removal for a number or reasons. The main one being of course, more travel to get what you want, it also allows those stupid nation trade agreements to do something more extensive. [Edit] I will not retract my last statement but I will add to it. Allowing free boat movement, such as pasting it in a city's port, would greatly improve trading and merchant rp. If Yong-Ping was allowed to move their ships around to act as mobile trading ships that, for instance, could actually trade goods, that would be great. For now however trading and merchant rp is difficult due to travel as this map is far too large to support long term traveling to learn that the thing you wanted at this very specific shop has sold out.
  8. Orin stared at the missive as he passed into Norland for a visit and sat down for a moment to understand it better. As one of the last people he watched grow up passed away he simply sat and stared before trying to speak in a more lighthearted manner. "Well.. no one was given the wheelchair.."
  9. Another old keeper stared down at the paper with a sadness in his eyes and muttered to himself. "Speaking of heresy with such emotion, I wonder what Aedan would have thought of this notice if he was still here... would the farettos have run off too?"
  10. I don't personally see the point in this sort of alchemy, however I am not one to argue against new ideas because I do not like them as some do have hidden potential. I see some possible ideas in the realm of housemages with alchemy to use these potions in conjunction with their magic. However past that it may simply become another set of potions in the ocean of potions for some obsessive person to collect. (Edit, forgot to add this) Don't care however, +1
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