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  1. Sortsvinaer Styrbjorn watched the village burn as the glow of fire danced across his blood stained armor. He looked up into the sky, a single eye remaining open as the other remained tucked away behind cloth, torn apart from a forgotten battle. As his mind came back to him he marched onwards to remove any remaining souls from their bodies. In that moment of clarity he spoke before falling back into a rage. "Fyrir úlfinn"
  2. Sortsvinaer The Unkillable sat nearby with a recent gash in his right eye, listening to the speech as he shoveled potatoes into his mouth. "There is much to do, and so much time to do it."
  3. Orin Velenest smiled as he received the paper, looking towards his minor mention he took an empty picture frame and put the newspaper in it's confines, hanging it up in his house.
  4. Orin Velenest stared at the note, tearing it from the wall and shaking with anger. "I gave her the chance to leave yet now she hides in Elysium against the law... holding those limbs of voidal decent she has lost her chance of peace. He threw the letter to the ground marching towards the hearth temple to pen a letter of his own. No more shall I stand against this injustice to the faith, it is time to call a rally of the Purifiers and send a message she shall not soon forget."
  5. A very well stocked general goods store, I've been waiting to find one in norland +1
  6. Brother Mursten read the announcement from his office in the hills, skimming it's surface before grabbing his cane and marching out the door murmuring to himself "Herein lies my shattered peace, another wantless war to be waged, and another age of blood."
  7. [!] A simple note made of paper, half covered in brick dust, stamped with a wax seal in the figure of a double sided cross, and tied to several tables in Varhelm & Elysium is addressed to all citizens and foreigners alike. All who see this letter are officially invited to attend a ceremony commemorating the completion of the Ordo Laterem’s Monastery in the far hills of Norland. The celebration will be held in the newly finished monastery, Located directly west of Varhelms furthest southern wall. All those who show will be greeted with open arms and will enjoy food, drink, and the warmest of welcomes into our humble home. Signed, Brother Mursten, Princeps Prima of the Ordo Laterem
  8. Joshua eyed the paper on his daily walk and shrugged. Deciding it might be worth his time he scribbled the details on his notebook and continued walking.
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    Joshua was born in the Holy Orenian Empire as all good establishing humans should be, not too far away from any town, but out in the woods. He had a fairly uneventful childhood with his parents raising him to keep his image up as it is the only thing that would keep him alive. One day his father did not return, and so his mother continued his teaching to a more extreme level. He was later taught to think of himself as a noble like those in castles from stories he was told from the start of his birth those from a place called Sutican where is parents were once from. He continued being taught by his mother until she stopped talking one day. This silence endured until he was 15 when his mother finally kicked the bucket, and he headed out into the wild to find a way to life instead of starve. He scavenged around other races for food, keeping himself alive but barely for 6 more years till he was about 21. During that time he finally managed to find the capital of the Orenian Empire and sulked around it doing odd jobs such as clearing streets or running money between organizations and so on. Four more years of this and he grew bored of working for people who did not appreciate his work, so he scavenged around until he found a proper noble-like suit and tried finding someone could let him work as a butler or something of similar nature. This is where he still is, walking around the streets, bothering random folks going in and out of houses to ask for some work or other.
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