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  1. Maybe only allow people who make a klone to make a TA?
  2. That would fall in line with animatii lore with machine spirits since that is also a way to disregard the monks natural revival method. Though it's not hard to track, it is supposed to be listed on your FA when you get taught klones.
  3. Orin is excited to see how quickly he can break this new Treaty
  4. Orin stands along the group norlanders and raises a pointed finger. Asking the ever important question. "Yes who, but WHY is Mary."
  5. Orin gets his many costumes out again, wondering what to wear this time.
  6. So this is what you were trying to show me, to be honest how you go about using other alchemy to alter animatii is really interesting. Amazing idea, now let's go to the judges.
  7. Orin looked at the missive and sighed "I am not pleased with this." He said before contemplating on it
  8. Orin gathered up his best face-paint for the event, it was finally time to have some fun.
  9. "Well... would you look at that dilemma. Unfortunate." A lone elf stated while reading this continuation of events "The plus is that I'll end up learning golem smithing."
  10. One of the notes was returned to Edvard's home, neatly folded with some carefully written words on the back. "If you want it returned in one piece, you had better bring payment."
  11. Orin sat in the corner of the house and stared at the conversation while he slammed gears against each other out of boredom. Clearly no tattoos on his person, instead he just was slowly replacing his body with metal. "I wanted a tattoo before my flesh fell away."
  12. "I don't care who the Harrower sends I'm not paying taxes." A slightly annoyed engineer states as he readies his machine for its next outing
  13. The craftsman finished placing a plate against the outward structure of his creation. "I wonder if I could persuade a paladin to use this."
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