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  1. me when that warning point hits

  2. An old man brushed away the ash that littered his tent and the letter that came with the burnt remains of a town "We dissolved the Purifiers for a reason... so long as they serve... I should speak with the High Keeper upon this."
  3. An old man stared at the note of another fallen friend and set it in the pile of others who had gone in similar ways. "There goes another, seems I will have to watch the next, wouldn't want them dying at the wrong time."
  4. I try to believe in a realistic approach to things like this, where while toll booths do hinder rp they can also foster other types of rp. However this entire thought process ia built on mutual respect and a general understanding oocly. Said understandings hardly every actually happen so while I thing building on roads could be beneficial the problems nations and settlements would have to deal with in making other roads, dealing with toxic or potentially harmful individuals, or other various things seem to outweigh the plus sides of putting nations on the main road
  5. This whole thing sucks, nothing about it is good, either fully remove the activity checks or put something else in place. For once please think things through and listen to the community.
  6. An old keeper stared blankly at the Invitation, muttering "Keeper Orin of Varhelm, now thats a new title."
  7. A tired old man stared at the paper before him and tossed it into the heat of a hearth "As before and always, a nation shall fall before it surrenders it's faith. For if they do not they shall sunder the line of Ruriks into those betraying of the faith and those believing in it."
  8. An old elf stared at the invitation in the relative comfort and saftey of his home "Would you look at that, I get my name plastered to a piece of paper. Not too much of a walk either."
  9. I personally love the idea of potion arrows, I would agree with a few comments here how the arrows should be a 1 to 1 instead of one potion makes 4 arrows. Or how the strength of the potion should be reduced by 1/4th. Considering the slow (I haven't read it in a while it may be changed) emoting speed to draw back a bow it is weirdly balanced. I would love the idea of medical potions in these though.
  10. An old keeper stared at the missive in his private residence and tossed it into the fire as soon as he finished reading the final word "They really did it... I can't believe they did it."
  11. The Trial of Zemzy Oakheart By Command of the Lord Purifier Issued on, 14th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 95 of the Second Age There has been much debate recently about banishment, kidnapping, conspiring with the long dark, and a myriad of other problems around the figure known as Zemzy Oakheart. To find proper evidence of these claims, the banishment of Zemzy Oakheart will be lifted and a trial will be held in the Hearth Temple in Alicegrad, to see if there is some truth to the matter. Should Zemzy Oakheart not appear at the trial it will be considered an admission of guilt and all crimes put to their name, rumors or not, will be considered true and their banishment will be reinstated as well as whatever other punishments the overseeing Keeper sees fit to add. By Order Of, Orin Ve’lvenest, Keeper of the Holy Flame, Lord Purifier of the Purifiers
  12. Orin woke up in his house with a start and kept his gaze forwards at the darkness in front of himself, unable to move as if he was still latched to the tree. It took a moment or two before he twitched a finger, and then two, and then his hand moved and crept it's way up to his chest and above his heart. He sat there listening to the thumping of his own heart, and as he calmed down he uttered something slowly. "But why a goat?"
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