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  1. I do like the idea of a tent plugin, as of right now there is no way for nomadic people to rp properly as you can't build just anywhere on the map.
  2. How does it feel to play on this server for a whole 7 years, did you take any long breaks during your time here?
  3. Orin Ve'lvenest had been given the news far in his home to the south. He shed no tears beneath his mask nor could he bring himself to. He simply readied his home to care for the child who was now his along to handle. "Little Ellir'igne, I hope you grow greater than me."
  4. Orin quickly read the note and tucked in in a small bag along his belt "It's always a Freysson or some Rurik. . . I think I understand why Aedan hated them so much."
  5. Orin stared as the letter passed onto his desk, though he skimmed the letter he stopped on the mention of the funeral and sighed "Damnit Aedan, why did you leave me to handle funerals."
  6. Orin sat in his home far off in the south, and sighed "There goes the last true Purifier, a bastard of a man. . . wish he'd fight me again."
  7. Okay I have to ask, how many characters have you played in total, just a general number.
  8. Orin clapped his hands together as he heard this, after he stood infront of the court and nearly made a fool of himself he was oh so glad the negotiations had not gone poorly.
  9. That is... actually a good argument. Yeah that makes sense in how it interacts with the rest of the lore piece.
  10. Oh boy more lore to read that I will never interact with In all seriousness it's solidly written up +1 (actually no I'll edit it quickly, I don't particularly like the new range of sight for a Seer FA, 8 blocks feels a little small compared to the 20 we used to have. Dealing with 20 blocks now is still painful, 8 block sightline would feel more like punishment.)
  11. A Mali passed into sleep beneath the canopy covered way of a dense swampland where light would not reach his skin in sleep. Upon his resting he began to see a vision, a dream of something that did not settle well with his already breaking mind. He woke up in a rush and looked around him in the forest to see nothing but the lights of early day peaking through what branches he could see. He hastily wrapped his head and hands back up so no part was exposed to the light of day and from there he began to wonder. "What mess have I gotten myself into, involved back into the affairs of Haelun'or.."
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