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  1. "Cross-Species Relations are outlawed in Nor'Asath regardless. If they do not press this issue. I do not care But I will not welcome them back, for I had believed her and her partner where coming to Luaras light. And I was lied too May this void blighted city not suffer the same fate as every other voidal city. Which is to say, besieged by voidal tears. " A Ker Shaman comments as she sits near a hearth, folding the missive up.
  2. A Lutaumancer pushes herself up from the ash sea of Gundar Broshan. Lofting, from the ashes a simple lantern. So begins the Kers walk, to start searching section by section to help guide Fyre to Kors Gate.
  3. Concerns have more so been from players, saying that they see no use in even bothering to make weapons. The cost is too high whilst the effects offered are no better than more durable slayer steel. This would give players more willingness to sacrifice their permanent echoes. The MArt is leave or stay. I believe by lowering the cost we will get people that make more, whilst increasing he cost on a sliding scale based on the metal keeps the balance divine wants to achieve without increasing the power of the weapons themselves. EI, making these out of Slayer steel and Aurum would be silly as it's activation only lets it act like either. But yes, basic non ST signed minerals would share a universal cost of {4} the MArt idea can honestly go, and Azhl could be dropped into the Lunarite {6} and making Boomsteel {8}
  4. Feedback Idea: Wanna see how people feel. Ancestral Weapons Echoe cost tweak Ferrum or non ST signed minerals cost a PERMANENT {4} Echoes Lunarite and Steel Wood costs {6} Azhl Costs {8} Boomsteel Costs {10} MArts of these items will require {15} as a Base Cost this would keep redlines that materials not listed above can not be used in Ancestral Weapons
  6. Some Shaman prepares the holy salt bomb of the second age
  7. Somewhere, in an underground office. Unware of any missive. A shaman, looks up from her desk. And sets the pen aside. "You know...I wonder if Azdrazi dream of flaming sheep."
  8. A New Space Heater for Divine lore writing Basement is acquired
  9. The shamanic Ker, with hammer in hand, nails the notice on the wall of the Moonlit Maehr
  10. "May they repent before they face judgement at Kors gate. It is a long, lonely road. If not, may their death be swift."
  11. I flew under the radar for a long while in Atlas and start of Arcas
  12. Over 2000 mind you her persona slot is shared with two other personas Because dark elves and lack of a better RP medium. The second their is a Sci-fi LoTC I am gone
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