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  1. A dark elf shaman looks over the writing. Blinking slowly. "****. Well. Well said. Not that I fully agree. But, it is a good start. Velulaei guides us all."
  2. Agate Tomes Tome Volume number one: Jusmia History. Religion Daily Rituals Agatism Sect Lore Origins Agate Carnelian Ruby Garnet Adoption Marriage OOC Info Biology
  3. "Huh....I can dig it." Said some dark elf.
  4. Dear Velsyni, should you require hard resources, or slight aid, I am willing to help get the ball rolling with lumber. Should you not need aid, simply, disregard this letter. Trash it, burn it, sell it, smoke it. I don't care. ~Sincerely, Qudlia Jusmia.
  5. A Mali'ker lofts the parchment from her desk. Glancing out to the thick jungles around her. Her gaze shifts down to the paper a moment more. Brows visibly twitching. "The Deja vu is unreal." She comments, earning a soft grunt from another Ker.. Adorn with axe in hand. "And he forgot to mention Renelia." She added, rising up to look it over a moment more. "Gonna respond?" Asked the other Ker. The dark elf woman shakes her head. "No. At least, not yet. Let us watch our kin build their homes. Watch what times gives the Ker. Unity.." the Ker gives a sad smile
  6. Qudlia, glances over the letter and blinks a few times. It seems the point went over this Kers head. She nails the note to her walls, a reminder to not let in such Ker. She gives an amused look. Saying nothing else and letting the paper speak for itself. If they thought calling her an Orc and spirit follower was insult, they had much to learn. "Perhaps they shall seek me in person. Clearly the ability to read is beyond them." She nods with her hands firmly on her waist. No response was given back in turn. The stars passed silently above, without a care of the mortal world.
  7. Qudlia Jusmia claims one of eight Primarch Positions. Our Kin, since the dawn of time have fought and struggled to secure their place in this world. The last Primarch has moved on, where their was once a council of eight, rest none. Such, I, Qudlia Jusmia, claim the mantel of Dark Elven Primarch. Tied to the ways of old, to our recent past, to the spirits. Which offered salvation when none other would. To the Mali'ker across the land, you and I are very different. I honor ways older than your grandfather, you? I do not know any of y
  8. Maehr malz a concept of the Jusmia religion. A single Maehr malz is earned by a Jusmia for Each spirit shrine that is constructed. Each offering that's given or burned at a shrine. Teaching someone of a spirit they did not know. Undertaking and completing a deed for a spirit. Learning of the Jusmia Ancestral Pantheon. (Consult local elder). Teaching Jusmia of the Ancestral Pantheon. The use of Maehr malz serves as a form of currency for Jusmia in their a
  9. Some dark elf picks up the piece of paper upon visiting Norland. She blinks. Glancing around. She tucks it away. Before asking a local. ”Give you three hundred mina right now if you get me a telescope, paper and charcoal.”
  10. Spirit realm needs touching up, spirits can’t manifest in the material world. Most of it is just out right wrong, contact ST to get more info there. Best changed to be made to it. The Elemental Plane is a Habitable Plane. The Immortal Plane is a Habitable Plane. This is un-true. The spirit realm was not made for mortals, as such, is not habitable. Even the ancestral plane. The elementals, made the Immortals, the Immortals, allowed the Ancestral to enter. It’s dangerous to visit the spirit realm. If you try to live there, it’s a PK. Such is why you need a
  11. Praise to the dark elven kin that see the spirits as their savor. Ruathar had convinced Qudlia to have child. The woman swore off having anymore. A child of thirty plus years, which had changed the dark elven womans mind. Calling upon the might of the spirits to defend mortals. She hoped she would make it beyond, for the sake of her son that she threaten to depart with the call of Inferni. she made a promise.To return to her kin, her son, when all this was over... Holding off the demons Qudlia sat upon the bridge, glancing around to s
  12. "Such is the will of the spirits" A dark elf offers the aged primarch comfort. "May you meet them once more in the lands beyond Dak'ir. If any deserve such peace, it is you."
  13. A notice is hung on the doors of dens in the Sanctum (Using this information if you do not have a den in the Sanctum is meta gaming.) ”Attention Reader, One of our own, has been brutally attacked. This was done in accordance to an old . Of age Ker are called to come join in council to discuss the following topics. Full Lock Down: We will discuss if the Sanctum should enter a full lock down, with only a total of Four individuals being allowed exit until future notice. Backing out of Firewatch: With our low population as
  14. Qudlia sat beside the Primarch. Her red gaze turned to his own, The Primarch looked only ahead. Whipping the leather reigns. Qudlias heart felt a sting of pain. She looked back at the gathered caravan. Horses and wagons pulled the group of ker far from the city they once called home. Apart of her wishes Ailmar to join them, instead she would reside herself to what ever fate he chose for himself. The ker gathered herself. Silent as the group pushed onward. Down the road and across Arcas. Across the flats, hills. Through the murky dark swamp. The ker ventured through thick trees. Renelia had
  15. Chapter 1 - The Dread War. The history of the Mali’ker, like all elves, begins in a fiery war that consumed the known world. In ancient times, while the four brothers were young, the archdemon Iblees rose to power and sought to bend the mortal realm to his desire. The elves were a distinct race at this time, lithe and pointy-eared, but it would be a long time before they had split. During the great war, the elves were merely the sons and daughters of Malin and had nothing else to their name. As the war progressed, Iblees attacked all fronts, isolating the four brothers. Malin
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