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  1. Generations of ancestors peer down into reflective pools. A collective murmur of agreement rang through them. The hallow land boat.
  2. [!] The Following letter below is available for members of the Court of Azul and those they share it with [DO NOT META GAME IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER OF THE COURT OF AZUL] CHASE THE EMBERS Orders of Kiel Vuakudah It has come to my attention that the Maehr beyond our flock have begun to aspire to greatness. An investigation into the nature of Clan Val'taelu, their ordeals, true beliefs shall commence to able body Azulytes able to blend in. We know little of modern interactions, but they attempt to catalog and record a wide variety of Maehr customs. A second matter of Clan Oussana. Of all the clans to escape the rock and our TOTAL AZUL VICTORY over Nor'asath-Nor'velyth, this is not one of our ideal clans. Though commonly heretical to a degree and part Mori, members of Clan Oussana are known to possess a zealot craze. Do not take them lightly if they begin to garner power. Investigation is required: If deemed fit, you may execute them as made available to you in the field. As for remnant clans that left before like Loa'chil, Jusmia, and Maiheiuh are deemed [NOT A THREAT] until further notice. With little action made on these Maehr ends. It is safe to say for now they lurk in the corners of the world and keep quiet beyond a few bold members of their clans. Do not engage with them that you are of this Court until you can confirm their status as a supporter or possible supporter. Keep your head on a swivel. Report findings to the Udax for catalog and review. Lastly, on a far better note. We are pleased to announce the coming Blood Bowl within the next two Infernal Months. Get prepared.
  3. A dark elf squints. "THEY FOCKIN USIN AN ALTERED KER'NOR BANNER. THE SANCTUM BANNER!" He points forward. Floored. It doesn't look half bad. Finally we got an official flag
  4. Name: Daichia Jusmia Race: Dark Elf Type of Shaman: Haruspex, Farseer Teachers: Dak'ir Des'nox, Thurak'Yar, Tedyn'Yar, (Scykos old orc Farseer) (BEZERKS WD Goblin: Snawt'ox?) Gusiam Jusmia
  5. Some shaman woman in Stargush blinks as she visits the HALL OF ENDLESS STUDY. Spotting Enomi, Qudlia quirks a brow. "More and more by the days. Years?" Puzzled, she settled herself for her search. The advance art of Forks
  6. In Llirs final act of service he displays how to leave Lord of the Craft. Get a Replacement and make a Forum post. Here's to years of service Llir. For Josh, glad to see you on the team and good luck!
  7. A Cerusil stares at the Pyre for a moment. Before the GREEN POWER RANGER returns to his reading for the day. "The other shoe just dropped."
  8. An Inferi slinks by as night covers the fort. Peering down to check in on the bodies it left nailed to their gate.
  9. An Inferi looms over the gates of the Hexicanum. Ready for the stragglers of the Moz touched. "Prove your worth in the forest, you may yet live to see greatness."
  10. A Cerusil rests in a cot in the hospital. Having broken his arm training for jousting. He nods slowly. Perhaps.
  11. A Cerusil readies his jousting lance. Running head first at the tree up the hill. Surely no harm could come from this.
  12.  Creamy just dropped Codes of Krug and now I stare at an old orc skin

  13. Another Cerusil sits in the lounge. Watching an old man pace back and forth. He sets his book to the side, and reaches out to a scabbered on the table. The elf might as well get some training in. Time to head down to the Barracks. The joy of the last cup of tea before the chaos of war is something few truly knew.
  14. -1 As an Inferi player I find it vital to proper demon RP, that I must watch my Warlock do Romance RP for two hours in a corner room while I just stand there on guard. @femurlord
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