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  1. A dark elf places the paper down within the fire place. A sense of wonderment, a land of valah calling themselves ker.
  2. Somewhere, upon the fields on endless war, A mali’ker wonders if he knew the uruk swinging a mace at his head. Only to wake up the next day, realizing he never actually finished the thought.
  3. Screams of delight ring forth from the highest tops of the clergy temple after reading the notice. ”This one goes on the wall.”
  4. Faith of The Maehr The Ancestors In this address, I shall speak of the Great Ancestors, and a deal of personal ancestors worshipped within major Mali’ker clans. First I shall explain the ancestors as a whole. The blood of the Maehr. The military and scholar force that roamed the lands with Velulaei, daughter of Malin, first Mali’ker and first Shaman of the Ker. It is from The Maehr that the Mali’ker come. Showing what we now call, Dark elf. Many Mali’ker give praise to their own blood ancestors in addition to praising the greatest of them all. The Greator Ancestors or Mali’ker Saints Velulaei the Primarch Daughter of Malin, scholar, savior, and spiritual leader. Veluleai was the first Mali’ker and Primess of her people. Leading them from a time before the ‘Ker knew their ashen touch on a quest for knowledge. Discovering the other faiths of the world, but most importantly, the Spirits, gifting them unto her followers. They entered a new way of life for elves under the guidance of the Spirits rather than simply nature itself like their family back home in the forests of Malinor. But dark times would descend on her expedition when the madness of an eldritch god forced them to commit terrible sins against their people. Atop a snowy midnight peak she begged the Uradas The Protector Uradas served beneath Velulaei, issued commands during the war of Ibliss. Following the fall of Veluleai to the dreaded Azul the Usurper, her husband Uradras would become regent in her stead. Leading the city and it’s defense against the Azulite rebels who were hellbent on returning to the old ways of madness and degradation. A path against the ways of the Moon and the restraint Veluleai had brought upon her people Khel Oussana The Zealous The Old Prince, first ‘Ker to lead his kind in such a manner since ancient Axios. Prince Khel was renowned throughout Malinor for his ferocity and zealous pride. Rising from slave-hood beneath the cruel Mori, he would one day rise to represent the dark elves within old Malinor. After losing his running for High Prince of Malinor in what he believed to be a foolish popularity contest, he ferried the dark elven people from the shady oaks of old Malinor to the cold pines of the first true dark elven home in centuries that he found to be called Darkhaven. Khel would come to meet Koltira Ravexi, the Mali’ker guiding Khel towards his ancestral ways. Khel took to such with a passion not seen before, enforcing the will of the ancestors upon the mortal plain for eons. Koltira Ravexi the Father Koltira had fled to Darkhaven with Khel and the rest of the Mali’ker entered the city. Not much is truly known of Koltira’s life other than he was a kind Mali’ker. Within our earliest ages many sought the council of The Father in times of grief and stress, for spiritual guidance. Through Koltira and Khel, the Mali’ker ways were returned to the blind eyes of their kin. Setting the foundations of which Mali’ker society thrives. Jiub The Strong A giant ‘Ker of honor and renown in a time of strife for his people. Originally the captain of a band of corsair dark elves, he joined Des’Nox in his move against the Dark Trinity and helped found the bastion of Ker’lomi, the new home of the Mali’ker in the Fringe. Alongside his comrades in arms, he founded an order devoted to the protection of his people as their pain bearers, the Div’cruan. And would lead this small but stalwart band of ‘Ker into the vanguard of nearly every major battle of the Fringe Wars. Jiub was ever in the small skirmishes as well though. His pride and thirst for battle eventually being his downfall as he fell in Athera. Arganos Uuthilini The Festive The Blue Bard. Arganos Uuthlini was a renowned festival maker and explorer of the eldritch deeps of Magarah’lin. While the dark elves could generally be considered a dower people, Arganos was quite the opposite. Finding newfound optimism with the Spirits it is said that Arganos was the first ‘Ker to discover the Spirit of Celebration, Beatharuz, who’d given him the task of spreading his celebration and glory after slaying an enormous Lurker within the depths of their mountain realm that inspired a week long celebration to the ashen city. Originally only revered as the Uuthlini patron Ancestor, his popularity rose once more as tales of his exploits and his songs would fill Mali’ker taverns once again with their reconnection to Stargush’stroh in Axios. While only a myth and simply considered the Uuthlini clan’s eldest Ancestor, many other dark elves quickly began giving praise to him within the various taverns the clan would keep over the centuries. The Dalmakia Brothers The Ancestral trio of fortune, craftsmanship, and greed. An ancient trio of Mali'ker brothers. Each of the three brothers specialized in their own field to maximize their trade and profits, having said to have made deals with both Ghroza and Gultros in exchange for this knowledge and charisma. The first and eldest brother was Bandadar, who had the knowledge of the market, when best to buy and sell. It was he that led the Dalmakia clan to the human lands where he believed they could best manipulate the market. The second brother Falsals contributed to his clans fortune with his silk trade. Fine materials and finer wines were what helped this cunning 'Ker make his riches. And finally the youngest brother Dolyni. Best described as flamboyant, Dolyni was a skilled jewel crafter. His cuts were precise and flawless which made his jewelry highly sought after. However with time and change, these three brothers eventually faded away into history. Old Mali'ker myths tell of their hoard of gold and jewels hidden deep within the earth of the elven homeland. A great mountain said to rival any dwemer treasury chambers. Delilah The Den Mother A gentle soul, this plump ‘Ker became the den mother of the ‘Ker for a time. When the ‘Ker still lived beside ‘Ame and “Aheral. She comforted all within their halls. Whether it be with her baking, her sweet words, or a shoulder to cry on, Della was there. But like a mother, she was zealously protective of her kin. She had on more than one occasion picked up her frying pan to bash a few well deserved heads in, only to scold them after. To those that knew her in life, she represented a mother in all regards. In both her kindness and her watchfulness of her flock.
  5. Glad to see a good new delf clan lore
  6. No need to even comment really just do what the man says
  7. Should mention this is an ET event we are not warring players. Keep this in mind folks
  8. A notice is issued across the city of Magara’lin, and sent out to the surrounding settlements about Renelia. The last of the Mori, the end of Nemiisae's faithful UwU, what’s this music? It is with great regret that I address the Mali’ker of Renelia and in whole Arcas. Following from the sighting of Athera, the Mori’Quessir sightings are confirmed. For the course of now six years the last of the Mori have been attempting to disrupt the Mali’ker within Renelia. Their goals the same as the last days of Darkhaven. The Mori’Quessir once more seek lordship over the Mali’ker. Already two assassins have crept in. Already have they laid their traps and found the cavern. At night they flash signals towards the sea, just past the Uruk ruins east of Magara’lin. The mountain top is filled with two foot deep pike pits. Daily must we throw off ropes they toss to our walls in attempts to ambush us. The Mori, for all their legends are not as they were. More agile than any of two feet no doubt. The first assassin was met with death when an Uruk ripped its head off with a single jerk of its arm. In the past, Darkhaven, where the Mali’ker first met the Mori. They lied, fed us poisons. Beat us down for defying their Nemiisae. It was Khel Ousanna that lead the breach against the Mori’s prison from within. Who free’d Mali’ker. The Mori could not stop us then. With Khel in tow, we slaughtered every Mori that dared try stop us. Their blood drenched the walls. We did not torture them, this was no raid. This was liberation, freedom from the hands of our traitorous hosts. There is nowhere in Arcas they can run, no where they can hide. The time to snuff these savages is now. I call upon the Mali’ker within the next elven year to discuss what is necessary. I call upon the Velulaei'diraar to strategize for the clear threat in addition to training willing citizens to defend their very lands. Already, even others aside of the Ker have seen the threat these beast purpose. Those wishing to offer blades may present themselves within Renelia to coordinate with the Velulaei’diraar. Leyu Luara The Keeper of Ash, Qudlia Jusmia.
  9. Beth is a liar but I love my mushroom homeland. Me and the cave savages coming out to play
  10. Daichia Jusmia welcomes Dalyors into the lands beyond. ”Worry not of what you knew. Your struggles are not in vain. Come Dalyor. Sit a spell. Relax. Witness the ancestors hard work.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z64fTcFkCEA
  11. Some dark elf frowns a moment. Not remembering any historian asking any sort of cultural questions. The cave bound savage sighs. Sitting within a wooden chair. The cold breeze blowing through the towering tops of the temple. The cave bound savage remembers something, rising from her seat to move to a window. Staring down between the iron bars. To speak only. ”Oh **** that’s high up.” That’s me on the right, very top.
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