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  1. This feels like a vague redline - any strike from any material would disconnect a mage. Would a strike from Resonantium add an a extra charging emote for some set duration if the struck mage attempts to cast within a set duration, or would it introduce a extra emote before the mage can re-connect/charge if they somehow have managed to stay connected for a indefinite duration? I feel the metal should have some limit on how many times it can add a extra emote or disrupt before it incurs some cost to itself or the user, or can no longer be used in the encounter as listed in other abilities. To add to this, is there any particular reason why this would only effect voidal mages, and not any other magical user, including other users of Kani if struck by Resonantium? They all manipulate some form of mana to a extent, and anti-magical things tend to equally target all magics.
  2. "...I do not remember Karl III banning the Inferi from the city, when they bore down on Karsograd." The Watcher remarks as those cosmic eyes flicker over a copy, more them amused. "First ink, now this - it's just a Cat. I thought she wasn't a threat?" He shrugs to himself in the isolation of his own apartment, carefully folding the missives atop another report - one mentioning something about Twelve Crowns, and other possible remarks he might tell at his next comedy appearance.
  3. A actual meter/block distance range would be much better then a chat range - also, if Wither cannot be dodged in the "traditional" sense it would help to clarify in what sense it can be dodged then. I presume it means any form of breaking LoS or physical/warding/direct abjuration barrier would suffice. This does just feel like a re-statement of Voidal Connection redlines and how voidal casting works in general in some places - I feel like it could be left out, and all that's really needed is the clarification on a max range (if any, if its not a projection LOS should suffice), which constructs it would affect, and how it can and cannot be dodged.
  4. "Hey, didn't we do this one before?" Haus remarks to the Chamber of Magisters within Hohkmat, idly remarking as his cosmic gaze peers over towards the still-burning, glassed ruins that once was Veletz. He blissfully considers the metaphysical ramifications of the many letters being sent with glee, before returning to the days many magical matters. @Minuvas @ScoutTheWitch @MeteorDragon
  5. "...Copycat." Haus mutters, flicking a finger across the eye drawn atop the paper. He smiles to himself, at his own little joke - his ever-present Yisar seems to frown at his antics, stomping into the dirt as he reads through the paper "He wasn't always this way - a shame he picked her to work for. Though...took her name? You'd think a 'Thill would at least pretend to be more discrete." He hums to the Yisar besides him, as he sets off back off on his travels.
  6. Haus squints as the missive in his hands seems to magically lose a signature before his eyes, ink vanishing off the paper in his hand and the remaining filing down to fill the new gap, as if it had never been there at all. Those cosmic eyes cast skyward, as he silently wonders which newborn the Kaethulian council has sacrificed this time to the spirits to achieve the grand feat of magic witnessed right before his gaze.
  7. "If you kill a dead thing, has the number of dead things in the world gone up, or down? Has a change even been made?" The Watcher ponders the important questions as he wanders through his apartment within his district, in tatters after a no-knock raid in the dead of night. The Holy Missive from the Holy Man himself brings him some semblance of entertainment, as he hums a distant tune admist tidying up things.
  8. "-She was a doctor, too. And kind, and caring, and just-" Haus mumbles as those cosmic eyes sweep over the paper. There's no real reason for him to take such offense over such words - everyone knew she was kind, and caring, and just - but he does, anyway. His head turns up and away from the paper, as if to exaggerated his point in the isolation he sits in. Those eyes still water regards, and grief weighs heavy on his heart. The tiny bit of mock offense he tries to hide behind washes away, and all that remains with him is lament - over what unspoken words he can never say, that he was not there for the Queen-Doctor as she was for him. He is old, and yet still another has passed on too soon, and all that remains is to carry the flame of their memory onward. It's not fair. It's his curse, still, but it's not fair - is all he laments behind tears
  9. Far beyond the night sky, in a particularly primordial cluster of starlight and dust - a mind wandered and reflected. The Watcher had been disinvolved for some time, mostly of his own choice. The affairs of demons and claimed not-demons grew tiring to keep track of, since a poor attempt at a bounty was issued out from a greedy town. It had been some time since he had heard of the White Cat, though - and as its writing came across his view hours prior, it gave him enough to reflect upon admist unseen depths. A passing thought granted him some semblance of solace - those who had always clung to his name had always been struck by misfortune severe, a curse he had no say over since it had been inflicted upon him. Some occurrences of ill-fated luck simply had proven to be more tolerable then others.
  10. This feels a bit too complicated for a redline - it would be easier to just redline a shorter duration for constructs/atronachs. Voidal Mages are inflicted with the weakness Wither applies, despite already having a degree of Voidal Poisoning. This feels a bit too specific - Wither is still subject to Voidal Casting rules pertaining to Line of Sight. While I think the non-projectile and range clarification is good, it would still be blocked by Warding Barriers, Direct Abjuration, and any means of obscuring the line of sight from the Voidstalker to the Target - Translocating out of their view, smoke/visual obscurement, cover, and so forth. It might be better to simply state it cannot simply be physically dodged, and to mandate some form of a tell on the charging emote so the intended target has time to act.
  11. Haus barely gives the paper a fleeting glance, at first - he's gotten more then enough papers already and he would rather enjoy his travels - but the name of it's subject captures his attention. He reads it more thoroughly. He feels his heart sink in his chest, a long-forgotten feeling of dread creeping in. He stows and gathers some of his things, bids a brief farewell to his traveling party, and makes haste for the formerly-frostbitten town - worried near-sick for his dear friend.
  12. In some far-away lands, A Watcher reads over a copy - word travels far, and his reach farther. He wonders if he'll ever find a roommate like Wilford and Atticus are to each other - it would help with the nigh-unbearable taxes he faces. He smiles softly at his own errant thoughts, words scribbled down onto his copy as he returns his mind to his travels ahead.
  13. Haus eagerly scanned through the paper, only to crumble it up into a ball and throw it into the fireplace with righteous fury as he realized the 'Throne' of Man was metaphorical.
  14. I think there's a large difference between this - which implies someone willingly enters a PK zone and takes the risk - and what the post actually says where they had no warning or indication they were about to be otherwise forced into the PK zone. Sure, if you want high reward there's high risk, but that's not what's being said here at all. What's being said is you should never be forced into a PK Zone.
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