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  1. “THE SEASON BEGINS - ROZIK I VE KORTZ” The fifth liftstala season continues. The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska Edition XVI Tov ag Yermey, 445 ES With the fifth lifstala season well underway, my doves have been hard at work with reporting every hushed conversation amongst the courts, whispering in my ear of the ongoing pairings for this years era of love and devotion. Continue on, dear reader, and feast your eyes upon the scandals of the year. THE MORRIVI ROSES ~ With the season of love having started but a few months ago, we have already been graced with a number of topics to discuss. One of the most prevalent, in my most humble opinion, is of the Ruskan Rose. For those unfamiliar with this tradition, the rose is chosen from the hundreds of debutantes that take part in the presentations, and is selected by the queen and her council. In the Ruskan Rose, they seek particular qualities, such as her demeanor, clothing, and how she presented herself before the court. A stuttering, lisping mess would not be crowned the rose, for the women of our courts must hold themselves with dignity and composure. I was most surprised by the selection of women called forth by the crown as, in truth, most if not all of them failed to impress me. MISHCA LESANOV-FALCONE; Lady Mischa Lesanov was crowned the Ruskan Rose, and the apple of Prince Nikolas’ eye. This author predicts the two will eventually be conjoined in the tradition of courtship, having known each other for many, many years. While Manon de Falstaff is doing her best to tear the two apart, Lady Mischa and Prince Nikolas shared a dance soon after she was crowned the most eligible bachelorette of the season. She answered the questions of the crown with enviable eloquence, her gowns tailored to flatter her form, and stitched in traditional Raev design. ADA COLBORN; Lady Ada Colborn, the heiress to Bethlenen, confidently strolled down the crimson carpets of the prikaz adorned in armor. Her attire, in my opinion, was both extremely brazen and completely boring. One would have thought that if she were to take the unconventional route of presenting in plate, that she would perhaps then do something rather extraordinary with her hair, or her makeup, or her mannerisms. Is her greatest accomplishment simply the fact she’s different from the rest of the women in the court? Where is her drive? Her passion? Her ability to command the attention of all in the same room as her? I simply wish that she would have demanded more excitement from the courts, as there were surely a number of ways she could further impress the crown and secure the title of Ruskan Rose. Perhaps she was not chosen because while the Queen and her council were deliberating, she was amongst the stands causing havoc, stirring up disruption amongst the courts and aptly placing unfair blame onto Her Royal Majesty for disallowing a latecomer to debut. FRANZISKA VAS RUTHERN; Lady Franziska vas Ruthern has been absent from court for many, many years, and has only made her return following the death of her mother. She’s a dark horse, that is for certain, and little is known of her - besides the fact she encourages the bad habits of the Princess Royal, and appears to share her inclination towards a private party in the powder rooms of the prikaz. Not just five saints days ago she was spotted deliberately falling during a dance with the young acolyte, Iosif Basrid. One must wonder, is she simply a creature of incoordination, or did she want to be held by the dashing young gentleman known for being good with his hands. Before the season began, Lady Franziska made her grand entrance into the social circles of the court by debuting in the Reinmar joust. She unhorsed almost every opponent, riding with speed, strength, and utmost accuracy. Unfortunately, whatever beginner’s luck she had managed to accrue soon wore thin, and she was thrown from her steed by the Grand Prince of Kusoraev, who then began to pay her particular attention. Is she a lady of the courts, or is she a man in dames clothing? THE DOXY OF GUISE ~ To be a woman of unlanded nobility is an unfortunate position to be in, especially an unlanded noble of a foriegn nation to the one you house yourself in. Manon de Falstaff, ‘The Doxy of Guise’, is one such woman. For many years I have observed the air of desperation that has clung to her like a shadow of contempt, eating away at every word, every gesture, and every smile she offers. Relentlessly, she has pursued Prince Nikolas, stating multiple times in childhood how she wishes to wed him, how she desires to be princess-consort, and when confronted with these accusations - she crosses her arms and with a huff, states her most closest confidants are liars! My doves are ever observant, however, and have recently heard of a conversation in the halls of the Prikaz between our very own Princess Royal, and the Ruskan Rose, Lady Mischa Lesanov. Lady Mischa crossly confided in the Princess Royal how Manon had told her she held no romantic feelings for Prince Nikolas, only to then, days later (conveniently after Prince Nikolas had begun to show an interest in the rose of the season) admit to her that she was still vying for the title of consort. Her efforts don’t end there, with Manon having turned her attention to her second choice, Duke Valdemar Baruch. She has truly no shame, and it saddens this author to see two titled men of the peerage fawned over so obsessively by a woman with little other to offer them than some very strange looking children, because surely, there is very little substance to her character bar the fact she is ‘not like other women’. It is exhausting to keep up with, her thoughts and feelings are as fickle as the weather. Duke Valdemar must feel so humiliated for having been played such a fool by the de Falstaff madam, he wasn’t and still isn’t even her first choice! THE DOGS OF DRUZSTRA ~ A source that is remaining anonymous has graced the writer with a most compelling and conflicting story reflecting a certain Ruthern. Aleksandr vas Ruthern, noted as a favored and vigorously admired member of Haense society. Perhaps popularity is not everything, seeing as it has only landed him in a most ponderous position on behalf of my dove’s astute nature. One should watch how they carry themselves in the air of the public and the courts, for the writer is always there spontaneously watching. Our very own Princess Royal and Aleksandr vas Ruthern, whomst we all thought were such an enderating and loveable pairing, are coming to blows regarding the nature of the male Ruthern. Perhaps it runs in the family and he is his father’s son! To start off on this section, he has become unnervingly close to that of another Princess, Octavia Helen. During her debut at the start of the season, he was seen gazing longingly at her as she waltzed down the carpets of the halls. Feasibly, one could play this off as just a severe admiration of her garbs and aura, but his so-called ‘admiration’ did not cease there. Octavia Helen was given her own private quarters in the keep of Vidaus, multiple sources telling the writer that Aleksandr vas Ruthern was the culprit behind her move to the keep. Does Aleksandr need an eye test as briskly as possible? Or perhaps he is accustomed to the rank of a Princess within his company and cannot tell the two apart. Not even a few saint’s day later, Aleksandr was seen with yet another woman. How surprising… This time the Doxy of Guise! As if his standards could plummet even further into the soil. On this special occasion of his, it was in the form of a house call. It is said by a source that they spent a considerable amount of time with each other, smiling and laughing contentedly as they did so. The Princess Royal, Analiesa Josefina, finally confronted him about these disgusting arrangements and actions. It is known that Her Highness felt a severe feeling of disheartenment and shame towards Aleksandr vas Ruthern, and even went as far as to accuse him of cheating and passing attention to other women! The writer feels as though the Ruthern should be ashamed of himself, and that it will take many weeks or perhaps months to earn the trust of the Princess once more. A CITY OF WHITE ~ It has become apparent from multiple, reliable sources that the streets of Karosgrad are seemingly covered in snow these past few weeks, and the Princess Royal has taken an unusual liking to its white nature. Frequently spotted at social gatherings disappearing in command with her handmaidens to powder her nose, returning somewhat perplexed and wide eyed. Is our beloved Princess starting to become out of control with her latest ascension to the duty of Princess Royal, and are its tedious hours and details becoming too overwhelming? No one seemed to stand up to Her Serene Highness within a recent turmoil of behavior - she has converted towards a demeanor of severe negativity. One defied this at the second part of the debuts, and all of the court was present to witness this controversial spectacle. Anne Marie Novellen-Kaphro made her shameful debut towards the throne room, sporting a dress with a split so high that many could see abstract limbs on display. In the presence of children! Nonetheless, the Novellen proves to bring disgrace on an already unfavorable house, as if such could dive any further into the ground. Our very own unmanageable Princess Royal observed this as a challenge, spewing a shrewd comment about the lewdness of her attire. With no thought behind the Novellen’s words, she was rapid to speak her own thoughts, to which Analiesa simply responded with a prominent line. “Some art is cheaper than others.” Such fierce intent from our very own. One would think the Novellen would be silenced. Anne Marie did not adhere, and their bickering continued droning onwards. The bottom line of this category is that the Princess Royal is not one that is easily tamed or challenged - and this series of events proves just how unhinged she has become in the last few weeks. As the people, we are concerned for her. May the wellbeing of Her Highness begin to take a turn in the positive direction, and long live the crown. THE DEBUT THAT NEVER WAS ~ To debut before the crown is the biggest day of a young lady's life, and for Emelie de Falstaff, this is no exception. Having lived in our courts for many years as a refugee alongside her sisters, Emelie is a brazen little mare, with the resilience of a brick wall. She must possess a grandiose sense of self-importance to so casually dismiss the arrangements made for her by the Queen and her council, forgoing her allotted time slot on the first day of presentations to instead go gallivanting around the countryside in search of curiosities and forgotten knick-knacks. After having purposefully evaded her only opportunity to debut in the opening of Lifstala, Lady Emelie then stormed into the courts on the second day of presentations, disrupting the Queen's attempt to deliberate with her council upon the Ruskan Rose. She demanded their time, and that they cease in their hopes of leaving the dais, performing lackluster tricks of changing colors in order to grasp as much attention as humanly possible. Such was very clearly her attempt to circumvent the prior decision given to her by the Queen, one stating that if she were not to attend her specified date of debut, she would not be allowed to step before the courts whatsoever, a fact that was reiterated by the Princess Royal, and one interrupted by the incessant squawking of Elia Colborn. With the Colborn’s interjection and plea, the courts were aroused with a fiery countenance never seen before. The Mistress of the Robes herself stoked the flames, alongside Lady Ada Colborn, and Lady Elia Colborn (who, for some reason unknown to me, dramatically stormed from the throne room in floods of tears). In the end, this tactless interruption of the season's arguably most important event, was for the pointless presentation of a kokoshnik. Our Lady Emelie de Falstaff needs a lesson in timing. MISTRESS OF DISMISSAL ~ To be a mistress of the wardrobe and go out with a shameful dismissal is a rather embarrassing end for our very own Nikoleta Baruch, who has been a member of the Queen’s council for a favorable number of years. Her achievements were vast within the world of the wardrobe, producing an increased amount of modas for the Morrivi Prikaz courts which have influenced fashion today. Some may hypothesize that her strict rules around certain donning of particular items are over the top and unnecessary, much like her behavior in front of the entire courts. Nikoleta Baruch took it upon herself to go against the final word of our beloved Queen several times in the case of Emelie’s deny of debut. One would already think such an act of revolting etiquette is disgusting, but her efforts definitely did not cease there. Oh no. The writer had to take a few minutes to digest the length of Nikoleta Baruch’s vile comments towards the Queen and the instigation of young minds against the Crown and court. Multiple atrocious phrases left the woman’s mouth during this incited riot. “They are treating you ladies like dullards!” “This is unacceptable!” “Is this how you treat your people?” Among an array of other comments thrown within the crowds on that eventful day, these are the ones that stand out to the writer. One would think after a lifetime of popularly described as boring fashion rules and etiquette, our once very own Nikoleta Baruch would act with some more decorum about herself. Her actions did not transpire on for much longer as she was silenced by the Duke of Vidaus, where he firmly stated that she was fired from her duties and no longer a member of the courts. Rightfully so, as in these courts, actions do have consequences. Was this an act of desperation on behalf of the Duke? Perhaps he was frightful of the judgment being thrown around the courtroom before it trickled towards himself. Being in a strange spot at this moment in time, the Duke should tread rather carefully in his next moves. The writer believes this was a calculated move, yet a sneaky and self-centered one at that. THE SEASONS PAIRINGS ~ With the lifstala season steadily ongoing, this author has become something of a betting woman. With my doves, I observe, and with my observations - I come to conclusions. Written below are my most esteemed pairings for the fifth lifstala season, those who have made themselves so clearly known to my ever-watching eye, that is. ANALIESA BARBANOV-BIHAR AND ALEKSANDR VAR RUTHERN; The Princess Royal and Baron of Rostig have been entwined together for some years now, and seem to either love or completely despise each other! It has been absolutely tiresome to keep up with, and I am a woman that has eyes and ears everywhere, constantly reporting to be the ongoings of this court. This couple, however, is one I simply cannot keep up with. They are hot, and then cold, up and then down - it sends my head on a swivel. Recent words reach my ears, however, detailing the fact that the Princess and Lord have been denied permission to court by their Royal Majesties. One can only desire to have been a fly on the wall during the tense discussions between the Baron and the King, as the political tension between House Ruthern and the Crown has been more than apparent to any onlooking eye. One would have thought the King would have wished to bridge the gap between their two houses, not further cause it to deepen. FRANZISKA VAS RUTHERN AND VALDEMAR BARUCH; Lady Franziska and His Grace, the Duke Valdemar, are a recent addition to my list, but one of my most favorite couples. Nudged together by the Princess Royal herself, these two have swiftly become a notable pairing around the courts of the Morivvi Prikaz, constantly embroiled in hushed conversations and sly smiles sent across the ballroom floor. The Duke has been relentlessly pursued by multiple women throughout his life, such as the twin sisters Ophelie and Manon de Falstaff, and drowned in the sea of debutantes this season. The pair have been known to enjoy walks around the palace gardens, hunting alongside the Princess Royal and her associates, and - if my doves are correct, the Duke has even invited Lady Franziska to join him on a private sea voyage! How romantic, that he is opening up to her with one of his greatest passions; seafaring. NIKOLAS BARBANOV-BIHAR AND MISCHA LESANOV-FALCONE; Prince Nikolas and Lady Mischa have been a close pairing ever since childhood, tactfully avoiding the constant interference of Lady Manon. They have bonded over their love for the curiosities, and their adventurous spirits, two qualities which have led them to one another over and over again. The Prince has shown an express interest in the Ruskan Rose ever since her appointment before the courts, asking her for her first and last dance at almost every occasion. My informants have also told me how the two have had multiple house calls, and exchanged extravagant gifts in order to display their affections. THE OTISTADT SNAKE ~ Surprisingly, for once, the Ludovar family has once again been a popular topic in Karosgrad. Certainly not for any accomplishments, that’s undeniable, but rather a string of circumstances that reflect poorly on the current Countess of Otistadt, wherever the dullard may be. Word of the infamous dinner between the Ludovar and Ruthern family quickly spread throughout Haense, detailing a strange affliction that had taken hold of the ducal pairing and their children, one such disease that seemed to act swiftly and without mercy. This author finds it most curious, how the Countess (who is known for her prevalent dislike of the Ruthern family, particularly Angelika vas Ruthern) visited the keep Druzstra, and then shortly after her departure… well, I shudder to put into words the details of their affliction - some of which our courtiers had the misfortune of witnessing at a session of the King’s royal court. It was a miserable sight to see, the young flaxen-haired bastards of Vidaus frothing at the mouth, collapsing to the floor from the stands - blood pooling at the bottom of their skull after a frightful fall. Even after this display of utter ill-health, word has reached this author's ears of a particular rumor - one started by the Otistadt snake herself. The countess so confidently has accused (among her private circles) that it was instead the Ruthern brood who had attempted to poison her, having somehow slipped a concoction of sorts into her meal, only to suffer the brunt of the consequences themselves. I had thought I had heard everything after my years of writing this publication, dear reader, but that is perhaps the most ridiculous and unintelligent accusation I have had the displeasure of penning. The Countess struggles to even keep her mutt of a husband on a leash (though, who can blame him, truly? A plain loaf of bread could offer more interesting conversation than Adele Ludovar), so do tell me, how is it we are to expect her to successfully hold the aulic position of High Justicar? How is it, when her husband has broken the law of fornication, that he has not yet been prosecuted? (Penance from the church is not enough. He has broken a law of Haense, and if the King expects her to prosecute the Duke Mikhail, then she is certainly expected to serve those same charges to her husband.) Why, tell me, is it that she is instead once again channeling all of the fury from her pathetic excuse of a marriage into destroying the Ruthern family? The only reason she swallowed her pride and went through with her marriage to Matyas Barbanov-Bihar is because she came to the sorry conclusion that, well… - nobody else would have her. I propose a slightly varied theory as to the events that occurred that fateful evening in Druzstra, and that is that Adele Ludovar finally decided to remove a thorn from her side - Angelika vas Ruthern, the constant reminder that she is a failure, and unwanted, and undesirable. This author speculates that it was instead the Countess Ludovar who attempted to poison the Vixen of Karosgrad, only to be left sorely disappointed when the hexeress was not in attendance. Not only did she potentially plan to murder the hexeress in this private setting, but now with the excuse of ‘returning moral integrity’ to our nation, she has discussed executing her - stating such plainly to the Duchess of Vidaus. For shame, Adele. For shame. It seems you will go to any lengths to enact your revenge, even going so far as to abuse your station as High Justicar to do so. Do excuse my tardiness in writing about such a topic, as with the lifstala season, I have been preparing my doves to report every whisper, every lustful glance, and every unchaperoned visit. Since this topic had been broached in Haense, our king personally intervened, accepting the Duke of Vidaus’ penance and refuting all attempts to charge him. Be wary, dear reader, my eyes and ears are everywhere. Until next time.
  2. “A REVISITATION - ROZIK I VE KORTZ” And so it continues. The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska Edition XV Tov ag Yermey, 441 ES The time between our last editions has steadied to a consistent ten years, far too long for this author’s satisfaction. I had hoped that my last edition would spurg the populace into action. Are you all still so pleased with your inactivity, your lack of substance? Quite the drolling affair, pulling substance from an empty barrel to entertain the masses. You are lucky, dear reader, that I am of the generous sort. A ROYAL UNION IN TURMOIL ~ It is most intriguing that this writer must report on the ruling couple so publicly, but it seems they themselves have little regard in keeping their private life just that, private. Many a courtier has been abuzz with gossip, whispers bouncing throughout the halls of the newly constructed Morrivi Prikaz, all of which lowly murmur of the turmoil brewing between His and Her Royal Majesty. It is not unusual for strife to become prevalent amongst the royal union, as we have seen many a king and queen suffer a clash of opinions, but there has been such a drastic change in the relationship between the patriarch of Barbanov and his bride, that this writer must wonder, has a certain flaxen-haired vas Ruthern finally clawed the King from his marital bed? This writer must inquire how one could claim the royal matrimony was one made out of love, as the actions of the King and Queen simply do reflect they have pure dislike for one another. All four of their children reflect the poor behaviors exhibited by the parents, showcasing a perfect example of how a souring relationship can ruin the flourishing fruit. It saddens the writer to see a once hopeful royal family brought to wreckage purely because love isn’t enough. A BRIDELESS BARUCH ~ Matyas Baruch, recently knighted by His Royal Majesty, has had the longest engagement that this writer has ever seen. In his youth, the young Ser was reportedly betrothed to a common Rutledge woman, one such lady who the city of Karosgrad has never seen again! It’s certainly a curiosity as to why Ser Baruch never chose to take a wife, or as to why his betrothed abandoned him in the first place. Many a rumor has reached this author's ears, murmuring that the reason Miss. Rutledge abandoned her engagement with Ser Matyas, was due to the fact she discovered an illicit affair between Ser Matyas and the late Konstanz Barclay! The two were extremely close, and the Ser Matyas has grieved for the late Konstanz more than he did his own mother, repeatedly growing teary-eyed whenever the deceased Barclay is mentioned in conversation. A CRAVING FOR A BARBANOV ~ Affection seems to be in the air as many young suitors finally reach the age of majority and begin the arduous search for a bride or groom. Disastrously, this writer can’t help but notice the lack of males in this next breed. You’d think last generation would be worse with Baruch only being of female stock, but this Lifstala will have an almost three women to one man ratio! Unluckily for Prince Georg Sigismund, the Heir to the Kingdom, this means that triple the amount of women fending for the title of Queen are already grappling at him. Many have seen him lingering in dark hallways with strange women. Surprisingly, most are notably grotesque and of low birth - the opposite of a fit bride for the kingdom. Perchance this is his way of coping or getting back at his parents for being lackluster with their emotions. However, the author must shame two specific women for taking advantage of a kind and generous boy, especially before Lifstala or outside of the Juliyafest celebrations. Both have publicly referred to him as ‘their love’ or ‘their prince’ as if staking a claim. The first being a lowly bastard of an unfaithful Duke, Viorica Barrow. She may seem sweet, but the girl is the complete opposite. Having been seen around the sneaky and conniving Austina Aldersberg, the pair must be up to no good as they continue to plot. Secondly, a Kortrevich named Esfir. She is a much more suitable match, being the eldest of the Viscount and heir. Yet, her hair and features age dramatically each day. By their wedding day she might as well be a bag of bones! (Not to mention, she would be utterly destroying her house in the process.) THE VAR RUTHERN RACE ~ It seems that His Serene Highness is not the only member of the Barbanov brood to be so aggressively pursued, as whatever qualities our charming heir possesses has also been passed onto his young sister, Her Royal Highness Analiesa. Since childhood, the princess has been swarmed by two suitors in particular, being the twin brothers Ruthern. Aleksandr var Ruthern, Baron of Rostig, and his twin brother, Vladimir, dubbed ‘the Valiant’ by Her Royal Highness. They have been in a contest of wits to win the affection of our dear princess. Being the only daughter of the King and Queen, it’s no wonder that the lords of Haense are so desperate to secure a marriage with the Barbanov-Bihar family, and that is most definitely what the Rutherns display - desperation. The two brothers have come to blows more than once fighting over the princess, one may even notice a thin scar prevalent upon the cheek of Vladimir, one such given to him during a particularly nasty altercation with his brother. Many of my doves have overheard the princess speaking of such an occasion, claiming that this scar was left by the pin of a brooch - a beautiful piece of jewelry, still covered in blood, that Aleksandr gifted to her following the brutal physical fight. Some years before, during the tourney to name a new grand champion of Karosgrad, the Ducal mother overheard of her two boys intentions to court the Princess. Within earshot of the Duchess, Her Royal Highness boasted about how Vladimir had hand-crafted her a string of pearls, a necklace that she was wearing proudly and showing off to all of her close friends. Her Grace, Duchess Margrait, immediately uprooted herself from her seat and burst into the royal box, to which she began reprimanding Her Royal Majesty, the Queen. Her Grace demanded that either a betrothal be made between the princess and one of her two sons, or that Princess Analiesa cease her entertainment of the two young lords immediately. Her Royal Majesty immediately denied any notions of betrothal, and instead, saw it fit to begin slinging insults. She slyly slipped into conversation a comment regarding Duchess Margrait’s husband, inquiring if she were worried that her sons may turn out just like their father - a dog. Her Grace retorted in kind, asking the Queen if she were aware of her own husband's infidelity - having witnessed a night of passion between His Royal Majesty and a common artist from Karosgrad, within her own very bed chambers! This writer recalls her works with certainty, and it was not unfamiliar for her to have to pluck her quill from its ink to write of the latest scandal concerning King Karl’s love life. One may remember how he was so publicly intertwined with the ‘Vixen of Karosgrad’, her Royal Majesties closest of friends. Could he have betrayed the Queen’s trust? Did he simply… settle for the next best thing? He claims not, having ridden to the keep of Vidaus to face Duchess Margrait and her accusations, after being confronted by his own daughter in floods of tears! My doves report that it was certainly a sight to see, with King Karl standing atop the drawbridge on the back of his steed, barking down to the Duchess that those in glass houses, must not throw stones. He defended both the honor of his wife, and his daughter. With such shameful displays thrown into the open courts for all to see, this writer does not foresee a betrothal occurring before Lifstala anytime soon. Only time will tell if further suitors for the young princess reveal themselves from the woodwork. WHERE HAVE ALL THE FATHERS GONE? ~ One must ask, why are the daughters tasteless and the sons vulgar within the upcoming generation? Some may blame the late Dorothea for being inattentive in her education of the minors, but I dear reader, know the legitimate root of this dramatic issue. The writer has noticed the overall lack in masculinity throughout our kingdom, but it all began before this generation was ever sired. If you open your eyes you’ll notice the little details, like Bishop Maya’s husband Dmitry always on a hunting trip or the Duchess of Valwyck’s consort forever working and never devoting time to his children. This is not simply an issue found in the lands to the North and East of Karosgrad, but everywhere. Where is the Duchess of Reinmar’s husband? Or even the King of Haense? For all one knows the men are vanishing for long periods of time to smoke and play cards at best, but at worst? This author can only imagine… maybe they have issues with taking commands from powerful women so they are merely ignoring everyone in demonstration of their crude manliness! One thing is for sure though, a family cannot only be raised by a woman. In conclusion, dearest readers, our city is awash with the impetuosity of our higher class citizens. In previous generations, surly melodramas were common, but unlike our current brood of out-of-order delinquents. Seemingly no one learned of a little thing called ‘patience’. Gone are the days of tactful smiles and carefully worded compliments - instead we face brash, unyielding courtiers with little regard for houses reputation. I dear reader, plan to set you right. Brush up on your etiquette dearest lords and ladies, for you are as expendable as my feathered quill. An ornate wooden box would be publicly located under the steps of the Morrivi staircase. When opened, one would see freshly printed sheets with the magnificent title of ‘HEARSAY’ on top.
  3. “A REVISITATION - ROZIK I VE KORTZ” And so it continues. The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska Edition XIV Tov ag Yermey, 431 ES For ten long years the people of Karosgrad have gone without my writings. Rejoice, dear reader, for you shall wait no longer! Truthfully, until now, the goings-on of the Kingdom and her nobility have been dreadfully dry. Have you truly no desire for entertainment, Lords and Ladies? Do pick it up, I find it hard to believe any man or woman could be born so bland. I must offer my thanks to Her Majesty for recognizing the value of this most esteemed publication, and taking myself and my companion into her care. I do wonder if the boors of this kingdom will find it so easy to make threats upon my person, now a prestigious member of the Queen's Council. My birdies await. OUR VIXEN RETURNS ~ As this writer looked out upon the square, full of plump children and faces much too grey during these times of summer revelry, who should one spy but a face known to all from bounty posters and salacious gossip! The rowdy Angelika vas Ruthern has returned to Karosgrad, a baggage train in tow! This writer simply cannot help but inform their readers that the former Hexer has taken up residence in the heart of the Nikirala Palace, and, to the surprise of none, just so happens to sleep below the Royal Bedchamber. I do wonder whose idea that could have been. Certainly not Her Majesty’s. For of course, last I wrote of the hexer-harlot she had ensnared not one, but two men of the House of Barbanov. She notoriously stole a kiss with a young Karl III and certainly quite a bit more with the now Count-Consort of Otisdadt. Has she, in the Queen’s absence, sought to rekindle a lost love? Or perhaps the invitation was extended by His Majesty himself. In either case, I expect most interesting times shall lay ahead for our beloved royal family, as the Queen has finally returned. THE BARON OF TASTE’S TASTY TROUBLES: ALBAN’S FAMILY DINER ~ For this new segment, one which shall surely be recurring with the recent growth in the food industry in Karosgrad, it is prudent that I introduce myself: The Baron of Taste. Years and years of culinary experiences are what have brought me to this point, both of the food I have tasted, and the food that I have made myself. It is my aspiration to give a truthful and genuine review of every restaurant or food server within this Kingdom, for which I have joined forces with the Hearsay. Today, we shall look at Alban’s Family Diner. While this restaurant has yet to open, the owner and head chef, Matyas Alban, has allowed myself the prime opportunity to taste some of his food ahead of time, which was delivered to me by servants so that I may retain my anonymity. We will preface this by saying that it will come to be seen whether the restaurant can live up to this review. The food that Alban’s Family Diner serves varies, though the general theme of the restaurant is that the main dish consists of a sliced bun, filled with various things, though mostly commonly a beef patty, along with vegetables. We were delivered a Grand Otistadt Menu as the menu dubbed it. It were an elegantly sliced bun, along with a well-cooked beef patty wrapped in the finest bacon, surrounded by two different condiments, the top a sweet tomato-colored one, and the bottom a white thick and creamy one. Inside was also lettuce, tomatoes, diced onions, and cheese. It added to a magnificent taste when it entered one’s month, and every bite was truly savoured. That is not to neglect the sides that came with fine strips of potatoes, which were given dipping similar to the condiments inside of the burger, as well as these small breaded balls with melted cheese inside. It was, in total, an excellent taste experience, with I, the Baron of Taste, rated to be a solid 8.9 on my scale. MANIC OVER MULLETS ~ With fussing and crying galore, our oversized toddler of a Princess is at it once more! This author believed her to have outgrown the infantile outbursts of her youth, though it seems I was sorely mistaken. Can one blame her, though? Surely, it must be maddening to live as the firstborn of a King, yet never truly holding the title of Princess Royal. Regardless, I am told that in the past Saint’s Week she threw a tantrum, stomping her feet and frothing at the mouth … over a free haircut! The Princess shouted up a storm when Ser Grigori Vyronov, a most prestigious man of the Marian Retinue, dared to trim her son’s overgrown locks. Not only did she whine and complain, but she had the audacity to threaten the Ser with hired brigands. Why? Only the Princess knows, for no sane woman would bite the proverbial hand which feeds them. There are not many men of the Marian Retinue, Princess, each of them are invaluable to you, and your safety. Restrain yourself, for it is truly embarrassing. AN INCURSION BY THE CROWN ~ This author has caught wind of a most troubling rumour indeed. What has come of our Kingdom, where the nobility so openly partake in sinful debauchery? Approximately seven men of high standing, including two Sers and our King himself, broke into the bedchambers of Duke Mikahil of Vidaus to smoke. The room supposedly reeked of cactus green, and a scantily clad woman with bare shoulders and two great assets sat casually among the party. The King and his entourage made quite the mess of the newly furnished room, leaving sweat and pools of tobacco-laden vomit throughout it. One does wonder why a ruler would abuse the hospitality of his vassals so brazenly. This author prays our King shall mature in time. From adultery within agentry to childish squabbles, there seems to have been quite a few mishaps that have occurred before the Kingdom’s eyes. Though, even more unfortunately for those involved; before my own eyes. Be wise about your next move, dearest readers. I am always lurking. Ink put onto parchment, where the hands shakily dismantle the deception in our court. As with previous editions, my address is afforded. [OOC: Discord HearsayOfHaense#1132]
  4. “A REVISITATION - ROZIK I VE KORTZ” And so it continues. The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska Edition XIII Gronna ag Droba, 421 ES And here the court was at a standstill, in the assumption that the last of their controversies would end with the Lifstala. A mindless jest, to think that so! For it is you, dearest readers, who wish to spread this web of scandal, and so this author obliges. It will not be sparing. A GRAND CATCH ~ While the happenings of the Lifstala were all but dry, there is certainly one woman in our courts who is anything but; Angelika vas Ruthern -- or should this author say, Angelika of Vidaus? Alas, she may not be available to wed, though it seems she has given many-a-man a run for his minas. Among them, this author has heard, is our most noble Grand Prince Karl Sigmar! A rake she is not, but a vixen of the season! My birdies chirp of her scandalous lovemaking with those among her fellow hexers. And now, she supposedly locks lips with the heir to the Dual-Kingdom outside of courtship? My, oh my! Perhaps our Prince is not so maidenless as was once thought, especially when he is so intertwined with a Lady of foreign descent. Perhaps the Lady Amadea would be better to reconsider the match, if his eyes continue to retain their tendency for wandering… THE FALL OF ALBAN ~ One would think sinking her claws into the Grand Prince would be enough for the young Angelika, who has on numerous occasions been close enough to stroke his glittering crown… Yet, she is still, evidently, not content! Many of you are sure to have heard the rumours. I write to address them. Lord Matyas Isaak, a notorious flirt himself, was spotted scampering off with her at the Princely wedding just last Saint’s Day. They were discovered entangled in sheets, cheeks reddened with a guilty sheen. Actions always have repercussions, dear Matyas. Though, of this, I suppose you are already well-aware. His engagement with the Lady Adele, heir to the House of Ludovar, an even tempered and forgiving woman, has been terminated, mere days before the ringing of the wedding bells! Even if Lady Adele wished to make amends, her father surely does not. The Lord Ludovar has reportedly shunned the boy, barring him from further contacting his daughter and has challenged him to an honour duel. Was it worth it, Lord Alban? Do tell me, for I am quite curious. One night of unbridled passion at the cost of one’s entire future. Ha! I suppose this will provide the boy much inspiration for his next work, but what use is a playwright when he lives his own tragedy? THE POLLINATED ROSE ~ It would appear to this author that the young Lady Dorothea vas Ruthern possesses a withering constitution, as she has recently been heard moaning of her ill-health. This writer would note that this was indeed most prevalent during the exchange of vows between His Highness, Ser Lucien Auréle, and his bride Lady Stefaniya vas Ruthern, where she was seen nearly doubled over and barely managing to stand. This season’s Rose carried herself with uncharacteristically poor posture, with an undoubtedly greyed countenance. Many speculate this may have something to do with the ungodly amount of time she spends cooped up in the Nikirala. A flu spreading between the elite, perhaps? Or, more favourably to the author, Lady Dorothea simply overstepped and spent far too much time in the bedchambers of her beloved, Prince Josef Frederik. Could it be possible that our Ruskan Rose is with child? The once near perfection she was, tainted with impurity? A POET’S LAMENT ~ Our resident Court Poet is everything one might expect of a man of sonnets and verse. The word tortured comes to mind; a rather apt description of his countenance as of late. The poor Kortrevich, who showed such promise with his lyrical ballads during our Social Season! Naturally, my birds were watching. Listening to him spin pretty tales, rhyme couplets of woe -- it brought me quite on the brink of emotion. The latest edition to his repertoire is one worth noting, indeed. “I Hate You,” how delightful. If I may just quote some of his brilliant imaginings: “You spurn me, wench. You insult me, wretch. You will suffer, watch. I will always hate you.” It is my personal favourite of his works for its candidness -- the outpouring of emotion unstifled at last. But whom is it directed to? Well, dear reader, Lord Borris Kortrevich was cuckolded by none other than Her Royal Highness, Carolina Milena, for her preferred partner; an elf. It is almost poetry that writes itself! I do wish for the boy to keep faith, lift his chin, and find a partner worthy of his fine words. We shall look forward to the Kortrevich’s publication of love poems, one day. The Barbanovs provide endless material, I dare say. My pen scribbles to keep up as one scandal after the other befalls them. A mistress here, dark dealings there… Heed these words, for it should be the last warning of many; There is not a secret safe from our eyes. Ink put onto parchment, where the hands shakily dismantle the deception in our court. As with previous editions, my address is afforded. [OOC: Discord HearsayOfHaense#1132]
  5. “A REVISITATION - ROZIK I VE KORTZ” And so it continues. The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska Edition XII Tov ag Yermey, 419 ES With the start of our beloved Haeseni social season, ardour thickens the sky as lovers lead to bloody belligerents. This author has much to say as the months of spectacle and unseen truth comes to light, through my eyes and into the hand of the reader. Hearts will be broken and coins flipped. But what have we here on this side of a Royal coin? The dull Prince Sergei Aleksandr, who claims to be no more than a humble dynast -- keeping loyal to one Aloisa Barclay. Upon the other, the lustrous Prince Josef Frederick, living a lavish lifestyle as one might expect. But we know it is not to be true. He claims to be a Prince of many women, but then why did we find poor Josie writing his own feats of women in a letter to the Hearsay? And why did we spy the Prince Sergei making good use of that new maze in the gardens with one who dons blonde locks? Both seem to be living opposite, in the other’s dream world. TWO SIDES OF THE VYRONOV COIN ~ These new Vyronovs of ours have seemed to have left more of a mark than their distant branch of kin -- Stefan the bone idle rocks back and forth at home as the duo take the stage. Albeit, one of these boys appears to have undergone stagefright, and the other leaving the crowds crying for an encore. One Grigori Vyronov not only vowed his joust in favour of Aloisa Barclay, but also pathetically urged that his family’s honour be smitten if he were to lose against the Duke of Vidaus. He did lose, oho. Most laughed at him, some with him, but certainly we know he cried in his lonesome to sleep that night. If not for his younger, more promising brother, the Vyronov upcoming would have been snuffed out as hastily as Princess Klara Elizaveta’s Lily Knight bestowal. Lukas’ rosy cheeks appeared from the entrance of the arena, accompanied by a red rose between his teeth. This may have been the start of the Duke Johann’s insecure missive outbursts as he tossed the rose into the arms of the Barclay Duchess, proclaiming that his presented duel against the Marshal himself would be in her glorious favour. In a great spectacle, Lukas Vyronov made Johann kneel and contradictively oathed him on how one should properly duel. His wife on the far end of the arena even smiled out of her character as her favour was won, perhaps owing to the fact that her husband provides no attention for his lonely wife. Yet, the nepotistic Queen who seems to only approve of her children and peers gave no time of day for our commoner gallant. One would think she would share a sliver of her day for the appreciation of our common folk, considering her previous family of House Kortrevich was on the brink of demotion into the peasant class. That must have slipped her mind. One noble who does have a fondness for those below them is Zoya Ruthern, often seen wandering into seclusion with the eldest Vyronov boy. THE MOUSEMAN IMPERIAL ~ Imperial agents slink around the corners of Haense, but is anyone truly surprised that the good heart of our King has been taken advantage of? Even less astonished were we to hear this agent was sent directly from Philip the Fiddler as an ambassador to our nation to sow dismay, no doubt. While this John Aurelian was treated with dignity, he could not manage the same to the apple of his eye: Princess Klara Elizaveta. It is true, an Orenian spy in love with a member of the Royal Family! As unforeseen as this could be, she was certainly a step up from any harpy in his homeland… That was, until she was caught in a dance with her new flame! This author can only imagine this reignited his hatred for the Haeseni, as the one woman of class who would dare look in this Aurelian’s direction suddenly veered from his advances. The ambassador, who squeaked more alike to a mouse in his anger, has been rumoured to have struck these women and fled in his fear -- a fitting end to run from the cat’s claws. THE DUKES’ WAR ~ Coming from a line of historically short, proud men, Mikhail var Ruthern is no different from his father and grandfather. But when I say proud, it is almost insolence in the Baron. We all know that he struck Margrait Baruch after she denied his cringe-inducing advances including a child’s picture book. This might have been the seed to nurture how he is now. Our little Ruthern admirers often spill how it is he who punishes his parents for misbehaviour and not vice versa. Going as far as to have crafted a closet named the Chokey in his miserable little room, which his sisters and mother are often chucked into for hours on end. Inevitably now, Mikhail has alas allowed his not so prudent mouth to run rampant in the wrong direction. Calling what I namesake “the Seagles,” Erika and Sybilla Barclay, wenches. These two just yearn to have their only personality trait of taking offence regarding trivial matters brought to light. Johann Barclay, who was already both irate and insecure at being shown up by the youngest Vyronov, instantly took back to Reinmar with his heart in his mouth. To draft a handful of ill-willed, vengeance letters to the Baron; a fifteen year old boy. War might be on the horizon… The question I pose to you, dear reader, is; whose side are you on? BEWARE THE… BICLOPS OF ALBAN? ~ This author wonders why none have thought to mention the fact that one Lady Elizaveta Ulyana now has two eyes? Was she not “the Cyclops of Alban,” mere years ago? Is this natural? Coupled with her rather sinister display at the debut of the Lady Sorina, I should think not. Perhaps her dearest friend’s mother, the Witch of Woldzimir, brewed some foul concoction which restored her sight. Or perhaps she has appealed to Iblees in some dark, twisted ritual. I pray her fiendish nature does not rub off on those she holds dear. THE DUTY OF A KING ~ Within this Haeseni Season the ultimate prize is yet to be obtained. The title hangs over each lady’s head, to be “Queen of Hanseti-Ruska.” It dangles there, like a sparkling yet dangerously pointed chandelier, winking in an alluring light. Our Grand Prince, Karl Sigmar, has been reclusive -- no! Reluctant, in showing any outward favour to a particular lady. Our sources have nailed his preferences down to two favourites, the Lady Amadea d’Arkent, and Lady Sorina Luceafăru. Surprising choices. Yet it seems the Prince is not a pursuer of love or passion like his brothers. He has boasted of a list; A royal criteria of qualities his lucky soon-to-be Queen must fulfil. How romantic… What this checklist for his perfect match consists of, we cannot confirm. Smarts, beauty, strength, meekness? This author can reiterate, however, that with every scratching of my pen, time ticks by. Can you hear it, my Prince? The ominous knells of marriage loom. Your siblings have each found their matches swiftly enough. We are awaiting your decision, with bated breath. Tensions are rising as I once more dip my pen in ink, for the war-spirit has surely overtaken this Kingdom. I am not one for fighting, not destined to yield a sword. I boast a weapon far more powerful. Be assured, this column will continue to remark on the far more interesting wars… battles of jealousy, wrath, and squirming unease. Ink put onto parchment, where the hands shakily dismantle the deception in our court. As with previous editions, my address is afforded. [OOC: Discord HearsayOfHaense#1132]
  6. “A REVISITATION - ROZIK I VE KORTZ” And so it continues. The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska Edition XI Tov ag Yermey, 418 ES While the city remains swarmed with gossip and drama, our little birdies have been sending us letters and spreading their wings inconspicuously. Many a story has passed by during these long and cold Haeseni months, though never forget that this author will always be here to scratch our readers’ itch with our own secret gossip and scandal report. THE MATRILINEAL MAIDEN ~ Now, I’d give out a penny to any who remembers the new Amador patriarch’s wedding -- or any who have seen him since! Baron Filip Amador has simply withdrawn himself from society. In a flurry of newlywed bliss? Perhaps. Their wedding caused ripples of concern amongst the guests present, as the new Amador-Consort, Princess Petyrsa Henrietta, took it upon herself to announce that she would not take the name Amador at the very altar. Her husband, oblivious, was taken quite by surprise. This reluctance to associate with Amador surely translates to her reluctance to integrate in the Haeseni lifestyle, and her attempts to lead Lord Filip astray are evident. The Amador patriarch would surely be wise to read over their marriage contract with a scrupulous eye… to assure nothing else was foregone in their discussions. Perhaps a matrilineal marriage is marked in small print, or other swindling clauses! BESTED BARCLAYS & VENERATED VYRONOVS ~ It would seem the House of Vyronov has pulled itself from its death throes, for a few promising young upstarts have thrust themselves into the Haeseni scene. The young Lukas, accompanied by Lord Eugen Barclay, faced off against a gaggle of foreign fiends seeking to steal His Majesty’s subjects for their own lord. In the square of Karosgrad they fought many duels in quick succession, faltering only once in the face of overwhelming odds. Such a display of gallantry from the Vyronov, noble of heart, and the Barclay, noble of blood, shall surely win over the ladies of the Lifstala. If they continue on this path, this author sees many-a-maiden swooning in the near future! THE LILY AND DUMB-FROG KNIGHT ~ While this latest debacle at His Majesty’s court arose once more from the deeds of one Princess Klara Elizaveta, this author sees no need to thrash her further, for there are others more deserving. Is it not strange how time and time again the knights of our beloved Hanseti-Ruska simply do… Nothing? Is it not the duty of a knight to defend the honour of his liege, and by extension the honour of his line? I should certainly say it is, yet despite their presence in the throne room as the young Princess was humiliated, none did so much as raise their voice. Is it cowardice? Ineptitude? Why, oh gallant knights, did you allow the Princess to be denied her entry to the order of Queen Maya and the Lily? Why did you allow mere Baronial peers to besmirch her name, and the name of our King? Even though Princess Klara may have been deserving of the criticism she received, the display put on by the Crow Knights was most despicable. For shame, Sers and Dames. How far the order has fallen when a gossipmonger holds more respect for the Barbanov name than those sworn by oath to uphold it. Barclay, Morovar, Mondblume; It is of no matter. Do not spit on the honour of your liege. Raise your voices and your blades, lest you continue to bring shame to our kingdom! This author would like to note, as well, that the Knight Paramount himself was present for both the insults suffered by Princess Klara and the assault of Lady Elizaveta Ulyana, and in both cases he did nothing -- simply outrageous! Perhaps His Majesty was wrong to hand off the reins so soon. A NIGHT OF DEBAUCHERY ~ The hive of degeneracy that is Elysium was in for quite the surprise when the young Prince Josef Frederik and his entourage turned up at their gates. My birdies tell me the Prince was joined by Lord Mikhail var Ruthern, Lord Matyas Isaak, Mister Lukas Vyronov, and none other than the Grand Prince, Karl Sigmar himself! What business could this troupe of gentlemen have in Elysium, you might ask. Women, of course! It would seem these Lords sought to shoot their shot with the exotic ladies of those lands, with varying degrees of success. It would seem the future King was the greatest hit with the fairer sex, for he was seen speaking to an Elysian Princess well into the night. Said Princess seemed to be stricken with some form of plague, with spotted and blotchy skin. Though, she must make up for her strange appearance through other means, for His Serene Highness had to defend his catch from Elysian suitors through his quick wit and sharp tongue alone. The other Prince, Josef, who it should be noted was the leader of this group, seemed to be, for a lack of a better word, maidenless for the night. Instead, the Prince drowned his sorrows at the tavern. Not a good look, especially so soon before the Lifstala. With the Barbanovs out of the way, this author is surprised to report that the mad Baron of Rostig, Mikhail var Ruthern, seemed somewhat popular with the ladies of Elysium when contrasted to his peers. He was spotted chatting incessantly with an Elysian noblewoman in the square! Quite surprising for the boy who naught more than two Saint’s Weeks ago struck the Lady Margrait Baruch in a fit of rage. This was also the case for one Matyas of Alban, who was given a tour of the Elysian lands by what, by all reports, was a rather handsome young woman. Finally, we come to mister Vyronov, who much like Prince Josef, found himself maidenless for the duration of the outing. Though, this author suggests such a gallant young man is merely saving himself for the Lifstala and for a proper Haeseni woman. Regardless, ladies. These are the men to keep an eye on, the prize catches of the Lifstala! Get to it! Rest assured, dearest reader, that your Hearsay will have their pen lifted and ready to scrawl throughout this upcoming Haeseni Season. This issue, I leave a warning to those showcasing themselves at such a splendid affair. There is to be no secrets between us. Our eyes will be watching, observing, each and every one of you. This, I can promise. Ink put onto parchment, where the hands shakily dismantle the deception in our court. As with previous editions, my address is afforded. [OOC: Discord HearsayOfHaense#1132]
  7. “A REVISITATION - ROZIK I VE KORTZ” And so it continues. The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska Edition X Tov ag Yermey, 416 ES Dearest readers, this author owes you an apology, for I have left you in desperation, longing for my writings and the scandal of the Dual-Kingdom. But, an apology alone does not make up for lost time. My birdies have carried whispers to my ears, and my, do they have much to say. THE SCHOLAR AND THE CRETIN ~ As this author first put ink to parchment I had thought this ‘Penman’ the only halfwit worthy of my scorn, though it would seem I was mistaken. Of the aforementioned Penman, it is clear that this Imperial author shares in the common idiocy of their countrymen, with misspellings and poor punctuation abound. I suppose, then, that it is rather thankful the article is so lacking in the length department. Though, even if this Penman had wished to write a longer, more eloquent piece, I fear their efforts would be wasted on the ladies of Orenia. What a dull group they are! As for the “Juxtaposition of Power and Envy,” a certain Iulius asserts that my writings are nothing more than hearsay. While the title of this publication is rather unfortunate, I would caution against such a hasty appraisal. Of course, such backlash is to be expected. Though, this author should remind you; I am not the source of these rumours. No, no! That honour belongs to the people of our beloved Hanseti-Ruska, whose minds you claim so vehemently I am poisoning. But, I digress. I wonder which of the pieces in the ninth edition you claim to be falsehoods? When you say, “…a majority of these statements are declared to be false shortly after public conception,” of which do you speak? Could you be speaking of the article on Princess Klara Elizaveta? Though of course, that one was merely a recital of events, free of any speculation, for those unfortunate moments transpired before the eyes of many of the court. And, indeed, she was sent to Savoy after mutilating the child of a peer, alongside the strumpet-to-be that is Aloisa Barclay, just as was written. Perhaps, instead you were referring to the scandal surrounding Prince Andrik Nikolas? This is the most likely case, as you dedicated such a large portion of your writings to it. I would like to call attention to the fact it was Lady Nikoleta herself who stated she caught the two in tender embrace and it was she who made such a display of burning the Prince’s possessions. Mind you, she only changed her tune following the annulment of her marriage based on the grounds of endangerment, despite the letter penned by the Prince’s very own hand proclaiming his love to the Savoyard. So then, I ask once more; What is it I have lied about? To this author it would seem you are merely a bootlicker to the Barbanovs, seeking only to sweep their scandal beneath the proverbial rug. I suppose you could be referring to Lord Johann Ludovar, though still the corpse of his wife has yet to turn up, and he has entertained the affections of many a lady in the years since her passing. Among them was the disgraced Lady Vasilia! Courting Lord Johann seems to have driven her insane, as she once lied with an Orenian peasant much to the dismay of her House. One cannot blame her for her lunacy, for it was Lord Ludovar who so shattered her heart and mind, setting her aside mere days after the Cardinal exposed his lustful advances toward Lady Baruch. Perhaps, scholar, it is not I who seeks power, but you. You, who seeks to sterilise the image of our nobility, to put them above critique. But, unlike you, I shall not assume the motive behind your words. Instead, I shall leave you with a simple message; My truths are mine to tell. CONTENDERS IN COURTSHIP ~ It would seem this author was correct once more. The prelude to this Lifstala provided ample insight into the hearts and minds of our young Lords and Ladies! It took this author quite some time to piece together the tidbits my birdies whispered into my ears, but now, it is time I reveal my work to the people of the Dual-Kingdom. Of course, I shall start with our beloved Barbanovs. Princess Klara Elizaveta, who you may remember as the unhinged lunatic that maimed the poor Baron von Sigradz, has, unsurprisingly, failed to find herself a worthy match. Such is shocking for a girl of such prestigious blood. She has been seen spending quite a bit of time with one Sibylla Barclay, more than any boy, this author would add. Perhaps she finds herself drawn to the fairer sex? Though her brother, the future King, lacks a proper engagement as well. His only suitor thus far has been the Lady Angelika vas Ruthern, though this author doubts the seriousness of this pairing. One must wonder if perhaps Prince Karl Sigmar is keeping her in his back pocket, perhaps a second choice should he not find a more fitting Queen. Surely this must be the case, for her temper and spiteful nature is unbefitting of such a high station. Perhaps she knows this, and that is why she seems to have fled Karosgrad as of late. The other Barbanov, Prince Sergei Aleksandr, has found quite a bit of success when it comes to the ladies of this Kingdom. Kisses abound for this Prince, though he seems to have fallen for the temptress that is Lady Aloisa Barclay. How romantic, young love! This author hopes they express their undying devotion in Lifstala, lest it is not meant to be. And finally, one must not forget the rotund Princess Maya, who has become so large that she can hardly walk a few steps without doubling over. What an impeccable family they are! Though, where would we be without our ducal houses and their impertinent spawn? The young Lord Maric boasts of his conquests, stealing kisses and virtue from many ladies throughout the Kingdom. So known are his exploits that a performance is to be dedicated to them! It is a wonder any lady tolerates his presence still, and this author prays our Lord Palatine will not allow his heir’s heart to be further trampled upon. As they say, the apple does not fall far from the tree, and it would seem Maric is no exception to this. His father was overheard beating the poor boy after his mentioning of a certain resident harlot, who surely performs more work in the palace than she would admit. Furthermore the future heir to Vidaus, Mikhail var Ruthern, seems to carry on his family’s legacy of madness. His own peers tell tales of his misdeeds in the quarters of the wards. It seems to this author that the troublesome boy wishes nothing more than to bring strife and harm upon others. Even now, the courts whisper that he has struck a young girl… Truly despicable. One wonders what his parents have done to produce such a child. The so-called Princely Graces of House Barclay fare no better than their Ruthern counterparts. Their boyish daughter Sibylla, a favourite of the Grand Princess, has been disciplined publicly for her idiocy on numerous occasions, bringing much shame to her family. It was she who foolishly set out to the city of Phillip Jr. multiple times and was thus outed as the daughter of our Lord Marshal. This daughter of our most esteemed peerage consorts with titled Imperials, seeking to court them despite their crimes against our people, for only lowborns and ne’er-do-wells in her homeland would dare seek her hand. Though, this author cannot blame the young Lady. Perhaps it will do her well to wed into a nation who does not know of her childish outbursts and unladylike demeanour. DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR ~ How absurd is it that any one woman could assume to claim the concept of equal inheritance as her own? My birdies say that one Lady Erika Barclay has been spouting something of the sort, further attesting to the rumours of her being kicked in the head by a mule as a child. How else could one be as ridiculous as she, to think that she pioneered this movement, for when in fact it began in the Orenian city-state? One cannot claim to have dreamt up an idea that has existed for quite some time, Lady Barclay. This writer is dumbfounded at the vanity of this young Lady, who demanded that the bill be named in her honour, and accredited only in her name! Rather than being modest and allowing the proposition to be titled in the name of our most esteemed Queen, she threw a hissy-fit! And now, she goes so far as to beg for induction into the order of Queen Maya and the Lily! Simply outrageous. This author presumes my readers would not be surprised to know the Lady Erika to be a boor as well. Supposedly at a sleepover between the wards, she proudly stated that “women f***, women p***, women s***, and women fight!” to a table of mere children! How does she expect to entertain suitors during Lifstala with the mouth of a sailor? And this is to be the future of our generation, serving as an Alderwoman? Pah! She shames the Duma with her presence. My break may have been long, dear readers, but believe me when I say this is just a scratch upon the surface of the Nikirala Courts. With much anticipation comes a greater surprise and with your eyes and ears, the hearsay will blossom like the Haeseni rose; delicate and complex, yet riddled with thorns. For now, I will anticipate deliveries from my little birdies as scandal awaits us. Ink put onto parchment, where the hands shakily dismantle the deception in our court. As with previous editions, my address is afforded. [OOC: Discord HearsayOfHaense#1132]
  8. “A REVISITATION - ROZIK I VE KORTZ” And so it continues. The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska Edition IX Jula ag Piov, 409 ES It seems an acknowledgement is owed, dearest readers, for without you then our words would fall upon deaf ears. One must give thanks to my birdies who whisper the depravities of our most beloved court and, of course, to our most decadent generation for their continued indecencies. My, I have so much more to write! THE BROTHERLY BETRAYALS ~ The Kortreviches parrot the phrase “With Duty Comes Honour”, yet are so oft seen squabbling amongst themselves. The sore and bitter Kortreviches, feuding brothers, a house in ruin. That once-great family, clutching on to spluttering embers where once they burned brightly, choking on their rising smoke. Lord Vladrik, the reclusive Count of Jerovitz by birth alone, has been so absent from his duties that his brother, Nikolai Kortrevich, believes himself to be more than capable to take the mantle. His arrogant proclamation for a duel might have shocked many -- but not I. I, dear reader, have observed the fissures and cracks in the Kortrevich’s relations widen for some time now. Vladrik has not issued a public response, but it would be unwise to assume no statement is good news. From the Pontiff, however, cries the peelings of annulment, as the Count’s marriage falls to pieces. Tch, tch. In the end it is the tale of a man stifled by laziness, unversed in the duties of being Patriarch and woefully unprepared; that shall be his rather underwhelming legacy. However, it was the prior Countess, Margot Baruch, who was caught in fond, fond embrace… with none other than the infamous lecher Johann Ludovar; the widower turned bachelor! Now, I shall not insult our readers’ intelligence in assuming they are not aware of the Ludovar’s transgressions, regarding his brother’s betrothed, Lady Vasilia. Fortunately for the Lady Baruch, he has shattered Lady Vasilia’s heart with a public breakup! Ah! So the plot thickens. Spotted mere hours before her annulment was publicly published with the man, Lady Baruch evidently mourns those years she threw away to the Kortrevich, and is intent on kicking back more flirtatious than ever to seduce her next husband. But here! Nikolai is not without scandal himself, befitting the self-serving profile the man tries to obscure through honeyed words and insults dashed against his elder brother. With his upcoming marriage to the little-known Helvets, perhaps it shines hope that he will prove to truly be the better brother -- why! In the end, it should not prove an arduous challenge. A ROYAL BLUNDER ~ Misfortune has a knack of biting at your heels, dear Prince Andrik, and subsequently finds itself into the ears of my birdies; for you have managed the most scandalous tale of our generation so far. Pining for a married woman, are you? Poor form, I say! This writer would beg for a statement, though your dissolved marriage speaks for itself. For what else is a woman to do, when she had constrained herself to the confines of her room -- changing the locks, and making her aversion to the Prince’s company abundantly clear? This dissolution comes with little shock at all, as the fresh stench of rising guilt permeated in his every step. Or was that when Lady Nikoleta burned her former husband’s possessions? The tale simply writes itself! Alas, I wish not to dally and dance about the truth. No, no. This author has been informed since the last I have taken up a quill, and I have sworn to provide my insight; my evidence to you. A heart-grabbing letter found itself to my birdies, matching the hand of our Andrik with precision. I provide the contents of this proclamation of extramarital love for all to read, so that you too might understand just how smitten our Prince had become with his Savoyard temptress: “I try to sneak out of Haense to visit you as often as I can, but sometimes it isn't possible, my dear. Nikoleta has been informed of our meetups […] but I cannot control the emotions I have for you -- the ones I’ve felt since we first met. Visit me soon so we may speak of ‘diplomacy’. With Dearest Love, Andrik Nikolas” Despite this most damning of evidence and her own claims of seeing the two in tender embrace, the former Princess Nikoleta has seen fit to simply deny any adultery ever happened! Why? Who knows. Certainly not this author, though one can only assume when no explanation is given. All this writer knows is that I tire of this nonsensical scandal. It is clear to see why Prince Andrik would as well grow weary of his meddling wife, abandoning all tact in favour of a more direct approach to solving the matter, hence the grounds of their dissolution: endangerment. Whatever truly transpired we cannot know. Regardless, this little blunder of Prince Andrik is quite the stain on our most noble House of Barbanov, and one which Prince Andrik seems content to leave to his brother to mop up. SEARCHING FOR A STRUMPET ~ Are you a woman of renown? Of grace and humility? Or perhaps GOD has blessed you not with wit or a mind of your own, but with a most pleasing face and a waist which needs no cinching! A strapping new man is on the market, and one of ducal stock at that. The brother of Duke Rhys var Ruthern, Boris var Ruthern, is seeking the hand of a lady in marriage. He may not be a conversationalist, as His Grace pointed out, though with such striking choices in facial hair, one can only assume him to be similarly bold in other matters. A fine catch! CATASTROPHES IN CHILDCARE ~ It would seem that the art of parenting is as good as dead in the Motherland! One should all but expect the children of the peasantry to reflect the boorish and utterly unrefined nature of their parentage, but those of the peerage have long been of a more graceful, refined breed. Of course, their privilege of endless coffers and their fleets of hapless governesses and tutors are to thank for this, but it seems even their children have fallen prey to the hysteria of the age. Foolish play and violent antics reign supreme amongst the youth, who engage in mock wars and stab each other in the streets. And this writer has yet to see a single parent lift a finger to put an end to it. One must only look as far as the dearest Princess Klara Elizaveta, the once innocent and radiant firstborn of our Royal Couple, to see how inept the parents of our lands have become. What strange times are these when the daughters of Kings shall surely struggle to find any willing suitors? What man would pledge his son to a girl so deranged and spoiled that she freely and remorselessly mutilates her fellow children, as she did to the poor little Baron Barclay? Another example may be seen in the Lady Aloisa Barclay, who, at the age of barely nine years, boasts of her promiscuity and kisses every boy she can lay her filthy mitts on! It should be noted that one name on her ever growing lists of conquests is the young Prince Sergei Aleksandr! This writer wonders what in GOD’s name our esteemed peerage is teaching their children for them to act in such brattish ways! Despite the shortcomings of their harlot-to-be, the Duke and Duchess of Reinmar seem to have some sense in their fat “Princely,” heads. After their son was maimed by the Princess, the Ducal couple descended on our Queen and gave her a right thrashing! With no King to defend her, she quickly caved to their demands and ushered them to Her Majesty’s private office, where this writer has heard a most interesting deal took place. The two troubled girls, Princess Klara and Lady Aloisa, are to be shipped off to Savoy so that they may be reeducated by a Cardinal. Is this a rare case of parental competence? Or perhaps the two matriarchs seek only to salvage the public appearances of their daughters? A bad omen for their houses, indeed. A court I so admired in my youth has fallen so far, I now see it for how it is. Our esteemed peerage that we hold so highly are naught more than the brutish savages they hold in such contempt, and their ladies alike lack any semblance of dignity or morality. The whispers of my birdies certainly reveal at least that much. This author awaits one of virtue to reveal herself. Perhaps we might find her at the coming Snowflake ball. There is no doubt that that shall be a series of calamities, and my pen will be scribbling throughout. Pen hovers above parchment once more, spilling secrets in blood ink, splattering sins in dark splotches. As always, send me a bird. [OOC: Discord HearsayOfHaense#1132]
  9. “A REVISITATION - ROZIK I VE KORTZ” And so it begins. The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska Edition VIII Gronna ag Droba Once again, I dip my quill into the dark ink of scandal -- that staining substance one can never quite wash out, no matter how hard they scrub. It is my sole duty to enlighten you, dear reader, as whispers and murmurings fracture the Courts of Hanseti-Ruska; to tell you my truth as I see it, and leave you to pick up the pieces. Oh… I have been gone far too long. A UNION GONE SOUR ~ While Lady Anya Ludovar may be dead, the gossip encompassing her scandalous relationship remains alive and squirming. Rumours have the unfortunate tendency to spread, you see… the latest being murmurings of the oh-so-pious Lady’s infidelity. How chaste! How fitting. Her counterpart Lord Johann retreats to his quarters, pale and withdrawn -- powdering and dabbing tears to frame the theatrics of grief. Ah! Driven to death by her husband, was she? A fissured match, doomed to splinter and break. But this author will not entertain such obvious assumptions, no. Instead, this Ludovar duo strikes conflict of opinion and favour -- and oh, do I love a little ambiguity. Lord Johann, the perfect picture of mourning, has yet to host a funeral for his late wife. At court, the newly-single bachelor already seeks the company of other women. One can hardly blame him in that sphere; as the absence of a consort creates ripples of instability within his house. But who will take the wallowing widower? Little birdies have been whispering, dear Johann. Can you hear them? No corpse was found at the scene -- only the fresh stink of fear remained. And so the plot thickens. An adulterer Lady Anya may have been, but seldom is such a sin committed without reason. It is known that divorce is hardly granted even in the face of adultery. Why is it that a woman would remove herself willingly from the comforts of a noble life, from her jewels, her family, and her warm bed in the keep of her husband? This writer does not doubt there is something more to be uncovered here; an ugly stain, marked upon a person. For bodies do not simply vanish, unless they are hidden. BLESSED ARE THE BARBANOVS ~ Mama! Mama! The monster of the palace is loose! Hide your children, lock your doors, for the cursed Elizaveta Ulyana has vanished. Some might claim the child’s fate was predetermined from the moment of her twisted birth. A one-eyed monster, come to steal you away -- truly the figure of fairy tales. Her absence has been pinned on the Godless so-called “Empire” of Oren, but one cannot ignore the negligence of her parents in the matter. What mother allows her child, one of royal blood no less, to wander about without any supervision whatsoever? Perhaps the Duchess Henrietta, herself of treacherous blood, is merely a puppet of her Orenian masters seeking to sow chaos in the motherland? Or, could this disappearance be a hoax, a staged excuse to be rid of a stain on her family? Nonetheless, the little beast is surely dead. Locks of her hair were found in the ruins of Dobrov, which, one should not forget, is a vassal to the corrupt Empire. Let this be a cautionary tale to any who let their children run wild. THE PRINCE AND THE PILLOCK ~ An unfaithful Prince? How unheard of! The wedding of the Lady Regent of Savoy devolved into quite the scandalous affair when a group of Haeseni nobles called into question her fidelity. At the behest of Princess Nikoleta Barbara, the Duchess of Reinmar Lady Georgina Barclay exposed the Basrid harlot’s affair with Prince Andrik Nikolas. Rumour has it that the Haeseni presented a letter from the Princess accusing His Royal Highness of openly sharing a kiss with the Regent -- one can only imagine what the pair do behind closed doors. Fortunately I, dear reader, am here to fling them wide open! The groom, Severinus Basrid-Gradic, rather than defend his honour against the man who allegedly defiled his wife, saw fit to offer Prince Andrik a drink in an astounding display of cuckoldry! Though, what does one expect of a man who takes the name of his wife? Thank GOD Savoy has been left in such pious hands while the Prince is on pilgrimage. To some, Princess Nikoleta is nothing more than a bitter housewife, desperate to spice up her otherwise bland life that her husband could not give her. But to diminish her own noble status, flinging unwarranted accusations? No. This author thinks not. This writer wonders how long we must continue to wait until we receive an official statement from the courts; for Prince Andrik is the brother of King Sigismund III himself. Does His Majesty know more than he lets on? Of course, such brotherly comradery and a tight-lipped response from the Royals has not been unheard of in the past. It practically calls into question the King’s fidelity himself! After all, the familiar figure of Sanja Kutznetsov still slinks about the palace… While the actions of the Regent and Prince Andrik are no doubt despicable, the women who were so crass as to barge into the wedding ceremony; wearing their bridal gowns, no less, should be ridden with shame. Duchess Georgina Barclay who announced the scandal and hurled a number of vulgar insults at the Lady Regent, continues to prove herself an embarrassment to the House she represents. Her husband, the commanding Lord Marshal, would do well to muzzle her, lest she continue to drag his name through the dirt. Or can even he not contain her? HALF-PINT HORROR ~ Alas, there is another monster on the loose. This one is perhaps more sinister. Bodies - mangled corpses - are appearing in large numbers, found in the burrows of the Halfling village of Honeyhill. Whispers have started… and of course, this writer’s ears picked them up. Talk of a serial killer stalking our very streets, wearing a dark cloak and boots, brandishing all sorts of weapons. He is said to be disarmingly handsome -- and there is a man, recently returned to town, who matches this description -- Frederik Baruch. Insanity in his household is not unheard of, for it was Petyr ‘the Beater’ that attempted to slaughter his own son in uncontrolled rage. Let us not forget that he also beat his wife into an early grave! It would seem mania runs in Baruch blood, as our former Lord Palatine, Kaustantin, has completely lost the plot! His ramblings make little sense to those that speak with him, and his demeanor as of late can be described as frantic, at best. To the Lady Regent of Savoy, I would watch your back closely. Should I be in your position, for such a scandal may prove reason enough for those pesky de Savoies to make another attempt on your beloved Princedom. Alas, an innocent woman has no reason to hide. Will you denounce these rumors? I attach means of contact. Send in juicy tidbits, criticism, or praise, for my hands are itching to write again. [OOC: Discord HearsayOfHaense#1132]
  10. The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska Edition VII Jula and Piov, 372 ES This disappointed hand graces saddened parchment. Who does one Duchess Doja Catherine think she is? Appropriating our fine people, in my place, yet she knows nil; ‘I bring forth the beginning of spring.’ No my dearest Doja, you bring not a single thing, save for a paper that reads like a sneeze. Besides, a woman donned Catherine, may as well just don the surname of an Imperial. She knows nothing of our people, and her perception, wit and judgement is about as shrewd as that of a light to the eye of a squawking bat. Galahar’s Shadow ~ I think that if one speaks on the prince, Nikolas one more time, the entire nation might just implode. And there’s no Jackson Porter this time to shield the damage. These papers have it all wrong though, all were there to pass albeit sparkling, but mundane judgement on the Prince - but no fun details were spared. So I suppose, all must rely on the Hearsay for the.. Hearsay again. Alongside the Haeseni Rose, Petra Emma, Nikolas is the Dazzling Star of Haense; and we all know that stars catch the eyes of many - particularly, wishful women. We knew this! So we tread the heels of the prince, and so did our spyings begin. He met with one Annika Vyronov, and we’ll keep this conclusive - she entered the stray palace garden’s maze, with Heinrik’s gift; a necklace, around her neck. Yet, when she left, the gift seemed to be absent, in place of a princely smile brandished across her warmed lips. Nikolas, the little rascal, took his leave minutes after, sporting hair of the dishevelled, but rugged sort. It all but seems the Duke of Galahar, has Heinrik rooted in his own shadow. Even the old time Cavalier, Ser Alric, seems to be taking notes on the Prince’s doings. He too, seems to have his one eye on the lady, boo-hoo. For Those Curious ~ In these times whence love and... All matters of other things fly through the air, it is most important for this writer that those wishing for a private rendezvous have a place away from the prying eyes of guard-dog mothers. There is no better thrill than a moment away from the hustle and bustle of the promenading square. This most informative writer must warn our fair maidens however; for a moment caught alone may indeed ruin her reputation should it be discovered! Therefore, I propose to offer out a following list warily: The Palace Gardens The quintessential spot for a moment alone amongst his Majesty’s most prized flowers and exotic animals in the back of the palace gardens. There has been many a face to abscond from general view to tumble into the bushes for a moment alone, yet more specifically this writer reveals that they have seen numerous couples move more specifically into conjoining together amidst the maze. There, we might notice many a couple enter only to seemingly get lost for hours on end! Surely there is something larger afoot than simply the difficulties of traversing a small maze? One Ser Franz Barbanov in his youth most certainly did his rounds here, alongside his peered Ser, Alric Ruthern. These days, it seems to be a bit of a hotspot for all, they, who I’ve caught, will soon be published! Due to the surge of goers here, Ser Franz and Ser Alric however have taken to other nooks in the Kingdom - Ser Alric, I cannot quite find - Ser Franz, on the daily, hauls in a certain Imperial redhead to one of the many outer city, guarding towers. Oh! Don’t forget the likes of Annika Vyronov either, she seems to have many men lead in tow there. Tut-tut, Nikolas and Ser Alric, and the many rest.. The Palace Kitchens Perhaps a more specific spot for those wishing to secure a royal, one too often finds the door of these kitchens ajar and the royal chefs ordered away! As they returned, one might often find a pair of hands outstretched betwixt the flour laid out upon the table, and other treats stolen from the stores! Certainly any might know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, yet it must be corrected in that the best way to entreat anyone is through a love of food! Afterall, food is one of the very few things a person might put into their body. It's awfully hard to seize any real glimpse of any kitchen-goers, but this author will reveal that a certain Kortrevich, seems to think the place is his home - always going to and fro, with another. I'll not disclose anything further, until I'm certain of the woman in question, but Kortrevich, I know exactly who you are. The Stables Whether a young soldier or a rambunctious young noble, this is not the ideal spot for any private meeting, though it is certainly one for a quick-escape. Should a grumbling father have declined a young man’s advances upon his doe eyed daughter, the stables is a point for a conversation to occur. This writer would certainly suggest the stables no place for a lady unless in dire straits however, and rather it is more wise to ride out for a picnic instead. While not entirely a man yet, Ruslan Baruch, seems to despise the typical of woman; slim, frailed (alike Rosalind Amador), and with enough makeup to poison a swamp of frogs. Lord Baruch’s bizarre and only desire to be a martial-aholic must have already tainted his mind. For he prefers the burly, and towering women; stable and horse girls, who I often spy leaving this location with the Lord. If not for only being a meagre initiate in the army, I surmise he would’ve already had a few rounds in the Haeseni barracks. His poor Imperial wife, she ticks exactly none of his boxes. The Sewers of Karosgad I never thought I’d jot something so.. dare I say, unorthodox? Setting foot into any sewers is asking to gain a disease, especially with the influx of rats; at the behest of our most competent Lord Marshal, and his feeding of them! In fairness, my precious soles would never pass into the wretched, and stinking place, so those lovesick birds who blunder into the sewers, are safer than most - but I’ll still catch them. Speaking of: Oho. Poor Frederik Baruch. Let’s count his woes shall we: his previous desired love, outright denied him, for a second to none knight, Ser Antonius. Then in a tournament, he fell second place to Ser Antonius - in which the knight no doubtedly, will soon be courting the Ruthern. A bad boy, with a broken heart. Flustered, and outright dismayed, Freddy, with a peasant girl’s hand in his own, took to the sewers, clearly trembling at the thought of being caught. The girl clambered out crying, and Frederik emerged from the sewers - up to his knees in sewage, and a nose-churning smell; he must’ve fallen in. Bless. Is this the new spot for the uneager? It’s certainly safe from most eyes. Pickings of the Season As this writer notices the berries and fruit of our fair climate go into full bloom, it is worthwhile to make a few mentions upon that of the Lifstala’s opening salvos, and on whom is certainly the cream of our crop. One should make note that all is subject to change at the disgrace of one, or the uprising of another, and so those unmentioned or admonished should not take such to heart! Most Improved Frederik Baruch and Edmund Barclay Simple enough. Edmund Barclay, the tormented, can actually hold words without that tremble in his lungs. A vast improvement from when he almost soiled himself, speaking with one Tatiana Ruthern in the tavern. We’ve our sights set on this one! Then there is Frederik Baruch, who has hit that much of a low; doused in sewage, that the only way is up, from here on out. And he’s certainly giving it his all! Darling of the Lifstala Marjorie vas Ruthern This writer was perhaps too harsh in her judgment of the Ruthern brood in their last edition, for it seems it has set forth a standard of having nothing of benefit to say at all about the young Raevir. From stumbling her words to a lack of certain graces, certain crowds have watched this underdog story with a closeted heart. The war of love is a stern and cruel one, in which many a spinster is left behind as some will certainly learn if they do not pick up their paces! Yet not this little darling. The court sees that she is certainly trying with a regular group of suitors calling upon the girl! Love will conquer all, and this darling must not be left without a match, it is our hope. Ve Morrivi Blauwm King Heinrik II While not exactly a candidate in this season. Any with the slightest grain of insight knows that His Majesty, will always be a free man to this market, wed or not. Even in his late marriage, and any to-be marriage. This paragon of immorality, is truly our own Haeseni wonder. Though, it wouldn’t surprise me if all of those who follow into his office, are simply yearning for his power, and nothing else. Annika Vyronov, eh? In fairness, I’d give my life to escape the dastardly Vyronov household. Despite years of absence too, Amalya Amador made her presence known, and she was the very first to see the monarch after the introductions. Where was Annika? The poor old Vyronov does not quite know what she’s early footing into; but His Majesty, while Hearsay goes on, will always be our favourite! Her fate might’ve already been secured, in the terms Heinrik is to court her - if he isn’t already. The Saddest Flame Princess Katerina Barbanov The saddest of flames are always the dwindling ones. Out of everybody, I expected to see Princess Katerina to be amongst the queue of others. Instead, she gawked from the dais. It is entirely disappointing and.. tedious, at this point, is she even trying? Does she care? Heinrik ought to marry her finger off, maybe like many of the Haeseni populace, she desires an Imperial man; easily put into their place. We all know that demanding, and whaling mouth of her’s to be loud. Half and Empty-Headed The Barclay Twins These brothers are quite something, Reinhardt and Klaus - the curse of those awfully given names, might just be duly right. One has half of his head, while the other is entirely void of a head; empty and dull. One with charm, and the other with a babbled and unwitful tongue. They’ve the Haeseni Rose in common, Petra Emma. She’ll soon come to realise she can do better than the both of them combined, but her youth blinds her to such - or maybe she’s leading them on early. Regardless, Reinhardt is marginally favoured by this Author, best of luck! Fresh in: It seems that Ailred Ruthern, who is engaged to one Fenika Barbanov - made a rare appearance of his, at the face of Frederik Baruch; insulting the Royal family. Such was met by the force of a herculean fist, rendering the Baruch unconscious. ‘Bad Boy’ Freddy, has really hit a new low, toppling from grace to the cold, grit-ridden steps to the palace, scuffing that handsome face of his. The only way I see Frederik recovering from this is to scuffle the Ruthern family! In a three-on-three duel, Baruch vs Ruthern. What do you say, Frederik?
  11. The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska Edition VI Wzuvar ag Byvca, 371 ES In the good spirit of this upcoming election, the Hearsay deems that another edition should come out sooner, rather than later. Especially considering this news: Another through letters, and an attentive frame of mind, has been selected to remedy this trio back to greatness. Planted deep within the courts of Hanseti-Ruska, our previously lacking source of Hearsay, has been replenished; rejoice! It is all of our best wishes that this member leaves a mark equally as lasting as the late Isabel herself. All Eyes on Vyronov ~ My hands stained the last edition unrightfully so, proclaiming Annika Vyronov to be of the traditional variant -- when in fact, the only traditional part about her is the Haeseni woman niche of being promiscuous. Just like two dogs subject to heat, His Majesty and the Vyronov were sucking the faces off of each other. Their shame holds naught, as they quite literally locked lips before the paled sun, atop an Astfield balcony. I swear that those servants of the palace must be dropping potions of love to the drinks of women; afterall, it is that aging lump of decayed lust, Rosalind Amador running the place. And if not for Lady Vyronov locking lips, it is instead Lord Vyronov smacking lips to the knee of His Majesty. Declaring loyalty, aye, but also declaring that his backbone is crooked, like a failing scaffold. I do fear for Lord Vyronov however. Have you seen his own sister parading the streets with that regal necklace, donning the crest of Heinrik himself? Imagine a house where it takes a leash to tame your very own sister? Stefan denied the King, so he leashed her himself. What a bundle of amused mess. From Manhood to Boyhood ~ A beloved Maer to most, but to the Dame Viktoriya of Oren, a childish squeeze, is what Franz Barbanov is. We all know that Ser Franz has a peculiar draw to the city of Providence, but typically his route is headed for the palace! So it bewildered me when I spied the Prince and Maer stride off into the Bastille with Dame Viktoriya for many hours. She’s half as pretty as his typical sort, and twice as tall. Whatever marbles Ser Franz is holding onto are cracking at the core. Later emerging at a ball at the Augustine, Dame Viktoriya was also seen cradling the man, arm betwixt cumbersome, and mammoth arm. And they say chivalry is dead! Nothing was quite out of the ordinary, save the occasional squirm of Franz, at least until they took to the ballroom floor -- alike dancing with a burly bear it was. Then in one final gambit to sap the entire masculinity from the frailing body of the knight, the goliath swooped, and then planted an audible kiss upon the forehead of him! My, what would Wilhe- rather, the redhead of the Imps say? He ought to claim back his manhood and honour. Ser Franz ‘the Boy’ Barbanov. Rampant Ruthern ~ The Lord Palatine is certainly feeding his kin something other than oatmeal in the morning. There is Marjorie, who seems to be eating all too much, locked away in a fleeting, summery romance -- but even that came to shambles. Marjorie was to be dating an unknown, black haired, blue eyed boy by the name of Karl. Yet his descent is unknown to most, and some often say, he can be seen stalking the streets of Providence. Call it a youthful joy gone sour. Karl, or whoever he claims himself to be, had enjoyed the poor companionship of Marjorie, but it was all just to lead her on. Marjorie, the insecure lump, thought she would wed the boy eventually, and all Karl wanted was mere ‘fun’. Leaving the lumpard heartbroken, blast the soul of Karl! Then there’s the previously blubbering boy Ailred, who in his youth, spat more than spoke, a result of that wobbling lip -- but even he has managed to shine above the vast, Ruthern litter. Taking on arms in the HRA, and purchasing the ring finger of one Fenika Licthe; who is only slighted related to him, by the way. Speaking of all-to-close affections, has anybody else noted that the litter of Ser Alric, Aleksandr Ruthern has his eyes set upon his own cousin, Tatiana? Pry the two apart before a child bearing six fingers, alike the Vanir Viscount comes to show! And one Harren Ruthern, albeit he is the impressive envoy to Oren, he too, speaks like one of those old, rogue Dwarven pieces of machinery. His ring finger has been allotted to that de Astrea, and bless her soul, for it will surely be damned once she follows the same whorish fate as her mother; Rosalind. It runs in the blood, I tell you. Trouble for Jensen ~ Here marks the return of the love between the two lady lovers of Karosgrad, or lack thereof, being Her Highness, Katerina Cecilya and Camilla Ruthern. Ever since the death of Mariya, Katerina is far less concerned with Camilla, but instead herself -- taking to amassing waves of pity for herself, and nothing else. Leaving Camilla to her own wits, and self. We might all be rooting for the successor Lauritz Jensen Jr, but the Jr only stands for how juvenile he might be, as he is being played like a game by the Ruthern. Since the wailing Princess’ departure, Camilla has taken to acquating herself with more than just one man, but three. There’s the loyalist soldier, Colborn, who is often seen with her in the eyes of the public -- and when night strikes, in the corners of gardens. And those.. new knights in Haense? The ones accompanying the recently bestowed Ser Antonius. One of their kin, was seen to be speaking in a low whisper with her for many hours, until they eventually retired the night -- to a bought chamber, elsewhere. Please Lauritz, do not subject yourself to the likes of duplicit women. God. Do speak with her! Let’s call it; a query, from the *****, (allegedly.) In fairness, Lauritz was found with his four eyes lingering elsewhere -- the knights, it seemed. [!] A new section seems to have joined the very bottom of the edition, with the depiction of a lowborn man presenting himself before the duma attached. The 371 Election: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? Grand Maer: Franz Barbanov - As expected, the incumbent Maer Barbanov, who is currently serving his fourth term in the Duma, is running for a fifth. Despite what seems to be made of his failing mental state, where most of his Duma sessions are spent rambling incoherently. Nevertheless, he has still been one of the most productive people to ever sit in the Duma, and one can only hope that another kiss to the forehead may improve his mental health. It is, however, still disappointing, that there are none in the Kingdom with the balls, or wit, to challenge Maer Barbanov for his seat, and one is only left to wonder if anyone will take the mantle? Royal Alderman: Fenika Barbanov - The Princess Fenika, the eldest child of the Grand Maer, is by all probable means the best candidate in this election. Her father has, after all, been the Grand Maer since before she was born, certainly she must have picked up a thing or two from him? Even then, if she does get elected for Duma, will she be able to step out of her father’s footsteps and prove herself, or will she linger there to the disappointment of the entire Kingdom? Tatiana Ruthern - The young Tatiana is a prodigy of law within the Kingdom, and many think that she may be the next High Justiciar, and even if no one thought it, we’re certain her father, the Lord Palatine would make it happen. Yet, the girl has her ambitions set on a seat in the Royal Duma, and pledges to uphold the Law and Order of the Kingdom, but really, what does an indecisive girl barely the age of sixteen, who has to advertise herself in public missives for the attention of the local boys, know about Law and Order? Despite this, she’s certainly not the worst candidate on the ballot, by far! Andrik Baruch - Our current Aulic Envoy is certainly one of the better in the bunch, and has previously represented the House of Baruch on multiple occasions in the absence of the lunatic Matyas. One must beg the question, though, is the Aulic Envoy bored of his position? Or does he simply desire to put even more work on his plate? Certainly, one can only have so much time left when managing that intricate web of treaties the Kingdom has made under his tenure. Nonetheless, Lord Baruch is a competent man, and has proven so before. August Vyronov - August Vyronov? The name was foreign to the Hearsay until we glossed over the nominations for the elections. Legend has it that he is a cousin of Stefan Vyronov, and well, while there is nothing to criticize this candidate on, we can only express our sincerest hopes that August is much more of a man than the pitiful Baron Vyronov. Aleksandr Ruthern - Aleksandr Ruthern (who I would have referred to as Lord Ruthern, had there not been over a dozen of the sort) was part of the defense in the case of Baruch, et al. z. Surgeon-General, which was notoriously lost by Aleksandr and his uncle, the Lord Palatine. Though, it seems that the boy is such a sore loser that he has pledged to run for Duma to amend exactly the laws that caused them to lose the trial, curious, isn’t it? Adalia de Astrea - The youngest (and only living) daughter of Rosalind Amador, need more be said? Despite her parentage, her campaign is a fine one, and maybe she, unlikely any of her relatives, shall prove to be a well-mannered and competent woman in something that isn’t merely stirring the pot of meaningless arrogance in our courts. She is also the youngest candidate running this election, which could leave the hopeful anticipating what the future beholds for the young de Astrea. Aldrik Baruch - Better known as Better Bird Baruch, allegedly the greatest (and only) lawyer in our country, with a case win-to-lose ratio similar to rolling a dice. He currently serves as the regent of his grandson, Viscount Isaak Amador, which leaves one to wonder why the man wishes to have his hands around two Duma seats, was the free one for serving as the Amador regent not enough for Lord Baruch? Juliyus Kortrevich - Certainly what one could describe as an elder statesman, the seventy-three year old Juliyus Kortrevich desires another term in the Royal Duma. His ability to be elected has always been a surprise, considering the man’s opinions belong in the 15th century, who can forget wonderful lines such as “If I find some soldier snooping around my home because they thought something was amiss, I might slay them.” and “Sometimes you just need to slap a *****.”, both spoken with pride by Lord Kortrevich at the most recent sitting of the Royal Duma!
  12. An amused titter departed the lips of a particular Hearsay figure. "That's the spirit."
  13. The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska Edition V Tov ag Yermey, 370 ES Let us all bring our hands together, in prayer for the lately deceased Queen Mother of Hanseti-Ruska. Direful times are ahead of us, and have been for some years now. The streets of Karosgrad, they are filled with a riled up peasantry, and rats that have materialized from the sewers. Although, not all that much has changed in the courts. In fact, this Author places gold that the uprooted rats are no different than the conniving men and women of the courts and the streets; we’ll come to more of that later. I fear that this Hearsay might be gone for a short while longer after this, see, Isabel meant an awful lot for us. So consider us only a pair now, or rather, a duo. We’ll see about filling in the gap. One Big Girls Blouse ~ You would think that with the running tensions of Karosgrad, at least one fight would develop from it all. But one cowardly, and ever-so grandiose Lord seems to be avoiding a duel. Just as much as he avoided seeing the late Koenas Mariya Amador, while his side amour prowled the streets. Many wish they could swipe that swollen-headed smile of his away, but then I come to realise that Stefan Vyronov is merely a Baron? It’s not worth it, he says, but is the time of any Lord worth the minutes of a petty, and downfalling Baron? His Grandfather while a bit senile, and can always be overheard talking about times of old. Wielding a sword in one hand, and the pride of Haenseman in his heart. Whatever could have gone for the superior Stefan to have sprouted a line of Vyronov’s that lead to such a poltroon of a man. Valdemar Vanir, the soon-to-be Lord challenged; the answer was no. Ailred Ruthern, the soon-to-be Lord challenged; no. Ruslan baruch, and no. The reasoning for the challenges might have been slightly in the shakes, but Lord Vyronov, do you wish to be the laughing stock perpetually? Or do you wish to reap at least some respect? He hides behind the excuses of honour and proper clause, but we all know that the Vyronov is with his heart in his mouth. This is all but surprising considering that his darling seems to tower nearly over twice the size of him, we all know who dons the pants in his romance. King o’ the Rats ~ We all miss Manfred Barclay. The man had a way with his soldiers, and he always had a proper way to deal with a problem. Friedrich Barclay, the successor, might have a slight way with the people, but the man solves problems like a child first learning to wipe their rear; befouledly. But no, this is not something to joke around, for the Marshal has been conspiring with the enemy and a ravenous one at that. You all have seen the packs of rats that comb the streets? His Grace decided upon meeting with them, for a truce, which is all not that bad until you find out he is offering to feed them the carcasses of troll bodies. And what happens when the starved rat suddenly has food again? They breed and breed, and soon they’ll surely overrun the streets of Karosgrad. It may be named the City of Crows now, but it’ll soon be the City of Rats, if the Marshal doesn’t wind his neck in. Manfred Barclay would have sensed this. Though, with all the deaths of his loved ones, perhaps the Marshal is turning to early senility? Hear hear, let us all put up an expedition, to find the brain in that cavernous skull of his head. To the common folk of Hanseti-Ruska, step up before this Marshal early foots us into a crisis! Majesty on the Market ~ To the dias, and presenting His Majesty, Heinrik II. Before the death of his late mother, it all but seemed the monarch was available, per se. So after this sparing stint of mourning, all the courtiers and other watching eyes expect him to remarry, or at least begin courting. Once moved out of this mourning period, this writer and the Hearsay desire to place bets on the following individuals. On who will be at the flank side of the Koeng, reigning as Her Majesty, or just another mistress of his. He is a grizzled, single father, and has clearly caught the eyes of these individuals: Amalya Amador Where has Amalya Amador gone, hm? A prime candidate, if you ask this writer, diseased by the surname of Amador and by peculiar intricacies. However, she was often seen patrolling the late night shift of the palace of His Majesty, which always ended in his office. My coffers would wager entirely on this one, if not for her absence and her previous courting of the missing knight, Ser Oliver. Strike her from the list! Annika Vyronov We all know the King has a tendency to act brash, or be full of himself. But with the traditional Lady Vyronov, he might just be biting off more than he can chew. From what I understand, she stands tall to everything she says, and will not easily give that ground away; especially to the Lord Vyronov, who would? A valid choice, and she might just add another sense to the ‘warrior’ aspect of being a Queen, one who fights by not drawing back. One who needs not a weapon, to defend herself. Poetic! Rosalind Amador Everybody can retell the story of Rosalind Amador having her head shaved of hair. But not everybody can quite retell how the King and herself rekindled following that, they are fond of each other. In spite of such, as much as the next man is fond of Rosalind, all know they are to be second best in her wake. Besides, all can pick out the stray grey hair from the mop of Rosalind, too old, I say. Tarathiel Asul’oon That house upon Koengstriet is a cursed one, housing a few too many strange folk. Tarathiel Asul’oon might just be the only promising feature to leave the bounds of it in fact. The King thinks that at least. Our beloved Isabel spied their late night doings far too much, but she always pleaded that we do not write on it. I suppose she does not have a say now, does she? Tarathiel, if only you were a human; love from Heinrik. Love and courting might just be in the air again, even the Palatine has found himself a new woman to share the little free time he has with. Even if she is of precarious Imperial descent.. Haeseni Rose in Bloom ~ Times are drab, but I spy a blooming rose in the works of tainted soil. Petra Emma. Assassinations plague the reigning house of Barbanov, yet the little rose shall rise to be the light of the House of Barbanov. Alas, we have a Royal to treasure instead of critique to no end: Katerina, seems to have lost half of her personality, as her friends pass; an idle medic, she is now. Nikolaus, poor Nikolaus, he has been hidden away for many years. And there is Ser Aleks, the man just holds no colour in his eyes anymore. Ser Franz well.. a once wise figure, sages only incoherent ramblings now. And Juliya too, the lone mother, who parents the children to an overly zealot and ill-caring man --- forgotten by everybody. I do suppose Ser Franz has a few shining in his litter. Especially with those Barbanov-esque bastards running around, I wonder who those belong to! Hurray for Petra Emma. Even if the name does ring as poorly as a rusted bell. Mister Speaker? Mister Speaker? ~ Igor, Igor. An excellent successor to the past Speaker, but he too, has his eyes set on the city of wigs. We are only thankful there is no Archchancellor for this one to marry! One might wonder where the Lord Speaker was during the duma of last, but I spied a little crow, promenading beside an Imperial wig himself. The Baroness of Halcourt, how dare you take our Speaker away and into your estate? Our beloved draft of promiscuity of our past must have blown over to Providence, how shameful. In light of this, hear to the hearsay, and put a bill in, as to to keep Igor Kort’s mind firmly upon that of his duty of the duma than this Orenian social season. Order! As an honourable mention to the detectives of Hanseti-Ruska! It seems even our own hero of the commoners, Katerina, is afraid to leave the body of her past mother, Isabel. In the clinic overnight, at least. Perhaps some more thorough investigations might be done, for who knows what may transpire inside the nefarious morgue of Karosgrad; when not a soul is there to see. Or maybe, Katerina has more than just an eye in it all, but a hand also. Why are bodies being cremated without permission? Are the bodies even being cremated, or is it all a ruse for something far more sinister? The Surgeon General carries no true life in those eyes. Does her only high in life come from that morgue? Why does the Princess Katerina, the medical prodigy, cling to bodies as if her life depended on it? Surely there is more to this morgue than meets the eye. I suppose this Hearsay does owe an apology. But for what? These editions have become far and few between. However, one cannot exactly blame the Hearsay, the histrionics and thespianism of the past are not quite the same! I only hope a newer Queen, and court will bring about more scandal than ever, the last well.. she killed any of that. Bring back the thronged and alive courts! Hear hear.
  14. The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska Edition IV Gronna ag Droba, 365 ES In light of that God awful ‘Quandary of Amador’ scribbling, the Hearsay must appease the minds of Hanseti-Ruska. That laughable scorn is only credible to one sentence of this writer, so we shall leave it there. I must announce, two inklings are to be left below, as to make amends for the characterless weeping of that publishing. This hearsay will always put their readers first, and not the personal opinions of its own inclination. The stenched priest does share in that department of service. But wrong, did the snout of the Crestfallen soldier unearth. The one who lays bare to the Hearsay, is blessed by a blossoming mind. Bearing cloak-and-dagger in the springtime of life. Matyas the Mad Manlover ~ Not many these days can say they have fought in a war, Matyas Baruch however seems to still be on the frontlines of a past one, the Scyfling war. Often, he can be seen boxing the air, or squawking as he relives through that terrible past - although, one might confuse his incoherent yawping as the sickly Baruch accent. With the death of his wife causing heartache, and the burden of a war, the latter seems to be playing on his mind more so than ever. And what does a person do when anxiety overbears them? They weather the storm, or find another way to quell their afflicted mind. Matyas Baruch, lacks that strength of character, and is now conquering the bedrooms of other - war burdened men - the ostentatious veteran enjoys wailing, as much as he does squealing in the bedroom. It does not surprise me actually, seeing as his wife was flawed in the way of having no flaws at all - save for lacking those compelling and loveable eccentricities an interesting marriage must have. The standings of Baruch otherwise, are admirable, if not remarkable. Seeing as the worthiness of the Duchy, at one point in the recent past, was sneered upon -- in dispute. Now the stately and senior men have displayed their mettle. With that said, the succession of the family has been deeply scrutinized by the Hearsay. We are without doubt, that the crazed head has distorted and perverted the minds of the first two in line. Thus, he pushed them aside for the fateful and last boy. Petyr Baruch and Otto Baruch, while boisterous and spirited in open are burying those same demented traits as their plagued father. Consult this edition in the future, I guarantee the pair have landed themselves in some form of scandal; that is if they are not already veiling some. Ruslan dear, stray not, from your family. But do allow the barks of your father to fall deaf on your ears, lest you will suffer the same fate as your brothers and the man himself. Your mind is bright, so sage some proper council; rid the disease, early and ahead of time. Taking the Edge Off ~ Seems the not so ladylike women of Hanseti-Ruska, have lost the only worthy facet about them -- that being their ability to remain bewitching and charming upon the unfortunate men of Karosgrad. Since this Author has published three editions of this trustworthy column, a certain, desperate for, drug-filled companionship has ariven onto the empty-headed scene that is the frolicsome inner circle of women. While the pockets of the chapman bloat, the insecurities of the noble women peak as the culmination of their underhand secrets come to light -- and so they turn to snuffing loathly white power, floating away from their dishonest reality. These women range anywhere from from the likes of Rosalind Amador, who can often be seen neglecting her own children as they go off to find parentage elsewhere. Then to the newly seated Baroness, Tarathiel Asul’onn, now otherwise known as Tara Elreden, who has become fodder to the unrelenting - but righteous people of Haense. Time will only tell when the real truth revolving the elevated Elf and Koeng will come to light.. Although, this writer hates keeping their zealot viewers dallying about, so the next edition might just assuage that thirst. Amador in Bloom ~ The claimant nobles of Hanseti-Ruska are ripe in their drama, but none can compare to that of House Amador; their house bastardised by peasant marriages and a bullying Koenas to add to the flavor. However, would it not be peculiar to see a flower bloom in one sack of stenching corpses? Surprise, surprise! I am happy to see that Lady Amalya has found one eager individual to court, but is that not a peculiar thing? She has found herself in the hands of one charming knight dubbed Ser Oliver. Oh, how I feel for his aching heart, for her beauty is but the highest in the Kingdom, even more so than the Koenas. Though, it surprises me. . . for does not the Lady Amalya spread her charms to the Koeng, meeting with him at night in secret? Was it not her that took hands with the Koeng and danced with our majesty before her Koenas? I wonder if the Koeng has affections for someone else, fret not however as anyone would pick a blooming flower over a colorless pallet. Of course, I am quite proud of Lady Amalya. She has found herself both a dazzling knight and a Koeng to play frolic.. And what does marriage do when one invites it? It breaches the chains of freedom, one shackling the beguiling Amalya away from her scoundrel patriarch, one unable to even find love. Her ribald image is saved, for it was previously lost in the cesspool of egregious, malicious nobles. In foresight of this, this Author pines that the Amador seeks a happy end with the Ser - but the imperiousness of the man glares too brightly, to keep my hopes heavenward. Either him, or Somebody Else ~ The audacious women who bear and send letters to this Author, are in fact, not as far-sighted as they claim themselves to be. Godan however, reigned the bright skies and cast his shaft of righteous light upon a particular escapade -- involving that of the Prince, Franz Barbanov, and Rosalind Amador. On the date of 365 ES, our wonderful Patriarch, Alfred Barclay held a most popular mass, bringing many closer to the arms of God himself. Despite it all, Rosalind Amador, is the furthest thing from a woman of our Lord. Taking to unpleasantries rather than the spreading of heartfelt love amongst her Haeseni peers. And in her vile sights, was the troubled and disconcerted Prince; an easy target of her foul tongue. See, my dearest viewers, I was there myself. So I know these letters to be spreading half-lies, which typically leads any viewing eyes to believe it as the full truth; a favoured tactic of manipulation. Do not lie to me. In any sense. Leaving your letters to be anonymous are the first tell signs. You are not smart, no matter how much you convince yourself to be. Take a hard long look at yourself in any mirror, you will soon realise your shortcomings. The Grand Lady accosted the Prince, but not about the man himself, but his own children and kin. Berating all that the man had brought up, digging her unkempt, addiction-ridden nails deep into the strings that connect his heart. How can you claim a child to be a *****, Rosalind? You are either simple- no, you are not. Some brightness does hold up inside you, somewhere. Therefore, this writer claims you to be entirely malicious and purposeful in your castigation. You expected the Prince to rise, especially in the crowd of many, preparing your rouge cheek for a battering. He did exactly that. And what for? To appease that hollowness in your chest. Yearning for any crumbs of attention. It was bound to happen eventually, so my heart warms, knowing it was the Prince - he will suffer less of a punishment, and rightfully so. Make merriment at this coming ball, but do not lose sight of this fact; my eyes are ever present, the likes of your own nearest and dearest, they are naught but turncoats.
  15. The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska Edition III Tov ag Yermey, 364 ES This author has much to reveal, as always. I fear you set your sights solely upon me, but in actuality, there are three. How can you expect one person to harness so much hearsay? There is me, the writer. The Observer of all. And one - in the midst of you all, the gossiper. They have been planted deep within the ranks of frivolous women of self import. In this edition, to quench curious minds, I tell you this: I used to be of great import, but as the tides crashed. I set off into them. Mondblume into the Tomb d’Arielle and Draghicescu Keel to Tainted Steel ~ Today we feature three common families on the verge of noble bestowment. Each with their own faults, but in recent times, their efforts of striving for elevation have brought these grave flaws to light. Mondblume with their change of patriarch and knighting of Hildebrand, were stronger than ever, even their numbers strengthened. However, this author has come to observe that numbers merit nothing on their own accord - and the Mondblume known to be Ida, merits only hardship upon her patriarch. Deformed was her back, as the Koeng ordered that she be whipped after grievously insulting the honour of His Majesty. No homage was paid, and even after the fact, she pouted and slithered away. Such lack of intelligence is an insult to my ears, she ought to go away to the nunnery! It is pitiful, how one individual can bring such disgrace on her own family. To make matters worse, she fled to Providence, and in doing so - her family gave chase. Foolishly, Ser Mondlume and many doting soldiers clambered to the Imperial Palace, making a mockery of the Kingdom itself. They have been thwarted and for good reason, strike them from the list. Lastly, the common house of Draghicescu and.. d’Arielle seem to be enshrouding a most well-hidden secret. My ears and eyes have nearly unravelled it, so I swear. Hearsay spreads to the deepest holes in this city, and these families were caught in the act of hiring mercenaries. Is the HRA not sufficient? Are you scared? Are you hiding something? My oh my, this can of worms has been opened, and your sooty secrets will soon come to light. Draghicescu. Psch. They never really stood a chance anyway. The Koenas’ Kindergarten ~ We all know our beloved Koenas of Hanseti-Ruska would rather be, at the side of Stefan Vyronov, or with a sword planted between her clammy palms. This time, she was found amidst her posse of plain Janes, at the center of Karosgrad square. Camilla Ruthern and Katerina Barbanov. Now - I do strive for gossip, but I will not condone bullying. Amalya Amador was too, accompanying this nepotistic trio, when a flower vendor came with his wares. The heartless trio sought after the vendor, and sighed ever so deep - why should we ever stoop to the level of such a common man? Their thoughts were evident, by the smacked look on their faces. But the sweet little Amador, despite the wishes of the other three, purchased an array of flowers! A true patron of the people and patriot of Haense, supporting the economy and its smaller businesses. The Amador extended one of the flowers to that of the wailing princess, a sunflower - how sweet. Yet, such an innocent act must be reprimanded by the babbling intimidators. It saddens me to write this, but as the princess was pulled aside by the Koenas, they did not act tactfully; I doubt they are even capable of such. Instead, a snicker erupted from the lips of the monotonous Camilla Ruthern, and Katerina bounded forth and smacked the Amador across the face! Mayhaps, if the Koenas spent her time contemplating events and not exploiting the frail minds of her knit group, the Kingdom would be in better standings. Some tools can simply not be sharpened, and some swords forever without a point. Now, with the Amador excluded and shamefaced. The Koenas herded the other two like sheep into the palace, afraid of retaliation. At least grow a backbone, if you desire so dearly to be alike Viktoria, the Warrior-Koenas. Bullies. Tut-tut. The Knight nobody knew And the Crestfallen Officer ~ A sense of urgency befalls me at every glance of that downtrodden Lieutenant, Jackson Porter. A man with his sight set on the stars, but with both of his worn boots, stuck in the mud. Both him and the knight, Ser Aleksandr, share one thing in common. Her Majesty, Isabel of Valwyck - who is mentioned so much in this hearsay, I must jot a nickname down for her. Mrs Promiscuity shall suffice for now. So, Mrs Promiscuity has both of these hapless boys chasing her tail. It surprises me how the duo have not yet tripped, especially with those hearts of love and dinging bells in their bagged eyes. Yet, I must be the one to tell them this - she doesn't love you dear, nor will she ever. The only thing she yearns for is the attention of it all! In writing this, this author pleads with the single ladies of Hanseti-Ruska. They deserve better, and if I see the Lieutenant donning that headband while looking so desolatelty grief-stricken for a second longer, I might just off myself before he does. Ser Aleksandr in contrast, he shows to work and that is about all - but I spy all, so I know this to not be entirely true. This cryptic figure is the easiest puzzle of them all, a lonely man, berated by the low elevation of his nobility. Forever without a lover, for that old hag of a parent cares more for status than the happiness of his son. A tear might have just stained this paper, if not for the optimism I hold in the man. Baby Steps - Fresh in From the Reader ~ Your very own men and women are turning on each other, and there is nothing more this writer loves more than bad blood. But do not act in dubiety, the Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska always finds out the truth first and foremost. The Viscount of Amador, even though it was likely not by his own juvenile choice, has had the engagement of his wedding called off. No longer will he be marrying into that of a peasant family - hurrah! However, the clock ticks for the patriarch now, the Koeng has ordered that he has two years to find a bride of noble birth, lest he wishes to be married off by His Majesty, himself. Let us all clasp our hands together, and pray that he finds a woman so dopey enough as to marry the young Amador. Remember, you can bring a bride to the altar, but one can not promise to be so faithful to such a clodpole - best wishes, Amador. Perhaps this will sprout another succession crisis, as we all know, fools breed fools. Just in- a reader who wishes to remain anonymous reports this. Now, I knew this all along, but with such lack of substantiation I did not wish to scribe such a story. Having said that, with women of Her Majesty’s very own council lettering me on such. I am afraid that the princess, Katerina Barbanov and the Raevir, Camilla Ruthern have been spending their fair share of nights together. This will finally make sense to some, and I quote from the reader ‘the reason the princess does not wish to get married, is because of her ever growing friendship’. In reporting this, I dearly expect them to make one’s appearance in the confession booth, so they can repent before it is all too late.
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