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  1. Haense >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  2. *Juliya Gant would quickly hide the paper thrown at her door, before her son Robert could find it*
  3. Mcname: sirenscall_ Category: Art Attach Content: Katherine Marie and her cousin Leana Stafyr riding along the shores of Haense (in like +7 years LOL )  I cant attach it as file... so here ya go
  4. Erich and Katherine would enter the library within the walls of Nenzing, win which their great cousin Konrad was talking to their Uncles daugther Kamilla Julya Baruch. Not much time passed and Kathrine danced around the room chanting "Konrad and Kamilla sitting on a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!", whilst Konrad was talking about asking their great grandfather and Erich for permission to take Kamilla as his lovely wedded wife. Curious, as Katherine is and always has been, she proceeded to ask why he wouldn't ask their father Lord Leopold Stafyr. Suddenly the room went quiet. Erich's eyes started watering, as he looked down on the table, his body tensing up with the growing quiet. "What?" Katherine would ask, visibly confused by their sudden change in behaviour. She could feel her heartbeat go up, she knew that something was wrong. "What is it Konrad?" she'd ask her cousin, her voice now quieter. "I don't think I should be the one to tell you, Katherine." her cousin would answer hesitantly. "Oh, well can Erich tell me?" she would turn to her younger brother, who started sniffling in memory of what happened to his father. Unable to answee himself he turned to the young man, allowing him to bring these gruesome news. Moments passed before Konrad would take a deep breath. "Your father died, Katharine. He was killed by a Renatian archer" he'd finally say. As he spoke those words a chill went down Katherine's back, it seemed as if he world got shattered and everything felt black. Her emotions were in complete chaos... she didn't knlw what to feel or what to focus on - the mind numbing pain of the realization that she just lost her father, the one who had always been there for her, the one who raised and loved her since the day her mother gave birth to her, the infuriating anger flowing through her body, making her fume or the hope that this was just a dream and that she would wake up to her father sitting in the main hall talking to her mother and wishing her a wonderful morning. Her limbs were growing weak and tears woumd start gathering in her eyes as ahe shook her head in disbelief "No..." she'd mumble "No, he's not dead." she'd say, even though her words came out as a mere whisper. Her body began to feel like she was burning alive, the tears hurt in her eyes. "I'm sorry, but he his" Konrad replied. "NO, HE'S NOT DEAD" Katherine would shout at him, before everything grew distant. She covered her eyes, sank to the floor and started crying. Nothing seemed to matter anymore, it was like the others disappeared and she was all alone in the library. In the backround she heard Konrad saying something through the blur, but all she could do was cry. At some point, the sun was already riding again, Katherine could be found on the library floor sleeping, disrupted by occasional cries for her father.
  5. ((Omg so sorry I missed it... I was too busy w/ my final exams))
  6. Name/(OOC Name): Kattarina Ludovar, sirenssong__ Age: 38 Race: Highlander Residence: Marian Blvd. 9
  7. Full Name: Ingrid Linnea Baruch City of Residency: Reza Year of Birth: 1683 Address: Marian Blvd. 4 - Baruch Manor
  8. Mcname: sirenscall_ IcName: Ingrid Linnea Baruch Residency: Baruch Manor (Marian Blvd 4) Class/Title: Noble Mcname: sirenssong__ ICName: Kattarina Ludovar Residency: Ludovar/Preussen Manor Class/Title: Noble/Baroness of Lizat
  9. ___siren___


    Freya remembered the old days, back when she was just a little child. Her mother would take her outside, playing with her on the gardens near the Warhawkes city walls , weaving crowns out of daisies and blue orchids. Together they'd sit outside during full moons, enjoying the pale moonlight shining on their skin and the stars sparkling around it, whilst the from the sun heated clay kept them warm. Most of the time she would sit on her mother's lap, listening to her stories about the moon spirit, old legends about how the moonlight kept the dark elves sane and that one day, if she passed she would join the moon. "And one day you are going to go there too, Moonchild" In the beginning, Freya would think of these stories as nothing but fictional, but as the time passed she started to believe in them more and more and she felt lost, unable to decide whether to believe her beloved mother or the other dark elves praising their ancestors and the former chieftains that had left them into the afterlife. The years passed and her confusion wandered to the back of her mind. Now that she wasn't a young one anymore, she was trained in melee and range fighting. Her father would take her to training sessions, teaching her how to swing a sword, to throw a dagger and how to shoot an arrow. He wished for her to become part of the Tahorran'okar. After some time she developed a basic knowledge and routine, but it was obvious that she would never be more than an average fighter. In her frustration, she turned to the arts of magic. She watched in awe, as other Elves moved things with their thoughts or creating short versions of elements. And she knew... one day she was going to be one of them.
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