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  1. Aylin Reede de Astrea signs her name below her her father's with a determined air before continuing to work towards alliances with friends new and old.
  2. I likely solely speak for myself, but as a newer member of the community I simply took it to be part of the forum culture and a quicker way to go back to a post you mean to check in and respond to when you have the spoons to do it. (Okay, that last part was definitely for me, as I certainly have several pending posts I need to respond to aaaaaa) I absolutely see your point and will attempt to rectify any I've done as quickly as I can. Thank you!
  3. The Reede de Astrea Wedding 7th of Sun's Smile, SA 49 A commissioned wedding portrait of Esmond Reede and Aylin de Astrea Announcement It is with great honour, pleasure, (and relief of their family) that Lord Esmond Reede and Lady Aylin de Astrea are to join in joyous matrimony on the afternoon of the Sun’s Smile, the 49th year of the Second Age. The couple invite their honourable guests to witness their wedding ceremony by the white dogwood tree followed by a dinner banquet in the Elysian palace main hall. The evening’s festivities would begin with the newlywed’s opening dance that would carry out into the evening. The bride and groom are eternally grateful for any wedding gifts, but they are certainly not necessary. In fact, they would wish that any and all contributions instead go to humanitarian relief efforts for Elvenesse in their time of need. The soon-to-be wedded pair would wish to welcome all who are friends of Elysium to the joyous occasion, and will formally send out special invitations via courier. While the newlyweds would wish for their guests to wear what they wish, the wedding theme has botanical themes, (namely daisies,) coupled with the colours of sage and mauve. Lord Esmond Reede, Chancellor for Department of Culture Lady Aylin de Astrea, Heir Regent Minister of Interior & Foreign Affairs
  4. Amelya Kortrevich had already been unravelling, especially with the secret she held within her and now... now she received news that her dearest Hauchpapej, one of the few who beheld the oddity that Amelya was with fondness instead of dismay. He watched the rambunctious child grow into the...the... what was she now? Amelya sighed, shaking her head and closing her eyes so very much like his. "Szam Ea was niet with vy in the end Hauchpapej. Szam...we didn't speak much beyond Emma's presentation ball. And now...Ea can only hope to continue to...do vy proud and...that we will meet again, soon."
  5. Estella Buckfort, third Buckfort sister, spent the day in town at the local bakery and to bring a celebratory cake for her sisters’ new appointment. At hearing the gentlemens’ homophobic, sexist remarks, she quirked a brow and truly pitied the women here to have to be subjected to these so-called men. In fact, she was perhaps more concerned for Caius de Ravensburg’s relationships with the women in his life, if he couldn’t tell that Gwyn and Nadia were sisters and not lovers.
  6. Aylin de Astrea's eyes narrowed at the penned letters, no, now twin letters of resignation and shook her head sadly. It was clear to her, in the time she had spent knowing both Aech and reading the reports on Brian, that they rarely did anything not impulsively, recklessly...hotheadedly. From attacking Nym to Aech's mishandling a situation in Savoy, an altercation at the city gates, then Brian's multiple counts of aggravated assault, breaking and entering, to now these letters? This is the thanks they give Liluth and her attempts at reformation with the pair of them? Her eyes rested on the words "Evil Norland" and her lip curled, shaking her head. Clearly the young halfling had spent time with perhaps the wrong crowd, feeding them whatever nonsense there truly was to believe their youthful world was so black and white. "Respect, dear friend," she murmured, "is something earned and not demanded. Not everyone is suited to the military life." With a backward glance before returning to her duties, Aylin looked forward to the various systems she knew were in place to aid the Rangers and perhaps assuage these feelings.
  7. [!] After several discussions between High Keeper of Norland and Heir Regent of Elysium on the matter, a letter circulated through both Norland and Elysium: It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Outrider Matilda Osmond has passed into the Allfathers Halls. Mother of Aila and Raimyr, wife of High Keeper Dramyr Edvardsson Ruric, friend of everyone she came into contact with, we wish to extend invitation for her funeral which is to be held on the premises of Old Elysium: it was a place she held most dear and is where she shared many memories with her loved ones and fellow Rangers. Signed, High Keeper Dramyr Edvardsson Ruric Aylin de Astrea, Former Chief Diplomat to Norland, Heir Regent & Head Diplomat to Elysium
  8. Estella Buckfort, wrapped her arms around herself as she dipped her head in silence, her face a mask of shock, grief, and despair. How could anyone relish in the murder of innocents? The usual laughter that underscored Rozania was silenced by villains this day, but it would not destroy its spirit. It was in this moment where she recalled the Buckfort motto: Many hearts beating as one.
  9. Estella Buckfort's eyes widened at her brother's letter. Surely he was jesting...right? ...right? How could he think this was a wise idea, especially with everything they had been through, everything they'd experienced in coming to their new home?
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