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  1. [!] A painting of Mink Vuiller ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Mink Vuiller is a woman of faith, this stemming from her family having several priests, a cardinal, and one saint. She had traveled around the continent for many years before returning back to Oren, where he family lives. Mink knows how to fight with an axe, cook, and can sew outfits for both male and females. She is has been looking for someone to love, as she had spent almost a decade outside of the city walls. So anyone can meet her on one of her journeys, on the roads or in Haense. ------------ Requirements -Ages 29-49 are accepted -Has to be human -Is of Cannonist faith ------------------- Bird Mink, Ravn, or Rev Vuiller for more information or to have a chat. [[AllmemesKill#5357]]
  2. Amelia Mondblume ran around the city of New Elysium, her green dress catching on stones or grass blades as she moved. The girl smiled happily up at the tree which held birds galore, they all chirped and cawed out to each other. Amelia knew her Pa had a crow, but it was mostly stationed with him whilst he was at work. She wanted a bird of her own very badly, so she could pet it and call upon it to send letters to friends she never had. And thus she decided that she would get a bird, so she traveled back to Haense, doing as she regularly did hitching a ride on one of the merchant's she met in Elysium. Once she had arrived Amelia went straight to the pet store she had passed by many a time before. Inside she looked over each creature, but none peaked her interest as a black crow and a raccoon. The girl's eyes seemed to shine under the lantern's light, moving to look at the two creatures. "How much are they?" Amelia asked the shop keeper as the raccoon reached one of its hands out at her. "5 mina each, they are too stubborn and don't listen well." The shop keeper spoke like it was a fact, waving a hand at the two creatures. Amelia nodded her head and quickly brought out 10 mina and placed it onto the counter. "Ich will take them both!" she beamed, the shopkeeper scratching their head as they gave in. "Take the crow first, I need to make sure the raccoon is clean again." Amelia nodded and picked up the cage of the crow and moving out of the shop. She walked for a minute or two before arriving at the garden's behind the palace, sitting the cage down and opening it. The bird tilted it's head at her and cawed out, almost in greeting. "Hallo there, du are ein beautiful bird. Ja, du are." She put her hand out, to see if the bird would hop over and sit in her hand. To her surprise it did, and spread his wings wide as he cawed again. "Du are ein gutt bird ja! Ich think ich will name du Shade." she hummed smoothing down his head feathers, Shade leaning into her hand. "Gutt bird, gutt bird." This was the begining of a loving friendship between man and bird, and soon enough raccoon too.
  3. Mink Vuiller was busy practicing her skills with her war axe, stopping as she huffed out. She leaned on the end of her axe, thinking if she would survive and end up she same way her father did.
  4. I'm back and I am starting a skinning buisness soon! it will be done IRPLY so if you want or wish to see some form of outfit style leave a comment so I know what to gear the shop too.

  5. Twenty years later and Aeira finally opened the letter after taking her husband's death like a cannonball to the stomach. Her room was filled with constant cries of pain and wanting to be released from the earth. OOC: Cedric = best boi to rp
  6. The ghost of Ava sat within Igor's house, sitting in comfortable silence. The breathing of the dogs helped her remind her she was dead, with the sinking within her ghostly form came back. "He doesn't know I'm here, but that is fine. I'd rather watch over him, pray be that his day is well. Maybe I should go see what it is he is doing..." Once she arrived all she heard was shouting and a distant crying, and soon she knew that Igor was dead. But all she could think about is who would care for Dimitri, and how history is a tragic circle. An orphan left to defend for themselves, not a soul to think about them. But Ava was going to be the soul, maybe the only one, who would think and watch over him.
  7. She hangs out with awesome people!
  8. THE COMUNIAL STATE OF MONTES Leader Amelia posing for an ad _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ The Hope and Idea __________ Too many kids run about with no where to go or no where to be, so I Amelia Verrow, propose a communal state where these kids can grow! They shall grow alongside their leader (me) and grow as a family. We shall work together for a better life, and grab the opportunity where we will be victorious in any war. All children and musin are welcome in this state. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ LAWS All must bring something to the table, may it be food, shinnies, or dirt. Bring something good! Don't hurt others in the state, you will go in time out for 5 saint minutes. No one is deemed boring, but please try and make a joke. If you wish to kiss someone, it must be agreed upon and done in the closet! (No one wants to see smooches!) Everyone is friends unless stated otherwise. Only people of the state can get free food. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ People of High Standing The leader and person in charge is Amelia Verrow, current reigning Babushka. To create and act or attack someone it must be approved by her. The head of the military is The Jackalope Knight (@ ), he leads the military and runs guards. Attacking someone must also be approved by him. Other positions will open up upon people requesting them.
  9. Edlelweiss Diamante A Jeweler For Your Needs ⋆❖❁❖⋆ Eldelweiss creates several pieces to be sold, from rings to necklaces. From bracelets to earrings, we have it all. Come shop in out store, located above Barclay Bargains in Haense. ⋆❖❁❖⋆ Pieces On Sale Now Engraved Platinum Ring Price: 5.0 5 Still In Stock -=- Silver Pearl Bee Brooch Price: 5.0 4 Still In Stock -=- Platinum Forget Me Not Bracelet Price: 5.0 2 Still In Stock -=- Matching Promise Rings Price: 4.0 each 10 (in total) still in stock ⋆❖❁❖⋆ There are many more options to choose from, so come over and look at them! If you want, you can commission your own piece to be made as well! We can't wait to make something that will last a lifetime!
  10. I heard that you're settling down That you've found a girl and you're marrying now. I hear that your dreams are coming true. Though I gave you things she can't give to you. Old friend, why are you so shy? Ain't like you to hold back or shy from the light. I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited But I can't stay away, I can't fight it. I had hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded That we are still in love Never mind, you'll never find someone like me I wished nothing but the best for us Don't forget me, I swear I'll remember you said, "You are my princess, my love, my everything, You are my princess, my love, my everything." You know how the time flies Only yesterday we were having the time of our lives We were born and raised In a harsh cold haze Bound by the surprise of our happy days I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited But I can't stay away, I can't fight it. I'd hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded That we were once together Never mind, you'll find someone like me I wished nothing but the best for us Don't forget me, I swear I'll remember you said, "You are my princess, my love, my everything." Nothing compares All worries no cares Regrets and mistakes They are history made. Who would have known how heartbreaking this would taste? Never mind, You found someone like me I wish nothing but the best for you Don't forget me, I beg I'll remember you once said, "You are my princess, my love, my everything". Never mind, I'll find someone better than you I wish nothing but the best for me too Don't forget me, I swear I'll remember I said, "You are my knight, my world, my everything, You were my knight, my world, my everything."
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