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  1. "It'll be the latter, brother." Amun answered, unhopeful that a Haenser could recognize the difference.
  2. 50x50 is huge i think 20x20x20 is better
  3. >story announcement gets posted >announces deepfreeze on shamanism submissions >shamanism submission is posted the next day never change shamans
  4. i like the changes because im tired of everyone and their mom having orc strength
  5. Amun selected his Town Hall, also known as the Stassion Keep, and assigned a set of builders to upgrade it at a cost of both gold and elixir.
  6. Idk how to do spoilers on mobile but didnt you just have a realm (norasath) that was completely and wholly dead Also far north = dead on arrival
  7. spoopy duck is ******* terrible fire him

  8. "When you pick a side, you cannot expect to remain above the fighting." Amun declared.
  9. "This wasn't what Petra should have been, either. We made a mistake!" Petran loyalist war-fighter Clyff Montagne, the Renatian Dragon Knight, spoke into Renilde's mind posthumously.
  10. i am the first lord of the craft in 2024

    1. woke


      no youre not plus sell me the shield

  11. Before: After: Reasoning: Trees cannot have intercourse.
  12. "You copied me." Hajj decided, sending a copy of his original missive to the sender of this one.
  13. it's called krugsmas

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