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  1. "Alliteration is for losers." Rerek the Luraki invader decided.
  2. "UBUNTU MUST FALL." Cheered a bald soldier of LURAK.
  3. "I don't want any of you to join us." Ghelezas the Azdrazi thought.
  4. most of the eventline happened elsewhere (other realms) so nothing happened here until just now when an aengul died it also just happened a couple days ago and st need to hash it out so give it a little time
  5. make everything raidable again
  6. Extremely glad to be part of such a large event
  7. Ghelezas the Azdrazi, upon reading the missive, forewent today's baby-eating session and instead opted to convene with Draconicus Derficus, the Dragon-Pontiff.
  8. cant wait to do 4 months of dedicancy then 4 months of druid tiering then 4 months of whatever this is just to have the whole magic
  9. "We helped, too," "But it's no matter. They'll die, just like the rest of them." Ghelezas determined.
  10. im so schizo xd im literally so schizo im crazy xdxd
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