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  1. If the grander playerbase want’s to toil with black alchemy potions or in general get access to them, they should take the plunge to work with necromancers or try to steal from them or something to facilitate rp. You want a potion that can extend your life or cause a huge blight over land as a weapon? That works directly as a tie in to seeking necromancy itself. A synthetic version just removes that interaction and suddenly you have regular good guy people making their life extending potions at a rate that could also keep them from experiencing the negative symptoms of it.
  2. Malflame already takes away a turn in the sense you have to pat it out otherwise you can’t use another action and naztherak has access to summons as well. I feel like non-lethality is a good balance option for this fact
  3. I actually kinda like voidal connecting bows bc then archers can use actual shooting styles besides how it works at a modern sporting archery range
  4. no longer human mentioned? Osamu Dazai? ayo? book time?
  5. How exactly does this fit into black alchemy besides using liquid lifeforce as a reagent?
  6. There’s a whole lot to go off of from a perspective to fit into a show but I feel like the best use with the goal of source material given there was budget for all of it would be based more on the greater aspects of the whole server’s lore in which players can and have actively participated in the best use of “lotc” as a whole for a concept like that would be to make a whole bunch of different types of media with how many different stories and possibilities are jammed into the server.
  7. remember to tune in to 108.9 An'Gho FM

  8. Jack Lúdvík Teufel read the missive with pure confusion of this promise of him gifting someone a reward but then he promptly shrugged and prepared a suitable reward for a young warrior to be.
  9. when can tech fix my inventory (again)

  10. Koios Halcourt-Teufel prepared a few racks of Bison ribs to help during the phase of mourning albeit maybe just in general since his wife is a horrible chef.
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