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  1. This is why I listed the second option as well as explaining it as the preferable option. The current lore IS something that would logically require the ability to preform Alchemy. The second option replaces that with normal botany while still retaining the process of how Ironwood is made. Non Alchemists shouldn’t be preforming extractions, identifying Signs and Symbols, and mixing concoctions. That requires the feat, so why does Ironwood have that in its current state?
  2. I didn't add this on in my first reply because I missed it but it shouldn't be common knowledge for alchemists as Ironwood is still considered something you must be taught IRPly to craft. The preferable choice IS to remove Alchemy from its creation entirely, swapping it over to using mundane botany to create the treatment for the Ironwood. I do believe there was a misunderstanding with Option A, which I simply added as the alternative since in the end Alchemy should need the Feat.
  3. The point of this amendment is to look at the fact that it requires an alchemical process but also says you don’t need alchemy which makes no sense. Point A is one fix for this but I do state that the second option is preferable since it uses mundane botany for the same effect. Option B amends the issue with symbols while still keeping the idea that you need some sort of treatment to make wood resistant to rot and fire. Jailor’s Moss is literally in the ingredient list I added I do not understand what you are asking.
  4. Current Lore and Redline: The ironwood appliance is soaked in a special chemical mixture which both prevents natural rot and makes the wood resistant to fire. It must soak in the substance for a week before it can be removed. At this point, the ironwood tool is completely done and free to use. Ikurnamon does not require an Alchemy FA to create, nor does its chemical mixture. The Chemical mixture consists of - [1] Earth Sign, [1] Air Sign, [4] Vigor Symbols, [2] Endurance Symbols, [2] Balance Symbols and [3] Agility Symbols. Proposed Change: Change the Alchemy to Mundane Botany The ironwood appliance is soaked in a special oil which both prevents natural rot and makes the wood resistant to fire. It must soak in the substance for a week before it can be removed. At this point, the ironwood tool is completely done and free to use. The oil consists of Lard, [1] Chimelilly, [1] Alabaster Leaf, [2] Blood Lotus, [1] Aqua Nymph, [1] Elf’s Hair Vine, and [1] Jailor’s Moss. These herbs are placeholder just as an idea behind a recipe that's botanical while somewhat matching he original cost of reagents for the mixture. Purpose: It is absolutely nonsensical to allow people to preform alchemic processes without the alchemy feat. It is best for lore to change so it removes Alchemy. The idea of still having to make a treatment bath for the material is good, but it should be done with a basic oil made with proper ingredients through botany, similar to how anyone can make a tippen’s salve with proper knowledge. Changelog: removed the original Option A to make the material require alchemy if LT preferred alchemy be involved in the creation of the wood. It seemed to be focused over the Botany Option.
  5. The Mercators were a prime example of how conflict should be handled, and that exact type of conflict makes a nation feel more alive. Especially something thats supposed to be an Empire where insurgent groups are GOING to pop up (Although higher higher ups in said nation kinda fucked with it for no reason other than oocly being scared)
  6. Thullon Loa’Chil goes on a quest for wedding clothes in preparation for more shenanigans
  7. What is the best pastry?

    1. ColonelClassy


      Waffles obviously 

  8. They don’t since prosthetics like Animii loose overclock abilities because “prosthetics shouldnt make it favorable to loose a limb” but telekinetic arms are an all around buff + Translo’s buff where you can teleport and attack in the same emote Or I’m completely wrong, idk I’ve never had an rp reason to get into voidal magic
  9. What kind of bear is best?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. UnBaed


      a fat bear is a healthy bear

    3. ColonelClassy


      Bear fists, honorable combat.

    4. Aehkaj


      You all are wrong

  10. Out of all of the sudden kani amendments that have been dropped lately, this one seems like it's the best as it pretty much is just a clarification that further details what someone can or can not use and eliminates those tiny loopholes. +1 for making kani more standalone instead of it apparently just being used as a 1 slot MA buff to another magic like scion or something.
  11. What wowj said here, if kani can all the sudden carry stuff that’s like an EMP to their abilities then any mage, spellsword with enchantments, etc should be able to carry a thannic weapon while still being able to cast. As for mina as it’s own thing, either have a redline for mina only to avoid loopholes or rp being poor
  12. The idea of being able to get small bits of some materials like ST minerals (if that’s what you mean) would also help with the idea of people being able to camp nodes to hell n’ back again so its incredibly hard for players that arn’t in certain groups to obtain them. Simply just make it so the ST node turnout is more rewarding while having a more drawn out system to use minas to obtain pieces or something similar sounds quite interesting. +1 Islamadon big brain
  13. At LEAST bring back something like the vortex bears and boars. Some simple PVE thing players can do at any given time for a little reward that you can exchange for minas at shop locations. Don’t even make the trade in shop a CT thing, something like fur trading posts randomly placed around here or there with an NPC where you sell the items would be nice. - Yes, it is a roleplay server but communities can easily add roleplay to PVE, and people have liked PVE events anyway - Another upside is it gives people yet more reasons to get out in the world and explore besides holing up in a nation which will be nice when activity checks cease to exist how they do now. Also on the “hunting” node idea, make nodes where cows, sheep, and chickens spawn more often or just animals in general for the materials that they drop. You could also add in the ability to trade in resources like wood for minas at locations like a “trading post” idea - I don’t see an issue in a small grinding aspect like what we already have for materials for PVP gear or building blocks. And when it comes to mina it’d be nice to have the ability to sell some of those materials just because you can On the Auction House that’s both hated and loved depending on who you ask: - Nations should run their own rp auctions instead of an auction house. Want to sell your beloved money making green tag item? Black market rp or something
  14. Can you do a backflip without aid?
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