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  1. I can see the purpose behind the potion, but it seems like it’s too metagamey. Just being able to prove someone’s lineage gives but also removes from the whole idea of the rp behind those little noble cheating relations and such. It basically just makes it: “ok guards cut them open we’ll see who they are related to” which at the end of the day is just kind of a cheesy way to figure out those ties IRP. It will become a case of “legal” metagaming. Along with that chemistry in and of itself doesn’t exist because of alchemy, they are similar but not the same. Making a potion that’s just a DNA test seems modern especially when tech is pretty much capped to late medieval except for steampunk creations which still have limitations that make them seem more logical. DNA testing is WAY too modern for the fantasy medieval setting, given irl it began in the late 1970s. If you look at techlock, its based on the IRL time periods that make up the setting we RP in and even then the farthest we go is steam power in the 1800s and only that far.
  2. Thullon Loa'Chil ran around like a maniac, gathering cooking ingredients "WOOOOOOOO PARTY!"
  3. Viktor var Ruthern polished his mace in preparation for a possible war. In Nor'Asath a random Teufel has a dance off with Zavar da Minitaur
  4. SURNAME: Ruthern FIRST NAME: Viktor ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Arena FACTION(NOBILITY OR COMMONER): Nobility YEAR OF BIRTH: 1847 Are you registered and eligible to vote? Yub ((MC NAME)): Aehkaj
  5. Viktor var Ruthern wonders why they spelled his name incorrectly
  6. Union of Voyager and Rose A Teufel travelling south to Balian On this day blessed by the Exalted themself it fills our hearts with joy to announce the union between Jack Lúdvík Teufel and Annadelia Beckett. The ceremony itself shall find place within the Basilica La Sorella, blessed by his late Holiness Tylos II Before the sacrament itself, a friendly competition shall find place within the city of Atrus in the Grand Duchy of Balian celebrating the union. Formal Invitations His Holiness, Tylos III His Imperial Highness, John I, Grand Duke of Balian and his protege His Royal Majesty, Karl III Barbanov, Koeng of Haenseti-Ruska Her Excellency Vicereive Laurelie Henrietta Vuiller Monet-de Pelear and her protege Our Fair City, The Grand Duchy of Balian and its citizens Our Esteemed Allies, The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and its citizens Our Esteemed Allies, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and its citizens Our Esteemed Allies, the Rashidun Sheikhdom and its citizens Our Esteemed Allies, the Viceroyalty of Hyspia and its citizens Our Esteemed Allies, the Dual Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania and its citizens The Right Honorable, Count of Aquilae, Sir Rev Vuiller and his protege His Excellency, the Legate, Baron Constantine Malenos and his protege His Excellency, the Constable, Baron Peter D’Arkent of Turin and his protege The Teufel Family and their protege The Beckett Family and their protege Lady Rosemary Vuiller and her protege Sir Regnvalt and his protege The Esteemed Lectors Miss Saffyre and her protege “Lord” Zavar da Minitaur
  7. A Simple “House Call” Link to Pintrest, closest I got to a maker To all Balianites, You may have found some of our work around the city. In case you were wondering, most of it was just for money and to let you all know that we’re around. That aside, you best get ready. We’re planning on coming around later in the year, and we expect a grand welcome!
  8. Jack Teufel is mad he made fresh medical equipment for stuff like this but couldn't be around to give it out or help
  9. I love the 2nd biome example, especially if a settlement or nation builds around the terrain, into walls, etc instead of just making a flat build on top, a mix of some good mountains, mesa's etc along with making biomes flow more. Taking something like a mountain range moving into a plains / alpine desert with more depth would be interesting
  10. Viktor read over his own work after sending it out. "Oh. I forgot to add that Ologs are welcome to compete against other Ologs, and special types of matches can be arranged for such."
  11. The Aima Arena of Balian Two combatants fighting with clubs Introduction A growing staple in the daily lives of Balianites is looking forward to arena events. The Aima Arena is the place that hosts just that. Various events where combatants go for glory, and where spectators go for entertainment. For VIPs and Staff, there is a closed gambling and meeting room for events and business. Non VIP or Staff can be invited in for a gambling event or meeting if a member so wishes. The Events All events are based around having only up to 3 fights within that planned night; however, tournaments are also made where a type of match is chosen. Cage Matches Cage matches are the most common in the arena, being two completely unarmed and unarmored competitors fight until a winner is decided by knockout or by the event Warden. “Open” Matches Open matches are for competitors who wish to demonstrate their skills with weaponry. Open matches allow for the competitor to wear whatever armor they wish, along with carrying their choice of up to 2 melee weapons for the match. These matches are more dangerous, even with usually sharp weapons blunted. Open Matches are won via gaining points dictated by the Warden as the match goes on. A competitor may also grapple and take out their opponent to win the match. Jousts Jousts are matches for show where competitors are mounted on horseback with a lance. A competitor wins by dismounting their opponent. Titles The Arena offers Titles to its competitors through merit, and merit alone. Either from being the victor of a tournament or through performance in normal matches, various titles can be made or taken from others. For combatants who wish to prove themselves to be the greatest, “The Fang” is the one stagnant and volatile title the arena offers. This title goes to a competitor who soars above the rest by having the best ratio of victories to losses in their matches. Staffing / VIPs Managers help hire staff, plan and hold events, and make deals with prospective VIPs. Announcers are needed during events to offer commentary and to introduce combatants Wardens are needed to mediate a match, and to be in charge of scoring and naming a victor when needed Medics are needed for cases where a combatant has been injured during a match. Bartenders are needed to run the bar during events to keep a hospitable environment for spectators Fighters are of course the main show, providing the men and women needed for matches Along with the staff, VIPs are guests who have helped the arena in some way. VIPs can range from someone who sponsors a fighter in a match up to someone who sponsors the arena itself to help keep it running. Contact Viktor var Ruthern or other staff members in Balian for more information. SIGNED,
  12. Viktor var Ruthern read over the missive, chuckling to himself “Yet another conflict where a leader is caught on the first day.”
  13. The Tournament of Two Roses Two combatants training for the tourney Part of the Syndesi Feriae, the Tournament of Two Roses will take place on the 15th of Sigismund's End with the first event starting by the 17th hour. Two separate tournaments will commence throughout the day. The first will be a tournament with a 100 mina prize, with the victor being named the Champion of Roses. The second event will occur after with a 100 mina prize, the victor being named the Champion of Thorns. We do ask that all fighters contact the manager Lord Viktor var Ruthern through letter or in person to sign up ahead of the event time. This way the tourney will run smoothly, thank you. The day also acts as a social event where non Tournament participants can enjoy conversation while watching friendly competition in the arena! SIGNED, (Important OOC Info Below)
  14. Jack Teufel pops open a bottle of rum "Cheers."
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