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  1. What color is green?

    1. Mirtok


      It's like a yellowish blue or bluey yellow

    2. Aehkaj


      No. no. what is GREEN I need the answers of the concept of the color GREEN

    3. _Jandy_


      the color of money, get some n check it out

  2. Draan is held within the marks branded onto a herald, I don’t see how channeling it into your arm and then bleeding before extracting the draan, gives you the substance. The process just doesn’t make much sense especially with how Draan works with something like binding. From what I’ve seen in the past from ST is that nearly any MA is capable of creating liquid mana but I’d check depending on the canon source with a case like necromancy or naztherak. That being said, Azdrazi are not anti-magical in the sense you’re saying with them not utilizing a form of mana. Dragonsflame does have properties that let it interact tangibly with magical beings and spells but it is not Thanhium or auric oil. Azdrazi, and by proxy I assume heraldry, use anima as a source of energy. This means that Azdrazi have mana in that from: “The main ‘purpose’ of anima in mortals and deities is to facilitate mana production. There is a direct correlation between how much anima a soul has and its magical potency.” And emote count with irl duration is in pretty much any potion with a lasting effect, but I’m not sure exactly how those limits are calculated between emotes and minutes or if that’s added later by ST or not. I simply asked because I’m used to seeing it everywhere.
  3. What is the point of creating liquid draan as its own Reagent when you could just use liquid mana? As for Bane of Malghourn hypothermia makes no sense, heat stroke or shock should be used instead for the negative effect. Hypothermia would come from your body being cooled while heat stroke comes from becoming too warm. Then moving from hot to cooling too fast could cause shock with more uses of it. As well how many emotes is 15 or 30 ooc emotes equivalent to for its duration since it is a combative use potion. Also what's really the reason for draugurs wax? Ordained heralds have a spell that can prevent then from being hit with fire and azdrazi are immune to fire bar true dragons flame and malflame. There's also items like rokodra which have a similar yet better effect than this potion. It just seems like Alchemy bloat to make yet another fire proofing item especially since its generally guarded to the Azdrazi community with liquid draan as a Reagent - liquid draan should just be liquid mana, it generally makes more sense and avoids the potions being needlessly blocked. The use of azdrazi scales is good for something like the wax since that can be obtained whether or not you ally with the Azdrazi
  4. Overall this is how it should be for CA's A group rolling up and pushing for pvp when you're trying to build roleplay shouldn't net you a penalty
  5. It should not cost money to be able to turn off tater spam

    1. Balmakka


      The aftermath of the EthnicGroup tater spam

  6. I can't wait to have another tool to use for crafting only to never be able to use it due to hitting the item description's cap +1
  7. Everyone run, Daal is coming to destroy everything!

  8. An old friend of the accused was handed the missive with tells of it being large news; however, the man lacked an important ability known as reading so he used the paper as kindling to make a campfire.
  9. Medical alchemy is strong enough as is and not being able to perfectly and safety heal something like internal damage with alchemy is a good thing. Patients dying on you creates character development, patients surviving with what would be a horrible experience irp that isn’t magically fixed gives them character development. Even then you have healing magics that can heal internal wounds, but often times something like healing magics forces some people to expand to other places and people irply. It generates interactions, especially with cultural healing like farseer where it’s more than just one and done healing. Often times they will ask for offerings to their spirit, religious conversion, etc. End all be all cures and healing in the form of a potion is pretty bland. Scuffed surgery rp is the most fun medical related rp I’ve ever had, and I think there should be more of that vs medical alchemy buffs
  10. I always liked the idea behind chi and mixing it with kani to make a new write reads as a very good way to take positives from both to make one more fleshed out martial arts magic. Great rp possibilities that utilize that niche and a lot less minmax-y very noice creation
  11. This is why I listed the second option as well as explaining it as the preferable option. The current lore IS something that would logically require the ability to preform Alchemy. The second option replaces that with normal botany while still retaining the process of how Ironwood is made. Non Alchemists shouldn’t be preforming extractions, identifying Signs and Symbols, and mixing concoctions. That requires the feat, so why does Ironwood have that in its current state?
  12. I didn't add this on in my first reply because I missed it but it shouldn't be common knowledge for alchemists as Ironwood is still considered something you must be taught IRPly to craft. The preferable choice IS to remove Alchemy from its creation entirely, swapping it over to using mundane botany to create the treatment for the Ironwood. I do believe there was a misunderstanding with Option A, which I simply added as the alternative since in the end Alchemy should need the Feat.
  13. The point of this amendment is to look at the fact that it requires an alchemical process but also says you don’t need alchemy which makes no sense. Point A is one fix for this but I do state that the second option is preferable since it uses mundane botany for the same effect. Option B amends the issue with symbols while still keeping the idea that you need some sort of treatment to make wood resistant to rot and fire. Jailor’s Moss is literally in the ingredient list I added I do not understand what you are asking.
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