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  1. MC Name: Terry_23 RP Name: Ulfric Frostbeard Discord: Terry#1337 Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST
  2. Ulfric Frostbeard looks at the newspaper in front of him, peering over the topics. When he sees the "A Wedding for the Ages" topic, he would sigh. "Meh first, bes' frien' has come a long way... Could'nae beh proudeh, though o'I neveh thought she woul' get there, heh. Actualleh, I neveh thought eitheh ov us would get teh where we are." He would chuckle quietly at that, before planning his attire for the wedding.
  3. Ulfric Frostbeard reads every word with increased anticipation. After reading, he would say, "Hah! Wot ah loveleh soight teh see! o'I can'nae wait teh see oureh new allies!" He would then get up with a grunt, walk to his door and open it, shouting, "Narvok oz Urguan, Narvok oz the Iron Accords!" to no one in particular.
  4. Ulfric would look at the announcement of a Grand Assembly with both fear and relief, concerned for how the people would react to seeing Frostbeards once more at the Assembly, but also hoping it was something that they could all get past once and for all, or at least over time. "Guess t'ere's onleh one way teh foind out..." He'd say with a sigh, preparing for the Assembly.
  5. Ulfric would read the announcement and shrug. "o'I nae talk teh ah whole lotteh people anehways," he'd say, chuckling, before sitting in front of the fire in the Frostbeard hall, the same routine he's done practically every day before this.
  6. Terry


    When Ulfric was born, he had the last name Freehelmer. He was born in the capital city of Under-Realm of Urguan. He idolized Fimlin Grandaxe and wanted to be a great warrior. His father was a miner and taught him about the importance of hard work and dedication. His mother raised him to be strong and fearless. All he cares about are his people, his family and his honor. There is only one thing that truly angers Ulfric. Elves. His father hated them and he passed that hatred down to his son. Without reason, Ulfric has simply been raised to see Elves as nothing but snobby, annoying and worthless.
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