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  1. From within the Office of the Chancellory, a grumble could be heard. “And t’is es why.” A voice would say, before giving a hefty sigh.
  2. “Oh lords…” Ulfric would sigh, his hands dragging down his face. ”T’at won’t end well, o’I already know.”
  3. I remember being on the Mod Team with you man. Didn't interact too much, but good luck with life! Happy to see one of us manage to get out of here in one (relative) piece!
  4. Ulfric sighed greatly, stress ever building upon the older dwed’s back. Yet despite all of this, the missive still crossed his desk, and upon reading it, knew at once what was needed of him. Leaving his home felt a heavy burden, but so too would abandoning those he had helped create this Hold so long ago. ”Preparations are in ordeh… o’I shall lead t’is merry band shoul’ no otheh.” He mumble to himself as he prepared.
  5. Ulfric, upon returning to the mountains of Urguan, sighed a long sigh as he popped open a bottle of ale, hoping to soothe his aching, smog-filled lungs. He knew what they had faced was not all there was. "Impossible," he'd think to himself. What came for them wanted what it wanted, and if it could resurrect a fallen dragon of all things, he knew it would inevitably get what it wanted in time.
  6. Ulfric reflected on old memories in the tavern of Kal'Darakaan. "Hmph... o'I started teh end ov teh Holy Orenian Empoire. o'I may beh no King no more, but o'I will 'elp start teh end ov t'is Unholy one as well." He'd answer bitterly, before grabbing his bottle, a close friend nowadays, and downing the last of what remained.
  7. Ulfric would gaze towards his very dusty wardrobe of togas he received long ago from an old Irongut friend.
  8. To my Fellow Azwyrtrumm, Many years ago, when I penned my letter to the citizens of Urguan calling for Bakir to reform the very core of our Kingdom, never had I expected the impact it would have, or the course of events that followed. My opinions on the day I published that letter have long faded, but to this day I do not regret writing such, as for better or worse, it was the right thing to do. Given such however, bright times are ahead. There is a new Grand King, and with such there are new opportunities to be had in Urguan. It has given me hope for the first time in a long time, and a renewed desire to see our kin back in one place, hence the reasoning of this publication. So I ask all of you whom bear the Frostbeard blood, and who desire to work with me for the betterment of our clan and Kingdom, to return home. Return to Tal’Rhewenholm, the last place our great forefather, the late Grand Emperor, Rhewen ‘Papa Bear’ Frostbeard called home. Assist me, your new Clan Father with forging a better future for all of us. signed, Grand King Emeritus, Clan Father of the Azwyrtrumm, Great-Grandson of Rhewen ‘Papa Bear’ Frostbeard
  9. Username: Terry_23 Name: Ulfric Age: Old Are you a citizen of Urguan?: We'll find out Are you of Urguan's Folk?: Nothing I'd rather be
  10. Ulfric would sit on the balcony of his room from Tal’Rhewenholm as the news was delivered to him. “Loike his fatheh before ‘im, he was ah foine leader, an’ ah better man. May ‘e finally rest.”
  11. Man, the hate some of y'all have for some people/communities on this server is really astounding sometimes.

  12. Ulfric would raise an eyebrow as he read the latest news. And from this, he began to smile, perhaps for the first time in a long time. "Per'aps it's toime o'I return teh greet an ol' friend..." He'd think, as he settled in for another icy night atop his mountainous home.
  13. Terry


    Ulfric would give a long sigh as the news reached him by bird from an old friend. “T’ese damn Umri, alwehs needin’ teh flex their strength. Gods above, o’I miss teh days of Sigismund an’ o’I…”
  14. now this is a map i can get behind
  15. I am being held against my will and told to updoot this Good job Classy! (I do actually mean that) (Yes this was written by me I promise)
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