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  1. 11th of Malin’s Welcome, SA 147 22nd of September 2023 UNPROVOKED To all those who inhabit Aevos and its lands, I am Greene Caerme’onn-Norväyn, and I serve Nevaehlen as one of its Wild Chiefs, tasked with overseeing its safety, as well as upholding our traditions and laws. I have been given the responsibility of revealing the heinous plans the Silver State intends to commit. It came from nowhere, the echoing steps of Mali’aheral marching through the jungle, through our homeland. No previous incident, no diplomatic envoy sent ahead of time, instead the ‘Asulir’ Kolvar Uradir suddenly appeared before our gates with his army in tow. There were no kind words, no requests to meet with our leader or representatives, only a show of force with one goal in mind, to hand over a sheet of demands made towards our Cove. Upon this parchment read the following accusations; That the Cove of Nevaehlen infringed upon Haelunorian land without consequence That we, a “rogue territory”, spread poisonous propaganda against purity and corrupted the minds of ‘aheral who dwell in Nevaehlen Following these accusations, were the demands; That the Cove of Nevaehlen renounce our “aggressive territorial claims to the South” That the Cove of Nevaehlen recognize Haelunorian sovereignty over said territory And that the Cove of Nevaehlen accept the “guidance of purity” These demands are ludicrous, outrageous, and oppressive. Allow me to state, unequivocally, that the Cove of Nevaehlen rejects any and all demands of the Silver State for many reasons, which I shall list below. To begin, the accusation that the Cove has infringed upon Haelunorian land is incredulous. During the year 139 of the Second Age, the nations of the Kingdom of Balian, the Iron Horde, Amathine, Haelun'or and ourselves, Nevaehlen, met in the Balian Capital of Portoregne to discuss the matter of southern land borders. In this meeting, all attendees proposed their plans for expansion, discussing with one another any issue or matter that arose. Haelun’or made it clear that there was no issue or grievance with our proposed plan, citing that as long as their nation did not become 'boxed in', they were content with the proceedings. So, to march upon our gates almost a decade later, proclaiming that we have encroached on their land, is nothing short of hypocrisy. Nevaehlen prides itself the home of the Wood Elves, and the Wood Elven culture, the Wild Faith for over one hundred and twenty years. To demand that we recognize their sovereignty over our homeland, and their guidance of purity, is nothing short of warmongering, and an act of oppression over an entire subrace of Malin’s children. This will not stand. To Kolvar Uradir, a simple response is given. No. Not now, not ever. To our allies, our friends, and those who see how unjust and inhumane the Mali’aheral of Haelun’or have acted, we ask that you stand with us against these aggressors to our South. We wish for no bloodshed, but we will protect what is our right. Narnsae ito iyl. Miven Caerme’onn, Matriarch of the Cove of Nevaehlen & of the Mali’ame Wild Chief of the Cove of Nevaehlen
  2. Ulfric would nod as he received news of the resignation. "It's abou' toime yeh thought for yehself and did what yeh think is roight, Thromdrick. o'I'm proud ov yeh, lad. If o'I had known how yeh woul' do when yeh were firs' brought on, o'I would've hired yeh way sooner. Alas, o'I'm happier now teh know yeh are nae longer part ov t'at place. Enjoy yeh 'retoirement' lad." He would then neatly fold the parchment, slotting it into his desk, before moving off to spend time with his family.
  3. Removing the good and competent mods from your team got me like 


    1. FlemishSupremacy


      who/what did he remove now

    2. Terry


      just look at the staff section, i'm sure there's differing opinions on the mods removed but like, where's the explanation


      not even just the mod team either, story was gutted as well 

  4. In the midst of my falling asleep, I'll try and be clear and concise. For starters, I agree with those that say we aren't doing enough to defend the Roleplay experience. Lord of the Craft is the premier roleplaying server, and yet in recent times it's felt like nothing more than a tower defense game, attempting to ward off raiders and attackers with nothing but sticks and stones against their advanced raiding weaponry at 2am in the morning when 1/2 to 3/4 of our community has done the sane thing and decided to go to bed for the night. That's not to say I'm for removing raid tools entirely though. For the moment I am, but that is only because there are no proper guidelines/rules, how-to, or proper defense for those these weapons are used against. There is no balance, only a one-sided way to get into the nations who never had the chance to prepare for it when building their settlements. Raiders can simply blow through your gate or climb your walls and the only possible saving grace is somehow emoting three times to destroy the raid ladder or what have you despite it more than likely being a PVP scenario because of numbers or mod ruling. What we need is for the current iteration of raid tools to be scrapped and removed, and a proper discussion and roadmap/plan on how best to move forward with raids, so that both attackers AND defenders feel happy or at best content with interacting with raids. (I know Minecraft has it's limits with regard to what it can do, but surely we can come up with better than what we have right now. At the very least discuss it all as a community. It is painfully obvious people are not happy with the way things currently are.) That brings me to my next point, the Moderation team. The Team as it is (for the most part) currently lacks what one would think a Moderation team would have. Respect, ability to remain unbiased, professionalism, proper communication etc. And to be clear, that is not directed at the entire team. I believe some on the team are there because they truly wish to help and further protect our community, and I thank you for that. But as it stands, all it takes is one bad moderator to spoil the trust and respect in the rest, as we've seen from various people's comments both here and elsewhere on the forums. Doesn't help that the admin overseeing the team has seemingly done little to help reign in such behavior, and in some cases furthering it. All in all, there is smoke in the air and change is needed ASAP. We're at risk of (and in some cases are) losing players and communities because they feel unsafe, are no longer having fun, are upset with the direction of the server and/or it's staff, you name it.
  5. “Should’ah taken the head off teh warmonger, King Balon. Too merciful, takin’ onleh teh hand.” An old dwarf would shake his head from his home outside of Urguan, grumbling he had missed the opportunity himself.
  6. Ulfric would scoff, reading the missive. He'd shake his head, patting Rylanor on the shoulder. "Go against 'em once, go against 'em always Rylanor, it is a foretold feeling ov Urguan. Yeh should've known t'ey'd turn on yeh again kin."
  7. "All t'is death... all teh support ah dwedmar who deserved teh lose 'is head instead ov 'is hand. Unfortunate." Ulfric would say, making plans to visit if he was able.
  8. An elder Frostbeard would read the news, lofting a brow. "Who couldeh done such ah theng?" He'd wonder, chuckling lowly to himself for only a moment before getting back to his work at hand and preparing some food for his daughter.
  9. Bit of a pre word before I get into this, I'm not going to pretend that I am a lore enthusiast or one that knows what they're talking about in regard to things such as this, but I just wished to state a personal issue of mine. Overall, I believe it's a great piece. Cleans things up and elaborates and improves. I don't want anyone to think for a moment that because I say I have issues with this means I don't like it. That being said, I'll jump into my main reason. Incompatibility with Druidism. I mainly wish to know why, considering it has been an accepted part of Templarism for a little less than 3 years with Bhased's version. I would understand if Malchediael was not subjected to fighting in the heavens in a mindless state, but now he is. Why would he wish to say no to any who are willing to be courageous and face any challenge head-on, least of all a druid protecting the wilds from any and all sorts of danger? I won't lie, working towards becoming a Druidic Templar has been a goal of mine for longer than I care to admit, so I simply wish to know the reason for change. Both OOC and RP, should there be one. Other than, I do truly think it's a great piece. Solid work!
  10. An old dwarven ex-King that helmed the beginning of the War of Wigs squints at the proclamation. "Middelan? Blackvale? T'is some sort ov sick joke?!" He'd grumble mightily, dwarven curses escaping in mumbles as he walked away.
  11. How does one go about getting something reviewed for a possible relic tag?

  12. Ulfric watched with a somber look as his wife pinned the missive to the boards. He'd shake his head slowly, brows furrowed in thought. "Azkel an' Rhewen, forgive meh." He'd state, before picking up his daughter and moving off.
  13. The gray haired dwarf grumbled, shaking his head to his wife. "Couldn't 'ave said it better mehself. Sad teh see. o'I only wish t'ey cut out his tongue as well..."
  14. Ulfric would sigh, shaking his head. "Who knows luv..." He'd say slowly to his wife. "Jus' pray an' hope Garedyn rules in his own way, and not t'at ov others. He knows we're 'ere if 'e needs advice." @Lirinya
  15. "Irony." An older dwed would say, wry smile on his face.
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