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  1. -1 I've never been to Utah
  2. Ulfric would smile, as the plan he'd helped formulate finally came to fruition.
  3. A Harsh Return from the Cold Ulfric, upon his Adventures through the Cold Mountains, 89-90 S.A. His departure for the Mountains was meant for many things. Peace, quiet, a time to grieve past losses, even a bit of searching to name a few. A time to think, determine what might come next in this long life of his. Perhaps he’d hitch himself back to Urguan, assist in the problems that, from what he heard, were only growing there. Or maybe he’d give up Urguan completely, move fully to Akueli or the Vale, where he knew he had good friends he could rely on. Maybe he could even take up the role as leader once more. A role he, to this day, grows more and more bitter with leaving behind in the way he did. These thoughts plagued him as the freezing and numb feel of the cold mountain gave way to heat and shelter. As he undid his chainmail and laid his shield against the stone of the cave he made home in, he would think to himself, turning to his humble home of rock. “Odd,” is what would come first, as his brow furrowed. “Have I really come this far in life, as prior Lord Justiciar and Grand King, to lone pilgrim in the mountains?” He’d question to himself. He’d shake his head as he went outside to collect snow for water, putting it on the fire to boil. His thoughts would continue to rumble around his head for the rest of the night, through dinner, through his bout of letter-writing, all to culminate in an explosion of rage as he gathered firewood. In what would typically take Ulfric 10-15 swings to down a tree, his rageful and adrenaline-filled state downed it in only 3. It was here, in the calm after the storm with nothing but the sound of his breath and beating heart, that Ulfric’s mind finally cleared, for once since his abdication it gave him a clear path forward. From here, he went to his letters, hastily writing as the words presented themselves, and as the letters were sent, the plans began to form. Ulfric was back, and he intended to make the most of his return. To My Fellow Urguanites, Urguan is dying, dying from a sickness that has plagued her for a long time now. From a sickness that, like us, has persevered, for better or worse. Every monarch that has stood on that throne, from Jorvin and his predecessors, to Norli, Levian’Tol, myself and now Bakir, consciously or not, has tried to heal this sickness to no avail. But no matter how our effort varied, this sickness persisted, latching onto the populace no matter the King, no matter the agenda. It has become clear to me now that Urguan itself cannot be healed through arbitrary means. I praise my fellow Kings for their efforts, whether they were purposefully trying or not, but it is a painful truth that we all must face now. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan is withering, and only through major reforms can its course be corrected. For eons we have carried on the legacy of our forefathers, and with great merit. It is from them that we have what we have today, and forever shall we be thankful. But this has stagnated our peoples and has brought our creativity as dwed to a screeching halt. For eons we have carried the name and ideals of Urguan, but we carry the ideals of dwarves from different times, in a different world. We listen to their advice on how things should work, but alas, they do not work today as they did back then. But yet, we keep listening, intent on the fact that they know best and that their support is needed until we become the very thing that plagues us. We are afraid that if we stray from the path they put us on, they will come back to force us back towards it. If we do not adapt to these new times and new challenges, how are we to survive alongside our allies? How are we to survive alongside one another? The truth is as plain now as it’s ever been. Urguan is bloated, locked in the past. Too much land but not enough Dwed to effectively administer it. Too much pride, but not enough dwed to share in it. Too many grudges, but not enough dwed to see them through. Urguan must become something more if we are to live on. But it will not. Not with its current administration. I know this all too well. Towards the end of my administration, and especially during the War of the Wigs, Urguan began to decline, and it left me with a choice. Step down, allowing the people a new ruler with new ideas to reinvigorate them, or allow my pride to stand in Urguan’s way. I chose the former, and my pride aside, it was the best decision for the Kingdom. Bakir, you face this decision now. I hope for the sake of our future, you make the right one. Step down and allow your successor to make use of a new slate to reforge Urguan, or do so yourself. A King never wishes to be remembered wrongly, and such I wish not for you. Grand King Emeritus, Great-Grandson of Rhewen
  4. Ulfric, gone trekking through treacherous mountains, would not hear of the also-treacherous news that awaited him until he returned, and yet… even thousands of miles away, he thought he felt a twang of grief hit him…
  5. “Ah grudge settled, in the end t’at is all t’at matters.” Ulfric would mutter as he crossed out the grudge on his copy of the great book. “Too maneh grudges gone unsettled t’ese days.”
  6. Ulfric would frown upon seeing the missive. "Ef ah clan es bein' target such as teh Grimgolds are now, et realleh makes yeh wondeh why such es happenin'." He'd say with a shake of his head. "Interferin'... An' t'ey wondeh why t'ey are nae so loiked nowadays..."
  7. [!] By the Will of the current Goldhand Clan Father, Conan Goldhand, and the Approval of Lord Justiciar Falk Irongut, it is decreed that Hekkaes Anvilaxe be pardoned from this grudge.
  8. Ulfric would read over a copy of the missive, before he too, exclaimed; "... W'at? T'is wasn't teh plan..." He'd then promptly exit his home in Akueli.
  9. More votes on here than people on the server at one time... crazy.
  10. I love Nooblius

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  11. “Oh nay…” Ulfric would say with a lofty sigh. He’d begin packing belongings he needed then, dropping the missive aside, as he prepared to take a trip back home.
  12. Ulfric would raise an eyebrow upon seeing the missive hung outside of the Senate chambers. "Gauntlet Act? Seems teh lad received the same sort ov advice o'I did..." He'd note to himself, before walking out of Urguan and back to his home in Akueli.
  13. LOTC becomes a lot better when you forget that the forums exist

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  14. Ulfric would smile from his forgery in Akueli. “Teh Ferrylads won yeh t’at foight. Don’t get et mixed up now. Regardless, o’I thank ye fer teh compliment.” He’d remark before placing the missive down, and returning to his work.
  15. God I really hate this place 

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