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  1. WASHING OUT THE SINS KRUSAE ZWY KOONGZEM Issued by the KINGDOM OF HOONSETI-ROOSKA On this 16th day of Joma and Umund, 466 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, Now that I am a mighty ruler, I am learning that it is best to be very humble. Because I have a strong head, people have just misunderstood me and think that I am mean. They are right, but I went to confessional and prayed this part of me away. So, it will not happen again. To create peace and not chaos in Hoonse, we have come to agree that Mariya can be Lady Palatine, and then we will hold a court to make new jobs. Her mamej is sick and she has no one but her brothers to play with. We will change this and play with her. I think this calls for a Glad Face. [!] A drawing of Aleksandra’s smiling face took over the whole page. Now that I said that, I have some penance to make. Dear Colborns, I am apologizing for my threats and my joke. The shop I bought the gift for Carlus from was a dud and I found out later that they made a sticky paste that goes underneath the hat because when I went to get something else it was sticking on my hand. They will be brutally punished for this. Dear Last Palatine Regent Aaunite Prinzenas Julietta of the Haverlock, I am apologizing that you’re always crying because of me. I don’t hate you because you are from Aaun. I don’t hate you. In spite of what you heard, I can actually be very nice. Watch this: I was really trying to help you by searching the lands for a cure to you being sick. I guess it did not work. And I got mad that you were not accepting the nice thing I did for you, so I grabbed you. That was not nice. I am sorry. To make up for this, my hands will be stricken with a rod until they realize what they have done. I will do this in the next court as penance. In the future I can see you forgiving me like Godan just forgave me. And we will see about holding a fake tea party between Ooun and Hoonse since I know now that you do not like tea. Now that I have said my apologies, everyone will go back to being glad and happy and we will all play happily. IV JOVEO MAAN, Her Majesty, Aleksandra I, Koenas of Hoonseti-Rooska Her Excellentecy, Mariya Karenina Barbanov-Bihar, Lady Palatine of Hoonseti-Rooska
  2. IGN: Moenah IC NAME: Aleksandra vas Ruthern AGE (What division are you competing in?): 7 - Junior SUPERVISOR: N/A yet
  3. A NEW ORDER KRUSAE ZWY KOONGZEM Issued by the KINGDOM OF HOONSETI-ROOSKA On this 11th day of Gronna and Droba, 466 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, Over the time of this Saints Day, the Koenas Elizaveta first of her name chose to step down and crown her sister Aleksandra the first of her name as her successor. Some people may like this and some people might not. But that is why I, Her Majesty Aleksandra the first of her name am here to tell you that this is the best thing that could have happened to all of you. I remember how I felt when my sister got very sick. I was sad. She was not playing with me anymore. So that is why I went to Godan to pray and this is the reason she made it. Also in this time i was doing everything that I could do to hold Hoonse together. I was trying my best only to be talked over and skidd-andered. She saw how smart I was and she chose me for a reason. She was not the only one who chose me but fate said that this day would come. Fate said that I was bound to be successful. This is why I will share with Hoonse all the things I am planning to do. All those who do not know how to read will be taught how to read. I will summon my tutor and we will use the Bravahn classroom to learn. Everyone who does not know how to read will be given the same text books that I used to become very good at reading so they can become just as good as me. Reading and writing is very important. I will order a bouncing castle for every child that is very loyal to the crown of Hoonse. This way any party that we hold anywhere will be made 2 times better. Then, I will have a true crown made for all the Koenases and Koengs of Hoonse to come. We will now have court more often to see how everyone is doing. A new council will be made too since it is very hard to trust people close to you. The Grand Lady Amador will keep her position. She did nothing wrong. Together our enemies will be crushed under our boots. I know the names of every traitor and every plotter. My eyes do not only see in front of me, they see over the whole city. So no matter where you go or what you do, I will know. And like the traitor you are you will face the punishments. There will be no place left to hide. All your plots will crumble to my knowledge. And if you are reading this my eyes have already got you. Think fast! These are my eyes: If you want my crown really bad you will have to slay me yourself. So you better go ahead and try your worst. I am all of me. Here’s a picture of how frightening I can get. But I can also be kind if you are loyal and make the right choices. If you do that last part then you will have a fun time. Thank you. IV JOVEO MAAN, Her Majesty, Aleksandra I, Koenas of Hoonseti-Rooska
  4. THE DRUZSTRA BASH The Birthday Celebration of the Lady Aleksandra vas Ruthern penned by the Princess Royal, due to the young Lady’s inability to write On the 6th day of Joma and Umund of 463 E.S. SANGKRUV I RUTHER, As the newest generation of our great nation sprouts before our eyes, it is with great merriment that House Ruthern opens its halls to host the fifth name-day celebration of the young Lady Aleksandra vas Ruthern, inviting all the youth of the nation, common and noble. Attendance from the citizens of the Kingdom of Hoonse, however, was emphasized by Her Ladyship to be mandatory (or, at the very least, highly encouraged). The guests of Vidaus are promised only the highest of delicacies, as both cake and refreshments will be specially provided by The Little Acre bakery. Gifts are highly appreciated—encouraged, in fact. Her Ladyship was very adamant in expressing that she would not be satisfied unless she received at least one new disc for her state-of-the-art jukebox or jewelry of some kind. Heavy emphasis was made on the former. Guests are highly encouraged to bring to the bash their own snails, as the young Lord Viktor var Ruthern prepares to revitalize the art of the Snailula, recently learning of its existence. Paint will be provided for partygoers to decorate their chosen champions, and between the other games provided, shall have the time to train them to become the fastest in the realm. Rumors whisper of a brooding figure lurking about the Duchy known as ‘the Destructor’. Should he be spotted, the Lady Aleksandra first warns those looking for trouble on the eve of her celebration, and notes they shall be swiftly dealt with. Those looking for fun, however, may find the myth a charming sort, allegedly able to entertain them with lightning from his hands. Celebrations will begin in the halls of the keep, whereafter festivities are set to move outside into the gardens and tourney grounds, where guests will be greeted by the famed ‘bouncy house’, an invention popularized at the Princess Royal’s own bash years ago. DRUZ GJERNZ AG GRYVNZ, Her Serene Highness, Analiesa Josefina Ruthern Princess Royal of Hanseti-Ruska, Duchess of Karosgrad, Duchess-Consort of Vidaus, Countess-Consort of Metterden, Baroness-Consort of Rostig, Lady of Druzstra Her Ladyship, Aleksandra vas Ruthern
  5. MC Name: Moenah Discord: monAAAAH#1878 Image: Description of Image: thats woldzmir Dimensions: 2x2
  6. MC Name: Moenah Discord: monAAAAH#1878 Image: Description of Image: its a baby gorl Dimensions: 1x1
  7. MC Name: Moenah Discord: monAAAAH#1878 Image: Description of Image: elimar again kujo unbaed art Dimensions: 1x2
  8. MC Name: Moenah Discord: monAAAAH#1878 Image: Description of Image: scary girl with crows Dimensions: 1x2
  9. MC Name: Moenah Discord: monAAAAH#1878 Image: Description of Image: Elimar Kujo UnBaed Art Dimensions: 1x1
  10. MC Name: Moenah Discord: monAAAAH#1878 Image: Description of Image: Moliana UnBaed Art Dimensions: 1x1
  11. MC Name: Moenah Discord: monAAAAH#1878 Image: Description of Image: My motha Dimensions: 1x1
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    Hello! As you can see, you’ve done a great job on your application and have been accepted onto the server. So now, I welcome you to the wonderful community of LotC! Do you still need help? Feel free to send me a message over the forums, or if I’m online, you can message me with /message Moenah. For a faster reply, add me on discord @ monAAAAH#1878 Here are some links you may find useful while starting out: LotC Wiki: Settlement Guides LotC Wiki: Nations and Major Charters If you wish for guidance while settling in, I suggest doing: /creq Can a CT monk come assist me starting out? and I or another CT member will be there to assist you! If you want some extra assistance, I recommend you review the wiki and join the LotC Discord. Lastly, For guides, tutorials, and how to request help from a CT member, please head to the New Player Hub found here. Have a great time roleplaying, and I look forward to seeing you around in future!
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