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  1. sliti stocks are crashing into the nether with this one. big silit will never financially recover
  2. if they had put this up a year or more ago, like closer to when the event had happen ill admit i still would've been passionately salty about the entire thing because i had lost my first character to it in a way that was completely out of my hands. thus introducing the crystal situation/jokes. currently, i am way beyond the point of caring about this event and the loss of that character because i learned to move on, meet new people, make new storylines, etc. if not for it i don't think i would've joined the celianor community when i did and develop the character i have now, who i find to be leagues more interesting than the first. while i still think it was tragic that multiple characters with real years of development/playtime were permanently killed with no chance to return in any meaningful medium (because the hollow soul sucked those who got gacked), i myself just moved on a long time ago.
  3. Ante’ahern’s gaze flickered confusedly up and down the missive, perplexed he were especially when finding his name upon the invited. “When did…? Jakob and… Ember…?” The elf murmured towards himself as he sat down within his study. “Peculiar…” As much as he’d like to attend, his skygod will be in Europe during the time of the wedding.
  4. yea this is a completely fair take on it, given that I don't regularly encounter tawkin mutated characters in crp I can't really comment against that. it just upsets me that min-maxed combat oriented characters ruin the narrative opportunity for less combat focused characters. my thing is, it kinda forces the player to spread the FA which i don't inherently mind but i liked the idea of making deals irp for stuff or having someone be dependant on x person if they do want to not die. kinda like having a thrall without the whole enthrallment part. havent gotten to do anything like it before because i dont consistently rp anymore but it seemed like a fun idea.
  5. cant say i've run into that in my own experience but that is understandable what do you mean by this
  6. yo it's your local alchemist player cephalonair, here is my twitter post screeching about the new changes. first i shall list the benefits/cons to playing a homunculus and what narrative flexibility they now possess alongside their strengths: -weak to/affected by aurum. -takes double the damage to voidal magic, can't be near things actively producing voidal gunk (obelisks, stalkers, enchants, etc). -new enforced eye color strips them of aesthetic customization, makes them far easier to discern from regular people. i understand wanting them to be more eerie and easier to identify but the new eyes make it a dead giveaway and harms rp potential. -3 mutations that give them the option to stand out and be slightly better than regular descendants with some drawbacks that can admittedly be more pronounced. -essentially immortal and can rejuvenate limbs and etc given ample time, but have a 1 week death respawn timer (can also be PKed via juliet potion). -cannot pick up any magic. -they can be affected by holy magics. -lack of a soul and mana. -same durability/base strength as a regular descendant. while i did not list every ability a homunculus has listed in its lore, i plucked out the differences that make them stand out from regular descendants. prior to the changes this list wasn't that different, yet now they are much weaker combatively (regardless of the additional mutation) and will likely suffer from being perceived as darkspawn thanks to their newfound weakness to aurum (which also makes zero sense due to their lacking of a soul, as per the lore: "-Aurum is an effective weakness against any creature which has had it's soul altered in some manner. Undead, spectrals, and soul-bound constructs, would all be affected by Aurum equally.") and beady black eyes that are unchangeable. in truth i don't really think another weakness hurts if it makes sense in lore (i also don't think that holy magics should affect them lorewise but that's a different argument entirely), my gripe lies solely in how easy it is to discern them from a regular descendant now on top of the many weaknesses they have. all it takes is for one guy at the gate to a city to yell "darkspawn at the gate" or something along those lines for the homunculus, despite what their original intent may have been, to be overwhelmed and chased away/attacked by guardsmen. the change to homunculi seemed to mostly strip them of their versatility and guide them down a more combat oriented route rather than pursue other more interesting types of rp. which will lead to people only using the CA for its strength in crp and nothing more. next, the kloning and mutation change. i don't see why a tawkinist should only be restricted to creating klones for themselves/only being able to mutate homunculi or klone vessels. the former i can see being able to be kept track of a lot easier with the new limit on klones alongside keeping track of said klones via their klone app as vigilantly as the tawkinist themself will have to now. i also believe that mutations should be kept track of via a FA as opposed to removing them from the general populace entirely, it should be relatively simple for regular people without klones to have an FA detailing which mutations they've been given even if it is decided that mundane bodies can only handle one greater mutation at a time and should contact ST whenever they get it removed or changed. mutations themselves do have the ability to promote interesting rp depending on the person roleplaying them, such as embracing it as a part of their character. displaying its downsides and introducing something unique to set their character aside from others rather than just being a combative advantage. i myself toyed with this idea long before actually being given the tawkins FA and i'm sure others have too. anyways, that was my rant, lemme hear other peoples opinions on the subject. (i am not sorry for not formatting this) ((also give me rep))
  7. "What...? I had just spoken with..." A perplexed gaze fell upon the missive that ginger mali held, his mind attempting to dismiss this, because, "No way... no way has she been felled..." Another pupil lost, another curious light snuffed from this realm; with that realization birthed a fresh idea, one immoral to many yet not this one. With one final breath, just before he made his preps, "No no, I refuse this death."
  8. "I've done something similar to this before, why not?" Ante'ahern mumbled to himself as he finished penning a letter and sending a bird off with it. "Tilruir'mali seems simple enough."
  9. [!] This missive was spread throughout the streets of Haelun’or and some individuals of questionable figure extended it as far as a handful of major cities. (Sketch by @S1nnerVsSa1nts) [!] Here laid an artistic sketch of who was likely the author of this missive, it likely served no other purpose than to look down upon the reader. TO THE IGNORANT AND ILL-EDUCATED; It has occurred to me that throughout these lands lay little to no alchemists of notable caliber. Instead I find there to be improperly educated folk who only know how to throw a few symbols together to create an explosion. This is a mockery to the craft that they practice, but rather than fester in my disgust and berate them from afar, I extend my hand out to educate the uneducated. I do this in hopes that it will birth a generation of competent scholars who may earn the title “Alchemist.” This offer is not restricted to those practicing alchemy, or even novices who’s educators have failed them, but also to those very educators themselves, non-practitioners with interest in the craft, and whoever else deems themself worthy of the title Alchemist. I encourage you to come and debate my views if you see fit, prove me to be the ignorant one should it be needed, though I doubt such a case ever happening. I am not teaching the art of alchemy or any other applications of the material alphabet to those in attendance, this lecture serves to educate you in the deeper aspects of the alchemical and so on. Though this is not to say I won’t be looking for prospective students. I am a scholar, a craftsman, a smith, and an Alchemist above all else; I am Ante’ahern, and I now reside within the walls of Haelun’or, find me here for my first lecture in the coming elven days. Approach me earlier should you wish to chat ahead of schedule.
  10. "Took her long enough" Muttered Cresence's brother as he overheard the speech, now fancying a nice long walk through the city by himself. "Perhaps I should object to their marriage for no reason..."
  11. I did If a handful of people break a redline, that's a them issue: but if that many people keep breaking the redline, it's a lore issue, imo not necessarily, esp when the redline is as clear as “you literally cannot do this or else you’re breaking lore” id understand it being a lore issue if the redlines were more vague, but i cant rlly speak on experiences with people powergaming this lore because i dont normally run into people using it. only some friends and the original lore writer Booklight (who made a very unique and interesting rp scenario using it)
  12. not trying to argue or anything but just saying that you should report anyone blatantly breaking redlines Passengers must be willing, cannot bring an unwilling subject into the mindscape. Passengers may exit at any time. The practitioner and Passengers are all aware that they are currently in the mind of another, and cannot be tricked into thinking that it is the real world.
  13. Aelros overhears the booming of voice through the streets of the magic city on one of his walks; curiously the elf listens in while also looking for the source of the speech, "Lanre has...?" A snicker broke from from his maw, erupting into roaring laughter. "All of their forces and yet he still wasn't felled? I'd see that as more embarassing if anything..." His raging laughter continued before vanishing from the streets, leaving a violet flash of light in his place.
  14. A carefree elf, ginger haired elf with sharp yellow eyes had been quietly wandering the roads, as per usual, just when a sudden thought struck his mind. "Hmm... I should probably go find Philos one of these minutes. He's overdue for his next lesson- maybe he'll let me prod at his form." Muttered that red elf to none other than himself. "Quite curious that one is." And so he continued on with his day, unknown to the fate that has befallen this curious student.
  15. i like the post mostly, but this is the only part of it ill question. i dont see why an aspiring blood mage cant also learn a new spell from a different teacher with a valid TA.
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