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  1. when fire rat and why am i the best ever
  2. Air

    Who Am I?

    “I should speak to Celuset. That boy, he’s so smart, yet, I neglect him the same as Renae did me. Perhaps… perhaps I can make him better than I am, rather than let him grow feeling alone as I had.” “Oh! There he is!” “He looks different…” “I heard about what happened between you and…” “I never loved her…” “Why would I say that…?” “If you loved her and were enjoyable to be around…” “I know more than a cuckold…” “Who are you then?” “Who… am… I…?” The man uttered to himself, his voice fragile like glass. Snippets of the conversation he had with the boy he considered his nephew continued to dwell within his mind, assaulting him. "He doesn't even refer to me as uncle anymore..." Now, he sat up from his spot on the grass and ushered himself to the water’s edge. ((Art by Dreamy•Dusk on Pinterest)) Ante’ahern picked up a flat rock from its bed of sand, then skidded it over the pearlescent water. And then another… and another… and another again. Rock after rock. Throw after throw. He didn’t cease, if anything he hastened with each pebble. Perhaps he’d run out of rocks before stamina? “All this nation has done is take… take… and take some more. Why should I care for it? Why does she care for it so?” Some rocks skid, others fell flat; as time passed, more seemed to sink rather than skid. “Family! Friends! Time! Effort! Her!” “When will it all end? When will this nation stop taking from me!? I’ve nothing…” His words fell short, his supply of flat rocks gently following behind. Yet he still threw them- why oh why? “I’ve nothing left…” Exhaustion struck, hard and swift. His arms grew weak and his breaths heavy like the stones he’d thrown. And thus he descended back to the ground, resting on his back. “My point, Ante. Is that now you are inevitable…” The ginger only seemed to lie still, despite his mentor’s words brushing through his mind. “No… no that isn’t right…” Even in this dried savanna, it abruptly began to rain. It was sudden, and it blurred his vision quickly. Though his body was left dry, even as it spilled over and descended his cheeks. “He was… he was wrong to choose me as his heir.” “A mere ginger-haired orphan boy.” “Unfit” “Weak” He sat up slowly, gazing off into the sea through his watery, blurred vision. A few sniffles left him as he wiped his eyes, clearing them enough to thoroughly admire the beauty of the sea as it basked in the night’s sparkling reflection. “Perhaps…” A single hand rose, tightly grasping a handle that protruded from his coat, strong at first but later weak. “Perhaps I am…” “Nothing”
  3. looking for a homunculus player, hmu at air#0002

  4. for being awesome* but i do agree with classy here. could make it more broad and give other stalkers more free formity with it. could have it range from minor auditory hallucination to like, strange shadowy figures on the peripheral or something. i still like the idea tho
  5. "Why? Why does this feeling linger?" Queried a serpent to no one other than himself "This... emptiness won't seem to leave." "I've read this over, watched it revised and still... why?" "Is it because she was my only 'parent'?" As water glazed the serpent's vision the missive was placed to the side, left amongst others to collect dust. "I hated her for a time" "But I just can't help but wonder..." "Was she ever proud of me?" Another inquiry to never be answered, one to haunt his mind for the rest of his days.
  6. Thus dawns his hour… He sees… He breathes… And so he’s come to bring the city of stars to its knees… His hungering maw first set upon a smaller star… [!] Whenever the blanket of night fell upon the city of Paradine, a foreboding feeling of dread seemed to loom in the back of your mind. Just beyond your reach, lingering on the peripheral of your gaze, it’d feel as if a plethora of eyes were upon you. It intensified in the forest and yet… Nothing was there…
  7. woah cool, voidal trees are sick!!! +1 add these rn
  8. Are you guys trolling me or are elves seriously unaware that they were living in Malinor until recently??? tldr: high prince stepped down, nations split up and did their own things.
  9. CIHI’HEIAL The City Council of Fi’andria In the ever-growing city of Fi’Andria, capital of Celianor, the needs and wants of the people grow too. While we may have the position of Laurir Lye to aid the people in various ways, they are only a single person. Hearing and aiding the entirety of Fi'Andria's populace is quite the workload for a single person to undergo. Thus, we present to you elCihi’heial; they are a group of outstanding citizens hand-selected by the Laurir Lye to aid them in managing the people of Fi’Andria. All of them assigned to different roles to section the work between them all and handle tasks given to them by the Laurir Lye. With this, we seek to promote the communication between the people and the government, to allow their qualms and ideas to be better heard. C O N D U C T Each member of elCihi’Heial will be held to a higher standard than the average citizen upon their selection, as each member will have to carve an stellar image of what it means to be a Celianorian. This is not to say that a member of this council will be in a higher standing than any regular citizen of Celianor, instead, they are meant to be an example for others to follow. The following is a simplified list of what is expected of a member of elCihi’heial: A member of elCihi’heial will not flaunt or abuse the title granted to them, nor will they overstep the boundaries of their abilities without just permission. A member of elCihi’heial will be expected to stray from being the catalyst for any sort of discord among citizens, as well as be the deterrent to any uproar being sown among the people of Fi’Andria. A member of elCihi’heial will need to be great at communicating and synergizing with their peers. Without clarity there is confusion, and with confusion lies the antithesis of Celianorian ideals Should there be any issues relayed onto a member of elCihi’heial by a citizen of Fi’Andria, such as a new law needing to be proposed or a problem among the people that is beyond what they are capable of resolving, a member of elCihi’heial is expected to bring such matters directly to the Laurir Lye. Despite the division in positions, each member of elCihi’heial should not abstain from asking for aid from other members of this council, including the Laurir Lye themself. P O S I T I O N S The various positions in elCihi’heial serve to represent various communities in Celia’nor, allowing for the Laurir Lye to effectively address the concerns of a variety of different people who make up the principality. Thus, each position is meant to represent a group of people within the nation as a means to attain this purpose. LLIR’ACALIN Business and transactions are aspects which oftentimes dictate the wellbeing of not only a community, but a grand principality such as Celia’nor. Thus, the Llir’acalin fulfills the position of representing the owners of these shops and businesses. As representative of these people, the voices of various businesses and shops will be told to those on elCihi’heial, to which aid will be administered as the Laurir Lye sees fit. LLIR’LYE The llir’lye, otherwise known as the guide to the people, plays the role of a voice to those new and experienced, young and old. They work towards ensuring an understanding of the existing resources in place, whilst expanding upon the systems in place to further meet citizens' needs. NEALU’LYE A spokesperson of culture and tradition, the nealu’lye works both for and with the citizenry of Celia’nor. They offer insight and guidance to the Laurir Lye, ensuring that the traditional Celian values are met in every facet of elCihi’heial. In addition to this, they serve as a guide to those new to the culture, and ensure that values of Celia’nor are commonly known amongst the people. LLIR’DRAOI A friend of those versed in the arcane, a mouthpiece for them to voice their qualms through. This person shall represent the magically attuned individuals and groups that lie within Celianor; they themself will need to be versed in the arcane in order for them to gain a better understanding of the people they will be working with. Should you be interested in one of these positions, please reach out to the current Laurir Lye, Laurir Ante’ahern Athri’onn [air#1521] AY’PUERAN; Lord Ante’ahern Athri’onn, Laurir of the Athri’onn, Laurir Lye Writing Credits Ante’ahern Athri’onn | CephalonAir: Ideas & Writing Veralya Wynasul | Amuletic: Ideas, Writing, & Formatting Raziel Amethil | Laeonathan: Ideas
  10. Air

    Whats up CT?

    i agree. sure, allowing more inexperienced roleplayers into the server more frequently is good for server numbers (i think), but just letting them run rampant and not helping them at all is a pain for current players. a recent example of a new and clearly inexperienced player being let in and allowed to run amok would be drock. at present he is banned, however, it was very clear that he had no understanding of what powergaming was or how to not do it and at first seemed to completely ignore the attempts that i along with others made to explain this to him. since he was causing trouble in the city i was in and broke multiple laws along with just not being willing to allow us to help in oocly improve, i made a creq to get a community team member to try and help him out. the rp came to a point where he would mechanically run away and come back rather than face irp consequence of trying to kill another new player, so in accordance to the laws we executed him in private. the ct member that picked up the req, who i will not name, prioritized the fact that we were killing him over helping him improve his behavior oocly and in rp (to my knowledge). eventually, the ct member and someone else that was involved got into a vc to talk about the situation. we still went through with killing him in roleplay and were sure to explain that he did not have to pk his character. however, from this point it did not seem that he was given the aid i hoped the ct member would've administered to him (at least from my own perspective) as drock continued to display similar problems he'd shown before (with minor improvements). yet, he still got upset about things that happened in character oocly and continued to return to the city to engage in conflict with the other new player in the following days. i apologize if that came off as ranty but the point to that long-winded story was to say that the ct should help the inexperienced players more than just show them to a community and hope the players there can help the player improve. this is a good point as well
  11. FI'ANDRIA JOB BOARD Published; 6th of the Grand Harvest, 111th of the Second Age Arts, artists, soldiers and smiths; all sorts of remarkable individuals can be found throughout the entirety of Celianor. If you seek other like-minded individuals or perhaps some mina, here lies a list of different groups of talented folk. Celia’diraar Sworn swords of the Principality of Celia’nor, the Celia’diraar protect the principality from a wide variety of threats, guarding Fi’andria to ensure its safety. They participate in trainings, guard-duties, gate-duties, fighting darkspawn, and more. To join the Celia’diraar, reach out to the Mordu’lar Senna Cerusil [[ SailorBTY | Sailor#4861 ]]. Read here for more. The Slumbering Scholar Unlike those plain and archaic taverns found among the rest of the realm; the Slumbering Scholar Tavern is one of true place not only of merriment, but also of learning. Many books about the culture of Celia’nor and the nation's history can be found here. Arcanists are especially welcome may it be to drink, chat, read or just appreciate our constructed music box! Send a letter to Lord Raziel Amethil [[ Laeonathan | Laeonathan#3614 ]] if you wish to be hired. Read here for more. Order of the White Gyphon Upon the foundations of chivalry and selfless servitude was the Order of the White Gryphon created to better serve the populace of Fi’andria. Their members hand selected to be sworn to the crown of Celia’nor, dutiful warriors that were picked and turned into a force to be reckoned with. Send a letter to the Laurir Sil Thalon Nullivari [[ _Sug | Sug#4795 ]] to seek squiredom. Read here for more. Fi’andria Healthcare Institution Physicians and healers alike gather at the Fi’andria Healthcare Institution to make a center of healing for those that are sick or injured in the bustling city of Fi’andria. Their duties are to treat patients to the best of their ability within the clinic. Reach out to Siria Pylrie [[Allienness | Allien#4524]] if it interests you. Read here for more. Celian Court The Celian Court is the perfect chance for those that wish to break into the world of the aristocracy. Within the courts there are plenty of positions available to prove their worth and diligence for bettering their people together. From staffers, alchemists, historians, scribes, and the likes, there is much opportunity that awaits. Send a letter to the Seneschal Saphielle Aevaris [[ Silllkee | silky#6510]] if interested. Read here for more. Office of the Laurir of Fi’andria Within the office of the Laurir of Fi’andria, there is a variety of positions from cultural envoys sent to other nations to be ambassadors of the Celian culture, scribes that help pen government documents, and interns that are learning the ropes of politics. Send a letter to the Laurir of Fi’andria Aestenia Aevaris [[ lillyeveans | maevelin#1083 ]] if you are interested. Theatre of Fi’Andria The Amethil & Tawarenion Co. manage the theater and host the regular shows in the lower levels of the tavern where the theater remains. Since the theater became under the management of Lauririi Aearion Tawarenion it has become a bustling hub for drama and playwrights. If you are interested, reach out to Lauririi Aearion Tawarenion [[ Smol_bean0 | Smol_Bean~#2377 ]]. Read here for more. The Hiram King The hub of gambling, games, and merriment within Fi’andria, the Hiram King is the premier casino for all of your desires. A wide variety of tables for high or low stakes and drinks to satisfy every craving, the local casino of Fi’andria is the place for you. If you are interested, reach out to Roland LeGrand [[GamblersPalm | GamblersPalm#4141]]. Read here for more. Northern Winds Coterie The Northern Winds Coterie seeks to provide an uplifting wind beneath the wings of new and old scholars alike, in the arcane attuned populace of Celia’nor. The Coterie will serve as a fraternity of Natural and Magical philosophers, being the mode by which they network, learn, and grow together. Speak to Rhae’lin Thyleseiaes [[ FadedQuartz | Luxury#8643 ]] if you wish to join the scholarly order. Read here for more.
  12. One day, multiple pairs of Dal'lisse's shoes had disappeared whilst she was out and about, no trace of a break in whatsoever, simply gone. In completely unrelated news, Zavar would find a collection of freshly stolen shoes under his desk. Shoes that would befit a certain pink elf oddly enough.
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