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  1. HELLO??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. ToddTheArchitect


      boomsteel javelin

  2. no way we had a rylothh cameo to dogpile on the furry (pun intended)

    1. savi



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      heart emoji broke
  3. Aelesh lore is usually cool but this is beyond cool. Very thorough +1. (nice formatting)
  4. Szander was cool. I remember RPing with him in Savoy very briefly over a year ago, and had long intellectual discussions with him about the nation that were productive, and positive. I minutely RPed with him a day or two before his accident two weeks ago on another medium, and wish I'd spent more time. The realization of fragility is viscerally real with his passing and I fervently hope prayers do well for his kind soul. God bless him and his family.
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