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  1. "Oh **** - We let the dogs out!" chirped Zita gleefully, a set of chuckles escaping her as she carried on a set of jokes, that got boring 10 years ago.
  2. The news hit Anne - and they hit her hard. Muffled cries came from her hidden chamber in the Pruvian estate. Her eyes were reddened, her hands tangled through her red hair. Sweat and snot both covered her face as she pressed it against the table. "And here I was- thinking at least the two of you would always be there," she spoke finally to herself.
  3. oh wow, welcome back! glad you found the milk
  4. ez question, its clearly: https://namemc.com/profile/LordOfTheCraft.9
  5. Anne Caroline CHEERS like a madwoman!
  6. "Eugeo...?" Zita perked up in suprise, both of her eyebrows arching upwards. She scanned her gaze over the pages - over and over again. "This-... I don't know. It seems odd - somehow. I do support it - but it seems... terribly odd- almost out of character," commented the lady in the privacy of her home to Sir Erik Othaman. @grnappa
  7. @grnappaThe aging court mage Zita perked up upon hearing Erik reading the missive. Every now and then, an amused huff escaped her as she heard the Emperor's glorious roasts. Finally, she spoke; "But you must not be reckless, you must be careful. Nordlings are umpredictable after all..." In the meantime, Anne Caroline was seen practising her kicks and jabs on a punching bag that was painted in a childish manner to appear like a certain pirate. @6xdestroyerShe perked up as her favourite child @capiital waved the missive about. Anne wiped some sweat from her forehead, a heavy breath r
  8. Fie


    PROVIDENCE DRAPERY [!] A painting of the Seamstress whilst working on her collection. After two months of hard work and determination , we are happy to announce the release of our very first collection of clothing. The outfits are unique - and able to be purchased. Because of the recent declaration of war, 25% of the earnings made off of this collection will be donated to the war effort - Oren Aut Mortem. THE COLLECTION FEMALE MALE
  9. Anne Caroline continues taking drugs. "Okay," she says quite simply upon being informed that what she was doing was apparently once again *illegal*?
  10. Anne Caroline let out a dramatic sigh upon reading the missive. Knowing what was to come, she grabbed her nearby sword with a scoff. As the aging princess moved down the long path towards the Imperial City, she muttered the words: "Ah ****... here we go again." -- In the meantime, Zita perked up as one of her fellow court mages placed the missive on the table before her. She bent towards it, her eyes narrowing ever so briefly. Finally, a huff escaped her. She exclaimed: "Why must we always go to war over silly things? The dwarven claim was
  11. @ncarr"D'awh - come now! Don't concern yourself with such silly tabloids. Let me offer you some old woman advice; There will always be people snaking and gossiping... And frankly, there is not much you can do about it other than to ignore it. Let them talk, let them gossip! You seem to have left such a great impression on them, that they go out of their way to spread stuff about you," the blonde lady offered alongside a hankie. Afterwards, a sigh escaped Zita. "Now dry off those tears and carry on! If you sulk over their hurtful words, you'll only show them that you care about it."
  12. "HEY!" Exclaimed the Lady Mage that had been brought in last minute. A smile appeared on her features as she nudged a fellow court mage's ( @TreeSmoothie ) side. "They liked my magic trick! @grnappaZita blushed upon hearing the shout.
  13. should add this https://picrew.me/image_maker/137904
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