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  1. discord: Fie#0010 bid: 50 skin: 2. so... you want to be the queen of haense
  2. "About time!" Anne Caroline huffed, a frown etched upon her features.
  3. Fie

    Skin Auction!

    ofc u can edit the skins if you've bought them - just dont repost them anywhere n stuff. also @MCVDKnext one will be male, i stg.... working on some HAWT skins already
  4. Fie

    Skin Auction!

    hi, new auction whos dis. anyway, here r the rules. The auction will be open until Friday the 22nd at 3 pm EST. 1) bids start at 50 Mina 2) your bids have to be increased by at least 10 Mina 3) dont edit your previous comments, post a new one 4) you must be able to pay the price you've bid when the auction closes 5) You must follow the format: Skin: Bid: Discord: 6) if you've stolen any of my skins before, you're EXCLUDED from the auction
  5. "This is exactly why I hate people from the palace!" A distraught chubby princess exclaimed with an angered voice. She clutched the magazine tightly with her fat hand, lobbing it towards the trash. "Why, just why can't they mind their own business? Why do they keep talking about such... such foolish endeavors! It is ridicculous. I hope the autor gets caught and persecuted for slander! How dare them tell such vile lies about my uncle! About my family! Have they lost all respect for their ruling family?!"
  6. "And what about the steed he called Anne? What about the alleged bastards and the ilk? Why isn't he saying anything about that, these are harsh accusations. If anything, this response merely makes him look more guilty. He shamed two powerful women little girls look up to. It is shameful to think of what kind of picture this Pointiff draws for the Holy Mother Church..." A bystander uttered upon seeing His 'Holinesses' response.
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