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  1. "And... since when do haensemen concern themselves with imperial court drama that has been blown out of proportion by the author?" Anne Caroline asked her handmaiden.
  2. mfw ppl try to kill the regency >:( i have a comprimise tho...................... lets go back to renaissance?
  3. Upon hearing the news, Anne Caroline couldn't help but to feel a mixture of sadness and fear. She truly was afraid, for the Othaman ultimately died after the duel. Her expression scrunched up as she pulled her infant son closer. What if there will be revenge? What if someone comes after them now? She could not risk such - and turned to her husband, requesting a guard at all hours.
  4. That night - after all those countless guests had left - Anne Caroline could do naught but to sit within her hospital bed, left to wonder if she'd done anything wrong. Surely, she did not look her best. Perhaps her father was disappointed? Dark circles were left under her eyes and her face was still a burning red colour. Somewhere to her right flank, a baby - her baby - was nested in a crib. Despite not yet being allowed to do so, Anne rose up and walked around the room. The love she felt for that little child did not falter, but the sting of seeing her father reject to hold his first - and
  5. "Why is it that suddenly every gentleman wants to duel?" Anne Caroline scoffed, her head shaking in turn.
  6. Anne Caroline's visage scrunched up upon seeing yet another edition of such scandalous paper. Her hand clenched over her belly as the lady's whole posture tensed. "Outrageous!" was the only thing she commented on it before throwing the paper into the fire.
  7. "I will dunk the Arch-Chancellor..." Anne Caroline utters under her breath
  8. Fie

    retirement AMA

    what was ur biggest dafuq moment
  9. "OH..." Elisabeth frowned largely. "May you rest well, friend."
  10. @capiital"Oh wow, that aspiring druid eats." Anne Caroline uttered to her friend upon seeing the missive.
  11. "Hoo!" Anne Caroline cheered in turn. The older princess stepped forward in an attempt to give her younger cousin a quick embrace. "You are an adult now! Look at you!" A chuckle was drawn forth from her. "But promise me one thing - you will invite me for tea some time, yes?"
  12. "First time?" a certain lady asked Alexandra with a light huff. "Some people deserve it- trust me." The other kinslayer then turned around in order to saunter off further into the city.@AnonymousAlexa
  13. Fie


    its a thing, yeah but its not easy to get.
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