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  1. Anne Caroline takes the ISA up in her prayers, hoping an Imperial victory shall be secured just as gloriously as the Emperor had described. On the other hand... Laurentina Helvets wept once more since she so feared the loss of her brothers and father.
  2. Within her humble palace room, Anne Caroline went on a rampage by throwing the flowerpots to the floor. She threw her fist into the mirror, breaking it and finally ended up toppling onto her bed. As her teenage-like rampage finished, the Duchess Auvergne was left with blood-stained gloves and tears in her clenched eyes. Those who were unfortunate to occupy the palace rooms around her could hear the weeps of the aging Princess for hours and throughout the night. Never would she forget her greatest supporter and her idol, her big sister - Josie.
  3. Upon hearing that Theodosia's mother passed, the youngest of the Helvets quickly loaded a basket full of candy, sweets and plushies. She added a small painting made of crayons to the mix and began making the long way up to Halstaig. The child knocked gently on the door and offered the basket of gifts to whoever opened, merely speaking: "I am so sorry to hear about what happened. I hope these are of comfort to you and your family."
  4. "Honestly, Josie! I've never seen such a speedy 90 year old." A brief grin washed over Anne Caroline's features - though it did falter soon enough upon reading the contents of her imperial father's letter. A shaky sigh escaped her as she moved up a hand to sign the Lorraine 'pon herself. Again she turned to her older sister - the Archchancellor and added: "ORENIA AUT MORTEM." @VIROS
  5. Laurentina found herself weeping once more as war was all but inevitable. With a mournful expression, the grieving child peered up to her father and her older brother who had moved back home to Providence. The child moved forth to give the both of them a tight embrace, exclaiming: "I don't want you go to war! I don't want to fight the small men! Please don't leave home!" @Fishy@DelaneyG
  6. A certain Duchess stood by the gates to the skies. She could not help but to weep bitter tears upon being reunited not with her husband of twenty years, but with her second-youngest child. Whilst embracing the girl that died far too early for Leopoldine's liking, the lady lamented: "O' my poor baby! Beloved daughter, it was not your time yet - it was not! How I wish you could have led a long and fulfilling life!" She pressed kisses to the girl's forehead, determined to resume waiting for Thomas to come ‘home’. At least now she was not alone - and neither was Daphne. ...On the other hand… Despite being tucked in countless times by Helton and despite being held tightly by her father, Thomas, Laurentina could not help but to stay awake during the first night after her big sister's fatal accident. Pearls of tears and sweat ran down the Helvets' forehead. She writhed and kicked the blanket off once more - much to Thomas Andrew's dismay. The Helvets shook with sobs as she rose up in the bed. Laura swung her legs over the side and slid down, a mere linen cloak being grabbed to shield her from the autumny air around their family estate. Armed with naught but a lantern, the grieving youth found herself in front of the flowers Daphne had tended to earlier in the day. The week after was hard. Probably one of the hardest weeks she would ever have to live through. Laurentina did her best to try and put a smile on her family’s faces - with limited success. Truth to be told, she felt like crying, rolling up into a ball and just hiding from life - but she couldn’t. She couldn’t, for her family needed her. And she needed her family. Her closest confidante was gone - and perhaps Laurentina may never be able to love someone as she had loved her older sister, but at least there were flowers to remember her by.
  7. A PEACEFUL EVENING GONE SOUR How could such a beautiful evening turn so sour? How could this happen? Those were queries Laurentina Helvets would be asking herself forever and a day after the violent assault her father and she were subject to within their very abode. Disturbed and afraid - or unable - to shut her eyes, the helvetii youngster crept through the halls of their home. Blood that had been spilled in their drawing room had since been scrubbed away by their two trusted household attendants, Matilda and Gertrude. They were unable, however, to clean away the blood spots from the paneling of their wall - or the memories that would stain Laura’s mind. “NO!” she shrieked as one of the robbers lifted his blide to strike her father. Despite being terrified for her life, the child did not wish to see him injured - so she tried to latch herself onto the attacker’s arm before he could hit the Duke. Thomas, however, had his fatherly instincts take over and pushed Laura out of the way, only to be struck by the assailant's sword. The Duke of Cathalon tumbled to the mahogany floor as blood began to form a small puddle under him. Wide eyed and now drenched in her own father’s blood, the Helvets stared at the green-eyed attacker that now stomped towards her with heavy steps. She let out a piercing scream and did the one thing that came to her mind: Run. Get help. And run, she did. The helmeted robber dragged her father away as she bolted out the front door. The man that had struck her followed behind, trying to catch the slippery youth - but in a stroke of good fortune - or fate - she managed to reach the steed they had left in front of the door. She swung herself onto it and rode to Providence, the Orenian Capital. “HELP! HELP!” she screamed all the way. As the white walls of the imperial city glistering in the morning sun began appearing on the horizon, a wave of relief washed over her. In a quick gallop, Laurentina rode into the city and disturbed the peaceful business around the market square. She got the attention of four citizens who were quick to follow the Helvets. Upon arriving back at Cheval Hall, the estate seemed to be in even more disarray. “PA!” screeched the hysterical girl, trying to find the duke. A weak rumble came from upstairs and Laurentina and her rescuers made haste to find the source of the noise. There he was, the duke - bleeding heavily. Thanks to Lady Diana d’Azor’s quick thinking and medical knowledge, he was patched up. Though pale around the nose, he would survive. The two robbers left with what they had stolen - and the helvetii Lord and his youngest child were left with a house in disarray and their lives. Later, the two ISA officers arrived and took their report. Laura could scarcely remember any of their questions since her whole attention was upon her father. The man that almost lost his life to allow her to escape. The man that protected her - whenever he could. She wrapped her arms around his arm, finally allowing herself to weep over the events that had transpired. As she could not sleep well after everything, Laura made two drawings - one of each attacker. She submitted both to the ISA to help them identify and catch the ‘bad guys’. BAD GUY 1: BAD GUY 2:
  8. Anne Caroline seemed less unbothered as one may be able to tell from her dark garments and ever-present frown. She seemingly was zoned out as her granddaughter spoke to her - being consumed by memories of her youth. @Kholibrii
  9. Anne Caroline begins looking into ways to revert the rosemoor bill.
  10. Laury somehow got into possession of this knowledge. Her face turned pale - and instead of the joy she should have felt for her oldest sister, the young Helvets could not help but to weep bitterly upon having gotten the knowledge that her dearest Etta would not return home. ... On the other hand, a certain Duchess celebrated the birth of her first grandchild in the seven skies. Leopoldine could not help to feel guilty, however, for not being there for her beloved child during her pregnancy or for her first and currently only grandson. However - soon after Leopoldine had Henrietta, she had prepared herself for what should happen, should the Etta have children when Leopoldine is no longer alive. Thus - a few days after Matyas' birth, a package alongside a letter arrived - penned 23 years ago: Within the package that came with the letter was a hand-made teddy bear. It looked rather classic, with brown fur and big button eyes. The only difference was small stitching on the back of the teddy - which reads: "From your Grandmama Leo - May GOD protect you and guide you on your path through life."
  11. Sister Ella remains restless after having been murdered. One was left to wonder what secrets those people would uncover once they dug deep into the haunted building's history.
  12. Laurentina began to scribble as Daphne helped her with her wishlist. "Another horse, a pretty tiara, a house for Slimon and uhh... TOYS!"
  13. Mathea, who had been married for 5 months held her newborn proudly.
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