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  1. Wilhelmina nodded as she looked over the missive. A brief smile passed her features after she was done. Turning to put it to a pile of unsorted documents, the van Aert mused to herself, "... I believe they will be the strongest on the continent..."
  2. Wilhelmina gave off a satisfied nod upon seeing the paper released. The van Aert then turned back to whatever she was occupying herself with before.
  3. Fie

    Gerhardt Dies

    Wilhelmina sheds a tear for the loyal man.
  4. Wilhelmina nodded in approval upon reading the proclamation.
  5. not a huge fan of the back and forth tbh. constantly rebinding your soulstone is a bit annoying but its not a deal breaker bc i still travel.
  6. Anne Caroline smiled from wherever she was hiding. She truly was proud of the family her late husband had made. Meanwhile, Aloisia continued to hold a grudge towards her birth house; for they had not only tried to take her husband from her, but also her son. ((cant do a spoiler bc im on mobile, but imo this is one of the most interesting human houses in recent history. v epic post!
  7. Wilhelmina raised a glass in the tavern with some old friends as the Adrian Mandate was made official. "... a toast for peace in our time!" she called out.
  8. "I LOVE MY NEW NIECE IN LAW," proclaims Wilhelmina proudly during a tavern night in Adria as she raised a glass to toast her.
  9. Wilhelmina prepared herself for the nuptials.
  10. "Nice," said Wilhelmina whilst sitting in a norlandic tavern and sipping on some local brew.
  11. Antonia smiles upon hearing the news.
  12. Wilhelmina signed the Lorraine upon herself before giving off a satisfied dip of her head.
  13. Wilhelmina awakens to the good news. Rubbing her eyes, she briefly looked around before exclaiming, "Ave Adria!"
  14. "I just said I didn't like cabbage - nothing else, I swear!" explained Wilhelmina as she showed the missive to her brother. @Vermy
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