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  1. Aloisia forms her mouth into an 'o' shape, put on her travelling cloak and sharpened her blade before making the trip to Sedan.
  2. Luisa cringes hard upon hearing the news. She threaded a hand through her salt and pepper hair, thoughtfully contemplating the situation. In the end, the aging lady shrugged and uttered the following words to her brother in law. "Some blessings come disguised as problems. And some problems sort themselves out. I imagine he'll last for a few Saint Weeks before tiring himself out and sailing away again." @Greehn
  3. "Maybe I'll get my own home at last," said Dame Rhosyn hopefully.
  4. A fire-haired Lady gazed down on the valley in which Arichsdorf had been built with a pensive expression. Turning on her heels to make her way back home -whereever that may be- her thoughts lingered on her sister, Lyds.
  5. When word reached the Baroness, no language in the world could describe the feeling of her heart sinking and sorrow filling her whole body. She stood there, near the aviary of Acre with tears in her glistering brown eyes. Aloisia has always hated to cry in public - but who could blame her to do just that after her friend, confidante and father has passed away? Their connection was not by blood, that much is true, but he has been there for her as a parent ever since she was eighteen. He had been there when she was low, when she was high, when Gustaf and her married and when he disappeared. He had been there when her son was killed and when the crops would not grow. He should at least have lived to see the sun shine down on those golden fields. Oh what Luisa would give to see Hannes smile like that just one more time! As the tears continued to roll down her face, Luisa began to prepare herself for the following days, weeks, months and even years. All she could do now to honor Hannes' memory would be to raise her son Volker as Hannes has raised Gustaf. "No kings but us," she whispered in silence to herself as she prepared to announce the death to the townsfolk.
  6. "Wow Norland really just got their ass whooped without a war... Embarassing," commented Luisa as she took a sip from her bottle of ale.
  7. "Those orenian "princesses" as well as the rest of the royal family and the left-over orenian imperial family were stripped of their royal and noble titles when we won the rebellion," said Aloisia as she looked over the many pictures, trying to talk one of her sons into courting. Then, pointing to yet another lady, she commented "... What do you think of that one, Sepp? She looks kind!" @XOCO @Gambit
  8. Mathea smiles from whatever cottage her ex husband had abandoned her in. Soon, she could make her return.
  9. "Da **** they doin' ova there?" asks Antonia as she watches the many many dwarves leave Urguan from out of castle Vilain with a comically large spyglass.
  10. "SEREMVS DELENDA EST," bellowed the Baroness of Acre.
  11. Aloisia nods gently. "Ah! That does make sense... Wait ho-!"
  12. Aloisia nods approvingly - but she wonders how Hannes could sign the proclamation. Perhaps it was an old one that only just got to see the light of day?
  13. A brittle creature rose from the depths of a cave system. Upon her wrinkled and dry features that clung to her bones, a thin smile could be found. She, who was once known as Anne Caroline of Oren so liked to be reminded of her heritage. Turning the torn and tattered missive about in her boney fingers, she recalled a tiara she owned when she was but a girl. "It was similar to this one," she thought with a sense of pride before returning to her slumber.
  14. free narthok nect and hugh...
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