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  1. "Are you not pleased?" asked the brunette woman of Rivia as she held her newborn in her arms so that his father might be able to see him. A simple "Of course." had been the answer. Back then, Aloisia had been satisfied. She smiled proudly from ear to ear. Never before had she been so euphoric - yet her feelings were never quite returned. It became more apparent to her over those few years that they were married. Never would either of them voice what they both thought - but it was as clear as day. Him, introverted and preferring the confines of Kaer Blanche - her, often times a bit of a party animal looking for entertainment in the capital as a youngster does. They were ill-matched, but their fate had been sealed. Luisa decided to make the best of it, for their son's sake. She was prepared to live thirty, maybe fourty years in a veil of uncertainty, never quite fitting in. She was prepared to give up her hopes for romance and happiness in order to do what was expected of her. That dreadful day when it happened, they had a disagreement over the fate of a traitor to the kingdom of Oren. All too nice was it when someone ushered them out to visit some place. "STAB HIM! ITS HIM OR US!" Owyn had yelled. Luisa held the blade - but she couldnt. She couldnt do it and that cost her husband's life, some fourty years too early. Whilst laying in the hospital bed in Vienne after being treated and questioned, Luisa remembered his instructions. And then, she wept. Had she acted, he might still be alive. Or perhaps they'd both be dead. Either way, now it felt as though she had betrayed Owyn and would pay for it for the rest of her life. Never would she have to give up on her hopes and dreams for the sake of her marriage, but her son would also never know what it is like to grow up with a father. And never before had Luisa beaten herself up this much over being selfish. She prayed to and for Owyn, that night: "I will never let him forget you. I will never let him think that you did not love him - never. I'm sorry for everything and I hope that.. in death, you can forgive me."
  2. Laurentina I greets the Countess in the skies.... [reserved]
  3. dont see the reason for a word limit but ok
  4. pls no freebuild at all
  5. Luisa was left baffled.
  6. {!} Copies of a missive were handed out throughout Oren. Some may even have been carried over to Haense or Balian on merchant’s carts. They read as follows... {!} THE DUCHESS OF CATHALON’S DRESS AUCTION In recent months, I have been working hard in my sewing chamber. After many tiring hours of work, the outfits I have created within those chambers are finally done – and up for auction! The auction shall be held next Saint’s Day in the theatre of Vienne. Everyone is welcome. The starting price per outfit is 100 marks and the payment must be made immediately after the auction is completed. Signed, Aloisia of Rivia, Duchess-Consort of Cathalon {!} Sketches of the outfits were printed right under the Duchesses letter… {!} -x- Fairytale Princess -x- Sunflower Fields -x- Regal Blues -x- Lavender Stroll -x- Green as Serpent’s Stalk -x- Fashionably Brown
  7. Anne Caroline let out a cackling laughter from within a cave system that she found herself residing in. "TAKE THAT, SIMON PRUVIA!" she screamed, so that her voice echoed throughout the tall stone ceilings. "GONE, TO BE FORGOTTEN!" crazed in her hatred for her ex-husband, Anne stomped on the missive and did a little jig for herself.
  8. "Good riddance," spoke Anne to her brethren whom inquired of her feelings towards her firstborn.
  9. "Rochefort? What the nether?! Owyn look at this!" Aloisia pushed the missive in front of Owyn's face. @Fishy
  10. FINALLY!!!!! TYSM
  11. anything i could possibly want has been mentioned times and times again already, but here we go: 1. a smaller map that is more accessable - i hated having to walk for 10 minutes to get to a nation! 2. less unclimbable terrain 3. please dont add any funky looking biomes that never get used! im talking about that one swamp on the southern continent 4. id really like to see more ruins! not those unfinished looking ones that are between urguan and yong ping, though. i think theyre called balian, like the settlement 5. easily accessable ressources... please bring back ressource pits! they were super convenient and non restrictive, so id like to have them back 6. less abandoned event sites please! ill edit this if anything else comes to mind
  12. Little Phyrra continued to sharpen her weapons, defiantly looking down on the steel of her dagger.
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