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  1. One Lucia smiled upon hearing such news. "I am certain he will do well," said she to whichever aaunic youth might've stood closest to her at that moment.
  2. Margaret offered a paper boy some mina before accepting the newspaper. She flipped through it idly before it even occurred to her, who might have written it. Upon noticing, her gaze lit up with some pride. She penned her young nephew a congratulatory letter the very next day.
  3. Margaret was looking forward to her nephew's 6th birthday! She contacted a smith to have his present made.
  4. Margaret read the missive some time after it was posted. A heavy sigh escaped the woman as she folded it in half and got up. Indeed, this would be a very busy day for them. "Here we go again! He will be alright, surely."
  5. Margaret sat in quiet contemplation after the battle, her hands moving along the prayer beads of her rosary. ".. The skies gained a good one," she told herself.
  6. Margaret laughs at the feeble pontiff's attempt at scaring the Veletzians by threatening excommunication. "See, uncle! They'll whinge, cry and complain and further the gap that they themselves have created. No wonder more and more people stray from the haeseni institution of the church. I believe reform is long overdue." @ImmortalShadowZ
  7. Margaret gets ready for the mustering. "GOD bless Veletz and may GOD have mercy on our enemies!"
  8. Margaret smiled upon hearing about the resounding victory. "What - they even destroyed the balianite throne? That must've hit them hard!"
  9. Margaret cheers for Veletz and their allies. Perhaps this was the turning point during this war.
  10. Margaret polished her sword. She and the Skipper were in a hushed conversation as the hostages tried to negotiate their way out of this.
  11. Margaret was in shock upon hearing the news. She could neither scream nor weep; remaining deeply unsettled as the young man she had met recently passed away so suddenly. They did not know one another for long or well at all, for that matter, but a certain sadness would leave a sting in her heart whenever she thought of Gustaf van Aert.
  12. Margaret held a mild smile as she read over the missive. A dip of her head followed as to acknowledge the information before she returned to prepairing for the next siege.
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